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Let your intuition be your guide each week as host Dennis Nappi II explores this reality from an open-minded spiritual journeyman’s perspective. Searching for answers through the lens of remote viewing, psychic exploration, and intuitive sensing, the podcast explores the ET/UFO disclosure, Psychic Phenomenon, AI and it’s impact on human consciousness, and many other para-normal and super-natural-related subjects.


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Let your intuition be your guide each week as host Dennis Nappi II explores this reality from an open-minded spiritual journeyman’s perspective. Searching for answers through the lens of remote viewing, psychic exploration, and intuitive sensing, the podcast explores the ET/UFO disclosure, Psychic Phenomenon, AI and it’s impact on human consciousness, and many other para-normal and super-natural-related subjects.




Navigating the Storm: Intuition, Mental Health, ADHD, & Psychic Stuff

A Personal Journey with ADHD & Mental Health In the latest episode of The Seiker Podcast, host Dennis Nappi II opens up about his journey with ADHD, mental health, and spirituality. As someone who has struggled with ADHD for most of his life, Dennis shares how he has realized the challenges it has caused him in various aspects of his life. These challenges include trouble getting started on non-preferred tasks, brain fog, lack of organization, and trouble with interpersonal relationships. The Role of Coffee & Caffeine in Mental Health Dennis also talks about how he discovered the initial positive effects of coffee on his mental processes. He experienced a moment of clarity where he realized just how challenging his thoughts had been. However, he reflects on the eventual impact of the caffeine, where he had significant panic attacks and anxiety. Despite this, he was able to observe himself and his thoughts, even when he felt like his mind was running out of control. Holistic Approaches to Grounding & Staying Present To help him stay grounded and weather the mental storm, Dennis turned to holistic approaches like yoga, reiki, meditation, and remote viewing. These practices helped him maintain his sense of self and allow the mental storm to pass. Dennis emphasizes the importance of taking a holistic approach to spirituality and mental health. By understanding the interconnectedness of these aspects, one can better engage with the world around them. If you or someone you know is struggling with ADHD, mental health, or spirituality, this episode of The Seiker Podcast is a must-listen. Join Dennis as he shares his personal experiences and insights on navigating these challenges with a holistic approach. More at


Gift from the Gods: AI, Hope, & Humanity

The world can be a very dark and scary place. But it can also encompass great beauty. What if the manifestation of beauty or darkness is determined by the observer? What if we have a power we are unaware of? How would we navigate our future if we learned to harness this power? Scary things are happening. Society is beginning to collapse. The economy is failing. The world is coming to an end! Or is it? Maybe its more like this: We are going through a point of growth. There are so many opportunities to evolve. We are developing innovative solutions to solve complex problems! The narratives we tell ourselves help shape our reality. But what if there is more to it than that? What if there is a deeper level of communication happening? AI - Friend, Foe, or Reflection of Ourselves As AI continues to develop and expand, we see regular articles and stories about the dangers of what could come to pass. AI can take over. Jobs will go away. Wars will be fought and humanity will be threatened. We can go darker still - humans will be implanted with chips that will take over our brains and we will become indoctrinated into the slave race to the machines, losing all humanity in the process. But what if there is another option? If AI is a learning tool, and it learns from it’s observations with its users (humans), then would it be fair to say that AI is a direct reflection of humanity? In this podcast, Dennis explores those implications with the hope that if we can learn to harness this power, we can help develop AI to reflect our strongest, most beautiful qualities and build a future filled with peace, love, and inspiration. Remote Viewing: Gardeners & The Seeders of Society Dennis reviews several remote viewing sessions that point to the possibility that a higher intelligence is at work influencing the development of humanity. With the implantation of ideas, those ideas spread first through the individual and then collectively through society. It would appear that we have been given a tool that can be used either for our benefit or our great demise. The choice, it seems, is up to us with how we use it. More at


