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Bridging The Void Between Spirituality And Science A show for the truth seeker. Listen as we try to bridge the gap between the paranormal and the real. Host Joe Rupe is just an average guy from the south who is on the path of finding fact from fiction and with awesome guests and the phone lines are open no screening. one part Spirit one part Science. #paranormal #ufo #occult #aliens #conspiracy #esoteric

Bridging The Void Between Spirituality And Science A show for the truth seeker. Listen as we try to bridge the gap between the paranormal and the real. Host Joe Rupe is just an average guy from the south who is on the path of finding fact from fiction and with awesome guests and the phone lines are open no screening. one part Spirit one part Science. #paranormal #ufo #occult #aliens #conspiracy #esoteric
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Little Rock, AR


Bridging The Void Between Spirituality And Science A show for the truth seeker. Listen as we try to bridge the gap between the paranormal and the real. Host Joe Rupe is just an average guy from the south who is on the path of finding fact from fiction and with awesome guests and the phone lines are open no screening. one part Spirit one part Science. #paranormal #ufo #occult #aliens #conspiracy #esoteric






Cosmic Timing And Elven Spirituality With Lisa Allen

Calantirniel (Lisa Allen MH - San Diego, CA, USA) is published in Moon Books' anthologies, Paganism 101 and Pagan Planet, the upcoming Everyday Magic Book, as well as in over two dozen Llewellyn annuals since 2007. She has practiced many forms of natural spirituality for two and a half decades. Professionally, she is primarily a timing expert who is also an astrologer, herbalist, tarot card reader, dowser, energy healer, ULC reverend, and flower essence creator/practitioner. Her current...


Grimerica With Graham Dunlop And Darren Grimes

Graham Dunlop And Darren Grimes are the hosts of the popular Grimerica podcast. Darren spends a lot of time with his family, but the majority of his free time is spent swearing at computers that don’t generate perfect audio quality, and screaming at his houseplants to grow faster. His skeptical approach to the phenomena investigated on The Grimerica Show is tempered by his libertarian leanings, though this combination frequently leads him to crush the dreams of anyone looking for a...


The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill With Daniel Joseph

Daniel Joseph is the author of the book Swimming With The Whale And His New Book Diving WIth The Whale. If you are a true seeker of truth these books are for you. This show interviews all systems and methods to enlightenment from many people. This teaching is truly a diamond in the rough. Daniel Joseph is not only an author but a direct student of the famous mystic and healer Dr.Stylianos Atteshlis better known as Daskalos. Who taught circles of students techniques and hidden methods that...


Exploring Dreams And Consiousness With Nox Mente

The purpose of Nox Mente is to explore dreams, dreaming, and dream theory through a wide-angle lens. Jerry And Nish are opening up the conversation to a diverse world of dreamers. Their goal is to further help in the process of bringing conscious intent to the state of dreaming — light to the shadowy corners of this experience we all have access too, each time we drift off to sleep. They strive to maintain an open and neutral environment as hosts. There are many theories on the process of...


Dealing Wit Sex And Your Primal Nature With Amelía Aeon Karris

We welcome back Amelía Aeon Karris. She give is her monthly update and the biggest news. The paperback of her book is out! Her school is filling up fast so you might have to wait until next session but, she was kind enough to still swing by LTV and drop some knowledge on us for the month! Amelía has been a way-seer and trend-setter throughout her career spanning technology, fashion, entertainment, intentional community design, and spirituality. In 1994 she co-founded one of the world’s...


John Dee And Enochian Magick With Jason Louv

Jason Louv (b. 1981) is the author of JOHN DEE AND THE EMPIRE OF ANGELS (2018), HYPERWORLDS UNDERWORLDS (2015), MONSANTO VS. THE WORLD (2012), QUEEN VALENTINE (2011), and editor of the anthologies GENERATION HEX (2005), ULTRACULTURE (2007) and THEE PSYCHICK BIBLE with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (2010). As a journalist, he has covered surveillance, international trade and the dark side of technology for VICE News, Boing Boing, Motherboard and many more. As a futurist and strategist, Jason has...


Your Food And Biohacking With John Brisson

John Brisson is the author of Fix Your Gut: The Definitive Guide to Digestive Disorders. Due to his extensive knowledge on the subject of gut health, John has been tapped by prominent supplement companies as an educator and collaborator on product formulation. As a lifestyle counselor, he has logged thousands of hours assisting people with digestive disorders and coaching them to improve their overall health. John applies his experience and ample research full-time to the construction of a...


Magic Mysticism And Molecules With Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, and researcher whose interests cover a variety of subjects. His areas of focus include history, science, philosophy, current events, cultural studies, technology, unexplained phenomena, and ways the future of humankind may be influenced by science and innovation in the coming decades. Podcasting became a hobby for Micah in early 2011 after a six-year stint working in radio as a producer and on-air talent. Since then, he has continued to pursue his...


The Existence Of Strange Things Crew

Tonight we meet the hosts of The Existence Of Strange Things. Sean Forker is a Fortean Investigator, with a specialized focus in Bigfoot/ Sasquatch Research. He is a Founder and Social Media Director of the Keystone Bigfoot Project, a research group that collects data across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regarding Bigfoot Sightings and Encounters (Historical and New). Affectionately known as “The Forkchop,” his on-air personality, Sean is a radio show host and producer. With his mentor...


Moonbats With The Cruzin With Steak Podcast

Cruzin’ with Steak is a fly by the seat of your pants, conspirophantasmagoria, show, including sexy hosts, jingles, and MEMES. It’s like a 90s AOL chatroom with a tinfoil headdress. Get in, Sit down, Buckle up with James Cruz and Grimsteak as they bring you the latest in Fringe news, contemplating life’s many questions and Putting a positive vibe back out into the ether. You’ll be listening in on a conversation with a bunch of Podcast Hosts and their friends as they chat about some of the...


The Ancient Teachings With Freddy Silva

Freddy Silva is one of the world’s leading researchers of sacred sites, ancient systems of knowledge and the interaction between temples and consciousness. He is also the world’s leading expert on the crop circles phenomenon. He has lectured internationally for over fifteen years and appeared on Discovery Channel, The History Channel, BBC, numerous video documentaries, and national and international radio shows. Described by the CEO of Universal Light Expo as “perhaps the best metaphysical...


ECETI Founder James Gilliland

James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, and the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff...


The Occult Priestess Korinne Wilson

Korinne Wilson is educated and experienced in the psychic arts, Reiki, alternative healing, Tarot, psychology, symbolic interpretation, Buddhism, twelve step / recovery counseling, cleansing and purification, states of consciousness, shamanic soul counseling, ascension + kundalini, rituals, spellcraft, soul craft, starseeds, spiritual warfare, psychic self-defense, world mythology, hidden history and many ancient traditions. Tonight we will be discussing the illuminati and the truth of it...


Dream Exploration With Eric Tecce

Eric Tecce is a Polymathic Artist who’s journey has been shaped through endless acts of creativity. He was born under a Sagittarius Sun with a Gemini Rising in Brooklyn, New York. At a young age, his family moved to the Poconos in Pennsylvania where Nature became the forefront of his studies. There he grew up attending Pocono Mountain High School where every opportunity was spent in the art rooms exploring all the available mediums as his artistic abilities blossomed into being. By the...


Higherside Chats Host Greg Carlwood

Greg Carlwood grew up in Arnold, MO. After spending K-11th grade in the local Catholic School pipeline, causing a fair amount of trouble along the way, St. Pius X High School in Festus, MO kicked him out on the first day of senior year, and he’s still bitter about it. Eventually making it to the University of Missouri, Greg studied nothing, dropped out, and wondered in corporate retail management- captaining such notable ships as Great American Cookies, Sunglass Hut, & Gamestop. Knowing...


Geometrical Mandala's Of Creation With Jason Quitt

In his early 20’s, Jason Quitt started having terrifying experiences of sleep paralysis. He would be awakened by a presence in his room but Jason would become frozen and unable to wake himself. These experiences started to happen more frequently and he started to become more and more conscious of what was going on. One night as Jason was trying very hard to shake out of this paralysis, something happened he wasn’t expecting. He shook so hard that he popped out of his body and had his first...


Occult Researcher/Lecturer Freeman From Freeman TV

Freeman has been on the forefront of conspiracy theory for nearly two decades. He is an internationally-known, award-winning TV producer, film maker, radio talk show host and lecturer. Freeman is considered an expert in the fields of the occult, trauma-based mind control, Illuminati symbolism, and ancient civilizations by his peers and professionals within his industry Freeman has lectured extensively on the secret signs and symbolism of Freemasonry, the ancient astronaut hypothesis,...


ET Abductee and Clairvoyant Geraldine Orozco

Geraldine is Certified Holistic Stress Management and Meditation Instructor, Intuitive DNA Reprogramer, Pranic, Qi-Gong and Shamanic energy healer, Ascension Coach and Abductee. She has over 14 years experience in the holistic healing arts. Her awakening and psychic abilities commenced in 2008 after her shamanic energy training but transformed in 2013 after a life-changing abduction experience, Which left her an ability to see the subtle energetic and multidimensional bodies. Her unique...