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Join Moni, Kristi & Yardley for some punny horror, crazy conspiracies and a boatload of tin foil hat construction.

Join Moni, Kristi & Yardley for some punny horror, crazy conspiracies and a boatload of tin foil hat construction.
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Join Moni, Kristi & Yardley for some punny horror, crazy conspiracies and a boatload of tin foil hat construction.






Hollywood HORRORS

We. Are. BACK. This week we discuss the crazy ghost stories that make Hollywood a mecca for ghost hunters. Moni also shares her stories and experiences visiting the famous paranormal LA sites. Music by Kai Engel & Derek Clegg Produced by Hype Media


The Case of Gypsy Rose

We have some heavy True Crime this week as we discuss the murder of Dee Dee Blancharde and the systematic abuse her daughter, Gypsy Rose, was dealt most of her young life. Was Gypsy's punishment fair? What's a fair sentence her then-boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, should get? One thing is for sure, everyone is a victim in this horrendous, real-life horror story. Music by Kai Engel & B-Film Produced by Hype Media


California Ghost Girls

Moni & Kristi visit the Winchester Mystery House, have a ghostly visitor in their hotel room and then visit some other haunted sites known in San Jose. We also discuss a murder mystery at the Vatican and the dismal turnout for the new Overlord movie. Creep on! Music by Kai Engel & Mega Gem Produced by Hype Media


BONUS Episode! Drunk Horror Story

Congrats, Creepers! You get a bonus episode today so you can hear some things we talk about and do on our Patreon! Come join us to listen and watch us make fools out of ourselves. New livers don't pay for themselves....



Hello & Welcome new Creepers! This week we discuss the horror movie Malevolent. "Siblings Jackson and Angela run a profitable ghost-busting racket; swindling the bereaved with fake detection equipment and Angela's paranormal 'visions'. Hired to investigate a haunted old foster home, the team uncover its terrifying past: young girls brutally slaughtered, mouths stitched shut; silenced by a sadistic killer." Music by Kai Engel & Clone Clowns Produced by Hype Media


Top 10 Most Horrific Crimes Committed on Halloween

Our favorite time of the year, Creepers! In honor of Halloween, Moni & Kristi discuss the Top 10 Most Horrific Crimes Committed on Halloween. Of course we begin things talking about the fucked up news in the world like male stripper bombers & a woman who was busted for murder after she wrote about it. Mensa, we have a candidate! Thanks for listening!


HALLOWEEN 2018 Review

The time is finally here! Halloween 2018 hit the theaters and the Creepin’ Crew are ready to hand out their reviews. Was it worth the hype? We also discuss the new Pet Cemetery and The Curse of La Llorona movies along with some controversy surrounding them. Kristi wants to know if The White House is haunted and Moni talks about an ex-boyfriend who cuts the penis off the current boyfriend of his ex. Yep, a real Jerry Springer meets Cops story. Don’t forget to check out our Patreon! We have...



How about some Pinhead for your Rocktober enjoyment? This week the trio breakdown the Clive Barker CLASSIC from the ‘80s! Was it as good as we remembered? As always, we discuss some weird news and this week it’s about cannibal sausage, another possible Halloween movie in the making and a crazy Scot (no, not Kristi) pillaging a poor boy in a public toilet. Be sure to find our Patreon for a TON of more reviews, content, videos and a weekly episode of our most popular show: Drunk HorrorStory.


Egyptian Curses

Egyptian Curses are the topic o'the week! We decided to have some good, scary fun this week covering artifact and mummy curses. Is King Tut’s tomb cursed? Will the Egyptian god of death come for you if you mess with him? But first we talk about a man, who was a woman trying to do man things (I don’t know. Really), the science of clowns and the upcoming movie Gretel & Hansel with a breakout star from IT. Also, come find us on Patreon! Music by Kai Engel & The Inventors Produced by Hype...


