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Adrian and Chris are your hosts in this podcast that journeys into the world of horror to discuss everything from films and books to real life stories. Be sure to check out more of The Horror Academy on Youtube! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Support this podcast:

Adrian and Chris are your hosts in this podcast that journeys into the world of horror to discuss everything from films and books to real life stories. Be sure to check out more of The Horror Academy on Youtube! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Support this podcast:


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Adrian and Chris are your hosts in this podcast that journeys into the world of horror to discuss everything from films and books to real life stories. Be sure to check out more of The Horror Academy on Youtube! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Support this podcast:




Gateway Horror Ft. Killer Track

Welcome back, students, to another fantastic episode where our amazing friends, Amelia and Alec, over at Killer Track ask us some gateway questions related to horror! You can check out their episode where WE ask them similar questions here: . Be sure to follow them on Instagram @killer.track and us @thehorroracademy for more horror related content! --- Support this podcast:...


Scariest Movie Ever

Welcome back, students! For this episode we gather some of our friends in the horror community to weigh in and discuss what they believe to be the scariest movie ever made. You can follow our guests on Instagram: @killer.track / @horrornerd143 / @fearscale / @thecreepycrappodcast / and also give us a follow as well @thehorroracademy and be sure to rate and review the episode! --- Support this podcast:


Monk Vs. Thirteen Ghosts

Join the deans of the Horror Academy as they take a tour to the weirdest house ever made! They'll explore the world and lore of Thirteen Ghosts and explain why exactly this movie kinda sucks but is also kinda cool. Be sure to rate and review! Follow us on Instagram @thehorroracademy --- Support this podcast:


Heard You Were Looking For Candyman, Bitch

For this radical episode, deans Chris and Adrian explore the world of Candyman and discuss how convincing the lore of titular villain is created and the unique horror aspects this film implemented. --- Support this podcast:


Get Out

Welcome back, students! The deans of the most prestigious academy are back together to discuss the social tensions plaguing the nation and how racial prejudices and injustices live in both the real world and Jordan Peele's Get Out. Chris and Adrian are glad to be back to bring you their form of entertainment. You can follow the Horror Academy on Instagram at: --- Support this podcast:


Getting Bamboozled by Cam

Welcome back students! In this episode, Chris talks about why the Blumhouse produced film, Cam didn't make sense and breaks down why this movie is not as good as it may seem. Still though, if you enjoy the film, you should keep watching. You can catch The Horror Academy on Youtube: As well as Instagram: Music: --- Support this...


Let's Nitpick Quarantine

Welcome back students, in this episode Chris goes into the fine details of Quarantine and tries to make sense of just what the heck is going on. To get the full experience of this review, head on over to Youtube: --- Support this podcast:



The Deans go guts deep into Leigh Whannell's The Invisible Man and break down what they thought of this movie. SPOILERS AHEAD! You can follow the Academy on Instagram @thehorroracademy --- Support this podcast:


What Is This Thing

Zip into your coats students, because we're taking a field trip to the dreaded Antarctica to review John Carpenters classic The Thing! The deans's heads will boggle as they try to understand what is this The Thing and how it ever learned to build and navigate a spaceship. They'll go over the structure of the story and the elements of what made this movie incredible! For more content, you can follow us on Instagram @thehorroracademy. --- Support this podcast:...


Cthulhu is watching

We're not your ordinary scuba diver instructors, but this isn't a scuba diving class. Prepare yourself for spoilers as the Deans dive deep into Mariana's Trench to discuss just what in the hell is lurking down there. They'll talk about the incredible action and pacing of the film, as well as the remarkable acting from Kristen Stewart. Don't forget to leave a review and a rate! For more content, follow us on Instagram @thehorroracademy --- Support this podcast:...


The Grudge Kinda Sucks

For this episode, the deans of the Horror Academy go over the 2020 continuation of it's 2004 predecessor. Spoiler alert, it was a disappointment. --- Support this podcast:


Year End Review 2019

The boys are back in town after a 2-month hiatus, and they're counting down their top 3 horror picks for 2019 as well as giving an overall view of how the year went for the genre. School is back in session, and the Horror Academy welcomes you back! --- Support this podcast:



Happy Halloween, students! For this episode, your deans will review the recently released haunted attraction slasher film, Haunt. They'll weigh in what exactly didn't work for them and what they were expecting out of this film.//Horror News: The Grudge.//The Horror Academy Podcast will be taking a month-long hiatus and will be returning in December. Be sure to follow the Horror Academy on instagram @thehorroracademy! --- Support this podcast:


Into The Further

Welcome back students, for this episode your deans will go over the incredible paranormal horror movie by James Wan, Insidious! They'll discuss the incredible use of cinematography and creepy images this movie was able to implement. As well as criticizing the ending that shows the demon your deans refer to as Darth Maul. --- Support this podcast:


Ghost Children

For this episode, your deans teach you all about how not to implement ghostly children in any horror movie ever with the clear example in Sinister. They'll discuss the overuse of kids in horror movies and the bizarre plot surrounding the film, including the minimal utilization of the Bughuul.//Horror News: The Grudge rating update. --- Support this podcast:


I'm Here to Do the Devil's Work

Finishing off the Firefly Family journey, the deans review Rob Zombie's 3 From Hell in which they discuss the bizarre ability this movie has on making the audience care about serial killers, as well as the evident lack of story left to tell in this film. They give one last goodbye to the iconic Captain Spaulding as the trilogy ends. --- Support this podcast:


I Want to Play a Game

For todays class, the deans will be sitting down and discussing James Wan's unconventional horror flick, SAW! They'll talk about the incredible story telling and how this film never let go of its audience as well as some of the things that didn't quite make sense, like how every setting looked as if it was designed by John Kramer. --- Support this podcast:


A New Level of Fear

The Horror Academy is celebrating the start of the Halloween season by going over real-life paranormal encounters during Halloween.//Horror News: Eli Roth and his new project titled "10-31"; Jordan Peele and Universal Pictures deal; Halloween Kills update.//If you have any questions or if you want to send us a message, check out the link and be featured in a future episode! --- Support this podcast:


I'm Tired of these MF Sharks in this MF Ocean

Get ready to hold your breath for the duration of this episode, because today's class takes place underwater. The deans discuss the absolute lunacy of the 1999 shark horror film, Deep Blue Sea, with first-time guest, Kat (who is legitimately Chris's girlfriend). They'll talk about the impossible underwater acrobatics of Thomas Jane and the vague ways the sharks were able to know so much about their surroundings.//Horror News: James Wan's new film; The Babysitter 2; Jurassic Park update.//If...


The Faculty

The deans sit down and discuss the 1998 alien invasion horror flick, The Faculty. They go over what a fun watch this movie was and as always, they nitpick the hell out of it. --- Support this podcast: