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The Alien Agenda - Star Beings with Guest/Expert Betsey Lewis

Noted Earth Mysteried Investigator and Psychic Betsey Lewis reveals insights into the alien agenda. Who are these aliens and what is their mission? Abductees, a civilization destroyed on Mars, alien-human hybrids, time travel, strange religious visions connected to aliens, Betsey gives a view of our history and our future in this compelling show! Don't miss this one! Betsey Lewis is a paranormal investigator, renowned psychic and has researched UFOs, aliens, prophecy and cattle mutilations...


Protect Yourself From Paranormal Parasites with Guest/Expert Nick Redfern

Guest/Expert Nick Redfern shares the latest information on how paranormal parasites feed upon victims without their knowledge. Fueling themselves on psychic energy, strong emotions, and essential life-force, these dark entities can invade sleep and waking hours, terrifying and tormenting unsuspecting souls whenever and wherever they can. According to Nick there has been a struggle between us and them for eons. Want to learn how to protect yourself? Tune in tonight! Nick Redfern is the author...


The Messengers: Owls & UFOs with Guest/Expert Mike Clelland

A theme among UFO abductees is seeing owls prior to their abductions. Why owls? What is the meaning of these sightings? Expert Mike Clelland, author of the book, The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee, has answers to this question that has dogged UFO abductees for years. Tune in to hear the fascinating experiences and theories with owls and abductees. Don't miss this one!


Journey to the Afterlife, Heaven, Hell and the In Between with Kristy Robinett

Tune in to hear stories of the afterlife, Heaven and Hell with Guest Psychic Medium Kristy Robinett. Kristy is a professional psychic medium who uses her skill to assist the police with investigatioons. She also teaches workshops and offers private readings.Kristy has appeared on FOX News, ABC News, & The Ricki Lake Show.


Psychic Detectives: Methods, Procedures and Real Life Accounts

Do you want to use your psychic abilities to help solve crimes? There are many psychics who work successfully with police individually or as a part of a psychic group. Our expert guest Dan Baldwin is the author of numerous paranormal books and has worked with the police on cases here in the U.S. He shares methods, tools and procedures that should be explored and/or followed in working with the authorities on finding missing people and solving crimes.


Quantum Consciousness: How to REALLY Change Your Life with Peter Smith

We are a universe of possibilities waiting to be explored – quantum energetic beings. We are also consciousness itself, capable of altered states of being that bring divine wisdom and insight, so often forgotten in this human form. The Quantum Consciousness experience is one that takes us through the human portal into e?ver expanding realms of consciousness into a state of remembering, as we embrace our expanded state of being. Peter Smith is the author of “Quantum Consciousness – Expanding...


Otherwordly Encounters- UFOs, Alien Abductions, MIBs, Werewolves & Mothman!

Hear true stories of the unknown from Ufologist and paranormal researcher Nomar Slevik! Discover the truth about lights in the sky and aliens on the ground from first-hand witnesses and experiencers. Using the best technological equipment and immersive investigative techniques, Nomar shares shocking evidence that is truly out of this world. Don't miss this one!


The Miraculous EDD EDWARDS ~ A Human Catalyst For Instantaneous Healing

Edd Edwards is a leader in the field of Bio Intrinsic Resonant Energy. As the catalyst for instantaneous healing and energy movement, Edd desires to help others heal themselves. Hear how top scientists have validated and measured his ability to manipulate energy. Learn what the scientist have learned, so far in 26 years worth of clinical studies that have been conducted on Edd's special abilities; how his brain is operating, and allowing Edd to use it to help people that are dealing with...


Curanderismo: MesoAmerican Shamans with Guest/Expert Erika Buenaflor

People have been known to completely heal themselves from catastrophic injury with shamanic ceremony taken from ancient MesoAmerican cultures. Limpias work holistically to enable one to let go and cleanse the mind, body and spirit of limiting beliefs and traumas. Expert Erika Beunaflor shares the stories of healing from chronic illness, depression, insomnia and anxiety with ritual, heart-straightening talks and platicas. Erika is a practicing Curandera and has studied with Curanderas in...


Egregores: The Entities That Watch Over Human Destiny with Guest Mark Stavish

One of the most important but little known concepts of Western Occultism is that of the Egregore, an autonomous psychic entity created by a collective group mind. Guest Mark Stavish shares the history of the egregores and explains how they are created, sustained, directed and destroyed. Egregores were well-known in the classical period when they were consciously called into being to watch over city states. An Egregore that receives enough sustenance can take on a life of its own, becoming an...


Dinosaurs & Humans Side By Side! Is Our History Wrong??

