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Join Moni, Kristi & Yardley for some punny horror, crazy conspiracies and a boatload of tin foil hat construction.

Join Moni, Kristi & Yardley for some punny horror, crazy conspiracies and a boatload of tin foil hat construction.
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Join Moni, Kristi & Yardley for some punny horror, crazy conspiracies and a boatload of tin foil hat construction.






Hereditary: The Review

***Spoiler Alert: Who’s ready to talk about the hit horror movie Hereditary? Yardley leads us this week on a full hour of discussion and review. We also make an announcement about a giveaway starting next and! Be sure to comment with your thoughts on the movie and our show. Music by Kai Engel & The Agrarians Produced by Hype Media


Zombie Preparedness

Imagine if you will, doing your daily duties and living life…all the sudden alarms sound on the tv, phones and outside. It’s a Zombie Apocalypse. Do you have your plan?? This week we discuss the movie Cargo: after a zombie epidemic spreads all over Australia, a father searches for someone willing to protect his daughter after he is bitten and has only 48 hours before he turns. Yardley and Kristi have some sound zombie plans but Moni thinks she’s toast living in SoCal. Before our Zombie...


The Infamous Elizabeth Bathory

Greetings! Welcome to Episode 34: The Infamous Elizabeth Bathory! Did Elizabeth Bathory kill up to 650 women? This week we dive-in deep and discuss if Elizabeth was the world’s worst serial killer or just a misunderstood Boss Bitch who held too much power and money. Enjoy the show and let us know what YOU think! Music by Kai Engel & WHWY Produced by Hype Media


A Dark Song Movie Review

Happy Episode #33, Creepers! This week Kristi gives us a happy ending with the Poop Train of Terror and the citizens of Parish, Alabama thanks to Febreeze. Moni talks about a couple who burned their house down, gave away all their worldly possessions and ran outside naked waiting for the end of the world and Yardley is not a fan of the upcoming Play-Dough Cologne/Parfume. Then, we dicsuss A Dark Song, a movie about a determined young woman and a damaged occultist who risk their lives and...


Ghost Stories 10k Extravaganza

Poop Trains of Terror, Leaking Brain Fluid, Angry Woman Throwing Her Poop at Someone, Demon Men in Top Hats….and that’s just the opener! This week we are celebrating our 10,000th download with some crazy news and then reading some personal ghost stories from listeners and freinds. Kristi decides to start recording right when she calls her costars so you can get a glimpse of what we’re like pre-performance. Yes, as you expect, it’s a hot mess. Enjoy the show and thank you for your support!


Toxic Manifestations

Are poltergeists real? We discuss the possibility of manifesting an independent spirit from toxic lives and abusive pasts based on the story on Doris Bither. But first we reveal a NEW Mad Pooper who just got busted and review The Entity: a movie about a woman who is tormented and sexually molested by an invisible demon which is based on Doris’s life. Music by Kai Engel & Jimmie Oder Produced by Hype Media


HUSH Movie Review

Happy Dirty 30 Episode! Where. To. Start. Moni & Kristi popped the bottles again and poor Yardley must stay the course. We open with the news of the Golden State Killer has been caught. Kristi for some reason can’t say that so she says Golden Skate, then shoots the duck. Then, we move over to our review of the hit movie HUSH where a deaf writer who retreated into the woods to live a solitary life must fight for her life in silence when a masked killer appears at her...



Kristi tells the story about her first experience with her vechile being booted, Moni shares what happened when she hosted a seance and then we review Truth OR DARE to find out what happens when you play around with a demon. Music by Kai Engel & Cheese & PotC Produced by Hype Media


A Quiet Place Review

Footpaths are covered in sand and traversed barefoot. Plates are replaced by leaves of lettuce. Metal and plastic Monopoly tokens are swapped with felt cutouts and fuzzy balls. Hanging over all of it, they’re bearing the guilt of a single devastating failure: the death of the family’s second son, who was taken after turning on a loud toy in the forest…..this is the new horror A Quiet Place. This week, Kristi takes the helm as we discuss the critically acclaimed movie and dissect its...


RAW Review

This episode is SURE to satisfy your hunger for crazy shit! In Episode 27: RAW Review, we dive into the controversial, french horror movie Raw. So many puns, so many WTF moments and a lot of Yardley trying to rein in Kristi and Moni while we figure out how a girl goes from a vegan scholar to a wild cannibal in under a week. Let us know what you think of our review…and the show! Show Links: Music...


What Happened Was…..

