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Return to Bothell Part 1 | The Grave Talks Podcast

In the previous episode of The Grave Talk, we talked with Keith Linder about the haunting of his home. We discussed the chaos it caused in his personal life and the mental strain it took on him and his girlfriend. His story was featured on an episode of Ghost Adventures, however, very little evidence was found by the Ghost Adventures crew, resulting in many calling Keith and his Girlfriend a fraud. Despite the stories Keith shared and the existing evidence shown to a national audience, Keith...


The Bothell Hell House Part 1 | The Grave Talks Podcast

Darkness Lives in The Bothell Hell House. I’ve talks to countless individuals, families, and investigators about their haunting encounters and quite honestly, the story of The Bothell Hell House is one of the most terrifying I’ve ever heard. I can’t recall a case where so many dark and seemingly demonic signs and actions were taken against the living with such force and hate. This is truly a stunning case about pure evil and its desire to wreak havoc on the lives of the living. To listen to...


Western State Lunatic Asylum Part 1 | The Grave Talks Podcast

The Western State Lunatic Asylum has been the topic of paranormal rumors and legends for decades. What are the menacing forces that live behind its walls. For over one hundred and twenty years the Western Lunatic Asylum has been the site of medical experiments and has seen medicine and care turn from archaic to modern. The mad, the violent, and the disenfranchised of Western Kentucky were all once housed together inside its dark medical wards. Many became victims of garish experiments and...


Haunted Big Sur Lighthouse - Part 1 | The Grave Talks Podcast

Originally commissioned in 1889, the Big Sur Lighthouse has been a beacon for those coming off the ocean in peace, and a final sign of life, as many lives were swept up by the ocean as their ships went down. Not only has what is now known as the Haunted Big Sur Lighthouse been a structure by the sea, it has been home to many families employed to watch the building and to keep its lights shining bright. Many of the families who called the haunted Big Sur Lighthouse home lasted less than one...


Haunted Summerwind Mansion Part 1 | The Grave Talks Podcast

There mere mention of the name Summerwind Mansion is instantly connected to the word haunted when discussed in the state of Wisconsin. The haunted Summerwind Mansion has a story spanning more than a century. Its story runs deep through many families, rumors of insanity, demonic activity, and ghosts. The haunted Summerwind Mansion is infamous no so much for who lived there, but for why many couldn't live there. Many have been drawn to the property for unexplained reasons or forces. To date,...


Haunted Wisconsin (Part 1) - The Grave Talks Podcast

Part 1: Haunted Wisconsin And Its Spirits. Maybe it's just the circle of people I grew up around. Maybe its just the physical location and everyone having common paranormal experiences. Whatever it is, talk of "ghosts" around Wisconsin is a common thing. It's not as taboo a topic as it feels in other areas of the country. As a child, I would regularly check out books from the local library about haunted Wisconsin and would ask teachers, friends or anyone who would listen about their ghostly...


Haunted Kentucky State Penitentiary

Haunted Kentucky State PenitentiaryOftentimes the institutions or former prisons that we discuss on The Grave Talks are long forgotten relics that no longer house the living. The Kentucky State Penitentiary breaks this mold. Today, the behemoth is known as the castle on the Cumberland still houses hundreds of inmates and staff working to keep the worst of society behind its walls. Quite a feat for a structure completed in 1886 and still running today. The Haunted Kentucky State Penitentiary...


Haunted Bobby Mackey's Music World

Some legends claim that the property holds a portal to the other side. Some say the side it points to is down, meaning hell. Almost a gateway of sorts to the underworld. Rumors fly abound that the ghost of a man found dead in a field mere miles from the front door haunt Bobby Mackey's Music World. They claim that the murder took place at the hands of Satanists who cured the location and everyone involved in prosecuting their murder case. Further stories of darkness include that of a pregnant...


Haunted 1858 Garnett House Hotel

In the 1870's, the town of Garnett Kansas was a crossroads of a new world. Settlers, cowboys, criminals and the righteous all passed through this now forgotten town. Some notable characters of the day included Wyatt Erp, Bat Masterson, Wild Bill Hickock, Buffalo Bill Cody, Belle Star, Jesse James and many others have all stayed at what was the Garnett House Hotel.Screams in the night have been heard on EVP recording was taken at the Haunted Garnett House. One of the most disturbing elements...


