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Ep 33 - Jaymes White - Mindreader

Jaymes White is a mindreader. His uncanny ability to know what people are thinking has baffled and delighted sold-out audiences across Canada. Join us as he demonstrates his remarkable talents with our in-studio audience and shares some of his tricks of the trade. Also, towards the end of the show, we make a MAJOR announcement about the summer that you are not going to want to miss!


Ep 32 - Death Fraud

At one time or another, most of us have fantasized about disappearing into the night and starting a new life somewhere else under a new name. The idea of shedding our identify, like a snake would shed its skin, can be a tempting prospect when the pressures of life become overwhelming. Could you go to the ultimate extreme, and fake your own death to change the course of your life? We are joined by Elizabeth Greenwood, author of “Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud”.


Ep 31 - Has Amelia Earhart Been Found?

Headlines from around the world recently declared a major breakthrough in the Amelia Earhart mystery. We are joined by Keith O’Brien, author of “Fly Girls: How Five Daring Women Defied All Odds and Made Aviation History" as we explore the life and disappearance of an American Icon, and the powerful new report which claims to know her fate.


Ep 30 - Footsteps in the Attic

Full of terrible twists and unsettling turns, the Hinterkaifeck Murders are one of the world’s most chilling mysteries. What was the motive for such a night of terror? We search for answers with Edward Chilvers, author of, “Footsteps in the Attic: A True Account of the Slayings at the Hinterkaifeck Farmstead". Due to some of the nightmarish elements of the story, listener discretion is advised.


Ep 29 - Behold the Future!

Can our community BEHOLD THE FUTURE? This month we asked our listeners to make individual and group predictions about events that will happen in 2018. In the episode (featuring special guest co-host, Glen Shackleton, Founder and CEO of The Haunted Walk), we share some of your more intriguing prophecies and examine a few historical predictions that have unbelievably come true. Join us!


Ep 28 - The JFK Files

Over the past few months over 500 previously unreleased and over 15,000 previously redacted documents on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy were released to the public. For years the public has debated if Lee Harvey Oswald could have acted alone. Do these new files shed any light on one of the most believed conspiracy theories in the world?


Ep 27 - Behind the Scenes with The Haunted Walk

Go behind the scenes with The Haunted Walk in the midst of the Halloween Season! Tag along with three members of our management team as they prepare for the biggest weekend of the year.


Bonus - Stories Beneath Our Streets

The fascinating and surprisingly touching story of the unmarked graves discovered under a busy street in downtown Ottawa. How do we honour early inhabitants of the city who were originally buried over 150 years ago? Join Haunted Walk tour guide and researcher, Margo MacDonald, as she attends a one-of-a-kind day of remembrance.


Ep 26 - Curses!

Curses have played a significant role in human history for over 4,000 years. Is it possible that supernatural forces can inflict harm, punishment or cause bad luck to befall us? Or is there another explanation? In our search for answers we examine some of the most intriguing curses including: the disappearance of Bill Barilko, James Dean’s killer Porsche, Robert Johnson’s deal with the Devil and King Tutankhamen’s revenge from beyond the grave. Knock on wood.


Ep 25 - The Science of Fear w/ Margee Kerr

What are you afraid of? Fear is one of the most complex human emotions. Why do people seek out frightening adventures (like ghost tours) for fun? What happens to our brains when we get scared? Do these “adventures” have a mental health benefit? Join us as we chat with sociologist and haunted attraction consultant, Margee Kerr, about her book, “Scream: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear.”


Ep 24 - Sounds From The Dark

Are we alone in the universe? On August 15th, 1977, the University of Ohio's Big Ear radio telescope recorded something very unusual while pointed in the direction of the constellation of Sagittarius. The “Wow! Signal” remains to this day the strongest potential alien radio transmission ever detected.


Ep 23 - Tales From The Tours

Perhaps the most common question our storytellers are asked is, "Has anything ever happened to you?" Join us as Haunted Walk tour guides from Toronto, Ottawa and Kingston, share some of the unusual, strange and downright spooky things that have happened to them while leading guests through our haunted locations.


Bonus - Update on the Fate of Kingston Pen

In this special mid-month bonus episode, we are joined by Haunted Walk Founder & CEO, Glen Shackleton, who recently attended a consultation meeting about the future of the Kingston Penitentiary. He shares the latest developments and the challenges that still exist. Is the historical value and tourism opportunity the site offers being fully recognized? Glen shares this thoughts and what we'll do next.


Ep 22 - America's Stonehenge

In an unsuspecting field in Northeast Georgia, four massive granite slabs, each 16 feet tall, rise out of the ground. The Georgia Guidestones are often referred to as America's Stonehenge, due the many mysteries that surround them. Who built them? And why? What is the meaning of their strange inscriptions? Why are they repeated in 8 different languages? Buckle up your seat belts as we are taking a road trip to visit one of the strangest monuments in the United States.


EP 21 - Versailles is Haunted

While touring the grounds of the Palace of Versailles in 1901, did two well-respected English women unknowingly bump into the ghost of Marie Antoinette and other members of her court? After 10 years of researching their experiences, they published a book detailing their findings and came to an extremely surprising conclusion. Is it possible they had briefly travelled back in time?


EP 20 - David Ridgen, Someone Knows Something

David Ridgen is a modern day Sherlock Holmes. He is the host of the CBC’s extremely popular true crime podcast, Someone Knows Something. Join us as he gives us a behind the scenes look at the making of one of the most listened to podcasts in the world and how he negotiates the tricky (personal and professional) waters of investigating cold cases. http://hauntedwalk.com/podcasts


EP 19 - The Fate of Kingston Pen

Should Canada’s most infamous maximum security prison be preserved, redeveloped or torn down? Our five uniquely qualified guests share their thoughts on the past, present and future of the Kingston Penitentiary. We will also take a trip to Alcatraz Island for a personal tour by one of the longest serving Park Rangers and hear about his experiences working at the world’s most famous prison. City of Kingston Pen Consultation Page Guests: Glen Shackleton, Tour Operator Janice Nickerson,...


EP 18 - The Dyatlov Pass Incident

One of the world’s most chilling mysteries! What could explain why a group of expert Russian skiers cut their way out of their own tent in the middle of a freezing cold night and wandered off into the dark without jackets and with bare feet? Avalanche? Animal attack? Military testing? Or…something much more sinister? Join us as we investigate!


EP 17 - The Strangest Coincidence Ever Recorded?

Did the strangest coincidence ever recorded take place today, December 5th, in 1664, 1785 and 1820? We head to the Welsh coast and delve into the creepy improbability of the three deaths of Hugh Williams.


EP 16 - Disney's Haunted Mansions

Watch your step as you board your Doom Buggy for a behind the scenes look at the most popular haunted houses in the world. From the decade long struggle to open the attraction, to the incredible ride mechanics and effects, to the creepy legends and bits of trivia...welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion! Ride the three versions of the Haunted Mansion: Disneyland, Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland.