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Paratalkradio Welcomes Brooke Wagatha ( Wildwood Sanitarium)

Brooke Wagatha - Co-Owner The Wildwood Sanitarium opened in 1906 as an osteopathic hospital. At that time they did not treat any contagious Diseases until the Tuberculosis epidemic in 1923. They did treatments like bath therapy, steam cabinets, electric battery baths, and a good diet. The Sanitarium was ran by Doctor Henderson and Doctor Carol Perry. Who were so passionate about their jobs they would return a patients money if the treatment was non successful.


paratalkradio Welcomes Shane Pittman ( Holzer Fiiles ) & Tony DeVille and KC

"The Holzer Files," a paranormal team reopens the case files of America's first ghost hunter, Dr. Hans Holzer. The late scientist conducted groundbreaking research into supernatural phenomena and wrote more than 120 books on the subject. He is best known for his research into the Amityville, N.Y., house, where the Lutz family was terrorized by paranormal activity. With the help of Holzer's daughter, Alexandra, the team picks up where Holzer left off to reexamine the hauntings he spent his...


Paratalkradio Welcomes Guests from the Rochester Winter Parafest

Tonight is a special night, we will be chatting with guests from the Rochester Winter Paeafest 2020. Here you will hear first hand their experiences of the 2019 Parafest and hopefully it will give us a preview of whats to come on Feb 29th & Mar 1st Trent Nielsen will be joining us, Cookie Stringfellow and more...


Paratalkradio Welcomes Mai Hernon

Mai Hernon was born and raised in the small village of Gurteen in the North West of Ireland. A recording artist of Traditional songs and owner of Secret Ireland Tours, Mai moved to America 6 years ago to marry her husband. Mai founded her tour company in 2015 and has brought many tours to her native Ireland showing them many of the world renowned places like Cliffs of Moher and Bunratty Castle but also places that are known only to the locals. Halloween originated from the pagan festival of...


Paratalkradio Welcomes Kenney Irish

Kenney W. Irish AKA K.W. is an author, musician and sales/marketing professional. Originally from the northern parts of Vermont, he has recently re-located to the beautiful Adirondacks area of upstate New York. With a lifelong love of folklore monsters, U.F.O stories, writing and public speaking at writers groups and various other platforms, he continues his journey focusing on both fiction and non-fiction works. He has a passion for writing young readers chapter books, yet has recently...


Paratalkradio Welcomes James Annitto & Carl Johnson/David Glidden & Dan Williams

8pm to 9pm - Author/paranormal researcher Carl L. Johnson and Theologian James Annitto, both of whom are highly regarded in the related fields of demonology and para-psychological exploration, offer their truly unique perspectives through a series of lecture programs being made available to educational institutions. We present a structured educational lecture format wherein we expound upon the lore and traditions of wicked spirits (or malevolent influences), and postulate on their possible...


Paratalkradio #162 Welcomes Jereme Leonard, Ghosts of Morgan City

Jereme Leonard is a Demonologist and Heads a Team Called ‘GhostQuest Paranormal of Louisiana Leonard considers his team to be a ‘small, elite group’ and states that each member specializes in the paranormal. They have fifteen years of combined experience and are considered professionals in their field, not simply ‘ghost-hunters’, as some like to call them. The team specializes in exorcism and ‘house-cleaning’, demonology, and the occult. (Information courtesy of Paranormal). Jereme Leonard...


Paratalkradio Welcomes Megan Deputy

Megan Deputy, from the show The Ghost Finders. She is a Witch that is a practitioner of eclectic traditional Witchcraft with a shining personality to the living and the dead. She has an extensive knowledge of history, theology and mythology which attributes to her being a solitary practitioner of the craft with techniques from all around the world. She’s always there to help commune with the dead in various techniques to help further our understanding and relationship with the paranormal.


Paratalkradio #160 Ted & Cindy - Welcomes Shane Pittman , Holzer Files

Shane Pittman Shane is an equipment technician who has had profound unexplained paranormal experiences since childhood. Pittman became determined to learn as much as he could by researching every possible technological method, in the hopes of finding the truth about his otherworldly encounters. Pittman strives to use his passion for modern technology to advance the field of paranormal study, attempting to scientifically validate paranormal experiences using the latest techniques available....


