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A True Crime and Paranormal Podcast






Ep. 90 Visiting Marilyn Monroe & Natalie Wood’s Grave with Paranormal Investigator, Patrick Langdon

Join us on today's episode as we travel to one of L.A.'s most famous cemeteries, The Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery located in Westwood off of Wilshire Blvd. The cemetery was established as Sunset Cemetery in 1905 but had been used for burials since the 1880s. In 1926 the name was officially changed to Westwood Memorial Park and was later changed again to Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park & Mortuary. Although it is the resting place of some of Hollywood's greatest...


Ep. 89 Music and Ghosts Minisode! Getting Hollyweird with Mark Mallman

Let's get Hollyweird with our friend, Mark Mallman! Mark is a Minnesota-based musician, film composer, and memoirist. Since 1998, he has released eight full-length studio albums and in 2019 he released his first book, The Happiness Playlist, which promotes mental health advocacy through the arts. During Mark's recent visit to L.A., Tammie was able to spend the day with him in old town Burbank and conduct a little impromptu interview. Mark had quite a few interesting stories of haunted music...


Ep. 88 The Winchester Revisited with special guest, writer & haunted historian, Christiane Franke

We love a good gothic ghost story! There's one that comes to mind that manifested here in the state of California, The Legend of Sarah Winchester and the ghosts that built the Winchester mansion. According to legend, Sarah had an around-the-clock crew of craftsmen who were hired to construct her house that was designed by ghosts. The unique design of staircases leading to nowhere with twisted corridors and 160 rooms. This project was to be a lifelong project to appease the spirits of the...


Ep. 87 Haunted Walking Tour of Miracle Mile, Wilshire Blvd. |L.A.

Miracle Mile! According to the LA Times, "As wealth and newcomers poured into the fast-growing city, Ross's parcel became one of Los Angeles's most desirable areas. Acclaimed as "America's Champs-Élysées," this stretch of Wilshire near the La Brea Tar Pits was named "Miracle Mile" for its improbable rise to prominence. " Join us as we take you on our audio walking tour of one of our favorite places in L.A. Wilshire Blvd, AKA, Miracle Mile. Tune in and learn a little history and haunted...


Ep. 86 The Legends & Ghosts of L.A.’s Original Spanish Kitchen w/ Special Guest, Richie Dueñez

For decades, the Original Spanish Kitchen served meals to Hollywood customers like Bob Hope, Linda Darnell, Mary Pickford, and John Barrymore. Opened in 1932 it was a sister restaurant to one downtown, owned by Johnny and Pearl Caretto. Their enchiladas were the talk of the town, attracting show-business personalities as regulars. Silverscreen legend, Mary Pickford, had her own booth, by the door, offering up not only autographs to fans, but also recipes to Johnny. In 1961, the restaurant...


EP. 85 LISTENERS’ TALES #79 | Continuing with the school spirit & The Ghost of Montgomery Clift

We are continuing with our Listeners' Tales Series! We are serving up some pretty spooky tales that were prepared and ready to serve during this holiday break. We will be continuing with the school spirit as we share a few more haunted school tales along with a haunted dorm story. We also share a tale about a listener who gets a little help from the other side with his writer's block. Promos UNSOLVED CASE FILES, the murder mystery game that lets you solve a fictitious cold case just like a...


EP. 84 Most Haunted Schools of California | Happy Halloween!

Let's get into the school spirit here in the west coast Hollyweirdos as we sit down and go over the list of some of the most haunted schools in California. What is the most haunted high school and university here in the sunshine state? Well, ya gotta tune in and find out! We're too ghoul for school!


Ep.84 Chasing Ghosts Mini-Series Ep.4| Haunted Valley House Investigation

It looks like something strange is going on in Tammie's neighborhood, The Pocket. So who do the neighbors call? Tammie of course! It turns out that one of Tammie's neighbors had a very unsettling and unexplainable experience while housesitting for her friend. But, it turns out that the house may have a few unseen occupants living within the dwellings of this San Fernando Valley home. Could it be that one of them has been captured unexpectedly on a SnapChat picture. (See Below). Join Tammie...


Ep. 83 Getting Hollyweird Not So Confidential with LA Not So Confidential | The Barclay Hotel

Join the banter with our podern friends LA Not So Confidential in our round table discussion of The crimes and paranormal aftermath of The Barclay Hotel. What makes this hotel one of LA's most violent and haunted hotels? Could it be the many freak accidents, deaths, and serial killers attached to the hotel? Is there a paranormal aftermath? Turns out that there are several individuals out there who have first-hand accounts with the ghosts of the Barclay, however, are their experiences too...


Ep. 82 Celebrity Ghost Sex Stories | Getting Hollyweird with Spectrophilia

Just when you think that it can't get weirder in Hollyweird, well, it has We finally tap into the sexual accounts of celebrities with the otherside as we share their true, yet, unusual tales. Everyone from singer and songwriters Keisha & Billy Corgan, lead singer of The Smashing Pumpkins to actors Lucy Lui & Dan Aykroyd. Tune in as we also discuss the folklores of the Incubus and the Succubus while tackling the term, Spectrophilia. So let's get our ectogasm on as we talk about Celebrity...


