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Blowing up weird stories, Strange Facts and future conspiracy theories. Join Shane Mields and guest Co-hosts as we fall into the Rabbit hole and laugh all the way down. Open the Gates...

Blowing up weird stories, Strange Facts and future conspiracy theories. Join Shane Mields and guest Co-hosts as we fall into the Rabbit hole and laugh all the way down. Open the Gates...
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Blowing up weird stories, Strange Facts and future conspiracy theories. Join Shane Mields and guest Co-hosts as we fall into the Rabbit hole and laugh all the way down. Open the Gates...






Strange Uncles Episode 31.5; "You never know who you'll meet at the Cemetery"

Welcome everyone to Strange Uncles! On episode 31.5, we get a little odd. Who can have a blast wandering around in the cemetery? Only us. Join myself and the two Founders of Oquirrh Mountain Paranormal, as we do some field recording about two local Salt lake legends...and then the day takes a weird turn. Open the Gates.. *Big thanks to Mike and Jenn Pardue of Oquirrh Mountain Paranormal for the fun time. Find there website at *Find us at, or...


Strange Uncles Episode 31; "Damn Russian Winters Part 2"

Open the Gates... Welcome back Comrades to another Strange Uncles tour down the Rabbit hole. Join us on this episode as myself and a good friend and follower of the show Mitchell, wrap up the elusive story of the Dyatlov Pass incident. Part 2 dives a little more into supposed theories of what happened, and the fact that the case has recently been re-opened. So grab your favorite Vodka, pull up a chair, and enjoy.. *Follow Mitchell on Twitter @_absolute0. Follow Strange Uncles on Instagram...


Strange Uncles Episode 30.5; "Damn Russian Winter's part 1"

Welcome everybody to Episode 30.5! Long time fan and a great friend of the show joins Strange Uncles to drop some strange facts, and jump into the story of the "Dyatlov Pass incident". We welcome Mitchell from Canada, to try and unravel the weird happenings of nine Russian Hikers that in 1959, left a bizarre scene and questions continue to swirl around on what exactly happened. Open the Gates... *You can follow Mitchell on twitter @_Absolute0 *Follow Strange uncles on twitter...


Strange Uncles Episode 30; "Hey Casper, Pour me another part 2"

Welcome everyone to Strange Uncles Episode 30....We wrap up our talk on Haunted bars, along with discussing the meet and greet of Alice Cooper, and the epic Avengers Endgame...Open the Gates... *Follow Josefina, the stand in co-host on twitter @Jo_dancingqueen, and write us! at, check out our website at, or call us and tell us your encounters or strange goings on's, at (801)252-6945....


Strange Uncles Episode 29.5; "Hey Casper, pour me another part 1"

After a two week downtime of life just getting in the goddamn way, were back on track! Join us on episode 29.5 when we invite our favorite bartender and friend Brooks, to go down the Rabbit hole of Haunted bars. We also give our condolences to Notre Dame, as well as the passing of Lorraine Warren...Open the Gates.. *Find us on twitter @strangeuncles, or Instagram at strangeuncles. Find our website, or write us at Call and tell us your weird...


Strange Uncles Episode 29; "If you insist on probing me, at least kiss me first"

Welcome one and all to Strange Uncles, episode 29..We are joined by the infamous Gareth, who hosts "Gareth's Random Ramblings podcast", with his lovely wife Bex. On this episode, we try and catch up on UFO news. A slue of it is out there, and I had multiple stories I needed to discuss and get off my chest. Thanks Gareth for being part of it! *You can find Gareth's Random Ramblings Podcast on all Podcast platforms. Follow him on twitter @grrpod. *Follow Strange Uncles @Strangeuncles, find...


Strange Uncles Episode 28.5; "Freemason discussion with Rich the Carpenter"

Welcome one and all to Strange Uncles episode 28.5. You know it amazes me when you just open up and start talking to people, just what you will find. I happened to become friends with a gentleman by the name of Rich, who was a Contractor working on my Building, and lo and behold, he was chock full of cool topics and strange info. Join us as we discuss the world of "Free Masons"....Open the Gates. *Follow us on Instagram, or twitter @strangeuncles. Check out our website,...


Strange Uncles Episode 28; "Silence of the Lam"

Welcome one and all to episode 28 of Strange Uncles. On this episode, a good friend of mine from LA by the name of Chris Kim joins me to discuss weird news, and dive into the story of "Elisa Lam", who was discovered dead in a water tower in 2012, at the infamous Cecil Hotel. A strange story that is still being circulated and has multiple weird and bizarre hearsay attached to it. Open the Gates... *Find and listen to Chris Kim on his Vegas Podcast "Faces and Aces Las Vegas". Follow Chris...


