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Exposing Lies & Sharing Truth
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Exposing Lies & Sharing Truth






Resisting Globalism, Rebellion VS Lawlessness & Power To The People

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/IKaFp7c99i8] It seems like the people of Paris are teaching the world how to resist as they go into their almost 5th week of protesting. Mainstream news would have you believe it's simply about the gas prices and their recent tax hikes, but we're learning that the Parisians are upset about even more than that. Things such as immigration, nationalism, being able to take pride in ones country, culture, history and more, are all on the lines as the...


Globalism Exposed, Terraforming Earth & Uncertain Horizons

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/ysX1t2_18xc] As 2018 begins to wind down, there's no shortage of surprises as the world digests the death of George H.W. Bush, Sr. Worry not, we pay our proper respects to the arbiter of the New World Order. It would seem that with the deaths of Rockefeller, McCain, Brzezinski and now Bush Sr., we're seeing the first wave of elites perish, a whole new gaggle of globalists is being groomed. While the figure heads for this global transformation may be...


Normalizing Disorders, Third World Warfare & Generational Manipulation

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/SRiWUjmY8bI] I speak about the eb and flow of the natural world, in this episode, and how these days, it seems like we're just being pushed. A quickening of some sorts is taking place and we are all passengers aboard the vessels, and is this acceleration takes place, many will find themselves caught in wake of change. Ours is a society built on authority and supremacy, and as this society shifts its powers, remnants of these ideologies will struggle...


Conscious Reviews, Hidden Movie Messages & Exposing Synthetic Cultures

We're adding more elements to the content we cover on the show, and helping us debut that feature is a whole new guest, Freddy of @Fr3volution. Recently, I watched the 1976 movie, Logan's Run, and I was honestly floored by some of the subtle nuances that the movie let off. I took to social media to correlate it to current events I.E. the California fires and other environmental issues, and in doing so, discussed a wide variety of movies and agendas with our guest. As the battle for...


The Spirit of Renewal, Renaissance Worldwide & Layers of Consciousness

[YouTube Video Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylzH6E9f23Y] It's holiday season and I'm sure many can attest to the fact that they don't really feel that so-called Christmas Spirit or whatever mysticism comes with the end of the year. This is supposed to be a time of great self reflection, acknowledging ones achievements and, as our guest says, dropping our leaves. Adam of the Shamanic Philosophy Podcast joins us to talk about things like the spirit of renewal, speaking in symbolism...


Showdown Over Free Speech on Social Media

Facebook, with its multiple lawfirms and multiple lawyers has seen it fit to dismiss the case. However, in doing so, they may have revealed their achielles heel - 47 USC 2030 C2. When Facebook is removing content and deleting people's pages, they are not demonstrating why they're doing so. We're joined by Christie Scarborough of Corrupt Vaccines and T. Matthew Phillips of The Vaccine Abolition Society in this educational and information packed episode to talk about all things regarding free...


Domestic Schisms, Biohacking Bloodlines & Planned Obsolescence

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/AVzgtFVQa6w] We're almost done with 2018 and it feels like this year is just getting started. I'm wondering if anyone else feel like they're idling on a roller coaster. Trying to keep track of what's happening makes my head spin, that's for sure, it makes about as much sense as letting in foreign people and giving up any means to defend yourself. We're in a time-frame that most people, including myself, can't really comprehend due to the fact of the...


Giving Thanks To You Folks

I just wanted to take the time out to say I really am thankful for you folks. I know I don't share a lot of 'positive' news or happy media, so I understand that people are a little hesitant when approaching the operation. Which is why those of you who have been here from the beginning, I can't thank enough. I have no words to express how much gratuity and appreciation I have for our podcast listeners and channel watchers. While I'm overly joyful for the amount of followers we have on our...


How Directed Energy Weapons Create Uninhabitable Human Zones

There's nothing fancy with this transmission, I try to keep it as direct as possible, almost as direct as the energy weapons used in California. Many of the homes that have been devastated by the fire, weren't. Surrounding areas have been ravaged by the fire, indeed, but the homes and even cars are a more peculiar matter. What's even more strange is, if you over lay the world heritage program's depiction of a simulated reserve and corridor system to protect biodiversity map, you'll see that...


Prophetic Politicking, Daze of Pandemonium & Artificial Reality

[https://youtu.be/z7dOKkYlUaQ] As California reels from the devastating unnatural wildfires that seem to plague it, we're seeing a level of lawlessness like never before and it's only going to escalate. Believe it or not, people have looted evacuees homes, but I doubt you're surprised. AntiFa has stepped up it's "hit list" while Facebook is purging police accountability pages like Cop Block and Police The Police. It's almost as if the chaos is being ushered in. From abnormal and unnatural...


