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Searching for the truth about our strange world. A podcast hosted by Ansir and Sophia, providing discussions of an array of topics including: the paranormal, occult, cryptozoology, myths & legends, extra-terrestrials, UFOs, and the strange -- all with a mix of philosophy and psychology.

Searching for the truth about our strange world. A podcast hosted by Ansir and Sophia, providing discussions of an array of topics including: the paranormal, occult, cryptozoology, myths & legends, extra-terrestrials, UFOs, and the strange -- all with a mix of philosophy and psychology.
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Searching for the truth about our strange world. A podcast hosted by Ansir and Sophia, providing discussions of an array of topics including: the paranormal, occult, cryptozoology, myths & legends, extra-terrestrials, UFOs, and the strange -- all with a mix of philosophy and psychology.




Spectral Militia of Goblins: Salem, Kelly-Hopkinsville, and Hellier

Gloucester, 1692 -- not far from Salem village, a family home is besieged by assailants who are seemingly unharmed when shot. Kelly, 1955 -- a family are subjected to a nightlong attack by diminutive assailants that glow and are seemingly unharmed when shot. Hellier, 2012 to present -- Greg & Dana Newkirk investigate phenomena associated with claims of goblin-esque beings and find a psychical aspect that suggests a larger Keelian mystery... What can we learn from similarities between the...


the Moon - mysteries of creation, function, NASA moon landing, and conspiracy

the Moon -- a satellite that is far more mysterious than it may at first seem. Join Ansir & Sophia as they discuss the strangeness of the Moon, debate conspiracy theories, and the possible nature of our constant companion.



July 1947: The area around Corona, New Mexico and the possibility that something crashed in an incident more commonly known as 'the Roswell Crash'. Join Ansir & Sophia as they discuss the purported events and the possibilities for extra-terrestrials, UFOs, and government cover-ups.



112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, Long Island is legendary. The events that occurred there between 1974 and 1975 are the source material for numerous works, including Jay Anson's infamous book 'the Amityville Horror' and two Hollywood films based upon it. Join Ansir & Sophia as they discuss the 1974 DeFeo murders and the possible influence upon the phenomena that affilicted the Lutz family after they moved into the vacant house a year later.


The Mothman of Point Pleasant

For a period of around 13 months, a mysterious winged-humanoid being was seen around Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Significantly, the Mothman was one of only three strange phenomena to occur at that time -- with UAP and Men in Black also having a focus upon Point Pleasant. Join Ansir & Sophia as they look at the events of 1966-67 and beyond as they ask -- what is the Mothman?


Flat Earth, Hollow Earth, Globe Earth?

Do we live on a globe or a flat plane? What of the possibility that the Earth is hollow and that hominids could live inside? Join Ansir & Sophia as they look at the flat Earth vs. globe argument that has exploded over the last few years and find themselves questioning aspects of what they have been led to believe was true. Note: neither Ansir nor Sophia ascribe to either argument wholly, but rather they praise those who question the nature of our reality and seek to find the answers...


the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda triangle is a section of sea linking the Atlantic coast of Florida, Bermuda, and the Greater Antiles (although there is no exactly defined region). Although the mystery entered into the popular psyche with the work of Charles Berlitz in 1974, the majority of significant and mysterious phenomena predate that work. What happens in the region known as the 'triangle'? Are weather phenomena to blame or is there an undersea causative agent of an unknown nature? Could something even...


Smorgasbord of the Strange

In a break from the usual format, Ansir & Sophia briefly discuss a number of topics in quick-fire style as chosen randomly from the excellent textual reference of Breverton's Phantasmagoria. As Sophia flicks randomly through the compendium, the topics that emerge for discussion in this smorgasbord-esque podcast include: sasquatch, the terracotta army, Atlantis, the Book of Enoch, giant bats, and buried treasure.


Demonic Possession

What is demonic possession? Is it real or is it merely a religious superstition? These are the questions that Sophia asks and Ansir offers answers to. Ansir Levi offers even more depth of insight into demonic possession in his book, 'Towards a Conquest of the Paranormal' out now!


Inquiry 16: Apocalypse

Regardless of theistic position, even if such is atheistic materialism, man has a fascination with the end of times. At core, the apocalypse is an ending of the status quo and the commencement of a new paradigm. There are however, some scenarios in which the end brings more than an alchemical process and results in an end to the existence of the Earth itself. Join Ansir & Sophia in the new format of 'Inquirers into the Strange' and commence your own apocalypse.


Dark Fragment NEWS ALERT

The pending apocalypse (fear not!) will see the Dark Fragment podcast and blog undergo a remanifestation and become... Inquirers into the Strange. Look out for the changes to the blog, the Twitter feed, and the podcast. Your subscriptions should automatically switch, but if not -- search for 'Inquirers into the Strange' and join us (Ansir & Sophia) for an entertaining and educational inquiry into the strange, the paranormal, and the occult!


Fragment 15: the Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster, 'Nessie' has a long and storied history. Join Ansir & Sophia as they discuss that history, the transition in form of the infamous cryptid, and the possible explanations as to what is at cause for the sightings and why that also explains the elusive nature of the cryptid.


Fragment 14: 'Tis the Midwinter, Yule, or Christmas Season

With the greetings of the season, join Ansir & Sophia as they discuss the festive season, including the religious and commercial aspects. Your hosts also look at the timing of festivals, the symbolism of Yule trees and gift giving, the concept of Santa, and the notion that Christianity adopted timings simply to aid in the conversion of peoples from other faiths.


Fragment 13: John Dee

Born on 13th July 1527 to Roland and Jane Dee, John Dee became an immensely influential figure within the Elizabethan world. If Dee had lived at a time other than the turbulent period that spanned the Tudor and Stuart monarchies in England, then it is very likely that we would now acknowledge him as one the greatest minds England ever produced. Dee’s peers acknowledged his skills as a philosopher, astronomer, scientist, cartographer, and mathematician and - further observed that he was as...


Fragment 12: Sounds Strange

Sound has an innate power to fuel the imagination. Sudden sounds in horror films are an intrinsic aspect of 'jump' moments. The power of sound is much more, however. In isolation, a sound of unknown origin has the power to induce fear and paranoia. Whilst some instances are mere audio pareidolia, others are possibly objective evidence for something more… Join Ansir & Sophia as they review famous, strange sounds. You can hear the sounds that Ansir & Sophia listen to during the podcast via...


Fragment 11: Slenderman

Slenderman.. a form of urban legend, born of the internet age, and fuelled by the collective psyche as an organic body of lore emerged from out of nothing to terrify thousands… Join Ansir & Sophia as they discuss the origins of Slenderman and the possibility that it may have enabled the creation of an egregoric form -- bringing the fictional being to manifestation through a combination of the psychical energies of the many who believe Slenderman to be real. Further discussion looks at if...


Fragment 10: Halloween

Halloween... a time for candy, a time for a scare - but what is the festival really about? In Fragment 10, Ansir & Sophia look at the development of the ancient pagan rites into their Christianised form and the subsequent commercialisation of such.


Fragment 9: Zombies

What are zombies? What is the origin of the lore around them and what drove the evolution of such? Is there any reality to the concept of the zombie? These are the questions that Ansir & Sophia discuss in Fragment 9!


Fragment 8: Ouija Boards & Urban Legends

What are the most common urban legends? What elements of them are true? What is the mechanism behind ouija boards and those legends which evoke entities via a mirror? Ansir & Sophia discuss this and more in Fragment 8!


Fragment 7: Aliens, Extra-terrestrials etc.,

Ansir and Sophia discuss aliens, UFOs and abductions in a mix of rational discourse and humour. They ask what are aliens? Why are they so commonly described as little grey men or reptilians? Why are UFOs always saucers or triangular forms?