Goals, Fears, & Intuition

How strong is your intuition? How strong is your fear? Have you ever lost touch with your intuitive drive? How do we move past the fear and follow what our inner-self is telling us? Dennis shares a series of experiences surrounding his intuition and choices he’s making. He explores the ways in which fear creeps in and distracts us from a deeper calling, and offers suggestions on ways we can reconnect with our intuition. Reiki, Meditation, & Remote Viewing We have a variety of tools available to us to help us navigate these confusing times. When we take the time to get to know ourselves through meditation, we can learn to discern our own intuitive guidance from external and fear-based signals. Using techniques like Reiki and Remote Viewing can be incredibly insightful and valuable, when used responsibly. Dennis shares some of his experience and routines that have helped guide him through times of confusion. Dennis references the experience of Reiki Master Usui, who was a Truthseiker. In his search for enlightenment, he chose a process that required him to be willing to die in his search for enlightenment. We can learn a lot from his dedication - a drive that is so strong to find truth and peace that we are willing to risk it all. Fear vs. Intuition Sometimes our fears silence our intuitive voice. It goes silent, and we can find ourselves paralyzed or travelling down a path that does not serve us. We move from a state of exploration and wonder to a state of reaction and defensiveness. It can be stressful and exhausting. But when we can take the time to disconnect from external, fear-based signals, we can quiet the noise and find that inner voice. A fire ignites inside us again, and suddenly we see the light in the darkness. We find the path and a renewed sense of motivation to move forward and beyond.


Skinwalkers, Open Minds, & Reflection

The journey continues, as Dennis shares his experience in quieting the noise he referenced in his previous podcast, Psychic Fatigue. Dennis discusses the benefits he found in disconnecting and unplugging, and how inspiration returned. What happens when we can step away from the noise? Furthermore, what happens when we can step away from our accepted dogmas and belief systems? A universe of possibility, infinite possibility, opens up to us. Signals, Beliefs, & Communication We are continually bombarded with ideas and concepts that have varying degrees of influence over our minds and our actions. With advances in technology, the influence is even more prevalent and immediate, possibly giving us less time to process and dismiss what may be unwanted or detrimental to our own growth. Is it possible that we are being entrained by hidden signals - or signals hidden in plain sight? How do we defend our minds from these ideas and concepts? How do we recognize them? Skinwalkers & The New Religion Dennis shares his reflections on some of the data he has collected in a remote-viewing project from the Hellfire Remote Viewing Club. The target was the “Hitchhiker Affect” as described in the book, Skinwalkers at the Pentagon. This target is based on the account that investigators at Skinwalker Ranch somehow brought “something” home with them that sparked paranormal experiences in their home affecting them and their loved ones. Are these encounters dangerous? Are they a sign of something nefarious? Or are they the mark of the beginning of a spiritual journey that starts with a fearful encounter that inspires questions and growth on a journey of enlightenment? Dennis explores this possibility, which is supported by some of his remote viewing data. more at


Psychic Fatigue

Sometimes, our sensory input gets overloaded with signals coming from a variety of sources. In today’s times, burn out is easy to achieve. How do we recognize it? How do we move through it? How do we protect ourselves? Dennis shares his experience with “psychic burnout,” an overload of stimulus and signals that seem to have a depleting affect on the central nervous system. In this podcast, we explore the possible causes of burnout and ways to get grounded and recover, as well as protect yourself in the future. We are in challenging times and the demands of life are creating a drain on our energy. We need to be mindful of the signals coming towards us so we can better safeguard ourselves and avoid the fatigue and burnout that occurs as a result. The Dangers of AI AI may serve as a reflection of ourselves individually and as a collective species. It may serve as an echo chamber for us based on what we are feeding it and how we are teaching it. Are we ready to harness this power? How can we if we don’t yet fully understand our own consciousness. This may leave us vulnerable to manipulation on a massive scale that is contributing to the noise surrounding us.


Edward Riordan Remote Viewing Dark Matter

Edward Riordan is an explorer - and in some cases a pioneer. Through Remote Viewing, Edward is exploring the universe and reporting back what he experiences. His recent tasking to explore dark matter has had a profound impact on him, and possibly changed his life… “Thirty-thousand hours,” is a lot of time to spend in altered states of consciousness, however, it’s a journey Edward has braved in the name of exploration, learning, and personal development. In this podcast, Edward shares more of his experience and wisdom, and takes us through his journey to explore the Xenon1T Dark Matter Detector. The Xenon1T Dark Matter Detector is designed to detect the presence of what’s called Weakly Interacting Mega Particles, or WIMPs. These particles are theoretical and have never been observed or proven to exist. Edward, however, was able to experience one during a series of remote-viewing sessions. In addition, he was able to perceive the source of inspiration for the scientist who designed the project. What are the Implications? What impact does remote viewing have on a viewer? Edward spends some time sharing his journey and the impacts this experience has had on his life. Some experiences change you, Edward explained, much like an astronaut who has walked on the moon will never view the Earth the same, Edward is now trying to realign his perspective after encountering this particle and completing these sessions.