Legacies of Liberation, Lines In The Sand & Standing Up For You

[YouTube Video Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qE_evzs8PzQ] We’re back from our paranormal pit stop to talk shop about the current state of affairs with a local Proud Boy who goes by the name Trebol Clef. This isn’t your normal episode chock full of conspiracy and revealing agendas, rather, it’s an episode where you’re able to relate to our guest and host. The world is rapidly becoming consumed by technology, and thus, people are trying to have the real world emulate the digital...


Politically Correct Paradises, The Borderless World & Anomalous Ailments

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/68ZDOKTNKvw As predicted by many, the increasing intensity of domestic terrorism and civil unrest hasn't resolved itself in our country. Here in America, we're dealing with what seems like a tornado of issues; crises which took decades to comprehend are being foisted upon us daily. Information changes us and we are being purposefully overloaded into pacification. In a world of alleged abundance, drawing the line is an audacious thing. As society...


Manipulating Movements, Countering Collectivism & Exposing Globalist Agendas

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/ecTDej63q5Y] We're joined in this information packed episode by Charles Kassin of @TruthIsTerrorism. His latest work includes delving into things like the Vegan movement, and why organizations like CNN are promoting Veganism and taxing meat. Where have we heard this type of talk before? In relation to the technocracy and the Georgia Guidestones. The elites have a plan to keep us systematically under passive control, they don't want people with...


October Surprise: Siege & Secure America

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/cKtqKrAkd7U] This migrant caravan is much more than a lot of people think. Some on the Right will tell you it's an invasion, while those on the Left will tell you they're displaced workers, looking for employment. What I'm gonna tell you is this a perfectly timed political issue with far reaching applications. When looking at all the socioeconomic and sociopolitical issues that comes with such an event, it can never be rendered down to a simple...


The Technocratic New World

[YouTube Video Verison: https://youtu.be/BW_fgv6kR70] I wanted to pick Charles Kassin of @TruthIsTerrorism's mind about Elon Musk's recent interview with Joe Rogan. In the interview, Elon gave a number of insights into the mind of a Technocrat, as well as the end goal of many of their agendas. As the world drudges towards automation, humanity must fight through it's mind-numbing enslavement. The idea we're being sold is that this technology allows us to connect, and interact on levels we...


The Paranormal Perspective Vol. 6

Special Thanks to:@Yvette_Bam, @A1exanderTuck, @Ill_Get_There_OneDay, @Amilcar_The_Great, @LavishBoyyChriss, @7Nines, @Elfichka, @EliteRoomInfo, @80sBettyChic, @_KatNipz, @Eccentric_Mindz, Mr. Villafranco and to the callers! We take a side step away from the increasingly pressing issues like censorship, civil unrest and growing mental instability, to talk about the paranormal and supernatural. These types of episodes are powered by you the listener, reader, viewer and followers. If you...


Weaponizing The Occult

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/4Af5x4lclwo] Just as there is political strife within America unfolding at the moment, there is also a spiritual crisis rampantly spreading. We are seeing a physical manifestation of truly dark and corrupt energies. From After School Satan, to Baphomet being erected in Arkansas, to the witches who ritualistically cast spells on Trump, we're in a whole new world. The idea of public rituals and communal hexes has become popular and borderline trendy. As...


The Fourth Narrative, Protecting Free Thought & Enlightening Adversity

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/xdQP0D_ybeo] We're joined by one of the modern forerunners of alternative media on social media, I'm talking Jason Bassler of The Free Thought Project. Unfortunately, The Free Thought Project was among many of the amazing alternative media pages which has suffered at the hands of Facebook's recent censorship cleave. We delve into why that is, who's funding the censorship as well as the coordination and collusion with Twitter. The idea that they're...


Anti-Censorship Efforts, The Rise of New Media & Weaponizing Mental Health

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/piuJkR-f66U] In a bitter sweet moment Carey Wedler of The Anti-Media joins us again to update us on her recent escapades. As fate would have it, the efforts of The Anti-Media team, among other prolific alternative media outlets such as The Free Thought Project, Punk Rock Libertarians, Police The Police and many more, attracted such attention that they've become the most recent victims of Facebook's censorship. 2018 has been a year of hurdles and...


Mass Hysteria, Domestic Saboteurs & The Purge of Consciousness

[YouTube Video Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR4RKcBt1Ko] We take a break from having on amazing guests to basically talk about the increased assault against alternative media as well as the rising insurrections. Things are gradually evolving from political rhetoric to domestic terrorism, bordering mob rule and civil unrest. This hasn't slowed down though, that's what people need to understand, it's only intensified. As we delve into that problem, we pivot into how populations...