Strange Uncles Episode 27.5; "Thanks for the conversation Bex"

Welcome everybody! This is a little bit different of an episode so bear with us. We have on Bex, wife of Gareth from "Gareth's Random Ramblings Podcast". We get into cultural conversations of US/Australia/New Zealand differences, and give an opinion on the state of the Union that our Country is currently in. Open The Gates!.. *You can find Bex on twitter @Bex131, and cheer her on as she supports "The March for Cancer"..


Strange Uncles Episode 27; "Hoodo Voodoo Shmoodoo"

Welcome to episode 27 of Strange Uncles. On this one, I am delighted to have a good friend from Canada, Mitchell Leadbeater, to discuss the history of Voodoo! Open the Gates... *You can find Mitchell on twitter, @_Absolute0


Strange Uncles Episode 26.5; "Throw another Gareth on the Barby"

Welcome to another Strange Uncles episode where we built a bridge to another Continent to spread our BS even further....On this one, SU welcomes Gareth, from the Podcast "Gareth's Random Rambling's". Great to chat with a new Zealander living in Australia, on how Screwed our country is from the outside looking in. We Rant and Rave, cover a few Weird Facts, and bond like nobodies business. Open the Gates... *Follow Gareth on twitter @grrpod*


Strange Uncle Episode 26; "High Strangeness Talk...."

Welcome ghouls and ghosts to another episode of Strange Uncles. On episode 26, we talk about anomalies like bigfoot, as well as other "High Strangeness" topics. Speaking of High Strangeness, we interview Eric Bickernicks, who is the author of a Fiction novel named "High Strangeness". Great guy, and full of insight. Enjoy! *Eric Bickernicks is a writer, producer, and director residing in Massachusetts. He has several novels, namely the new novel "High Strangeness", as well as his first book...


Strange Uncles Episode 25.5; "From Ronald McDonald on a cross to Tarot"

On this episode, we are mainly Bullshitting and talking about weird facts and news. We start the eclectic road talking about Tarot, and throwing in McJesus…..All in a days worth of work. OPEN THE GATES..


Strange Uncles Episode 25; "The Bigelow/Skin Walker Ranch Conspiracy"

Hey everybody, welcome to episode 25 of Strange Uncles. Join us on this one as we stumble down the rabbit hole of Robert Bigelow and the Skin Walker Ranch Conspiracy...Open the Gates..


Strange Uncles Episode 24.5; "In Cartoons we Trust"

Hello ladies and germs...join us on this episode as we get heartfelt and old school, and tell the story of two fantastic legends that were behind 80% of your cartoons growing up. Oh, and we also talk about human sacrifice...what are you gonna do? Open the gates.. *Write us at for any feedback, requests or just to say hi. Check out our website,


Strange Uncles Episode 24; "Strange Uncles Presents: Dreams"

Welcome everyone to another Strange Uncles episode. This on is a little unique. We had an interview a few months ago with Mike, John and Jennifer Pardue who run the "Oquirrh Mountain Paranormal Investigators". We decided to get specific on the ever expanding world of the Supernatural, and focus on one topic: Dreams. Dreams have always fascinated us, and we discuss different beliefs, theories, and share some of our own. Open the Gates.. *Big thank you to Mike, John and Jennifer Pardue from...


Strange Uncles Episode 23.5; "What a Topsy Turvy Pervy Lurvy Year"

Welcome everyone to the world of Strange Uncles....This will be our last episode for 2018, so we felt it needed to be full of rants and reminiscing. Join us as we have a group Rant about Trump's F**kin wall, we recap passing of people we knew and loved in 2018, and cover the best scientific discoveries of the year. A little off course, but we manage to stay in stride. Open the Gates... *Write us at, to vent, drop a note, tell a story, do a dance...whatever your weird...


Strange Uncles Episode 23; "Running waaay off the Tracks"

Welcome to a new Strange Uncles Episode....on this episode, we are a little loosey goosey but still manage to cover the basics. We address people being offended, sexual harassment, and other fun stuff. All in a days work. Close the gates.. Write us for goods or bads, doesn't matter, at We don't know who we are offending unless you let us know. Were very personable like that.


Strange Uncle Episode 22.5; "F**k the Holidays"

Open the gates to another Strange Uncles episode. On this one we prep for the god-awful coming of festivus, and cover why we hate spiders and snakes as bad as the holidays. Close the gates.. *Write us at, and let us know what story we can F**k up for you. Also, check out our new write up on our website,, "The Business of the Macabre in the 19th/20th century". Cheers..


Strange Uncles Episode 22; "Get in weirdo, were doing butt stuff"

Welcome to Strange Uncles, yet again...or first time, if your not up on what's "Cool"..On this episode we stumbled on Alien talk? It seems there have been numerous UFO sightings, and we discuss. Open the gates...or: Write us at, or catch our articles on our website,