We’re backkkkkk! Welcome to episode 26! Moni leads us back from hiatus to play some catch-up. Yardley and Moni both try to use the new reports science published to explain Ata, a previous show we covered about the little girl found in the dessert, but Kristi isn’t buying it (ALIENS). Yardley talks about his new adulting job, Kristi talks about how horror became a reality when a dude goes nuts a table over while at dinner the other night and Moni talks about the craziness libraries bring...


Cloverfield Paradox

This week Yardley is at the helm as we debate if Cloverfield Paradox lives up to it’s forefathers. If you haven’t seen the movie, be sure to watch before you tune in so you can decide if you agree with our review or want send us some hate mail! Also, don’t forget to follow our show and give US a review! Show links: IMDB: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:...



Welcome to Episode 23, Creepers! This week we review the new Sci-Fi movie, ANNIHILATION. I think we’re all thirsty for some good science fiction to hit this year. Does ANNIHILATION make the cut? Tune in and find out! Also, we have major spoilers! Also, we have some very anal-focused weird news this week about an Indonesian boy laying eggs and a lady shoving drugs and a stolen Valentine’s Day card up her ass and crapping it out. Hey, it’s the thought that counts! Show links: Egg...


The Atacama Humanoid: What is it?

This week our crew tries to figure out what’s up with little Ata, the 6-inch man found in the Atacama dessert. Is he alien? Is he human? Why is Moni obsessed with making him into a keychain? So many things to discuss! Before all that we talk some weird news about idiots who cement their face in a microwave for YouTube clicks, porn as a weapon against haters and the scary things kids say to their parents. Then, we review The Ritual, a new indie horror movie just released on Netflix. Find...


Creature Feature

We’ve got alllll the monsters on here this week! With guest host, Joe (Moni’s skeptic husband), we tackle our favorite reportedly sighted monsters and creatures. Yeti, Chupacabra, Mothman and many more! All three of us take turns deciding on if we believe in each monster and Joe tries to steer Kristi & Moni head-on into all that factual nonsense. Phffffff, he must not know us! First, we dissect Cloverfield: Paradox and rate if it was worth the Cloverfield moniker. Also, no…. Kristi is...


Let’s Go to the Winchester (movie review)

Hola, CREEPERS! Welcome to our 20 episode! The ‘Winchester’ movie is finally here and our crew does a review. Did it meet our expectations?? Did Moni make a come back on her movie reviews? We also discuss Weird News about possible alien technology, 93,000lbs of beads….Mardis Gras beads, you pervs and a FIVE IN A HALF foot tape worm in a dudes intestines (yay). Also, some movies and shows we recommend when you’ve got nothing to watch. Show Links: Aliens?...


2018 Upcoming Horror Movies

Who’s excited about all the upcoming 2018 horror in store for us? This week we discuss some of the bigger movies coming up this year as well as listen to some of their trailers….except for The Open House. Who put that one in there?? ***Fun Game Alert! Grab your adult beverages and drink every time one of us (ok, it’s mostly Kristi) says “EXCITED” but don’t send us the ER bill from the result. Sit back and enjoy! Cheers! Show Links: Facebook:...


Perfect Blue

Horror, thriller, suspense, mystery and….anime? Yes, this is ‘Perfect Blue’ the brilliant Japanese horror from 1997 directed by Satoshi Kon. We spend this week diving deep into this intriguing movie while trying to decipher what was real and what was delusion. If you haven’t seen this movie, watch before listening! We give away the who, what and hows with each of us weighing in on our reaction to the ending. First, we talk about the new ‘Halloween’ movie coming out this year and get...


Jeeper Creeper Sleeper

Welcome to Episode 17! We review the 3 installment of Jeepers Creepers and try to find some nice things to say about it….but, fall short. But don’t fret! We have sacrificed ourselves so you don’t have to. But first, Moni starts us off with her trip to the shipyard in San Diego where there are many stories of hauntings. Then, we discuss all the extra scenes the It Movie released with their DVD and BluRay. Should they have been in the movie? Listen and find out! Show links: San Diego...


Black Mirror Season 4 Breakdown

We’re Baaaaaaackkkk! Happy 2018, Creepers! After a two-week holiday hiatus, our hosts are making up for lost times with a Super-Sized episode on the brand new season 4 that dropped of Black Mirror. Each host goes over their favorites and we break down what we liked and didn’t like in each episode. First we make Moni’s 14-year old heart happy and discuss the ‘Slenderman’ trailer and then list our favorite movies from 2017. Enjoy the show!! Just so we don’t get insane hate mail….....