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A horror movie podcast from CJ Lines, Sarah Dobbs, Hollie Horror, Richard Trondsen and Cliff Barnes. Each month we talk about what we've been watching, discuss a different theme in horror, and play a quiz!

A horror movie podcast from CJ Lines, Sarah Dobbs, Hollie Horror, Richard Trondsen and Cliff Barnes. Each month we talk about what we've been watching, discuss a different theme in horror, and play a quiz!
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A horror movie podcast from CJ Lines, Sarah Dobbs, Hollie Horror, Richard Trondsen and Cliff Barnes. Each month we talk about what we've been watching, discuss a different theme in horror, and play a quiz!








21: HP Lovecraft

All fine, upstanding graduates of Miskatonic University, the Devils take a day trip back to Arkham, Massachusetts (or is it Arkham, Surrey?) to see how HP Lovecraft has been adapted for the big screen. Our features are the classic Re-animator and the rather less classic Cthulhu Mansion, there's a Lovecraft-themed round of Scary Noises, and you'll also hear what our thoughts on the latest cinema releases: The Nun, Upgrade and Mandy.


20: Killer Kids

Murderous children are the subject of this month's Devil Times Five, whether they're stabbing, shooting or using satanic powers to get their own back at the adults around them. Our features are a pair of 1970s Eurohorror cult classics: Who Can Kill a Child? and The Visitor, plus 1983's controversial drama school production Suffer Little Children gets the once-over. But there's more! - Bryony reports back from horror experiences in Tokyo. - Hear about the splatter movies CJ made when he was...


19: On Elm Street

We asked you to rank the nine (count 'em!) films in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, and here are the results! Containing more hot takes than you can shake a bladed glove at, plus a surreal dream sequence about crisps and the time Emily imagined that Freddy Krueger was a government minister.


18: Werewolves

Just as doggedly as ever, this month the DX5 gang throw themselves into the whats, whys and weres of wolves. Our features are Dog Soldiers and The Howling, plus we talk about An American Werewolf in London, Ginger Snaps, and at long last, Full Moon High! You'll also hear what we think of new horror release Hereditary, and you can play along with another round of Scary Noises.


17: Spooky Spoofs

Mocking the films that mock horror, the DX5 crew return with an episode about genre spoofs, from Carry On Screaming! to the Scary Movie franchise and beyond. Our features are What We Do in the Shadows and Wacko, plus we discover how close Stanley Kubrick came to jumping on that particular bandwagon, and for some reason discuss our close encounters with Nick Cave.


16: Space Horror

This month, the Devils take a trip to various other planets via several spacecraft, and along the way meet a Creature (aka The TItan Find) and encounter the bad ship Event Horizon. Plus, our Highs & Lows of the month, our takes on new releases A Quiet Place and Ghost Stories, and another round of Scary Noises!


15: Chinese Black Magic

This month Cliff, Emily, Phil, CJ and Bryony go where no podcasters have gone before, and examine one of the most perversely entertaining subgenres in horror: the cycle of black magic movies made in Hong Kong from the mid-70s to early-90s. So repulsive they made Bryony puke twice, yet so good that she immediately wanted to watch more of them! You have been warned....


14: Stephen King

Our Stephen King special includes detailed looks at The Dead Zone and Christine, the results of our listeners' poll, and all sorts of controversial opinions! (Beware also: major spoilers for The Mist.) Plus we've got ourselves a new Devil, and another round of the horror movie quiz, Scary Noises!


13: Everything Amityville

We're off to 112 Ocean Avenue, Long Island, the home of the Amityville Horror, to work our way through the entire long-running franchise! Plus we welcome our newest Devil, comedian Phil Jerrod, and play a particularly tough round of Scary Noises.


12: Folk Horror

A bumper New Year's Eve party of an episode to round off 2017, as we look at The Wicker Man and its spin-offs, Ben Wheatley's Kill List, and many more folklore-inspired horrors. Plus, we pick our highs and lows of the year!


11: Killer Cats

Lions and tigers and, erm, moggies, oh my! They're coming to eat us all, so join us as we take a look at the best (and worst) killer cat movies the screen has seen.


10: Possession!

It's all head-spinning, bed-shaking, goop-puking, goat-licking fun on this month's Devil Times Five, as we look at The Exorcist, The Antichrist, and a whole bunch of other demonic possession movies... of various quality!


9: Final Destinations

Death as a force is the subject of this episode, with looks at Adam Wingard's Death Note, Final Destination 5, the rest of the Final Destination franchise and related movies. We also reveal our thoughts on new releases Leatherface and mother!, and play another round of Scary Noises. Plus: there's a new Devil in town.......


8: Anthology Horror

We asked you for your Top 3 horror anthologies, and you delivered. Listen to this month's show for the results! We also take a good look at Necronomicon and Tales from the Hood, and in the spirit of anthologies there's a trilogy of exclusive spooky short stories scattered throughout. On top of all that, we give our verdict on the new horror blockbuster Annabelle: Creation, and play another round of Scary Noises!


7: Campsite Carnage

Summer camp slashers are our theme on this episode of the horror movie discussion show, with a look at the entire Sleepaway Camp series, 1981's classic The Burning, plus we cast our eyes over everything from basic slice'n'dicer Friday the 13th to comedy horror musical Stage Fright! And of course, there's another round of our fiendish horror quiz, Scary Noises.


6: Death Row Demons

Ever wondered why so many horror films from the late 80s are about executed serial killers coming back from the dead? We did, so tune in to hear our theories! We examine Wes Craven's Shocker and the more recent example Shadow: Dead Riot, while also taking in Prison, House III, The Chair and loads more. Plus test your horror knowledge with round 6 of our music & dialogue quiz, Scary Noises.


5: PCs Gone Mad

This month's theme of killer computers gives us some of the silliest movies we've discussed so far, as well as the most exciting game of Scary Noises yet! So set your anti-virus to maximum and prepare for a deadly download....


4: Chillennials

With a title conjured up for us by none other than esteemed horror critic Kim Newman, this episode of DX5 is about the new wave of haunted house movies. Our features are Annabelle and Paranormal Activity 3, plus we talk Insidious, Sinister, Ouija and all the rest of them. Expect filth, ghost trains and Scary Noises.


3: School Slashers

Stand by for smelly stickers, zombie nosh, MAJOR SLASHER SPOILERS and way too many bungalows this month, as we go to study Spanish with the nutters of Bloody Moon, help clean up The Dorm That Dripped Blood (aka Pranks), and chat about all manner of school-set slashers. Plus we play another round of the horror clips quiz, Scary Noises.


2: Animal Attacks

The UK and Norway-based horror movie podcast featuring Cliff Barnes, CJ Lines, Sarah Dobbs, Hollie Horror and Richard Trondsen. This month, we look at animal attack movies, including our featured films Wild Beasts and Anaconda. Plus there's another round of our clips quiz, Scary Noises!