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DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast. Interviews Maria Olsen, Nick Blood, Aaron Dalla Villa

DecayMag first interview of 2019 features an Exclusive Interviews: Maria Olsen (Ghost In The Graveyard), Nick Blood (Still), Aaron Dalla Villa (Pledge). Also, Paul Dulski and Tristan Notte of Everything Horror Podcast and Stephen Gillhespy of Possessed Radio join in a collaboration roundtable. Agenda Introduction 00:00:14 Movie News Terrified Reboot In Development 00:2:27 James Wan Leaves Resident Evil Reboot 00:17:46 Exclusive Interview Actress Maria Olsen 00:33:44 Movie...


DecayMag Sessions EP 20: The Harrowing Exclusive Interview Jon Keeyes, Matthew Tompkins, Arianne Martin

Jon Keeyes, Matthew Tompkins, Arianne Martin Exclusive Interview on The Harrowing Introduction 00:00:34 Segment 1: Character Arc 00:05:26 Segment 2: Exclusive interview Jon Keeyes, Matthew Tompkins 00:23:54 Segment 3: Ritual Aspect in Horror 01:12:12 Segment 4: Exclusive Interview Arianne Martin 01:28:43 Segment 5 Demonic Aspect in Horror 01:59:08 Segment 6 Closing Thoughts 02:20:26


DecayMag Bondage In Circuitry Ep 1 Exclusive Interviews: Porn, Zwaremachine, Child Of Night

Porn Talk With Mr. Strangler, Mach Fox Deconstructs Zwaremachine, Johnathan Thompson Treks On Child Of Night INTRODUCTION 00:00:14 MUSIC NEWS Apoptygma Berzerk To Release SDGXXV In 2019 00:5:59 Download Returns With The Eleventh Album 00:13:18 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Philippe Deschemin aka Mr. Strangler, Porn 00:20:22 Exclusive Track Play: My Rotten Realm 01:10:09 MUSIC NEWS Die Klute release debut album 01:13:24 Doomprofit Release New EP 01:16:47 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Mach Fox,...


DecayMag Sessions Ep 19: Dry Blood Cast Exclusive Interviews

Clint Carney, Kelton Jones, Robert V. Galluzzo, Sioux Sinclair Exclusive Interviews Introduction 00:00:39 Segment 1. 00 0:07:05 Psychology and Horror films Segment 2. Exclusive Interviews 00:20:52 Actor, Writer; Clint Carney Actor, Director; Kelton Jones Segment 3. 00:55:56 Practical Effects vs CGI Segment 4 Exclusive Interviews 01:05:40 Actor; Robert V. Galluzzo Special Makeup Effects Artist; Sioux Sinclair Segment 5 01:37:36 Character Story Segment 6 01:50:40 Music for...


DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast S9 EP 7: Exclusive Interviews Justin Mcconnell, Niall Shukla, Megan Freels Johnson

Justin McConnell, Niall Shukla, Megan Freels Johnson Exclusive Interviews Introduction 00:00:14 Segment 1 A Christmas Horror Story Roundtable Collaboration Excerpt 1 00:04:49 Segment 2 Exclusive Interviews Justin Mcconnell Director, Writer Lifechanger 00:29:03 Segment 3 A Christmas Horror Story Roundtable Collaboration Excerpt 2 01:10:25 Segment 2 Continued Exclusive Interviews Niall Shukla, Director, Writer A Doll Distorted 01:44:42 Segment 2 Continued 02:54:37 Exclusive...


DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast S9 EP6 Interviews: Ronan Harris VNV Nation, Nostalghia, I Ya Toyah

Ronan Harris VNV Nation, Nostalghia, I Ya Toyah Introduction 00:00:14 Segment 1. Music News Front Line Assembly Album Release 00:03:42 Siva Six Album Release 00:07:02 Culture Kultür Album Release 00:10:10 DicePeople Somebody to Love Single Release 00:13:42 Buio Mondo Album Release 00:18:11 Metropolis Signs She Past Away 00:21:46 Segment 2: Exclusive Interviews Ronan Harris VNV Nation 00:25:56 Nostalghia 01:42:00 I Ya Toyah 02:24:00


DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast S9 EP5 Interviews: Aaron Mento, Charles Chudabala, David Guglielmo, Nick Chakwin

Aaron Mento, Charles Chudabala, David Guglielmo, Nick Chakwin Exclusive Interviews Introduction 00:00:14 Segment 1 Movie News Resident Evil Reboot In Development 00:05:54 Voices In Production 00:16:21 The Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine in Development 00:25:32 Cowgirls vs. Pterodactyls Crowdfunding 00:34:58 Segment 2. Exclusive Interviews Director. Writer. Aaron Mento and Actor. Producer. Charles Chudabala. Ugly Sweater Party 00:48:48 Director(s). Writer(s). David...