EP. 81 Beverly Kills 90210 | True Crime & Haunts Beverly Hills Walking Audio Tour

Beyond the gated mansions, sports cars, celebrity sightings, and the nicely trimmed trees of Sunset Blvd. lies stories of true crime, mystery, and ghosts in the upscale neighborhood of 90210. Join us as we take you on an audio walking tour of this boujee neighborhood, Beverly Hills, as we stop and talk about its history and dark history. Lets stop and talk about The Marlon Brando Compound, The Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle, the Bugsy Seigel Murder House, Greystone Mansion and so much more....


Ep. 80 Getting Hollyweird with Parapsychologist & Investigator, Elliot Van Dusen

On today's episode of Hollyweird Paranormal, we get Hollyweird in Halifax, Nova Scotia with parapsychologist & Investigator, Elliot Van Dusen. Elliott Van Dusen has been obsessed with the paranormal since childhood. He is currently the Director of Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation, an organization dedicated to the collection, analysis, and distribution of all supernatural events in Canada. After 15 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 8 of those years spent investigating...


Ep.79 Getting Hollyweird Santeria Ft. Santeria Priestess, Thanya of Ashe Imports

On today's episode of Hollyweird Paranormal, we sit down and get Hollyweird with Santeria and whom better to do that with other than practicing medium and Santeria priestess, Thanya of Ashe Imports. Thanya is the founder and owner of Ashe Imports and practicing Santeria priestess, Yaya in Palo mayombe. She also a practicing medium and cohost of the new podcast, Brujo 101 with comedian Martin Moreno. In this episode, Thanya goes over the history, misconceptions, and beliefs of Santeria along...


Ep. 78 Listeners’ Tales Pt. 8 | They Always Come Back

What a coincidence that a majority of submissions all had one thing in common, aside from ghosts, is that sometimes our loved ones come back from the other side to let us know that they are still around watching over us. On Pt.8 of our listeners' tales episodes, we tune into a story based out of our hood of Hollywood that takes place at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary, another that sets around an ouija board, and one that dives into the Spanish folklore of the Lechuzas.


Ep. 77 Post Mortem Minisode with Grave Seekers Paranormal| LAPD Museum Investigation

Let's sit down and have a round table discussion with our friends, Sherry and Gloria of Grave Seekers Paranormal as we go over EVPs, highlights, and experiences from our 2nd paranormal investigation at the Los Angeles Police Museum. You'll never believe what we picked up while going over our audio from our sit-down with Grave Seekers. Let's just say that we may have had an unexpected guest.


Ep. 76 Pt. 2 Return to the LAPD Museum Investigation | 24th Anniversary 1997 North Hollywood Shoot Out

We return for another investigation at the Los Angeles Police Museum on the 24th anniversary of the 1997 North Hollywood Shootout. Tune in to hear personal accounts of North Hollywood residents who remember that fateful day on February 28, 1997. Tune into hearing what EVPs we've picked along with the chilling messages that came through while conducting the flashlight and Estes Method.


Ep. 75 Getting Hollyweird with the LAPD Police Museum | Paranormal Investigation & Interview

On today's Episode of Hollyweird Paranormal, we travel for an investigation with the duo from the Booz N Bros podcast at the Los Angeles Police Museum located in the neighborhood of Highland Park. We've contacted the museum after hearing stories and other claims of possible hauntings. Many believe that the unexplainable activity can be connected not just to the building but also to the artifacts inside. The museum carries many interesting artifacts and exhibits such as the North Hollywood...


Ep. 74 The Life & Afterlife of Jenni Rivera | La Gran Senora

In today's episode, we talk about the early life, career, and stardom of Mexican American singer, Jenni Rivera. Jenni Rivera was known as La Diva de la banda and La Gran Señora who had a voice to gather the masses and stardom to take over the entertainment industry. Jenni was the leading lady in regional Mexican music On December 9, 2012, Mexican banda superstar Dolores Janney “Jenni” Rivera Saavedra shocked millions when she tragically died in a plane crash. The business jet, carrying seven...


Ep. 73 Getting Hollyweird in Savannah with Enocha Edenfield | Haunted Hollywood of the South

In today's episode Hollyweird Paranormal goes to one of the Hollywoods of the South, Savannah Georgia with our Savannah Haunted tour guide, Enocha Edenfield. Enocha Edenfield Enocha Edenfield hales originally from the Florida Panhandle. As she was moving to Savannah in 2010, she learned that it’s one of the most haunted cities in America. In fact, her first apartment there was haunted. Researching Savannah’s haunted and weird history has become her favorite past time. This year she launched...


Ep. 72 LISTENERS’ TALES PT. 8 | Hitch Hiker Granny Ghost | The Man in Black | Lunch in a Haunted Jail | Some Things

It's time for another installment of our Listeners' Tales Pt. 8. WE CAN'T BELIEVE THERE ARE ALREADY 8 PARTS! This one is a great episode filled to leave you wondering if you might have something haunting your house or car. We have a story about a group of friends who visit an infamous haunted restaurant that was a former jailhouse where you can literally dine with ghosts. There is a little update to past listeners' tale of "The Litte Things". What happens when one of our listeners' offers a...