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Sit back, relax and open your mind Talk surrounding the paranormal, mysteries and the unexplained....with a little politics too.

Sit back, relax and open your mind Talk surrounding the paranormal, mysteries and the unexplained....with a little politics too.
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Owosso, MI


Sit back, relax and open your mind Talk surrounding the paranormal, mysteries and the unexplained....with a little politics too.






Santa Is Moving to Russia

It seems as if magnetic north is making a beeline towards Russia. What is causing this rapid movement? Is it something internally occurring in the planet or is there an outside source pulling our pole at an alarming rate? Are the poles about to flip? If they do, what happens to us? Also, "The New Green Deal" is upon us. Is this proposal feasible? Can we afford it? What do fellow Democrats have to say about it? Find out this and more on this episode of THE PARANORMAL...


Do Not Abort Batman

Our show this week begins with Tom discussing his thoughts and opinions on the recent late term abortion law passed in New York. Hear what he thinks about this and what the future of further bills holds. Next, The Batman of Chicago may have got scared and moved on to Indiana. Tom recounts a few listener sightings of this elusive cryptid as well as an amazing Grey alien encounter. Thanks for listening. Please comment and share the latest show. @theparapatriot


We've Come For The Children

The Paranormal Patriot is back, and he is angry!!! It's been a few weeks since the last show and during that time, Tom has had a chance to really look at the state of this country. He does not like what he sees. To begin the show, Tom will discuss the impending Oregon Senate Bill 526. This "Emergency" bill will allow the government to send agents to the homes of new parents to monitor their children. Only one answer where this is going to go from here. Next, and to end the show, Tom...


It's A Bird, It's A Plane....It's A TR-3B

2019 is here and it has given us some new laws that have to be heard to be believed. Tom will discuss some of these laws as well as detail the comments from the newly elected Michigan Congresswoman as she swears to impeach the MF'er. Is this appropriate, or locker room talk? To end the show, Tom will talk about the strange triangular crafts that have been sighted with increasing frequency. Are they extraterrestrial craft, reverse engineered UFO technology or human military tech? Find out on...


Playing God

A brief comment made on last weeks show brings about the topic for this weeks show. It seems as if scientists and possibly out government are planning on spraying Sulfur Dioxide in the Stratosphere in hopes of dimming the Sun. Will this work and more importantly, is this dangerous to us and the planet? Find out on this weeks episode. Lastly, California is at it again. As if the citizens are not taxed enough, the Government proposed to tax every text sent by cell phone users. How does anyone...


You're A Racist Charlie Brown

The country is very rapidly losing its' collective mind. This Holiday season, it seems as if you can't look or say anything to anyone without them getting offended. From Rudolph to Charlie Brown to Christmas music and candy canes, everything is under attack. Maybe we can take a page from the French and rebel against things that actually matter. The "Yellow Vest" protest in France is proving that the people are becoming more and more upset with their Government taking more money and power...


The Disclosure Effect

This weeks show begins with the results of the inevitable UFO disclosure. What will happen around the globe. Wil society collapse, religions crumble or will it be just another day? Tom will give his synopsis on what he believes will happen on the days and weeks to follow after disclosure. Next, there was a noise heard and felt across half the planet that scientists cannot explain. How does our planet ring like a bell when it has a solid core? Science can not seem to explain it. Lastly, you...


Paranormal Encounters From Listeners

This weeks episode will detail listener encounters with the paranormal. Hear about encounters with ghosts and black eyed kids as well as bigfoot. Also hear a terrifying encounter with a possible alien entity following a UFO sighting. Send your own paranormal encounter to my email address @ @theparapatriot @thecosmicdream1


Irish Eyes Are Smil....SEEING UFO"s

Happy Thanksgiving!! This episode is a little late due to technical difficulties, however the show must go on. This week, Tom discusses one of the most convincing UFO encounters of 2018. Multiple pilots saw the same event and reported it at the same time to Irish air traffic controllers. Hear the actual audio tapes and also hear of a video that adds more credence to this event. Listen to the audio and decide for yourself. Also, California is in the midst of another horrendous wildfire. Why...


The Episode About Nothing

This week, The Cosmic Dreamer joins us again and we discuss a whole lot of nothing. This episode is completely "fly by the seat of our pants". There is no structure and we just talk about what comes to mind. First, the election is over, or is it? Are the Democrats trying to steal the election in Florida and Arizona, or are the Republicans crying wolf for no apparent reason? Also, NASA has an issue. It seems that a large part of their equipment in space is breaking down at the same time. Is...


