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Our Strange Skies explores the nooks and crannies of UFO history and lore, diving deep into UFO sightings, alien abductions, cryptids, and all things paranormal. Hosted by UFO expert Rob Kristoffersen and a variety of special guests.

Our Strange Skies explores the nooks and crannies of UFO history and lore, diving deep into UFO sightings, alien abductions, cryptids, and all things paranormal. Hosted by UFO expert Rob Kristoffersen and a variety of special guests.


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Our Strange Skies explores the nooks and crannies of UFO history and lore, diving deep into UFO sightings, alien abductions, cryptids, and all things paranormal. Hosted by UFO expert Rob Kristoffersen and a variety of special guests.






130: The History of Alien Abductions, Part 4: Obscure 70s Abductions with Cole Herrold

Abductions in the 1970s are characterized by cases that gained a level of popularity on their individual merits. The Pascagoula Abduction for instance was a media sensation that occurred during a very prominent UFO/humanoid flap. It’s also the first year that a handful of abduction cases were reported. Interestingly, they all occurred within 10 days of each other. In 1974, The Carl Higdon abduction captured the attention of national headlines, and one year later, the Travis Walton case...


129: An Interview with Mark O'Connell

Way back on episode three of this podcast, we featured our first of only two UFO Book Clubs, dedicated to The Close Encounters Man: How One Man Made The World Believe in UFOs by Mark O'Connell. O'Connell's biography of J Allen Hynek presented a man on two fronts, a scientists and a UFO investigator who had some really interesting spiritual beliefs. We released that episode way back in 2018, so it only felt natural to have Mark himself on four years later. (Better late than never, right?) In...


128: The History of Alien Abductions, Part 3: Harrison Bailey and the Black Contact Experience with Professor WHAM

CW: Racism When it comes to the alien contact experience, and the cases that we've come to revere, we often forget that there are voices excluded from the conversation. The alien abduction phenomenon more often than not seems like a purely American phenomenon, dominated by white voices. I do not say this to diminish anyone's experience, but to lift up others. This episode about the question of who we deem worthy of contact and the experiences of black people that are often overlooked....


127: The History of Alien Abductions, Part 2: Albert Coe & Herbert Schirmer with Richard Hatem

First and foremost, I can't thank you all enough for the overwhelming support for our first episode. It means the world. On this week's episode Rich Hatem is back and he brings the story of Albert Coe along. Published in 1969, at a time when contactee tales were becoming fewer and far between, The Shocking Truth! tells the story of Coe's encounter with a human looking alien while out hunting. For my part, I bring you the story of Herbert Schirmer and his abduction on December 3, 1967....


126: The History of Alien Abductions, Part 1: 1957-1969 with Rich Hatem

This episode marks the beginning of a L O N G series about the history of the alien abduction phenomenon. Our premise, in part, can be summarized by Thomas Bullard, “UFO abductions in the strict sense of the term usually include a visible UFO and require involuntary capture or coercion to get witnesses on board. Once they are inside the crew examines them and turns them out after about two hours, and during that time the witnesses usually suffer some impairment of memory, consciousness or...


125: An Interview with Stan Gordon

For Halloween this year I wanted to do something special. I reached out to Stan Gordon, and he was kind enough to join me. Stan talked about many of the cases he's collected and investigated over the years, including the infamous Fayette County case, the Bigfoot/UFO flaps of 1972 and 73, miniature UFO cases, and various other types of cryptids. Bio: Stan Gordon was trained as an electronics technician who specialized in radio communications. He worked in the advanced consumer electronics...


Creative Weirdos - Welcome UFO People: A Discussion with Todd Purse & Rob Kristoffersen

At the end of this week's episode I referenced a webcomic that I've been working on with past guest and all around good dude, Todd Purse, called Welcome UFO People. Well, we decided to get together and talk about it. On this bonus episode we talked about the comic that inspired us to do the series, the comics that we love, giving new life to old UFO/alien encounter cases, and the witness sketches that inspire us. *Note: I kept calling it the Archives for the Anomalous but it's actually...


124: I Lived in a Nest of UFOs with Willow Truman

Page space within UFO journals of the 50s, 60s, and 70s was dedicated to solely to the seasoned investigator, debuting important cases that we quote endlessly today, for the first time; the established theorist theorizing about the true nature of UFO entities, and other topics. Aside from listener feedback in select journals, those pages were almost never offered to the witness themselves to tell their own stories. That fact alone makes the story of Bernice Niblett unique. In Volume 2,...


123: The Summer of Sasquatch '72

The 1970s produced a distinct flavor of Sasquatch, one that could be found in nationwide headlines in states like Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania. Often these sightings would be accompanied by other anomalous events, like UFOs, strange voices, and odd smells. 1972 was a year riddled with both. In a commentary for the North American Newspaper Alliance, Keel wrote “Hairy Monsters Eclipse Comeback By UFOs.” “After a three year ‘lull’ with comparatively few flying saucers...


122: The Anomalous Bigfoot with Jordan Heath

When it comes to the big hairy guy in the woods, most people are of the mind that Bigfoot is a salt of the earth creature, feet firmly planted on the ground. Well, on this episode, we talk about the Bigfoot that may have hitched a ride on a UFO. For decades, hairy creatures have been associated with the UFO phenomenon. In 1954, Venezuela was besieged by short, stocky creatures, with glowing yellow eyes. This particular hairy humanoid was particularly aggressive, scratching many witnesses....


