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Ep 47 - The Science of Zombies

Zombies aren’t real. Right? We are joined by Dr. Lars Petersen, a biologist and research scientist at the University of Calgary, to chew over the science of zombies. He shares with us a scientist’s perspective on the genre and examples from the natural world which might be even more terrifying than a fictional horde of the undead.


Ep 46 - Haunted Houses

Visiting a Haunted House is a Halloween Tradition for millions of people around the world. We examine the Haunted House phenomena and speak with David and Karyn Torbett, the masterminds behind "The Tunnel of Terror!", one of Canada's largest homemade haunts.


Ep 45 - Lantern Ghost Tours (Australia & UK)

When we heard about a ghost tour company that offers experiences in both Australia and the UK (some 16,000 KM apart!), we knew we had to invite them to be guests on the show. We are joined by the "ghost tour nomad", Jacqui Travaglia, owner of Lantern Ghost Tours, to chat about her business and her favourite ghost stories.


Ep 44 - St. John's Haunted Hike

The people on Canada's East Coast are known to be some of the friendliest and most hospitable in the country. But, they also love a good ghost story. Our next stop, in our tour of the best ghost tours in the world, takes us to picturesque St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador. Legendary storyteller and proprietor of The Haunted Hike, Dale Jarvis, drops by to share one of his favourite spooky stories from the city.


Ep 43 - Queen City Ghostwalk (Burlington, Vermont)

This week as we continue our tour of the best and most interesting ghost tour companies in the world, we take a short trip over the Canada and US border, to the land of Ben & Jerry's, Bernie Sanders, and natural beauty - we are heading to Burlington, Vermont. Luckily for us, it also an area full of ghost stories, tall tales and cool history. Joining us is Vermont's unofficial Queen of Halloween, Thea Lewis, the owner of Queen City Ghostwalk.


Ep 42 - The Dyatlov Pass Incident (Redux)

One of the world’s most chilling mysteries! What could explain why a group of expert Russian skiers cut their way out of their own tent in the middle of a freezing cold night and wandered off into the dark without jackets and in bare feet? Avalanche? Animal attack? Military testing? Or…something much more sinister? Join us as we investigate!


Ep 41 - The Axeman of New Orleans

Imagine waking up in the middle night to find a strange man standing in you bedroom brandishing an axe. It sounds like the plot of a slasher movie, but for the people of New Orleans in the early 1900s, this was no fictional plot. The city was being terrorized. A deranged monster was repetitively breaking into the homes of Italian grocers. The unsuspecting victims, including children, were maimed or murdered as they slept. As the number of victims grew, so did the apprehension in the city,...


Ep 40 - Shiverpool

"Shiverpool" is one of world's best and most awesomely named ghost tour companies. We chat with Artistic Director, Lucy Carew about their award-winning and dramatic tours of Liverpool, UK. How haunted is the city - aside from the Beatles fans? We find out. Lucy gives us chills sharing one of Liverpool's most beloved ghost stories and cautionary tales.


Ep 39 - Boroughs of the Dead in NYC

There is no city in the world like New York City. Chock-full of dark history and haunted buildings, there is a reason it is the city that never sleeps. We take a tour of some of the more obscure sights with Andrea Janes, owner and founder of Boroughs of the Dead: Macabre New York City Walking Tours.


Ep 38 - Ghostly Images of Gettysburg

If paranormal activity is related to places of extreme trauma and loss of life, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, must be one of the most haunted places in the United States. As we continue our tour of the best ghost tour companies in the world, we are joined by Joe Svehla, manager of Ghostly Images of Gettysburg. He shares with us some of his experiences leading ghost tours of one of the Civil War’s most important, and bloodiest, battlefields.


Ep 37 - Ghostly Walks of Victoria, BC

As we continue our tour of the best ghost tour companies in the world, we head to Canada’s west coast and visit Victoria, British Columbia. We are joined by renowned storyteller, John Adams of Ghostly Walks, who shares with us his thoughts on Victoria’s unique history, geography and culture, and how they all contribute to making it the most haunted place in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, he has a few great ghost stories to tell.


Ep 36 - House of Horrors

There are few buildings in Canada with a history as dark and twisted as Ravenscrag in Montreal. Once the opulent mansion of the wealthiest man in the country, it became the site of covert CIA brainwashing experiments that destroyed the lives of hundreds of people. And, perhaps not surprisingly, it has a few ghost stories. To breakdown this incredible and unsettling story, we are joined by Haunted Montreal’s Donovan King.


Ep 35 - The Salem Night Tour

This summer we are going to take you behind the scenes at some of the best ghost tour companies in the world. Our first stop is in Salem, Massachusetts – a dream destination for dark history enthusiasts! Our good friends at The Salem Night Tour show us around and share some of their favourite ghost stories.


Ep 34 - Gather Around the Campfire

Telling scary stories around the campfire is a beloved summer tradition. In this episode, we are joined by two master Canadian storytellers, Barbara Smith and Dan Yashinsky, who share with us some of their favourite campfire ghost stories, give us tips to help us better tell our own, and discuss the power and importance of sharing stories with each other.


Ep 33 - Jaymes White - Mindreader

Jaymes White is a mindreader. His uncanny ability to know what people are thinking has baffled and delighted sold-out audiences across Canada. Join us as he demonstrates his remarkable talents with our in-studio audience and shares some of his tricks of the trade. Also, towards the end of the show, we make a MAJOR announcement about the summer that you are not going to want to miss!


Ep 32 - Death Fraud

At one time or another, most of us have fantasized about disappearing into the night and starting a new life somewhere else under a new name. The idea of shedding our identity, like a snake would shed its skin, can be a tempting prospect when the pressures of life become overwhelming. Could you go to the ultimate extreme, and fake your own death to change the course of your life? We are joined by Elizabeth Greenwood, author of “Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud”.


Ep 31 - Has Amelia Earhart Been Found?

Headlines from around the world recently declared a major breakthrough in the Amelia Earhart mystery. We are joined by Keith O’Brien, author of “Fly Girls: How Five Daring Women Defied All Odds and Made Aviation History" as we explore the life and disappearance of an American Icon, and the powerful new report which claims to know her fate.


Ep 30 - Footsteps in the Attic

Full of terrible twists and unsettling turns, the Hinterkaifeck Murders are one of the world’s most chilling mysteries. What was the motive for such a night of terror? We search for answers with Edward Chilvers, author of, “Footsteps in the Attic: A True Account of the Slayings at the Hinterkaifeck Farmstead". Due to some of the nightmarish elements of the story, listener discretion is advised.


Ep 29 - Behold the Future!

Can our community BEHOLD THE FUTURE? This month we asked our listeners to make individual and group predictions about events that will happen in 2018. In the episode (featuring special guest co-host, Glen Shackleton, Founder and CEO of The Haunted Walk), we share some of your more intriguing prophecies and examine a few historical predictions that have unbelievably come true. Join us!


Ep 28 - The JFK Files

Over the past few months over 500 previously unreleased and over 15,000 previously redacted documents on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy were released to the public. For years the public has debated if Lee Harvey Oswald could have acted alone. Do these new files shed any light on one of the most believed conspiracy theories in the world?