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Extreme Paranormal Radio Presents: Tennessee Wraith Chaser's Scott Porter

Extreme Paranormal Radio..exclusively live on BTR. 8PM Thursdays. Tonight Stacey and Michelle welcome Tennessee Wraith Chaser's Scott Porter, of Ghost Asylum and Haunted Towns. In the summer of 1975 a hard headed, determined, analytical little boy was born to a deeply religious family in Gallatin, Tennessee. Molded by a strict Missionary Baptist mother and father who made certain that Scott would use his brain to make a living and not his back, this member of the team spent eight years of...


Extreme Paranormal Radio Presents: Rick McCallum fr. the Hollywood Ghost Hunters

Join us Live Exclusively on BTR, 8PM Eastern! Tonight Stacey and Michelle speak with Rick McCallum from the Hollywood Ghost Hunters. The Hollywood Ghost Hunter, co-Founded by Rick and Kane Hodder (known for playing Jason Vorhees), is a team of Hollywood professionals, who have a strong interest in the paranormal, forming a team to collect evidence and share their experiences having visited locations around the world. Rick McCallum has been a stuntman and stunt coordinator for over 25 years....


Squatchdetective Radio Presents: "The Crypto Kid" Colin Schneider

Live exclusively on BlogTalk Radio, Sundys 9PM Eastern!!! Tonight Chris and Steve speak with Colin Schneider, Teenage Cryptozoologist, Radio Show Host and Author. Colin Schneider has the distinction of being one of the youngest, out in front Crpytozoologists in the world today. Colin Schneider is one of the youngest active researchers in the United States, at only 16-years-old. He has been involved in cryptozoology and ufology since he was 13 after he visited the International Cryptozoology...


Extreme Paranormal Radio Presents: Wes Forsythe, the voice of ScareFest Radio

Join us LIVE Thursdays 8PM Eastern, exclusively on BlogTalk Radio! Tonight Michelle and Stacey talk with Wes Forsythe, Paranormal Investigator and Host of ScareFest Radio. Not only is Wes Forsythe known for being the voice of ScareFest Radio, but he is also an accomplished Paranormal Investigator. Wes got his start in the paranormal field investigating the Rohs Opera House in his home town, Cynthiana. In the midst of collecting technical data and audio and video evidence at that location he...


Squatchdetective Radio: Mo Michaux & the Sasquatch Researchers Alliance

Exclusively live on BTR 9PM EST (8PM CST) Tonight Steve & Chris have fun with Mo Michaux of the Sasquatch Research Alliance. Mo is a Pennsylvania native who moved to Texas many years ago and discovered the phenomena known as Sasquatch. Mo has many interesting stories to tell and many research experience. He heads up the Facebook Group, The Sasquatch Researchers Initiative. Join us tonight as we get some insight into the Texas Sasquatch and Mo's take on what Sasquatch may be!!


Extreme Paranormal Radio Presents: Shannon Bradley Byers, Paranormal Genealogy

Join us live Thursdays 8PM Eastern on BTR as tonight, Michele and Stacey talk with Shannon Bradley Byers about Paranormal Genealogy. Being obsessed with the paranormal, genealogy Shannon Bradley Byers threw herself into the research. Finding that there was a lot (and by a lot, as in most of the stories surrounding haunting’s was made up) she decided to find the truth behind these haunted places. Scouring libraries, newspaper archives, she brings out the real story behind the truth. Along...


Squatchdetective Radio presents: A Wish for Giants, Aaron Dunbar

Join us live Sunday, 9PM Eastern on BTR as Chris and Steve talk with Aaron Dunbar, author of the book and now film: A Wish for Giants. Wish for Giants was a novel Aaron wrote and published in 2015. It was originally written as a fundraiser to help children with life threatening medical conditions get their wishes granted. The story is about a young girl named Roxie Madison with an inoperable brain tumor and a very unique wish--to FIND Bigfoot! Aaron hoped the book would be successful but had...


Extreme Paranormal Radio presents: Anthony & Deena Holmes (DivineResearch.org)

Join us 8 PM EST Thursdays ! Exclusively live on BTR! Tonight Stacey and Michelle talk with veteran paranormal researchers Anthony & Deena Holmes. Anthony at the age of 9, had his first paranormal experience. Since childhoodhe has always been interested in the paranormal and being raised around paranormal activity which has lead him to take classes on Near-Death Experience, Ghosts, Poltergeist, Restless Spirits, Exorcism and UFO Research. The paranormal to him is just a part of who we are....


Squatchdetective Radio -Ohio researcher / author Doug Waller

Join us Sunday August 5th, 2018. at 9 PM Eastern as Steve & Chris welcome Ohio researcher / author Doug Waller. Doug is a researcher, authorer and lecturer on the topic of Bigfoot and is a member of the Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation (SOSBI). Bigfoot researcher and author Doug Waller has been fascinated with stories of Bigfoot for over thirty years and in 2006 he began seriously reading and researching evidence and eyewitness reports. In 2008, he formed the Southeastern...


Extreme Paranormal Radio Presents: Stephen Erkintalo of Haunted Tours

Tonight, Stacey & Michelle welcome Stephen Erkintalo, star of the program Haunted Tours. Haunted Tours is a reality paranormal documentary hosted by Victoria Catherine and produced by Jalbert Brothers Productions. The show travels to several different “said to be haunted” destinations across the state of Florida, determined to find the truth about the paranormal world. Is it real? Are the stories told to the crew throughout the journey true? They bring in Stephen Erkintalo an extreme...


Squatchdetective Radio -Haunted Case Files' Jack Kenna talks Bigfoot

Tonight Chris and Steve talk with Destination America's Haunted Case Files star Jack Kenna, as Jack talks Bigfoot, recounting an encounter he had as a young man. Will be a fun filled show, as Jack has experiences across many plains of the paranormal and unbeknownst to many, with Sasquatch. Join us live 9PM Eastern on BTR, Sundays!


Extreme Paranormal Radio Presents: ScareFest Owner Brandon Griffith

Tonight Stacey & Michelle welcome ScareFest Owner Brandon Griffith to the show. Brandon owns one of the biggest Horror conventions in the country, basing itself in the lovely city of Lexington, Kentucky. This year marks it's 11th year, bringing thousands of fans stars from horror movies, plus paranormal, UFO and crypto stars. Join us, how Brandon got started with ScareFest and how he aquired the show from the legendary Patti Starr a couple of years ago. Maybe we might just get an...


Extrememe Paranormal Radio Presents: Father Billy Clark / thefourthhealing.com

Tonight Michelle and Stacey welcome ExPERT Spiritual Adviser and good friend Father Billy Clark. Fr. Billy specializes in spiritual warfare and helping free people from anything unHoly in their lives. This includes identifying the need for offering prayers for deliverance, breaking of generational/ancestral bondage and de-hauntings. Also within this specialized ministry, much time and effort is given to blessing hundreds of houses and prayer and fellowship, cleansing hundreds of cemeteries...


Squatchdetective Radio - Bigfoot in the Ozarks with Ron Boles

Tonight Steve & Chris welcome BFRO Investigator Ron Boles talking about Bigfoot in the Ozarks. Ron Boles who hails from Missouri had his first encounter with Bigfoot in 1988. Since 2007 he has been a BFRO Investigator.He was featured in 2015 on “Finding Bigfoot.” He has participated in and led numerous expeditions in several states – Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas. He is deeply involved int he study of the outdoors, ecology, folklore and regional history.


Extreme Paranormal Radio w/UFOlogist, Author, Lecturer Tom Conwell

Join us 8PM EST as Michelle and Stacey talk with fellow ExPERT teammate Tom Conwell about aliens and UFO's. UFOlogist, Tom Conwell, has been an Electronic Technician with the US Navy and Honeywell, Inc. for 42 years, a Honeywell Temperature Control, Fire Alarm and Security Software Specialist, Biomedical Engineer, is Fire Alarm Level II Certified, a Metrologist and HVAC Engineering resource. Tom has a wide-ranging expertise with a keen awareness of physics, computer and internet software and...


Squatchdetective Radio - 4th of July Fireworks: Open line challenge

Tonight, Steve & Chris talk supernatural Bigfoot and all the different versions of the Bigfoot are really out there.We will also talk about"bad" evidence. There is also an open line challenge begining 20 minutes after the show start, if any of the supernatural, woo, Zorth believing Sasquatch folks would liketo speak about there experiences and be prepared to defend the thought processes. Call in line is (646) 668-2982 Join us for the fun and fireworks!


Extreme Paranormal Radio presents Ghost Hunter's Dustin Pari

Tonight Stacey and Michelle welcome:Ghost Hunter's Dustin Pari. Dustin needs really no introduction to those in the Paranormal Community. Dustin grew up in Providence, Rhode Island without much pomp and circumstance. fter graduating from high school, he then bounced around the local state and community colleges before graduating with a degree in multimedia production. He worked for CBS and FOX news locally for many years before getting into healthcare. Being on television as a paranormal...


Squatchdetective Radio -Bill Munns (When Roger Met Patty)

Tonight Steve & Chris welcome Patterson - Gimlin Film expert Bill Munns. William Munns is known for his work on The Return of the Living Dead (1985), The Beastmaster (1982) and Swamp Thing (1982). "The Munns Report" is an analysis by Bill Munns of the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Film which was filmed at Bluff Creek, California and shows a strange fur-covered humanistic subject walking away from the camera as Roger Patterson chased it and filmed it. This website, owned and managed by Bill Munns,...


Squatchdetective Radio - Georgia researcher Matt Pruitt

Tonight on Squatchdetective Radio, Steve & Chris present Georgia researcher Matt Pruitt. Matt Pruitt grew up in the mountains of Northeast Georgia, and has been conducting active sasquatch field research for several years following his first encounter in 1999. Matt was formerly an investigator, field researcher, and expedition organizer for the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO). He has conducted field research in many different places across North America. More on Matt can be...


Extreme Paranormal Radio w/The Reverend Tim Shaw

Tonight Stacey and Michelle welcome The ReverendTim Shaw. Tim has authored "The Ghosts of Buffalo; Spirits, Murder, And Mayhem In The Nickel City,” Co-Authored “Haunted Rochester, and has contributed a chapter in Marla Brooks wonderful book "Animal Spells And Magick". In E.R. Verner's "Haunted Asylums" Tim has written both the Introduction as well as shared photographs from various locations. His photography also appears in Verner's newest release "Haunted Prisons." In his work "Please Talk...