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EP 019: Drugs Are Bad, Mkay?

Here we go, one more time. Everybody's feeling fine, here we go now! No, that has nothing to do with this week's episode. Literally at all. But it's stuck in my head as I type it and I thought I'd share. This week, we're chatting it up with some light-hearted celeb talk to get ready for a spooky and sensational episode about things that left me with my jaw dropped. We'll start this show off with a trip to Louisiana. Nope, we're not doing anything gross. Not gory gross. But instead,...


Ep 018: Let's Play Herd Ball

Can you believe it? Season One of Girls & Ghouls is wrapping up. We're stopping at 20 so episode 18 is feeling bittersweet. But we're not slowing down this time! This week, we're going on a journey to visit a ghost in Texas. Austin, in fact. We're donning our fanciest dress and stepping into one of the ritziest hotels known to man. The Driskill Hotel. This multi-million dollar hotel has brought celebrities and tourists alike but the fact that is was built during a time of cowboys and...


Ep 017: Human Mummy Thingie

We're in vacation mode. Obviously. Because the stories we keep moving towards are 100% surrounding your travel destinations. What? Didn't you know that you could get travel advice from a paranormal podcast? This is more of a where not to go than a suggestion of places to visit! Kirsten's taking the lead this week and we're going on a luxurious vacation full of tropical breezes. Oh, and a creature that wants to eat you. Like, literally eat you. Hear the terrifying tale of an island...


Ep 016: Warm Seats

Are you ready to have some fun? We're digging into two stories that you are going to be so intrigued by. We're talking less terrifying and more interesting this week. And disclaimer. There's no grossness this time around. You're welcome! This week, Erin's taking on Hollywood. Ever watched the movie, The Conjuring? Did you know it was based on a true story? But as per usual, the Hollywood version is even less scary than the reality of this haunted tale. Because while the movie DID...


Ep 15: Tennisballs & Tubesocks

It's almost time for summer vacation around Girls & Ghouls headquarters. Which means it's time for a ghostly vacation for your mind in this week's episode. That's right, we're headed around the world in an hour. We'll start in California aboard the incredible boat, the Queen Mary. Kirsten shares about this top class vacation ship turned battle ship and friends... the history is unbelievable. You'll almost forget that while this ship was bathed in luxury and is as popular as ever today......


Ep 014: Disco Debbie

Get ready to feel all the feels in this weeks episode. We're digging into some crazy stories on opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. And FYI, this episode is NOT for the faint of heart or children. Just saying. We're journeying back to New Orleans for a terrifying encounter with another home in the French District. And to make it even worse, it's a home that American Horror Story's Coven Season is based on. We're headed to the LaLaurie Mansion that was inhabited by one of the most...


Ep 013: My Hairy Toes

There aren't many things scarier than a ghost. Except maybe a ghost that's out to get what was rightfully his and taken from him. This week's podcast is nothing but terror from both Kirsten and Erin. But as I write this, I'm realizing... Kirsten's story is nothing short of absolutely gruesome. Journey to the often spooky New Orleans with Kirsten to the mansion that has been dubbed the Sultans Palace. This incredible piece of architecture was the star of the street in its day but when it...


EP 012: I'm Verklempt.

We were a little verklempt when we recorded this episode, thanks to a scare from our favorite actor, Will Ferrel, getting into an accident. He's not a ghost we want to talk about on our show, okay? However, we did bring the heat this week with stories that aren't just spooky but all around fascinating as well. Erin brought it home with a Pennsylvania haunting. And guess where we're headed? Gettysburg, of course. This week Erin dug into Gettysburg College, a college that served as a...