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Minisode: But Not Really

In this episode that is sort of a minisode, but not really, Chris and Adrian go over the critically panned Slender Man, and the incredible shark film, The Meg. In this edition of What's Going On In Horror: Blumhouse possibly taking on other horror franchises, confirmation that Happy Death Day 2 and The Gallows 2 have finished filming, and a green light for Train To Busan 2. Buy Chris' debut novel, Sapiens,...


Director's Cut: Rob Zombie

For this second installment of Director's Cut, Chris and Adrian will delve into the dark, creative mind of Rob Zombie, including some of his works such as The Lords of Salem, 31, House of 1000 Corpses, and The Devil's Rejects


The Missing

Chris and Adrian cover some of the most bizarre missing persons cases. They'll talk about the Amy Bradley, Lauria Bible & Ashley Freeman, the possible alien abduction of Felix Moncla, and the wildly known case of Elisa Lam. In this edition of What's Going On In Horror: Confirmation that The Nun and Halloween will be rated R, trailer for Eyes of the Dead, details on the new horror video game Dead by Daylight, and the Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare announcement.


Director's Cut: Eli Roth

In this first episode of a new series called Director's Cut, Chris and Adrian will explore the twisted mind of horror director, Eli Roth, by reviewing some of his amazing films such as Cabin Fever, Hostel Part l and ll, and The Green Inferno. In this edition of What's Going On In Horror: Liv Tyler possibly being cast as Andy's mom in the Child's Play remake, Slender Man trailer, the new doll horror development between James Wan and Jason Blum titled M3GAN, and new plot details surrounding...


Beyond Our Realm of Reality

In this Paranormal Part 2 episode, Chris and Adrian will go in depth for one of the better Paranormal Activity films, The Marked Ones, and journey into The Further from James Wan's Insidious. And for this topic, The Horror Academy brings on their first special guest, Frankie, to tell some of his paranormal experiences! In this edition of What's Going On In Horror: Joaquin Phoenix cast as the Joker, and trailers for Along Came The Devil, Overlord, Hell Fest, and Glass.


Scream Queens

Woman in horror, when done right, can be some of the badass characters in cinema, and in this episode, Chris and Adrian will take a look at a handful of actresses that have influenced the horror genre. They'll discuss Sarah Michelle Gellar, Neve Campbell, Danielle Harris, Sheri Moon Zombie, and the OG, Jamie Lee Curtis. In this edition of What's Going On In Horror: The Predator re-shoots, Happy Death Day 2 announcement and synopsis, and Zombieland 2.


Don't Use A Gun

The fear of clowns is something that has long been alive, and in this episode, Chris and Adrian talk about three clowns of horror that justify that fear. They'll talk about Eli Roth's Clown, the absolute menacing Terrifier, and one of the best Stephen King film remakes in recent years, It. And in this edition of What's Going On In Horror: the new wicked trailer for Mandy, Jared Leto being cast as Morbius, and the production of It: Chapter 2


That's My Strong Hand

Horror Comedies were a welcomed change in the early 2000's, and in this episode Chris and Adrian are going to take a look at some of your favorites. They'll be talking about the Scary Movie franchise as well as Broken Lizard's very funny, Club Dread.


Cabins, College Kids, and Killers

Remakes have seen better days, and today, The Horror Academy is taking a look at some that were actually not bad and others that were, dare we say, great! Chris and Adrian will be talking about Friday The 13th, Rob Zombie's Halloween, and Evil Dead. And in this edition of What's Going On In Horror, your hosts will be weighing in on the Child's Play TV series as well as the latest teaser trailer for The Nun.


Minisode: Let Yourself Be Scared

In this third minisode, Chris and Adrian take a look at some short horror films on Youtube and talk about what makes them work. They'll discuss shorts like I Heard It Too, Your Date Is Here, and Lights Out.


Something In The Mist, It Took John Lee

Chris and Adrian discuss the beloved sub-genre that is creature feature and talk about films such as Slither, The Descent, and Stephen King's The Mist, and uncover some interesting facts about these films that some fans may not have realized. They'll also share their thoughts on latest news of Andrew Lincoln leaving the leading role as Rick Grimes from Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead. Follow us on Instagram: @thehorroracademy You can purchase Chris's post-apocalyptic novel, Sapiens,...


Minisode: Evil Is Hereditary

In this minisode, Chris and Adrian share their thoughts and opinions on the new Halloween trailer by John Carpenter and the intense horror film, Hereditary, as well as providing a piece of advice against watching a horror movie in a crowded theater. Don't forget to rate and leave a comment!


Minisode: Cheap, Zen, Beautiful. I Like It.

Bringing you the first minisode, Chris and Adrian talk about some of the 2-sentence horror stories found on the interwebs and share their take on these unsettling scenarios. You can follow us on Instagram: @thehorroracademy


It Gets Much Worse

Home invasions very much exist in the real world as they do in the films and they are everyone's worst nightmare. Chris and Adrian discuss some of horror's wicked and most intense home invasion films such as The Strangers, Don't Breathe, and The Collector.


Long Drives and Late Nights

Chris and Adrian talk about the key components that most road trip horror movies capitalize on, from the unrealistically hot, college students as the main characters to lone cops that always get murdered. They'll discuss movies such as the classic Joy Ride, as well as The Hitcher, Wrong Turn, and Jeepers Creepers.


Meet Your Hosts...

Chris and Adrian freestyle this episode (and no, not the rapping kind) discussing who they are and the story behind the creation of The Horror Academy Podcast, as well as what they love and hate about horror. Stitcher Radio: Tunein:


Is That The Blair Witch? No, It's Heather Taking A Piss

In this episode, Adrian and Chris sit and discuss the many attributes that Found Footage style horror has brought to the genre, including the ridiculously long-lasting batteries in the cameras. They'll talk about the unbelievably genuine acting in The Houses October Built, and the film that revolutionized horror: The Blair Witch Project. They also discuss the much asked-for sequel, The Blair Witch, as well as the surprising horror flick, As Above, So Below.


When There's No More Room In Hell...The Dead Will Walk The Earth

Join your hosts, Chris and Adrian, as they sit down and talk about one of the most talked about genres in recent years: zombies! In this episode, they'll discuss the origin of zombies and their evolution over the years from being the "mindless henchman" to the lovable cannibals seen in Dawn of the Dead (2004), Zombieland, Resident Evil, Shaun of the Dead, and Train to Busan.


I Don't Believe In Ghosts, I Believe in Science

Adrian and Chris explore the paranormal world and the depiction seen in films like The Paranormal Activity series and The Conjuring, as well as draw from their own personal experiences.