Dinosaurs are missionary lizards, and everywhere Dennis Swift has looked in the world he has found evidence that humans lived alongside them! Hear all about the Acambaro figurines in Mexico and the discoveries in Peru. History, as we know it is WRONG! Dr. Dennis Swift is an archaeologist, adventurer, and cryptozoologist. He has conducted archaeological and scientific research in Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Israel, Turkmenistan, Mexico, and the American Southwest. Dr. Swift is considered to be the...


Mind to Matter, New Mind-Blowing Research with Expert Guest Dawson Church

The idea that "thoughts become things" has become a meme in popular culture. It's held as a firm proposition in metaphysics, and some spiritual teachers ascribe infinite powers to the mind. But are these claims scientifically accurate? What does the scientific evidence tell us about the scope of the human mind to transform thoughts into reality? New research and new discoveries in epigenetics, neuroscience, electromagnetism, psychology, cymatics (the study of wave phenomena), public health,...


Transcend the Matrix: Our Awakening Has Been Hijacked! with Deborah Pietsch

Our awakening has been hijacked! We are now at Choice Point. Do you want to unhook from the Matrix? Tune in to Supernatural Girlz to find out how. According to guest/expert Deborah Pietsch we are in the midst of a new level of a plan that has been formulating for our Great Awakening to 'get back on track.' It’s time to roll up your sleeves and understand what’s going on, what’s at stake and how strategic everything must be at this point. Are you willing to go down the rabbit hole and...


Government Harassment of UFO Abductees with Guest/Expert Robert Luca

In 1980 after The Andreasson Affair became a NY Times best-seller and Betty Andreasson Luca and her husband Robert Luca were followed everywhere they went, their phones were tapped, their home was broken into and much worse. Tune in to Supernatural Girlz Radio tonight to hear the full story of the events that took place after their stories went public. Was it the government? The shadow government? Or something else that terrorized them with black helicopter fly-overs? Tonight's interview...


Through the Amanu Maru Portal: Guest Jerry Wills Talks Portal Experience in Peru

Jerry Wills, an internationally renowned healer, made his way to Peru with his wife, Kathy, and disappeared into a stone portal - Amanu Maru. The witnesses saw him disappear into thin air. Find out what happened on the other side of the stone door. Who was in there? And where were they from? Jerry is the only one to ever return alive! Hear this exciting adventure and more from this incredible healer!


The Empire of Angels & Enochian Magick with Guest Jason Louv

Was John Dee to Queen Elizabeth what Merlin was to King Arthur? Tune in to Supernatural Girlz to hear about the men who contacted the Angels and received a lengthy, coded reply. Is this how the British Empire was born into magic? John Dee and Edward Kelly worked closely communing with angels and archangels in hopes of unifying all religions. Their magical diaries have long held fascination among leading edge researchers in consciousness. Is this something we can tap into today? Tune in and...


How to Become A Rescue Medium with Guest Psychic Medium Amy Major

A successful Medium and healer in the New England area for 17 years, Amy has both studied and worked at the New Millennium Psychic Center in Derry, NH and was also the lead medium in the Psychic Ghostbusters Team, conducting many spirit investigations and rescues. Always interested in her development, Amy has studied under some of the best mediums in the area as well as specialized schools focusing on psychic and mediumship abilities. She is considered one of the best up and coming mediums...


Bentwater-Woodbridge UFO Incident with Guests Larry warren & Robert Luca

The Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO Incident & Subsequent Disinformation Campaign Regarding Witness Larry Warren Larry Warren, author of Left at East Gate and Bob Luca, (The Andreasson Affair), join us to set the record straight. Join Supernatural Girlz host Patricia Baker and co-host Becky Andreasson as they speak with witness and author Larry Warren about the Bentwaters UFO incident. In late December 1980, there were a series of unusual lights near Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England. The events...


The Haunted House, Litchfield Hills, Connecticut with Guest William Hall

The true story of a quiet Connecticut town at the center of the biggest paranormal mystery in New England Join Supernatural Girlz Patricia Baker and PK (Patricia Kirkman), as they find out all about the five decades of hauntings, sightings and creepy creatures in the heart of Litchfield Hills. Author William Hall tells the true stories of the strange goings on in the houses, the skies above and even underground. William J. Hall is a professional, performing magician who creates and...


Are There Spirits in Stone? Secrets of ancient stone landscapes in the Northeast

The lost, forgotten and misidentifed megalithic stone structures are all here awaiting to be re-discovered. Using computer software, guest and expert Glenn Kreisberg plots their trajectories and identifies an ancient spiritual landscape. This landscape is based on sophisticated understanding of the cosmos as practiced by ancient Native Americans. They were used to communicate with the Spirit World. Want to learn how? Tune in tonight - the truth is right here on Supernatural Girlz Radio....