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Chris and Adrian share their thoughts on the new adventure-horror film produced by J. J. Abrams: Overlord. They'll talk about how they thought the movie was going to play out and take a look at the good and bad of this WWII flick. You can purchase Chris' book, Sapiens, here:



Chris and Adrian will talk about the gritty genre that is revenge horror. They'll go over the dark remake that is The Last House on the Left, and the absolute intense French horror flick, Revenge. Purchase Chris's book, Sapiens here:


This Isn't Part Of The Show

Found Footage films are incredible, but Haunted Attraction Found Footage films are on another level! In this episode, Chris and Adrian talk about The Houses October Built 2 and Hell House LLC. They'll discuss just how insane both casts are to dive into a very obvious dark path just to provide entertainment, and how these films are a perfect way to get you into the Halloween spirit.


Minisode: Inside The Haunt

In this episode, Chris and Adrian sit down and talk about their experience working at a haunted attraction and discuss what goes on behind the scenes as a haunter.


Halloween (2018)

After 40 years, we finally get the true sequel to John Carpenter's original Halloween, also by the same name. In this episode, Chris and Adrian discuss the absolute terror and brutality that Michael Myers was able to inflict upon the citizens of Haddonfield and what exactly made this movie and its characters incredible. Horror News: Trailers for The Possession of Hannah Grace, The Prodigy, and The Curse of La Llorona You can purchase Chris' book, Sapiens,...


Halloween (1978)

Halloween is drawing near, and what better time to revisit the original John Carpenter masterpiece! In this episode, Chris and Adrian will talk about the legendary horror icon, Michael Myers, and how the mystique of the character should never be questioned. They'll also talk about how the movie impacted their lives as well as the horror genre. Horror News: Pet Sematary trailer, Robert Englung to reprise his role of Freddy Krueger in The Goldbergs, the new Halloween sequel. You can...


The Murders Of All Hallow's Eve

Halloween is an innocent holiday filled with candy and costumes, but in this episode, Chris and Adrian will talk about a few cases where Halloween brought real terror to unsuspecting victims. They'll go over the cases of Maria Ciallella, Leslie Mazzara & Adriane Insogna, and The Toolbox Killers. Follow us and send us a message on Instagram: @thehorroracademy You can purchase Chris' book...


Trick 'r Treat

With Halloween in the horizon, Chris and Adrian will go balls deep into one of the better films that captures the vibe of the season with the cult classic, Trick 'r Treat. What's Going On In Horror: Miramax CEO on picking up the Scream and Hellraiser franchises, Blumhouse green lighting the Halloween sequel. You can purchase Chris' book, Sapiens, here:


Welcome To Hell Fest

For this episode, Chris and Adrian talk about the good and bad of September's newest films, The Predator and Hell Fest. Follow us on Instagram: @thehorroracademy You can purchase Chris' book here:


Director's Cut: Sam Raimi

In this latest edition of Director's Cut, Chris and Adrian will be going in depth with some of the great works created by the legendary Sam Raimi. They'll discuss the absolutely bizarre film, Drag Me To Hell, the dark gore that is 30 Days Of Night, and the classic The Evil Dead. What's Going On In Horror: Zombieland 2 details, Chucky reboot details, Lionsgate, Train To Busan remake and sequel information. You can follow us on Instagram @thehorroracademy You can purchase Chris' book...


Minisode: Welcome To Your Doom

For this minisode, Chris and Adrian will talk about the 5th installment of the Conjuring Universe: The Nun. They'll talk about what the film exceeded in and what it failed in. There are a lot of mixed reviews on this film, so let us know where you stand! What's Going On In Horror: It 2 writer, Gary Dauberman, stating that the film will leave audience heartbroken, Conjuring 3 to begin filming in 2019 for a 2020 release date, and Eli Roth's new series on AMC History of Horror. You can...


Director's Cut: Wes Craven

In this edition of Director's Cut, Chris and Adrian will go over two of Wes Craven's first works and discuss the evolution of this legendary master of horror. They'll talk about his first film The Last House On The Left as well as his second, and more improved film, The Hills Have Eyes. What's Going On In Horror: The new Halloween Trailer, Hell Fest coming out on September 28, and Shane Black having to cut scenes from The Predator that contained a registered sex offender. You can...


Netflix and Kill

Netflix has become a huge corporation for on demand streaming, and in this episode your wonderful hosts, Chris and Adrian, will be going over a few horror selections Netflix has to offer. They'll talk about the great use of horror theatrics in Before I Wake, the comedy style of The Babysitter, and the amazing story development of The Ritual. WARNING: if you're wearing earbuds, there are loud bursts of noise at :41, 23:56, 48:25 In this edition of What's Going On In Horror: Alec Baldwin...


Director's Cut: James Wan

For this episode of Director's Cut, Chris and Adrian will discuss the incredible filming style of horror mastermind, James Wan, including some of his work such as, Dead Silence, Annabelle: Creations, and The Conjuring 2 In this edition of What's Going On In Horror: I Think We're Alone Now trailer, Halloween film book, details on Guillermo Del Toro's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and The Texas Chainsaw tv series. You can buy Chris' book, Sapiens,...


Minisode: But Not Really

In this episode that is sort of a minisode, but not really, Chris and Adrian go over the critically panned Slender Man, and the incredible shark film, The Meg. In this edition of What's Going On In Horror: Blumhouse possibly taking on other horror franchises, confirmation that Happy Death Day 2 and The Gallows 2 have finished filming, and a green light for Train To Busan 2. Buy Chris' debut novel, Sapiens,...


Director's Cut: Rob Zombie

For this second installment of Director's Cut, Chris and Adrian will delve into the dark, creative mind of Rob Zombie, including some of his works such as The Lords of Salem, 31, House of 1000 Corpses, and The Devil's Rejects


The Missing

Chris and Adrian cover some of the most bizarre missing persons cases. They'll talk about the Amy Bradley, Lauria Bible & Ashley Freeman, the possible alien abduction of Felix Moncla, and the wildly known case of Elisa Lam. In this edition of What's Going On In Horror: Confirmation that The Nun and Halloween will be rated R, trailer for Eyes of the Dead, details on the new horror video game Dead by Daylight, and the Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare announcement.


Director's Cut: Eli Roth

In this first episode of a new series called Director's Cut, Chris and Adrian will explore the twisted mind of horror director, Eli Roth, by reviewing some of his amazing films such as Cabin Fever, Hostel Part l and ll, and The Green Inferno. In this edition of What's Going On In Horror: Liv Tyler possibly being cast as Andy's mom in the Child's Play remake, Slender Man trailer, the new doll horror development between James Wan and Jason Blum titled M3GAN, and new plot details surrounding...


Beyond Our Realm of Reality

In this Paranormal Part 2 episode, Chris and Adrian will go in depth for one of the better Paranormal Activity films, The Marked Ones, and journey into The Further from James Wan's Insidious. And for this topic, The Horror Academy brings on their first special guest, Frankie, to tell some of his paranormal experiences! In this edition of What's Going On In Horror: Joaquin Phoenix cast as the Joker, and trailers for Along Came The Devil, Overlord, Hell Fest, and Glass.


Scream Queens

Woman in horror, when done right, can be some of the badass characters in cinema, and in this episode, Chris and Adrian will take a look at a handful of actresses that have influenced the horror genre. They'll discuss Sarah Michelle Gellar, Neve Campbell, Danielle Harris, Sheri Moon Zombie, and the OG, Jamie Lee Curtis. In this edition of What's Going On In Horror: The Predator re-shoots, Happy Death Day 2 announcement and synopsis, and Zombieland 2.