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21: Episode 20-The Christmas Devil

So we're a little late to the game but here is our holiday episode! When you think of Christmastime you mostly think of Santa Clause, gifts, cookies and spending time with family, right? But did you really think ghost stories would fall into that mix? Well OF COURSE they do!! Listen this week as we talk all about "The Christmas Devil", also known as, Krampus & tell you other chilling holiday ghost stories! We hope you all enjoyed your holiday season & here's to an awesome 2019! Lots more...


20: BONUS Episode 19- I Swear I Knew That Was Going To Happen...

You all have probably heard of someone having a premonition of something happening sometime in your life. And if you have not, well it's basically just a dream that you have but it actually comes true later on. It is also very comparable to deja vu! Some premonitions can be a good thing, while others, not so much. Listen to this episode NOW to hear some true stories of people having premonitions and how it affected their lives! Promo by Kit Caren- Whispered True Stories Podcast


19: Episode 18- Stick People

Now, we now what you are thinking. This episode is going to be about stick figure drawings?? Like the ones we used to draw when we were kids? (Or that you still draw now because you can't draw for shit. LOL) NO. This episode is about very dangerous, evil creatures that originated from Native American tribes and that were just named Stick People. If you liked our Skinwalkers episode and are interested in the legend of Slenderman, then you will definitely want to give this episode a listen!



Halloween is almost here my friends!! Which means our favorite month is just about over as well :( Halloween isn't always fun and games... sometimes it can just turn downright gruesome. Join us this week as we talk about some true Halloween horror stories & tell some corny, spooky dad jokes. As always we would LOVE to hear your feedback and your own stories! So e-mail us at Intro music by: SuburbanWizard on


17: Episode 16- Famous Haunted Houses

Join us for episode sixteen as we talk about the Lizzie Borden House & the home where the Villisca Axe Murders were taken place. We have to dive into some real good spooky stories as we approach our fave holiday... Halloween!! Bridget also tells a story of her own from this past weekend about a ghost tour that she went on at Madison Seminary in Ohio. Email us your own paranormal experiences at!


16: Episode 15- Haunted Hikes

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Like to hike? Then check out this episode that is all about haunted hiking trails around the U.S. & even some outside of the States! We're sure after hearing these spooky tales you'll never want to go hiking alone again. Also this week, Lydia shares her OWN personal ghost story!


15: Episode 14- Poltergeists

Don't mind our dysfunctional-ness in this episode but this week we are talking about POLTERGEISTS! No we aren't talking about the movie, but join us as we tell some fascinating stories about what all these "creatures" can do. They are probably the more fun type of ghost in our opinion because they are not afraid of making themselves known. We have some videos to go along with this episode so go check them out on our website,!!


14: Episode 13- Past Lives & Reincarnation

Have you ever wondered what actually happens to someone after they pass on? Do we really move on to another world as a new human being? Do we become some type of animal? And what were we in the life before our current lives that we are living right now? Listen this week as we tell someone crazy stories of people who get glimpses into their past lives. We also have some stories that were sent in to us from Corinne & Sabrina from the podcast, Two Girls One Ghost! You don't want to miss it!


13: Episode 12- Skinwalkers

SKINWALKERS. We aren't supposed to talk about them or even think about them.. But this week Lydia & Bridget took a risk and made a whole entire episode about them! Join us and listen for yourself just to figure out what exactly these terrifying creatures are.


12: Episode 11- Black Eyed Kids

This week Lydia & Bridget talk about BLACK EYED KIDS. Have you ever had an encounter with one?? If not, then be thankful because you do not want to! It's not hard to know when you come across one (obviously because of their eyes & their eery presence) but if & when you do.... DO NOT help them...


11: Episode 10- Haunted Ohio

Welcome to episode TEN!! This week we talk about The Powerhouse in the flats of Cleveland, Ohio and of course The Mansfield Reformatory! Ohio is our home state so we had to give it some love! I'm sure all you Ohio listeners will really appreciate this episode. P.S. we sincerely apologize for some of the audio issues. This was our first time recording over Skype and we honestly have no idea how to work technology I guess haha. XoXo


10: Episode 9- Life On The Other Side

Have you ever heard those stories about people who have had near death experiences and actually died for a short period of time and gone to the other side but came back to tell the tale?? Well, in episode 9 Bridget tells a few stories all about people who have gone to the other side and what they saw. Lydia talks about how spirits actually get stuck in the spiritual world and how its sometimes hard for them to cross over! And if you've ever wondered how its determined whether you're going to...


9: Episode 8- Real Life Horror Goes To The Big Screen

This week we bring you episode EIGHT where we talk about movies that were made based off of true paranormal events! Lydia talks about the movie The Exorcist and Bridget talks about The Amityville Horror, which are two classic movies! And both are equally as terrifying as the other. If you haven't seen either of these movies, we are warning you now that there are SPOILERS in this episode. So sit back, relax and grab some popcorn and get ready to hear all about these spooky stories.


8: Episode 7- We'll See You In Hell

We're baaaaack! After a much needed break from things for a few weeks we finally are kicking things off again. Unfortunately, Kalee will not be returning to the podcast until the end of the summer due to her schedule. Join us this week as Bridget talks about a few of the seven portals to Hell and Lydia talks about a very creepy & nearby city here in Ohio, called Helltown. Enter if you dare...


6: Episode 5- Haunted Asylums

Join us this week as we talk about some of the worlds spookiest asylums some of which include The Byberry Mental Hospital & Eloise mental hospital. We'll be taking a trip down to Australia to talk about one of their most haunted mental institutions as well. Want to find out which one?? Guess you'll just have to listen to this episode to find out!


7: BONUS Episode 6- Celebrity Ghost Stories

Sorry for the delay with this past weeks' episode. Life has just been so so crazy for all 3 of us gals. So to try and make up for lost time, we thought you guys, our listeners, would like an extra episode this week! Celebrities are normal people just like you and me and that just means they have their own ghost stories to tell too. Listen in on this BONUS episode by checking out which famous celebrity ghost tales we have to tell!


5: Episode 4- Nighty, Night, Sleep Tight!

This week we have a few stories about sleep paralysis and how terrifying it could be to experience this! Kalee shares her own sleep paralysis stories as well. Have you ever had this happen to you? If not, you're one of the lucky ones and if you HAVE, you're definitely not alone...


4: Episode 3- Laid To Rest Only To Awaken Again

In this week's episode we talk about Resurrection Cemetery in Chicago and the legend of Resurrection Mary, River Styx Cemetery here in Ohio that include some creepy EVP's that a fellow resident caught and Myrtle Hill Cemetery which is home to the infamous Witches Ball.


3: Episode 2- Wanna Play A Board Game?

This game definitely isn't one you want to play at family game night. Have you ever played or had an interest in playing with a Ouija board? Listen to this week's spooky stories of others' experiences with this dangerous board and you might be giving it a second thought..


2: Episode 1- Ghosts Caught On Camera

Have you ever caught any ghosts or paranormal activity on camera? Whether it be you just taking pictures while minding your own business or if you're filming something, ghosts can sneak right in there without you knowing! In our first episode we talk about ghosts that did just that! A couple of the places we talk about are the Stanley Hotel and Alcatraz ;)