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Your Gateway to the Trends and Tropes of the Horror Genre


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Your Gateway to the Trends and Tropes of the Horror Genre






The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 139: The Worst Horror Films of 2021

This is the annual ritual of summarizing the year that was. We first celebrate the best of the year, and then we have to get real. Not everything was worth your time when it comes to scary movies last year. We don't enjoy doing this, but we have to name names. Welcome to Episode 139 where we dish out what wasn't good in 2021.


The Scariest Things Episode CXXXIII: An Examination of Ti West’s Masterpiece: The House of the Devil (2009)

We have decided to do something a little different, this time: A single film analysis. We look back at one of our favorite independent horror films of the last 20 years: The House of the Devil (2009), by Director Ti West. It's a near-perfect exercise in horror story development and execution, and you can hear our rationale in this bonus podcast episode!


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 138: The Best Horror Movies of 2021

Happy New Year Scariest Friends! The Scariest Things has now banked FOUR YEARS of podcasts and reviews, and despite a world-wide pandemic, we were able to see a lot of good movies and share our impressions with our ever growing fan base. It's a good time to thank everybody who has checked in with us over the year. The new Golden Age of horror continues on, unabated, and we look forward to sharing with you a fantastic 2022!


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CXXXVII: The Psychology of Horror Movies

We Horror fans are an odd lot. We actively seek emotional sensations that make us uncomfortable, agitated, and if done well, terrified. To say that we are adrenaline junkies testing our courage is an easy way out, and doesn't really get to the truth of things. Ashley Hirusina, a graphic artist managed in one poster, a deep but succinct analysis of why we seek the scary.


The Scariest Things Episode CXXXVI: UFO Horror

Hey! Watch where you're sticking that thing! Do you believe in UFO's? Do you think of aliens from outer space with fascination... or dread? Sometimes the aliens look like Alf. Sometimes they look like little green men (and later... little grey men). Some come for peace, and some come to carry us off the earth for experiments of the most awful kind. We will be talking about the latter! Enjoy Episode 136: UFO Horror!


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CXV: The Horror Potluck Director’s Cut

The Horror Potluck is back! What is the potluck? It's when each of the podcasters brings a movie to the recording session and we all discuss a movie that the others selected. This time, each of us picked just one movie that we thought had a compelling reason to spend additional time dissecting. The movies we picked are: Baskin, Halloween Kills, and Tourist Trap, each of them worthy of a longer look for uniquely different reasons.


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CXXXIV: Cryptid Horror

Mysterious sightings and local folklore have pushed curious crypto hunters into the woods and onto deep lakes to reveal the truth. Maybe, just maybe, that local legend will show itself to you. In horror movies, they are true, and they will WRECK you. The Scariest Things talks about some of our favorite cryptid creepies in Episode 134.


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CXXXII: A Summer Festival Recap

For the second year in a row, our favorite film festivals were presented to us in a streaming format (though some festivals had theatrical releases). This has allowed the Scariest Things to watch lots of horror from the comfort of our own homes, with some (mostly) pretty awesome content. We recap the best and the worst of the Summer Festivals from 2021.


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CXXXI: Folklore Horror

Once upon a time... horror was something you learned from your grandmother or the tribal elder. It is ancient horror by way of magic and myth, bolstered by the shared beliefs of a culture. This sub-genre is open to a broad range of interpretations and can be somewhat hard to pin down for definition. Leave it to the Scariest Things who were not afraid to give our own takes on what Folkloric horror is all about.


The Scariest Things Podcast Extra: An Interview with Tim Shechmeister, Director of “Hello?” : The Best Horror Shorts of the Portland Horror Film Festival

The Scariest Things loves its short horror films, and we had the privilege to talk with director Tim Shechmeister who gave us our favorite horror short from the extensive roster of great shorts that played at the Portland Horror Film Festival. Check out an exclusive release of Hello? right here in this post!


The Scariest Things Podcast Extra: The Greatest Movie Monster of All Time Bracket Fight!

A little extra treat for our Podcast Listeners. We had a live run through of one of our favorite activities: A Bracket Fight! A live audience of about 150 got to hoot and holler for their favorite monsters and selecting a creature feature champion. There were some great upsets and definite fan favorites. Who won? You'll have to listen in to find out.


The Scariest Things Episode CXXX: Masked Killer Horror!

One hundred thirty episodes in and we're finally getting to what has to be what most horror fans identify as the iconic horror trope of all time: the masked killer! Well fret no longer horror fans, we are coming to one of the cornerstones of the genre. You start with Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Leatherface, but we'll get you to the next level in episode 130!


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CXXIX: Tricks, Traps, and Puzzle Horror

Shall we play a GAME? For some of the brainiest horror movies, go to the tradition of tricks and traps horror. The punishment for not figuring out how to win the game is often painful and deadly. And face it, you watch reality TV shows to see people get eliminated, right? This horror sub-trope takes that idea to the next bloody level.


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CXXVIII: The Best Horror Films of the First Half of 2021

2021 has delivered a number of films that were held in reserve over the awkward year that was 2020. The studios held back some of their most proven titles, and when the theaters opened up a slew of them hit the theaters, and several of them were worth the wait.


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CXXVII: Creepy Crawlies

Skittering. Scuttling. Swarming. And sometimes... crushing. For millions of people, their greatest fears come with six or eight legs. Yipes! Is something crawling up my leg? AAAAAIIIIEEEE!


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CXXVI: Giallo!

Buona sera! If you like your horror with a large slice of salacious, then look to the Italians and their bloody thriller tradition of Giallo. Where to start? Let the Scariest Things point you the way to a bloody good time.


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CXXV: Horror Documentaries

The best way for you to learn about Horror Films is to read and listen to The Scariest Things. The next best thing to do is to watch a Horror Documentary. You will find a documentary that aligns with your favorite horror tropes. Giallo? Check! Grindhouse? Check! Classic Universal Monsters? That too. In Episode 125, the Scariest Things team reveals nine movies that will increase your knowledge and love of the genre.


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CXXIV: I want my Mummies!

For a pantheon inhabiting monster, it is odd that a good Mummy movie a rarity. Unlike werewolves and vampires, Mummies got stuck in a same-story trope vortex of sameness. Fear not, though, The Scariest Things has found some buried treasures for you!


A Podcast Extra: An Interview with Actor/Director Ryan Barton-Grimley

The Scariest Things sat down for a fun and lively discussion with director Ryan Barton-Grimley to break down his raucous horror-comedy Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayers, one of our favorite movies from 2020.


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CXXIII: The 2021 Thingy Awards Show!

It's time to celebrate the best of horror from 2020, with the third annual Thingy Awards! Once again, we summoned a jury of expert horror aficionados to determine the worthy winners from a pool of great (if perhaps under-seen) scary movies. Raise the curtain and let's hand out some awards!