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Join us as we discuss supernatural, paranormal, witchy, spooky topics. We will share our personal experiences and share stories old and new. We will hopefully entertain, educate and scare you!

Join us as we discuss supernatural, paranormal, witchy, spooky topics. We will share our personal experiences and share stories old and new. We will hopefully entertain, educate and scare you!
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Join us as we discuss supernatural, paranormal, witchy, spooky topics. We will share our personal experiences and share stories old and new. We will hopefully entertain, educate and scare you!






E22: Enfield Haunting/ Poltergeist Fact or Fiction

In this episode Geode and Debbie discuss the Enfield Haunting also known as the Enfield Poltergeist case. We discuss the history of the case and theories on what may have caused the haunting. Is this fact or fiction? Investigators from the original events still believe it to be true. We also mention changing our name. At the time it was a work in progress. Now we have settled on Your Paranormal Witchy Connection. Geode will be working on getting the name changed. If all goes right, we will...


HQ 11: Watchers, shadowlands and more

In this Haunted Quicky Geode and V discuss reactions and thoughts on prev episode topics. V will share more of her experiences with Shadow people or watchers and what she calls the Red Village . Geode recommends Clive Barker’s book Weaveworld for a look at a tale of a hidden universe and how it compares to V’s Red World. Geode also tells a little bit more about being Wiccan VS Witch. Please for give the weird blank spots in sound that you hear in this recording. You don’t miss anything...


E21: Tarot- 78 Cards of Fortune

In this episode Debbie discusses learning to read Tarot cards and how she developed her skills. Geode tells about her early fear of tarot cards. They each share past reading experiences. They discuss the possibility that when we are not having outward psychic experiences maybe we are having inward experiences. Send us your paranormal or Tarot stories. Stay Spooky and don’t let James Bond movies scare you forever! You can find us at: The Podbean app- The Secret Lives Of Geode And...


E20: That's so ZOZO!

Debbie can’t be with Geode today so Geode welcomes loyal listener V to the show! They discuss the limited history of the enity ZoZo. Is he real, a demon, a prank? We caution you, just in case he is real, to NOT invite ZOZO into your Oujia board or life. If he comes to your board we suggest you tell him you don’t want to talk to him or close your board. Check out the website of Darren Evans, paranormal investigator and Zozologist. Listen for a weird sound at approx. 32 mins 40 seconds. Is it...


CS1: Communication from the Shadowland

Welcome to our first Communications from the Shadowland! In these episodes we will read your letters back to you. We won’t spoil the surprise by telling you what the emails are about but will let you listen to the tales of your fellow Shadow People. Enjoy and stay spooky!


HQ10: Smallfoot review, Yule ritual and more

Geode gives you a little review of the movie Smallfoot and tells how it relates to the Episode 19 Bigfoot recording. Debbie got it right! She also give you a simple Yule ritual to get you ready for the coming new year and all the joy and great things it can bring! BTW, the Wassel recipe is very tasty. Stay Spooky and have a great future!!! You can find us at: The Podbean app- The Secret Lives Of Geode And Debbie Podcast Facebook, ITunes, IHeart Radio, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher,...


E19: Dang! Your feet are HOW BIG?!?!

Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, and skunk ape are just a few names for this huge, upright, hairy creature “seen” all over the globe. Geode and Debbie talk about some of the names, descriptions and theories about the mysterious creature we know as Bigfoot. They pose questions like are there different species or sub species, what is the evidence of their existence and why are they rarely seen? Geode also shares what she feels is her grandson’s 1 “documented” paranormal encounter. Stay spooky, keep...


HQ9: OPPS! Did I say that about Yule?!?!

Geode takes this time to tell you the correct date of Yule- Dec 21 and since she has your ear, some more Yule stuff. Geode gives you a Wassail recipe that sounds too good to pass up. Enjoy and have a spooky, loving holiday.


E18: Dont Krampus my Christmas style!

Most people know of St Nick or Santa Claus as the good guy of Christmas. In this episode we discuss the other side of the coin. We introduce you to the not so nice actions of Krampus, Belsnickel and the Yule Lads. We also talk about the Lads’ cat and what he will do if you don’t get a just one measly pair of socks for Christmas. These personalities are meant to scare you into behaving as good little boys and girls. Let’s hope they are not real! Stay spooky, behave and watch out for coal...


HQ 8: Yule Time is here

In this episode we talk about The Great Solar Wheel of the Year and Yule. The Wheel of the Year is a visual representation of the 4 Major and 4 Lesser Sabbats. Our Sabbats are based on the celebration of Nature and the seasons. We will briefly go through the Wheel, focusing on Yule. We will talk about the history of Yule and the meaning of some of our holiday traditions. Geode recommends her 1st Wiccan book, The Wicca Craft The Modern Witch’s Book of Herbs, Magick, and Dreams by Gerina...


