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Sit back, relax and open your mind Talk surrounding the paranormal, mysteries and the unexplained....with a little politics too.

Sit back, relax and open your mind Talk surrounding the paranormal, mysteries and the unexplained....with a little politics too.
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Owosso, MI


Sit back, relax and open your mind Talk surrounding the paranormal, mysteries and the unexplained....with a little politics too.






Listener Encounters

I asked and I received. A few weeks ago, I asked my listeners to detail some of their paranormal encounters. This week, I will discuss some of the crazy, spooky things you have endured. From ghosts, to aliens, Bigfoot and even Dogman sightings, my listeners have seen and encountered many things. On “The news you need to know segment” I begin with a breaking news segment detailing the DNA results of the Montana Dogman that was shot and killed recently. What was it, a dog or a cryptid?...


The Fermeni Paradox

This week, Tom will discuss the little known “Fermeni Paradox”. This asks the question as to whether we are alone in the universe and have we, or will we be contacted by an alien civilization in the future. As unique as the Earth may be, we may not be the only planet harboring life in this galaxy, let alone the Universe. On “The News You Need To Know”, Tom will discuss the recent revalation of what NASA found on Mars. A purported Dogman was shot and killed in Montana and more earthquakes,...


Shadow On The Wall

This week, Tom will discuss a recent email he received that has changed his demeanor regarding his political stance. Tom will go over the email to discuss the listeners points and break it down. The main segment of the show will revolve around the paranormal. Ghosts, shadow people, types of hauntings and explanations of what these could be are thouroughly discussed. Lastly, on “The news you need to know” segment, a new virus is in India. Is it something to be concerned about or another...


Haters Gonna Hate

On this episode, Tom will discuss the abundance of haters he has encountered over the past few weeks. From people who don’t believe in the paranormal to die hard Liberals who are offended by THe Paranormal Patriots views, the hate is coming at him hard and heavy!!! Tom will discuss a back and forth with one of these haters and give his advice on how to deal with these bullies. Next, The Cosmic Dreamer had a show idea that is not space related, so we had to run with it. We talk about “The...


Uncommon Cryptids

Most of us have heard of Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster and the Jersey Devil. On this weeks show, Tom will discuss two of the lesser known cryptids being reported and encountered. The Dogman, and one of Tom’s favorites, Black eyed kids are discussed with a few encountrers thrown in for good measure. While listening, picture yourself in the witnesses shoes and try to imagine their fear and terror as the unnerving encounters unfold. In this weeks “News you need to know”, Tom gets boastful...


Shake, Rattle and Roll

There is no doubt about it. Our planet is angry at this time. We are seeing a rash of earthquakes and volcanic activity. A couple of episodes ago, Tom and the Cosmic Dreamer discussed how our Sun is not emitting as much energy toward our Planet as before. It was also states that this may cause earthquakes and volcanic activity. Could our Sun’s natural cyle be causing this uptic in natural disasters or is there something else? Or, could it be that there are now multiple issues that are...


Don’t Drink the Water

That nice, cool, refreshing drink of water may not be as refreshing as you would think.. In fact, it may be damaging you body more that you know. So, maybe a nice diest soda will suffice. Wrong!! That soda may be more harmful than water. It seems that no matter what we eat or drink, we are being poisoned at every turn. Find out what is in the water we drink and the diet soda we chug that is slowly killing us. Also, the Boy Scouts of America have recently made news on their controversila...


He’s Watching Me!!!

On this episode of the Paranormal Patriot, Tom and The Dreamer discuss how we are being monitored and tracked with our smartphones. No matter where we go and what we do, we are being targeted. Some may not have an issue with this while others are very concerned. When we pass billboards, our phones are being infiltrated, accessing our search histories. When we click on a link, we are being tracked and monitored. The survellience state is upon us. How do you feel about it? On the week in...


Here’s Lookin’ At You Earth

This week TOm goes back to Mars to determine if structures photographed in the 1970’s are in fact remains of an ancient civilzation or just tricls of light. Tom will discuss NASA’s responce shortly after the pictures became public and more importantly, their response in the late 1990’s. What is NASA hiding? @theparapatriot The Paranormal Patriot on Facebook and


Game On!!!