DecayMag Sessions Ep 18: Trauma Film Exclusive Interviews, Cineastas De Terror Spotlight

Lucio A. Rojas, Ximena del Solar, Macarena Carrere Exclusive Interviews Introduction 00:00:43 Segment 1. Taruma Film Review 00:02:48 Segment 2. Exclusive Interview Lucio A. Rojas 00:18:48 Segment 3. Pushing the envelope in Horror 01:04:41 Segment 4. Exclusive Interview Ximena del Solar 01:19:52 Segment 5. Horror, women, and sensitivity 02:13:49 Segment 6. Exclusive Interview Macarena Carrere 02:30:36 Segment 7 Trauma Final Thoughts 03:15:54


DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast S9EP4: Emelina Adams, Michael Coulombe, Devan Gallagher

Emelina Adams, Michael Coulombe, Devan Gallagher Exclusive Interviews Topics This Week: Intro: 00:0014 Segment 1. Interactive Metal Gear Concert Updates 00:06:39 Darksiders III 00:13:47 It Comes VR Experience 00:25:40 Beholder on Nintendo Switch, Beholder 2 on Steam 00:35:55 Goosebumps V.R: Slappy's Haunted Christmas 00:43:46 Segment 2. Exclusive Interviews Actress. Miss Nevada USA 2016. Emelina Adams 00:53:42 Director, Writer Michael Coulombe Soundbite 01:29:37 Director, Writer....


DecayMag Horror Podcast S9 Ep 3 Colin Costello, Shiva Rodriguez, Duckie Rodriguez Jennifer Nicole Stang

Introduction 00:00:13 Segment 1: Movie News My Best Friend's Exorcism. Film Adaptation 00:04:05 The Boy 2 Cast Developments 00:09:44 German Fantasy Horror Snowflake Release Date 00:15:17 Segment 2. Exclusive Interviews Colin Costello. Director. Writer. The After Party 00:19:42 Director. writer. Shiva Rodriguez and Actor. Director, writer. Duckie Rodriguez 00:57:26 Director. Writer. Jennifer Nicole Stang 01:54:52 Segment 3: Trailer First Impressions Leprechaun Returns 02:31:09 The...


DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast: Bret Mullen, Katie Carpenter, Kendra Carelli

Introduction 00:13 Segment 1. Movie News Is Night of the Living Dead 2 In Development? 06:16 Andrew Lincoln To Portray Rick Grimes in Film Trilogy 15:43 Segment 2. Television Streaming Swamp Thing Cast Developments 25:47 The Purge Series Renewed for Season 2 34:50 Segment 3. exclusive Interview Brett Mullen, Bloody Ballet. (Fantasma) Director, Writer 46:25 Katie Carpenter, Bloody Ballet. (Fantasma) Actress 91:10 Kendra Carelli, Bloody Ballet. (Fantasma) Actress 117:11 Segment 4:...


DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast. Interviews: Nicole Moorea Sherman, Lew Temple

Nicole Moorea Sherman and Lew Temple Discuss Come, Said The Night In Our Exclusive Interview Segment Introduction 00:14 Segment 1 Movie News The Satanic Church Sues Sabrina 02:55 Separation Cast Developments 13:07 Shudder Acquires Nightmare Cinema 21:07 Gretel and Hansel Cast Developments 32:16 Segment 2. Exclusive Interview Nicole Moorea Sherman 38:30 Lew Temple 66:00 Segment 3: Trailer First Impressions Clownado 112:05 House Of The Gorgon 121:23 Crocodylus 126:42 Beasts Of...


DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast 100th Episode: Jennifer Nangle (Queen Malvolia), Vanessa Ionta Wright, Dan Lee

Jennifer Nangle (Queen Malvolia) Serves As Special Co-Host For Hour 1. DecayMag Podcast 100th Episode Introduction: 00:18:00 Segment 1: Short Film Reviews Ouroboros. Directed By. David Teixeira - Timestamp 06:39 High Tea. Directed by. Luke Meneok - Timestamp 14:21 A Doll Distorted. Directed by. Niall Shukla- Timestamp 25:13 Segment 2. Exclusive Interview Jennifer Nangle (Queen Malvolia) - Timestamp 35:24 Vanessa Ioana Wright - Timestamp 68:45 Segment 3 Movie News Film Mode...


DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast S8 EP 12 Interview: Micheal Antonakos Paulina Lagudi Christopher Moore

Micheal Antonakos, Paulina Lagudi, and Christopher Moore Are Our Exclusive Interviews In This Week's Episode Introduction 0:13 Segment 1 Short Film Reviews We Know You Are Home 02:31 Conductor 09:52 Father 19:57 Pappy's World 33:17 Segment 2 Exclusive Interviews Michael Antonakos, Actor. Assasins Creed Odyssey 48:05 Paulina Lagudi, Director |Writer. Mail Order Monster 90:13 Christopher Moore, Director |Writer. Blessed Are The Children 127:39 Segment 3 Trailer First Impressions My...


DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast S8 EP 11 Train To Busan, Hellboy, Chucky Reboot

Introduction: (13:55) Segment 1 Movie News James Wan Interested in Train to Busan Remake (02:33) Happy Death Day 2U Release Date (14:00) Monster Hunter Cast Developments (21:45) Hellboy Reboot Release Date (34:30) Chucky First Look for Child's Play Reboot (40:42) IFC Midnight Acquires Rust Creek. (54:51) Segment 2 Trailer First Impressions I'll Take Your Dead (57:42) Blessed Are The Children (63:43) Terrified (71:21) Knuckleball (80:00) The Dark (86:56) Closing Thoughts (93:29)


DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast S8 EP 10 Exclusive Interview Nino Aldi, Pedro Bastos

Nino Aldi. Director. Writer. Stillwater Pedro Bastos Massive Work Studio. Dolmen -Exclusive Interviews Introduction 00:13 Segment 1 Movie News Will The Meg 2 Surface? 04:10 Synchronic Cast Developments 14:51 A Spriggan Film Developments 25:17 Leave Not One Alive Cast Developments 37:17 Segment 2 Exclusive Interviews Nino Aldi: Director/Writer Stillwater 43:29 Pedro Bastos Massive Work Studio - Dolmen 90:34 Segment 3 Trailer First Impressions Mermaid's Song 123:32 Strange Nature...


DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast S8 EP 9 3 Eye For An Eye, Inhumanity Roundtable Interviews

3 An Eye For An Eye Roundtable Lou Simon, Todd Bruno, Aniela McGuinness, Mike Stanley Inhumanity Roundtable Jim McReynolds, Ford Austin, Darcel Danielle, Javier Garcia, Diana Rose Introduction 00:13 Segment 1 Movie News Director Hints Annabelle 3 Plot Idea 10:00 Jordan Peele Candyman Reboot Rumor 22:32 American Psycho Director Hints New Project 34:14 Clare at 16, Thriller Film Acquired 39:00 Segment 2 Exclusive Interview 3 An Eye For An Eye Roundtable 46:03 Lou Simon, Todd...


DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast S8 EP 8 Exclusive Interview Shane M Yorton,Sergio Pinheiro, Joe Fordham, JP Willie

Shane M Yorton, Sergio Pinheiro, Joe Fordham, JP Willie Featured In The Exclusive Interview Segment Intro 13:97 Segment 1 Movie News Goodnight Mommy Gets Reboot 03:27 Ready or Not Plot, Cast Developments 12:20 Swamp Thing Cast Developments 20:26 Horror Thriller, Larry Cast Developments 31:05 Segment 2. exclusive Interview RED Game Developer Shane M Yorton 47:49 4EVR. Director: Sergio Pinheiro. Writer: Joe Fordham 84:48 Blood In The Woods Author. JP Willie 130:58 Segment 3:...


DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast S8 EP 7 Exclusive Interview Piper Lincoln, Makayla Lysiak

Piper Lincoln Talks Horror Debut In The Barn, Makayla Lysiak Discusses Her Developing Acting Career Introduction 0:13 Segments 1. Television Streaming M. Night Shyamalan’s TV Thriller Cast Developments 03:47 AHS Apocalypse Cast Developments 14:45 Vampyr Video Game Get TV Series Development 25:24 Kill Creek Novel Gets TV Development 35:19 Segment 2 Exclusive Interviews Piper Lincoln 40:59 Makayla Lysiak 70:06 Segment 3: Trailer First Impressions Suspiria 89:56 Killer Kate!...


DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast S8 EP 6 Exclusive Interviews; Anna Margaret Hollyman, Vito Dinatolo

Anna Margaret Hollyman Talks Don't Leave Home, Vito Dinatolo Reveals Face Of Evil Introduction 00:13 Segment One Movies Stephen King's 'Tommyknockers' Gets Writer 06:07 Sony Green Lights A Quiet Place Producer Pitch 15:59 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Enters Principal Photography 28:14 Segment Two Exclusive Interview Anna Margaret Hollyman Interview 38:17 Vito Dinatolo Interview 77:49 The Nursery DVD Winners Announcement 112:01 Segment Three Television, Streaming The Alienist...