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Episode 24: The Thing (1982) - CHEST CHOMP

This week Gracie and Abbey discuss John Carpenter's THE THING! Arguably, the BEST horror remake of all time! We dare you to think of a better one! Oh and... there are ZERO women in this film.... Z E R O. Is it still feminist to like The Thing? Eh....let's just say that nobody's perfect. Thanks to Lily LeBlanc for our theme music. Check out our sponsors at Resources: The New Bechdel Test: Carpenter, John, director. The...


Coffee Break Ep. 19 - One Year Anniversary

It's the one year anniversary of Good Mourning, Nancy! During this coffee break, Gracie & Abbey talk about the sad events that happened last week, open a gift from a listener, and discuss how much they've grown while making this podcast. Thanks to Tanya @ for the gift! Thanks to our sponsors at ! Order yours today! Follow us on social media: Instagram: Facebook:...


Episode 23: You're Next - Home Alone for Adults

Who's next? YOU'RE NEXT! That's right! This week Gracie & Abbey discuss one of the most popular modern horror movies ever as well as introduce their NEW Bechdel test! The Next Bechdel Test: ---- Music by Lily LeBlanc ---- Check out our sponsors at ---- Resources::


Coffee Break Ep. 18 - Suspense!

Coffee Breaks are back! This week Gracie and Abbey will be talking about radio's outstanding theater of thrills... SUSPENSE! the old time radio show that ran from the 1940s to the 1960s. Theme song by Lily Leblanc Horror Addicts TV: Gracie's Blog Post: Resources: Join us! Facebook:...


Episode 22: Bride of Frankenstein (1935) - Friend Zoned

It's season 3 episode 22 and girl is it a doozy! This week Gracie & Abbey will be discussing Universal's 1935 horror classic, Bride of Frankenstein! Theme song by Lily LeBlanc Visit our sponsors over at Resources: Whale, James, director. Bride of Frankenstein. Universal Pictures Corp., 1935. Bride of Frankenstein wiki: TCM: A Gay Parable?: Here Comes the Bride: Roger Ebert...


Episode 21: Frankenstein (1931) - Science aka Witchcraft

We're back with season 3! This week Gracie & Abbey will be talking about the 1931 classic, Frankenstein! Theme song by Lily LeBlanc Visit our sponsors at Resources: Whale, James., director. Frankenstein. Universal, 1931. TCM: Analyzing Frankenstein: An Experiment in Ethics:...


The Psychology of Horror

Why are we the only species that seeks fear? Why do we bungee jump, ride roller coasters, and watch horror films? What are Gracie and Abbey's biggest fears and how do those fears relate to their favorite horror movies? Finally, why is horror so important for our mental health? All of this and more when you listen to this very special Good Mourning, Nancy episode! --- Take the Shadow Self Quiz: --- Theme Song by Lily LeBlanc --- Thanks to our sponsors at Recess Coffee!...


Coffee Break Ep. 17 - Cursed Horror Movies

Do you have your coffee ready? This week Abbey and Gracie discuss famous cursed horror movies! Visit our friends over at Recess Coffee: Theme music by Lily LeBlanc The Exorcist: Rosemary's Baby: Poltergeist: The Omen:


Coffee Break Ep. 16 Dream Cast for IT: Chapter 2

Jessica Chastain is in talks of being in IT: Chapter 2! This week, Gracie & Abbey talk about their dream cast list for the second half of Stephen King’s masterpiece. Abbey also discovers one of her favorite actors died without her knowledge! Listen to find out who it is! Theme music by Lily LeBlanc Try Recess Coffee here: Visit Michael’s shop: Special thanks to


Ep. 17: My Bloody Valentine (1981) - MINER MISTAKE!

Happy Valentines Day! This week Gracie & Abbey discuss the Canadian cult classic, My Bloody Valentine from 1981! Listen as Gracie tells how she finally got to see the X-rated gore-tastic version and Abbey schools us in beer in horror movies! Heck yeah, Bud! Where to watch/stream MBV: TAKE OUR QUICK SURVEY: Resources:


Episode 16: The Howling - Back to the Nudity!