This week will discuss a topic that may eventually involve everyone of us. Events in Syria have increased the odds pf WW3 tenfold. Find out who is behind this and if there is a chance to reverse the course we are on. On This Week In THe News, more Chicago “Batman” sightings have arisen, what is going on in Detroits schools?, should we be concerned about the current od the Atlantic Ocean and another strange noise was recorded eminating from the sky, this time from Hawaii. What could these...


Nibiru ‘O Nibiru, Where Art Thou?

This week’s show is an Andrew special. He wanted to do a show about Nibiru, so here it is. I can’t see we accomplished anything on this episode, we spent more time bantering back and forth rather than discussing the facts regarding Nibiru. Oh well, we had fun recording this show and hope you enjoy listening. Another week of this week in the news brings us a terrifying beast making its presence known in Canada. The audio was brought to my attention by longtime listener Richard Knox, let us...


No One Is Safe?

On March 13th, Twitter user Ty received a very chilling voicemail that has since gone viral. You may have heard the original voicemail but there appears to be more to the story. Many shows have covered this but they seem to be fixated on a certain subject regarding the voicemail that reduces the credibility of Ty’s claim. Listen to this voicemail and a following voicemail not commonly heard and determine if there is any credence to this story. The Week in news with the Paranormal Patriot...


Who Wants 2 Live 4Ever?

We are getting extremely close to having artificial intelligence a big part of our lives. Are we ready for it? Can computers become more intelligent than humans? Also, the idea of immortality is becoming more and more of a reality. Ask yourself, would you have your consciousness implanted on a computer chip to ensure you would live forever or would you let your soul move on as we have been told it should? The day where computers are in control may be on the horizon. Or is...


Louie B Armstrong In The Sky

People all over the world are still hearing strange sounds from the sky. During the last eight to ten years, these sounds have perplexed and frightened anyone who has heard them. Listen to examples of these sounds and make your own determination of what these are and where they come from. Contact: @theparapatriot The Paranormal Patriot on Minds and Facebook


Deja Vu for Mandela Too

Who remebers eating Jiffy peanut butter as a kid? I do!! The problemis, Jiffy peanut butter never existed. Welcome to the world of the Mandela Effect. Tom will discuss this and more examples of this strange phenomenon. How are people from all over the world remembering objects and events that never happened? Find out the possible reasons and hear more examples of the Mandela Effect. To end the show, Tom brings a new segment forth. THe Paranormal Patriot week in review is a quick hitting...


Whoa…Look at that Thing

On this weeks episode, Tom will give his last thoughts regarding the school shooting in Florida. There has been much response regarding comments made last week. This week, Tom will clarify his thoughts. Lastly, recently released FAA audio was released regarding an October UFO sighting along the West coast. Listen as there air traffic controllers struggle to determine what is being seen by pilots over the skies of California and Oregon. The Paranormal Patriot on Facebook and...


Baby It’s Cold Outside

For decades we have been duped and mislead regarding the true source of climate change. In this episode, Tom and Andrew discuss the real, true cause for the change in Earth’s climate. Is the planet warming or cooling? What is actually causing the change? Most importantly, What is in store for the planet in the very near future? Also, although this is a topic Tom would rather not have to address, the Parkland, Florida school shooting has to be discussed. What is the cause of these...


Random Topics

This weeks show is flying by the seat of its’ pants. No set topic on this show. Only Tom and Andrew dicussing current events. Our show starts with the recent SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch. This could be the launch that brings space travel back into the forefront. Andrew and I watched it live and were more than impressed. Hear the launch as well as what is in the future plans of Elon Musk and SpaceX. Next, another Florida “Batman” encounter is described. Are we witnessing a new species:...


Batman Returns

Even though the Paranormal Patriot was away for a few months, the sightings of the Chicago Batman continued. 53 sightings and counting. Tom will document some of the sightings, discuss the similarities and determine if this is a real phenomenon or just a case of misidentifications and a quest for fame. Our listeners wanted the political aspect of the show to continue and this show will not disappoint. The Nunez memo is discussed. Is this the political killer that the Republicans are...


The Paranormal Patriot Returns!!!

The Paranormal Patriot returns!!!! It has been a while but it appears as if the Paranormal Patriot is back with more paranormal, conspiracies and the unexplained. This weeks episode centers on the planet Mars. Is there, or was there life on the planet? Why is NASA and the ESA not searching for life in the appropriate area? Tom talks to his 14 year old son, who is an aspiring Nasa emplyee regarding his thoughts on what is going on and whether life does or once existed on the...