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Ep. #50 – Special Guest: Lt. Tim McMillan (ret.)

My guest today, is retired police lieutenant and investigative journalist Tim McMillan. No stranger to this program, Tim published a bombshell article for Popular Mechanics just last Friday – publishing never before seen documents, reports and records that claim yes there was a UFO connection to AATIP, and his evidence can prove it.


Ep. #49 – Special Guest: Lt. Col. Kevin Randle (ret.)

More than five decades ago, this man began his hunt for the truth about UFOs. His name, is Kevin Randle. And beginning as a kid, he has pursued a life long interest in the UFO phenomena, and spent nearly three decades on the Roswell incident itself. As a result; he’s rightfully considered one of the top minds on the topic.


Ep. #48 – Special Edition: Pentagon UFO Updates & Open Lines

It's been a little while since we did some open lines, so here we go! In Episode 48, streamed live, I dive into recent (past month) developments with the Pentagon and their stance on UFOs. I talk about my recent interview with Luis Elizondo, the Colorado drones swarm and much more.


Ep. #47 – Special Guest: Tim McMillan

(Note: Audio is never perfect in live settings. This audio was worked on since the livestream, but you’ll notice a clear difference in quality from Tim McMillan’s microphone and my own. Doing international conversations, even over the internet, sometimes creates unexpected issues. That said, I am aware of the quality, and always strive to seek [...]


Ep. #46 – Special Guest: Chris Marx

My guest today is Chris Marx. He is a former law enforcement officer for the state of New Mexico for more than 9 years. After his work there, he went on to join the U.S. Army and became a certified Military Police Investigator. He also had two tours of deployment in Iraq between 2007 and 2009. Chris was hired by Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, or BAASS, to work as an investigator for billionaire Robert Bigelow. Chris worked on the infamous Skinwalker Ranch, utilizing conventional...


Ep. #45 – Special Guest: Linda Moulton Howe

On July 25, 2019, an organization called To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, led by rock star Tom DeLonge, announced they had acquired a “groundbreaking” piece of metamaterial. Although the press release never said it was tied to anything extraterrestrial or alien, the implications were there. However, specific details… were not. Today, Linda will give us a special one-on-one interview, outlining the origin, history and investigation into a piece that is intriguing curious minds around...


Ep. #44 – Special Edition: October Review & AMA

On Episode #44, join me John Greenewald, Jr. as I go over the month of updates on The Black Vault for October. It's been a HUGE month with all sorts of new documents. I'll cover the highlights, then I'll follow it up answers your questions via phone and text.


Ep. #43 – Special Guest: Grant Cameron

On Episode #43, Mr. Grant Cameron returns to the show to speak about his time scouring the files of Stanton Friedman, now residing at the Provincial Archives in Canada. We speak about some of his discoveries within the holdings, and also tackle MJ-12, Bob Lazar, "Disclosure" and much more.


Ep. #42 – Special Guest: Teresa Tindal

On Episode #42, Teresa Tindal joins me to speak about her work as a federal lobbyist; her time as the Maryland State Director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and much more!

Ep. #41 – Special Edition: U.S. Navy UFO Statements

In Episode #41 of The Black Vault Radio, join me, John Greenewald, Jr., as I dissect the string of official statements on UFOs / UAPs as issued by the U.S. Navy to The Black Vault. These are the statements that has caused a flurry of worldwide attention in the past weeks. I will go over each one, word for word, so you can see exactly what the U.S. Navy has said, and we will go over what it may, or may not, mean.


Ep. #40 – Special Edition: Three “AATIP UFO” Videos & Luis Elizondo Emails – Full Presentation

In episode #40 of The Black Vault Radio -- Join me, John Greenewald, Jr., as I breakdown the new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) release of e-mails to/from Mr. Luis Elizondo. Discover the origins and the truth behind the three "UFO" videos touted by To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science -- the same ones you have seen on countless news stories. Find out about the process Mr. Elizondo utilized to have these three "UFO" of "UAP" videos reviewed by the Pentagon, and what the e-mails reveal...


Ep. #39 – Special Guest: Erica Lukes

Field investigator and radio show host Erica Lukes steps into the vault. With a passion for traveling the world, and investigating the unknown, Erica breaks down her time at the mysterious Skinwalker Ranch. Then, she details her recent trip to Norway to investigate a mysterious phenomenon known as the Hessdalen Lights.


Ep. #38 – Special Guest: Mick West

Science writer, skeptical investigator and founder of, Mick West, steps into the Vault. Mick spends his time analyzing and critiquing claims of the Paranormal and scrutinizes the details behind popular conspiracy theories. Prepare to challenge what you may believe. Mick holds nothing back.


Ep. #37 – Special Guest: Tim McMillan

Retired police Lieutenant Tim McMillan steps back into the Vault. He’s here to speak about the highly secretive Special Access Programs or SAPs within the U.S. government. With an now extensive knowledge about how SAPs work, I’ll ask about his thoughts are on the now infamous “Admiral Wilson leaks” now circulating the UFO community… Are they real?


Ep. #36 – Special Guest: Tim Doyle

In episode #36 of The Black Vault Radio -- Popular YouTube host and field investigator Tim Doyle steps into the Vault. With extensive experience in the field outside of Area 51, Tim shares details about his investigations around the Top Secret base, and whether or not the joke turned crusade to “Storm Area 51” – is even possible.


Ep. #35 – Special Guest: Chris Cogswell

Doctor of chemical engineering Chris Cogswell steps into the Vault. He tackles the hardcore science behind “metamaterials” and the claims of Bob Lazar. Will these popular topics in UFOlogy stand up to scientific scrutiny?


Ep. #34 – Special Guest: Tyler Rogoway

In episode #34 of The Black Vault Radio —’s creator, Mr. Tyler Rogoway, steps into the Vault. We dive deep into his past as a journalist, and how his in-depth coverage on all things military and defense, led him to become also a well-known name, in today’s coverage on the UFO phenomenon. Show Notes Subscribe [...]


Ep. #33 – Special Guest: Dave Beaty

In episode #33 of The Black Vault Radio — Emmy award winning producer and cinematographer Mr. Dave Beaty steps into the Vault. He recently released The Nimitz Encounters films, racking up millions of views on YouTube. Join us, as we explore his film, and the 2004 UFO encounters with a US Navy Carrier Strike Group. [...]


Ep. #32 – Special Edition: Tribute to Stanton Friedman

In episode #32 of The Black Vault Radio -- I remember my friend, Mr. Stanton Friedman.


Ep. #31 – Special Edition: Navy UFO Guidelines

In episode #31 of The Black Vault Radio -- Recent statements by the U.S. Navy elude to new UFO reporting guidelines being implemented. Based on reports by military pilots in recent years, “unidentified aircraft” are causing security concern and aviation hazards that need to be addressed. Join me, as I connect the phrasing used by the Navy going back 66 years… And I’ll explore Air Force regulations already on the books that outline the very same thing. What does this all mean?