This week Gracie and Abbey discuss the The Howling, the 1980s film that brought werewolves back to the big screen! Self-help cults, air bladders, (too many) wolf references, and sizzling meat... what more could you want in a werewolf movie? Now, back to the nudity! Resources: Embodied Identity in Werewolf Films of the 1980s: The Howling (1981): The Making of 'The Howling': Dante, Joe and Robert Picardo, Christopher Stone and...


Coffee Break Ep. 13: Kids Movies That Scared Us!

What kids movie scared you when you were little? That's the question Gracie & Abbey asked each other before recording this coffee break! The results are in: Gracie was scared of Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night & Abbey was scared of Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland! Other films mentioned: The Nutcracker Prince, The Black Cauldron and more! Have you seen any of these films?


Episode 15: The Babadook - Breaking the Curse

BA-BA-BA DOOK DOOK DOOOOOOK! This week Abbey and Gracie discuss everyone's favorite Australian horror film! Serious talk about depression, anxiety, and grief. Not-so-serious talk about set design... In case you need it: Resources: Monster: A Short Film by Jennifer Kent: The Babadook Wiki: 10 Surprising Facts: The Babadook: Jennifer Kent, Rolling Stone Interview: The...


Coffee Break Ep. 12: "You Didn't Even Have to Ask!"

Reflections on early 2017! Gracie and Abbey discuss where they were emotionally during this time last year and why Good Mourning, Nancy was conceived. This episode contains a podcast-host proposal story, Bunraku puppetry, best-friends becoming best-hosts, why we use The Bechdel Test, and a TMI description of our tech set-up! Email us at if you have any questions about the show! We'll try to answer them in another Coffee Break! Thanks to a patrons: James, Shanna,...


Episode 14: Salem's Lot - SUCK BLOOD

This episode is dedicated to Tobe Hooper. Fighting vampires while fighting colds! Listen as Gracie and Abbey nerd out over all of the classic horror movie imagery in Salem's Lot! The houses, the actors, the Wolf Man poster! Listen as they get frustrated with the portrayal of the female characters! Susan, we thought you were a liberated woman! Listen as Gracie explains how she took cold medicine way too soon while watching Salem's Lot! What does your James Mason impersonation sound like?...


Coffee Break Episode 11: Sequels, Prequels, Reboots OH MY!

John Carpenter has a few reboots in the works (yes, technically they are sequels and prequels but we're calling them reboots, so there). Listen as Abbey rightly scolds Gracie for objectifying, Gracie rightly scolds Abbey for forgetting major plot points in the Halloween franchise, all the while there's a Flatliners remake/sequel that they both never saw yet talk about anyway... It's a fun ride! Resources: Flatliners: Remake or Sequel?: Escape from NY Remake:...


Episode 13: Silent Night Bloody Night - Trigger Happy

Happy Holidays from Good Mourning, Nancy! This week we'll be talking about one of the most underrated horror Christmas movies out there! It's public domain plus the cast of Andy Warhol's factory is present, so WIN WIN! Watch the film before listening: Check out Based on a True Crime:


Coffee Beak Episode 10: Gracie's Favorite Horror Artists

It's time for another coffee break! This week the ladies discuss Gracie's favorite horror artists, make a few fun announcements, and open up a gift from local Syracuse artist CM Bucko! You can follow CM Bucko on Instagram here: @imaginationsbybucko Gracie's Favorites: Dark Town Sally Instagram: @darktownsally Store: Midnight Arts Society: @MidnightArtsSociety Ivan Albright Art Institute Chicago:...


Episode 12: The Conjuring 2 - Scary Butt

This haunting is a load of hooey! That's okay, we still enjoy the fictional Ed *Twinkle Toes* and Lorraine *Badass* Warren as they help another poor family deal with a malevolent demon, VALAK! Check out our friendly neighborhood podcast: Esoteric Oddities Apple Podcasts/iTunes:


Episode 11: The Conjuring - You Can't Shoot a Ghost

Welcome to season 2 of Good Mourning, Nancy! This week we'll be talking about movie lawsuits, privacy lawsuits, the fashionable Warrens, America's fear of witchcraft and Satan, and of course, The Conjuring! The film was directed by James Wan and written by the identical twins who wrote the Paris Hilton House of Wax! Join us! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


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