121: The Swerve, Vol. 1: The San Pedro Haunting with Richard Hatem

CW: domestic abuse A couple of months ago, patrons of Our Strange Skies voted on a non-UFO topic that we would cover. Among the choices of "Haunted Objects, "Gef, the Talking Mongoose" and "The Beast of Boggy Creek," the topic that won, with 38% of the vote was The San Pedro Haunting. The San Pedro Haunting, otherwise know as the Jackie Hernandez Poltergeist case, is a uniquely violent case. Jackie, along with other eyewitnesses and investigators were terrorized by a group of alleged ghosts...


120: The Sunderland Family Mysteries with Sam & Sage

On episode 96, we briefly touched upon the story of the Sunderland family, who'd had a series of encounters with UFOs and aliens in a field near their home. The accounts of Gaynor and Darren Sunderland were very similar; they included strange flying saucers, wobbly walking aliens, and sci-fi ray guns. Their story first made headlines in 1978 and soon after, investigators began to document continued contacts between these human-like beings, Gaynor and Darren. These contacts included trips to...


119: UFOs During Wartime with Spencer Wirth-Davis

On September 13, 2022, Vice Motherboard rand published an articled called "Ukraine’s Astronomers Say There Are Tons of UFOs Over Kyiv." Astronomers at the main observatory in Kiev described black, extremely fast moving objects, that absorbed radiation. These objects were so fast, that they had to design a system involving two observatories, 60 miles a part, just to detect them. The paper cited by Vice Motherboard didn't specifically mention the war, but in the past, UFOs have made their...


118: The Alien Encore

CW: misogyny, fat phobia Back in April I did an impromptu live stream. The theme of this live stream was music. One thing I love doing is live reacting to things I've never read before and this episode captures it well. In the first story, I recount a UFO encounter that the Moody Blues had while returning home from a show in 1967. The second story involves a Canadian man named Jack and his lifelong alien abduction experiences. Sources: Love and Saucers - Vinegar Syndrome Release Missing Time...


117: The Valley of the Old Women and Brazil's Strange Humanoids with Rus Ryan

Journalist Bob Pratt made several trips to Brazil, collecting stories from villagers of UFO encounters. Many of them proved to be random, violent encounters which he published in UFO Danger Zone. Often these attacks would come after the witnesses had lit up a cigarette. The area known as "The Valley of the Old Women" produced many accounts over the decades. To quote Pratt, “The valley encompasses 10,750 square miles of cattle ranches and farmland in low mountains and rolling hills in the...


116: The Humanoids of Puerto Rico with Todd Purse

In UFO circles, Puerto Rico's reputation has largely been built upon that red eyed goat sucker known as El Chupacabras. In reality, their UFO and humanoid history is much more varied than that. Magdalena del Amo-Freixedo, the wife of investigator Salvador Freixedo, put it best: “Long ago, long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, the god Yuquiyú was wont to appear to the natives of the Island, the Taino Indians. And, as the centuries have passed, Puerto Rico has been the scene of all...


115: The Unspeakable Secret

Am I phoning it in again? Yes, but I really like this episode and for those who haven't subscribed to the Patreon, this is what you can expect. While I was perusing Patrick Hughye's Field Guide to Extraterrestrials I found an entry concerning a mantis being. To me, this mantis looks like it's getting down to "Cotton Eye Joe." I tracked the story featured in it to an article written by Gary Smith for The Washington Post entitled "The Unspeakable Secret." In it, he details an experience oddly...


114: The UFO Window

In UFO research we have lots of strange terms for things. For instance, a flap is defined as a large cluster of sightings over a period of time. A great example of a flap is our series on the 1973 Year of the Humanoids, or the 1954 flap in France where witnesses saw UFOs and occupants that wore “diving suits.” Beyond the scope of flaps, there are certain areas of the world that have distinct paranormal flavors and identities. John Keel called them “Window Areas” or “Thin Places.” The most...


113: Bigfoot and the Half Cat Mystery with Spencer Wirth-Davis

CW: Animal death and mutilation This week Spencer Wirth Davis of Finding Quantum Quest and The What If? Podcast steps in to tell ME a story. Sometimes, a sentence is so unhinged and delivered in a normal fashion that it's unforgettable. In 2018 Spencer and his co-host on The What If? Podcast, Ryan Kopperud, went to the Mile High Mystery Conference. While there, Ryan was yelled at by David Paulides and Linda Multon Howe uttered a sentence that has stuck with him for over four years. On this...


112: Flying Solo, Vol. 1: From the Pages of the A.P.R.O. Bulletin

After nearly 8 hours of content over the span of three episodes, I feel like we could use a bit of a breather. Okay, maybe I need the breather, but I'm not gonna leave you hanging. I'm flying solo this week, and I've culled a few articles from The A.P.R.O. Bulletin to read for you. If you feel like I'm phoning it in, don't worry, I do too, but I needed a bit of a break. We'll conclude our series on the 65-67 flap next episode with a look at key cases from other countries. Sources: “Multiple...