Haunted Ashmore Estates

Sometimes a building just speaks to you. Draws you close to it, for some reason drives you through its doors and keeps you there. Haunted Ashmore Estates is one of those places. The property in Ashmore, IL has been standing since 1916 and has seen countless souls pass through its doors. Their slogan "some call it home" speaks to a select group who at one time during their lives, did, in fact, call it home. It seems that even in death, many of these same individuals still feel this way. Find...


Old Charleston Jail

Haunted Old Charleston JailThese days if a building is still standing past the age of 30, it almost inevitably has a ghost story attached to it. If a building has been standing for nearly 200 years, it likely holds hundreds of ghost stories. Add to that the fact that it was built on a burial ground and imprisoned those deserving and not through one of the darkest periods of American history. You then have a structure almost glowing with the paranormal. That building is the Haunted Old...


Haunted Bonnie Springs Ranch

Located just outside the glitz and excess of the Las Vegas strip sits a plot of land that takes visitors to another time and place. That land is known as the Haunted Bonnie Springs Ranch. The ranch has much more to offer than just ghosts or spirits from another time. However, the undead who still reside on the ranch will be the focus of this episode of The Grave Talks. Find out more at: listen to every episode of The Grave Talks &...


Haunted Antiques

How haunted are these items? That very much depends on what it is we are talking about and what the haunted antique was used for. When one owns a haunted antique, does the former owner come with it? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. According to author Duane Scott Cerny who we talked to about this topic, it seems haunted antiques are more a vehicle for repeated energy than they are for a conscious energy or soul. Find out more at listen to every...


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Haunted USS Hornet

Take the drive past Oakland or up to Bay Farm Island, and you will find yourself on Almeda Island. The island is home to several decommissioned US war vessels from a bygone era. Many of which now spend their days baking away in the hot California Sun slowly rising and falling in a sea of salt water. Not exactly the perfect environment for preservation. Nonetheless, the Haunted USS Hornet resides in these Waters, as does a live crew that works tirelessly to tell the story of an American...


Haunted Hales Bar Dam

The Haunted Hales Bar Dam Today.Today, the area is home to tourists, fisherman, campers and the spirits of those who haunt the Hales Bar Dam. Some say the ghost of a murdered woman roams the hall trying to tell her long-forgotten story. Others claim that a demonic entity walks the tunnel system of the dam. Full-bodied apparations have also appeared to ghost hunters and tourists in the area, many suspecting those buried in its walls have never left.Find out more at...


Haunted Hill View Manor

On today's episode of The Grave Talks, we talk with Rachelle Rozzo and Jim Backus, the foremost investigators of the Haunted Hill View Manor. We hear the story of its ghosts, spirits and what they why they choose to haunt the Hill View. Were these spirits once residents of the historic building, or have they arrived to the party after the living left? To listen to every episode of The Grave Talks & Exclusive Interviews become a Grave Keeper at more...


Haunted Costume Shop Day Dreams & Nightmares

Daydreams and Nightmares costume shop in Modesto California is much more than just another store to buy a costume for Halloween or a party. Instead, this is known as the haunted costume shop. A shop frequented by regulars and celebrities alike seeking out their next costume, or spirt. Find out more at To listen to every episode of The Grave Talks & Exclusive Interviews become a Grave Keeper at more...


Rolling Hills Asylum

Strange noises in the night. A corridor where shadow people roam freely. In more recent times, conscious and sometimes humorous comments come through as investigators try to make contact with the dead while collecting EVPs. For a facility that once held some very negative energy, surprisingly there seems to be quite a positive energy emanating from Rolling Hills Asylum these days.On this episode of The Grave Talks, we discuss the current state of affairs with Sharon Coyle, Proprietress of...


19: Seminole Death House | Haunted Places & People

Haunted Seminole Death House & It's Dark History In the area of Seminole Florida, there is a building with a tragic and storied past. Its inhabitants tend to leave very quickly, for strange reasons. This building is known to the local paranormal community as the haunted Seminole death house. It's been home to countless individuals and families over the years. Lives lived, and lives lost to unexpected, unexplained and bizarre situations. What do the spirits of this house have against those...