Our Haunted Library & Halloween Movies to Watch

More Guess what, Creepers? Host Moni works in a haunted library! We spend the first half discussing the experiences she had at the paranormal investigation that was done there with a paranormal research team and then end the show recommending some movies on Netflix and the horror channel Shudder. Music by Kai Engel Produced by Hype Media


Gerald's Game Review

More Happy October, Creepers! For our 49 episode we are reviewing Gerald’s Game: While trying to spice up their marriage in their remote lake house, Jessie must fight to survive when her husband dies unexpectedly, leaving her handcuffed to their bed frame. What ever happened to dinner and a movie?? Music by Kai Engel & CM Tha Silent Partner Produced by Hype Media


Grim AF Fairytales

More Kristi & Moni are left running the ship this week and shit hits the fan. Equipment issues added with adult beverages, then slurring through some truth on what all the famous fairy tales are actually about. And fair warning: people in the dark ages were fucked up. The girls end things with some Drunk HorrorStory, a personal rant and talk about their upcoming adventure. Good luck figuring all that out. Music by Kai Engel & Bill Murray Produced by Hype...


A Glitch in the Matrix

More Doppelgangers, Quantum Immortality and The Mandela Effect. What does it all mean? Parallel Universes, other Dimensions or Glitches in the Matrix? We cover real-world stories of people encountering their other selves or waking up in another dimension. Then, we tackle the mass groupings of people who remember global events differently and what are the reasons they do?



We review CREEPSHOW: two of the most venerable names in the horror field, author Stephen King and director George A. Romero, present this anthology of original twisted tales inspired by the E.C. horror comics of the 50's and 60's. But first we have some crazy news about a new porn with a sex robot, a true crime mystery of a missing child over 30 years ago and the announcement of the CREEPSHOW series coming to Shudder. Music by Kai Engel & Miseryslims Produced by Hype Media


The World of Stephen King

The Stephen King Universe is all connected! This week, the gang talks about the connections Mr. King has woven into his novels in only the way he can. From The Dark Tower to Misery to IT, every story has a small link to each other. We also discuss some crazy news about a social media account created just to chronicle farts, you know, the heavy hitter stories and the celebration of Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Music by Kai Engel & Badluck Produced by Hype Media


The Roswell Connection

Yes, Roswell has been done a thousand times, but we’re special! We have the inside info on The Roswell Incident, what the citizens of Roswell actually think and just how f’in weird New Mexico as a state really is. Host Kristi gives you all the secrets of her hometown and state! Music by Kai Engel & The Degs Produced by Hype Media


Horror du Fromage

Who loves Cheesy Horror? This week we have true Horror du Fromage: a review of the 80's classic The Return of the Living Dead! Yardley's podcasting partner and Indy Radio's very own Kinte is a guest as we go old school and relive this hysterical and gooey zombie flick and expose Moni to the OG of comedy horror. Did she like it? Find out! Music by Kai Engel & Punk Rock Opera Produced by Hype Media


Mummy Juice, Hauntings & Curses, Oh MY!

Who loves mummy juice, hauntings and curses? Well, my friend, you’re in luck! This week we’re back with some updates on crazy news, Moni’s resident library ghost, the growing rise of people wanting mummy juice and a 300 year old Salem Witch Curse. We also discuss our favorite new Netflix show, Dark Tourist. Enjoy the show and creep it real! Music by Kai Engel & Nicole Atkins Produced by Hype Media


The Cropsey Boogeyman Murders

Cropsey is the creature that lurks at the end of your block. It’s the shadowy figure that prowls the edge of the playground. Cropsey is Staten Island’s personal boogeyman...and then one day these tall tales about Cropsey actually come true. This week, we discuss the case of the missing children and the Cropsey legend come to life. But first, Moni gives us the inside scoop on ComicCon and Yardley updates us on the other podcasts he’s working on as well as a crazy story about a guy who...


Dem Boyz

Happy Big 4-0, Creepers! This week we open the show with weird news with a woman who protected her 82 grams of drugs by hiding it in her lady parts and a doll peeing in a woman’s face during hibachi. We end things by discussing The Boy, a movie from 2016 about an American nanny who is shocked that her new English family's boy is actually a life-sized doll and then some tales of real-life instances men who lived in hidden spaces of people's home. No thanks! Music by Kai Engel & Big Sandy &...