Paratalkradio #159 - Ted & Cindy Welcomes Ken Gerhard, Cryptozoologiest

Ken Gerhard is a widely recognized cryptozoologist and field investigator for The Centre for Fortean Zoology, as well as a fellow of the Pangea Institute and consultant for several research organizations. He has traveled the world searching for evidence of mysterious animals and legendary beasts including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra, enigmatic winged creatures and werewolves. In addition to co-hosting the History Channel TV series Missing in Alaska, Ken has appeared in...


Paratalkradio Welcomes Jack Kenna

Accomplished Paranormal Investigator, Author, Speaker, and Public Figure. Jack is a member of the paranormal team S.P.I.R.I.T.S. of New England, and Founder of Rensselaer Paranormal Research. Jack is considered by many to be one of the top paranormal investigators in the USA. He is a series lead on the TV series Haunted Case Files and Paranormal Survivor (Our House Media) and has also appeared on numerous episodes of the TV series Haunted Hospitals (Bristow Global Media). Jack has also...


Paratalkradio Welcomes Sean Austin, " Ghost Loop"

Sean Austin began investigating 11 years ago when he gathered his first paranormal evidence in a graveyard: an EVP recording of a young girl’s voice. He later apprenticed with noted demonologist Ralph Sarchi, under whom Sean learned the crafts of paranormal investigation, mediumship and demonology. A practicing Catholic, Sean feels that paranormal investigation is his calling, not only to bring ease to the living but also peace to those spirits trapped on this plane. Sean hails from...


Paratalkradio Welcomes Plato Angelaski

CATHOLIC PRIEST, ORDM, EXORCIST Plato Angelakis is an ordained Orthodox Catholic priest with the Oblates of St Therese in Wisconsin in 1999, Independent priest in the Old Roman Catholic Rite. Instituted as a cannon with the Anglican Missionary Society of the Americas in 2005. Active member of the American Association of Exorcists since 2013 and holds a certificate as Registered Exorcist -Deliverance Minister - Advance Practice. He holds teaching credentials as instructor at Agape Christian...


Paratalkradio Welcomes Daniel Klaes from the Haunted Hinsdale house.

Daniel has been working, traveling, and studying the paranormal field since 1983. His studies have taken him across 50 states where he has spent time developing work relationships with historical societies town leaders. He has used his knowledge in local history to aide in his paranormal research for many years. Dan is the owner of the Haunted Hinsdale House in Hinsdale NY. Known as the Dandy House.


Paratalkradio #153 Dustin Pari , Author, Motivational Speaker

After graduating from high school, he then bounced around the local state and community colleges before graduating with a degree in multimedia production. He worked for CBS and FOX news locally for many years before getting into healthcare. Being on television as a paranormal investigator happened quite by accident, but there is something to be said for accidents being best described as when hard work meets opportunity. Several seasons and years of his life later, Dustin had traveled the...


Paratalkradio #152 Chris Houston , Paranormal Investigator

Born in 1972 Christopher Houston lived a simple country life with very little money throughout his early struggles. He attended a local college in Columbus Ohio developing a audio engineering degree in hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps. After his father’s untimely death Christopher decided to move away from audio starting again from a hair thin budget. Later through hard work he personally funded his education forming a business degree in marketing and journalism becoming...


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ParaTalkRadio #150 Welcomes Jereme Leonard

11/19/2019 My name is Jereme Leonard I am a demonologist and an author of the book the dwelling a dark entity Member oh Ghosts of Morgan City,


Paratalkradio welcomes Daryl Marston ( New Ghost Hunter TVSeries )

Daryl Marston is the co-lead investigator of the “Ghost Hunters.” Hailing from Middletown, Delaware, Daryl’s investigation skills stem from his background as both a firearms instructor and a contractor, where he not only gained valuable knowledge of how to investigate old homes and buildings, but also an understanding of how to be a strong and disciplined leader. He founded his own team in 2011 and has led investigations of countless private residences and 40 notable historical locations...


Paratalkradio Welcomes The Teams from the Worlds Largest Ghost Hunt

We Welcomes Teams from the Participants fromn the Worlds Largest Ghost Hunt, Sept 29trh. We will hear from them about their locations and what they have experienced at their haunted locations. We are interesed in knowing what evidence has been found or the history backing the Hauntings. Maria Schmidt also stops by to discuss the results of the WLGH.