E17: Poppet Like It's Hot!

Poppet, corn dolly, voodoo doll, all cultures have these items used in effigy for good and bad intent. A poppet is a doll made in the likeness of a person. The doll is then used in casting spells to help, hurt or direct the person it represents. We will discuss some history of these dolls, how to make them and use them. Remember, you can use magick to help yourself. Geode recommends a book, “The Brief History of the Dead” by Kevin Brockmeier. The corn dolls in the picture were hand crafted...


HQ 7: Marfa Lights and Oklahoma Spook Light

Have you ever been driving at night and seen a strange light in the sky? Did you stop and watch it or get the heck out of there? In this quickie we talk about the Texas Marfa Lights and the Spook Light in the Oklahoma/ Missouri area. We will talk briefly about the history and possible causes for these lights that have been seen since the early 1800s. Enjoy and send us your stories of strange lights in the sky!


E16 FEARS! What scares you?

Fear This!!! What scares you? Geode and Debbie discuss some of their fears and many of you may have. We discuss the fear of stairs, owls, train tracks, 3am and much more. Which came first, the fear or the book/movie? If you think about it, you will realize many movies are based on phobias and national fears. Debbie recommends the movie Skeleton Key and tells why she believes that Oklahoma is the most haunted state in the US. We need to get on those road trips and prove it! Stay spooky and...


E 15: Protection or Protect Your Assets

In this episode we will start the discussion about protection. Through out life you may need to protect your house, your assets, your family and yourself. Debbie and Geode will share many ways to protect all you need to protect. Many times protection is just a kitchen away. Stay spooky and protect your assets! We hope to do a Listener's stories soon so please email us with any of your experiences! You can find us at: The Podbean app- The Secret Lives Of Geode And Debbie...


E14: What's so spooky about New Orleans & Salem?

Caution: this episode contains details of a graphic nature that may upset sensitive listeners. Geode recalls her visit to New Orleans in the early 90’s. She tells of the spooky vibe and her desire to go back to do the spooky, mystical, magical thing. Madame Delphine LaLaurie and some of her horrific acts are discussed. Debbie tells of her visit to Salem. She discusses some of the cool things she saw and some of the atrocities that happened in Salem’s past. Debbie also tells of a spirit...


HQ6: Mandela Effect or Reality isn't what it used to be!

Reality isn’t what it used to be! Do you know how the Queen song We Are The Champions ends? Do you remember Curious George’s tail? How many states are in the USA? What the heck is the Mandela Effect? The ME is the paranormal phenomenon in which you and millions of others remember a fact that there is nothing to document its being an actual fact. How can so many share false memories with no evidence of them happening? Is it an alternate reality slip, a parallel world cross over, the result of...


E 13:Modern version- How to spot a witch

In this episode we discuss how to tell if someone is a witch in these modern times. Most of the ways to know someone is a witch are from olden time but have a new twist. While witches are usually just like everyone else in appearance, we still have tells, if you know what to look for. Our beliefs unite us and our differences keep us interesting. Debbie and Geode get serious in this episode. We will share indicators that we may or may not fully believe, give you things to ponder and tips in...


HQ5:Effects of hauntings on people

We know what can happen when a house is haunted but what are the effects on the people that are haunted? Geode has watched the first episode of the new Netflix show “Haunted” and this brought up a much needed discussion. We discuss the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical effects of living through a haunting. We know a haunted person can experience fear, but many also experience depression, self-doubt, isolation and more. Where can you turn if you are haunted and don’t know anyone that...


E12: Haunted houses we've lived in

Join us as we share stories of some of the many haunted houses that we have lived in. Is it the dwelling that is haunted or is the person a spirit magnet? We will discuss friendly ghost, irritated relatives, ghost dogs, evil entities and yelling sprits. Geode shares her “groups” theory of the ghost on the highway. We will also talk about YouTube videos fake and real. If you want to watch a good scary movie, Geode recommends the Korean zombie film “Train to Busan” and Debbie suggest the...


HQ 4: Olden ways for how to spot a witch

It is the Halloween season, You see witches ever where you look. Are these "real" witches or just your neighbor and her kids play acting? Join us as Geode shares a list of the 10 sure signs that someone is a witch. Mind you, these were sure fire ways to spot a witch in the 16 and 1700s. We find these tests to be ridiculous but they were truly and seriously used back in the olden days to accuse and convict people of being witches. Geode and Debbie will share other equally silly things to look...