The Battle for America Heats up- Who is Q Anon?

After a month long break, The Paranormal Patriot is back!!! The subject on this return episode goes back to the beginning. Tom will talk politics and try to answer the question "Who is Q Anon and are they legitimate?" Hear Tom's opinion regarding the validity of this group and who he believes they may be. Is there a coming war between Military Intelligence and the Deep State? Find out on this weeks episode.


Supernatural Monsters #1

It is October and we bregin this month with a three part series of supernatural monsters. First in the series is the werewolf. For centuries, legends have spoke of man/wolf like creatures roaming the fields and towns of Medieval Europe. It was not just Europe that spoke of these creatures. Indian tribes of North and South America as well as Asian cultures all had there own stories of a similar creature. To this day, sightings of werewolf type creatures are witnessed around the globe. Are...


Behold! The Black Knight

This weeks episode begins with a discussion surround the alleged "Black Knight" satellite. Since the 1950's an unexplained satellite has been seen via photos and sightings by astronauts. Is it possble that Nikola Tesla received radio signals from this unexplained orbiting craft in 1899? What does NASA say it is? Find out on this episode of The Paranormal Patriot. To end the show, I detail an Ohio listener account of a "Grey" visitation as well as my own unexplained encounter. Listen and...


The Sun Is Open For Business

The observatory in New Mexico is open again. The reason for the shutdown is shrouded in mystery. The official explanation is coming under scrutiny due to the fact that it makes no sense at all. Hear the "official" reason for the shutdown and decide for yourself if it makes any sense. Next, the planned moon mission has been put on hold. Why have we not been to the moon since 1972? Is it a budgetary issue or something more sinister? Listen and decide for yourself on this weeks episode of The...


Black Hole Sun

Our show this week begins with transmissions from astronauts to NASA regarding UFO sightings. These are the real deal, authentic transmissions. Could these astronauts be seeing real UFO's or are they seeing space debris and misinterpreting them as UFO's? Listen to the audio transmissions and decide for yourself. Next, can someone tell me what is going on in Sunspot, New Mexico and other solar observatories around the globe. At the time of this recording, seven observatories and webcams have...


Listener Encounters Part 2

I have asked for listener encounters with the paranormal and you have given me plenty to choose from. In this installment of The Paranormal Patriot, I will go over three listener encounters with things that cannot be explained. Listen and decide for yourself. Did our listners really encounter something supernatural? To end the show, I will discuss the events that recently occurred at a Wisconsin business. What happened? Why are its' employees celebrating this "achievement"? Find out what...


Time Waits For No One

The theory of time travel is discussed this week. Is time travel possible? Does time even exist? Many deep thoughts and questions to be answered on this episode. The murder of Mollie Tibbetts is discussed. The left and the right are stating their cases but who is right? You may be amazed at Tom’s views on this. This tragic situation goes beyond politics. Lastly, a listener of the show sent Tom a copy of a “bullying test” that all students in the Grand Rapids Public Schools had to...


The Dytalov Pass Incident

Tom and The Cosmic Dreamer will discuss one of histories most enduring events. Nine Russian hikers went missing in the Ural mountains. When their bodies were found, the mystery began. How did they die and more curiously, what was the reson for their bizarre behavior? Find out more about this strange event and come to your own conclusion. Next, A listener recently sent me a tweet asking if I would discuss the Alex Jones ban on saocial media. So, this week I will discuss my thoughts as well...


Dew in the morning, Dew at night, Dew scorching forests with its' bright light

There seems to be an abundance of wildfires around the world. From California to Colorado and Greece. These wildfires have been intense and somewhat mysterious. Pictures from the area show dwellings and vehicles melted with the surrounding greenery unaffected. Is this how nature works or is there a more sinister motive involved? Also, Tom will discuss the amazing "numbers" of our human body. It appears that there is no chance we have evolved. Listen to this segment and decide for...


Bermuda, Jamaica, Ohh I Wanna Take Ya

This weeks episode is a Cosmic Dreamer special. The Cosmic Dreamer wanted to do a show surrounding The Bermuda Triangle. This show revolves around the theories, the hosts opinions as well as a few of the most famous disappearances in the Triangle. In "The News You Need to Know" segment, The Paranormal Patriot gets taken to school by the Cosmic Dreamer regarding a rogue planet that may not be a planet after all. Listen as Tom is taught the facts about space. Lastly, an old friend is...