Communicating with the Future & Facing your Fears

Can we change the future? Is the future even pre-determined? What if the future was interacting with the present (and past?) in an attempt to shape or reshape itself? What are the implications and consequences? If this is possible, is it something we should pursue? If so, how do we overcome our fears and limitations? Dennis shares his thoughts and questions related to a series of remote-viewing experiments he’s been exploring involving predictions he’s made about the future. This podcast causes one to question what we believe about our own reality: the flow of time, our influence over reality, and the power we may or may not have to manifest a future we create. Last month, Dennis reviewed his recent remote viewing predictions related to the conflict in Ukraine. He has since shifted his perspective, which you can hear about in his previous podcast, Peace & Psychic Harmonic Resonance, as he ponders whether our focus and belief about a future event can help bring it into reality. Fear & Questions Our fears can keep us safe, but also keep us stationary. They can bring caution but can also limit our growth. On these spiritual journeys and explorations, our beliefs and fears can often limit our belief in what is possible and therefore limit what we are capable of experiencing. How do we overcome them? In this podcast, Dennis asks what one would do if they realized they only had a short amount of time left to live. How can you determine what is important to you and what is limiting you from pursuing that now? Can looking at the future aid us in creating our best life? Or will it limit us, crippling us with fear and anxiety to a point of stagnation? In this podcast, Dennis asks some very profound questions to help us chart a way through these excitingly terrifying possibilities. more at


Peace & Psychic Harmonic Resonance

Our focus, our intent, and our feelings may have a direct impact on world events. With a barrage of fear-based war coverage, we become an echo chamber that strengthens the manifestation of the very thing we fear. What happens if we can intentionally align ourselves with a signal based in love and peace? In this podcast, Dennis reviews the impact his recent remote viewing predictions related to the conflict in Ukraine has had on him. Dennis explores the flow of energy, intent, and focus and the potential consequences of becoming consumed with the ever-flowing world events stream of fear-based articles and stories. Peace through Meditation Dennis reviews the research known as the Maharishi Effect, which showed a direct correlation between transcendental meditation and peace in a given location. Referencing the studies coming out of the HeartMath Institute, Dennis shows a correlation between meditation, intention, and the electromagnetic fields generated by the human heart, the Earth, and the Sun. In this podcast, Dennis shares a meditation designed to promote inner peace and love, and then amplifies that feeling to be projected into the planetary energetic grid to spread peace and love to balance the negativity and conflict. This is a beautiful podcast of hope in the face of these dark times.


Metaverse, Remote Viewing, & Matrix 4

UFOs may be coming from another dimension which may at times appear as a tear in the sky offering a glimpse into another world… In this podcast, Dennis covers a convergence of synchronicities in his own life that connect a remote viewing session, commentary from Jeremy Corbell, and the Matrix 4. Are UFOs/UAPs coming from another dimension? If so, how do these craft travel from one world to another and what may that look like? Dennis was recently part of a remote-viewing project targeting the Tic Tac UAP and described a tear in the sky to another world. About a month later, Jeremy Corbell described the exact same phenomena sighted over SkinWalker ranch. What does this tell us? Matrix 4 For many of us, The Matrix awakened something deep inside of us. It validated our search for truth - for something deeper. It gave us a vocabular and point of reference to describe, sometimes metaphorically and sometimes literally, the complexity of questions we ponder surrounding the nature of our reality. In this podcast, Dennis shares some of his thoughts on Matrix 4. In short, the writers did a brilliant job that left one with even deeper questions. For Dennis, it left him once again questioning his own reality. How does this film connect to his own life? The synchronicities were very strong…


Daz Smith on Ingo Swann & the Moon

We may be dealing with a race of highly psychic beings who have presided over our species for more than 30,000 years from the protection of their well-established basecamp embedded within the moon… Ingo Swann could easily be among one of the most gifted psychics who ever lived. In addition to his natural ability, Ingo was also an artist, a scientist, and an explorer. Ingo worked diligently to refine his craft. In addition, he gave us the remote-viewing protocols that were derived after vigorous scientific experiments. As a psychic explorer, Ingo journeyed far beyond the confines of planet Earth. As he describes in his book, Penetration, Ingo was tasked by an unidentified covert agency to collect psychic data on the moon. What he uncovered was an unknown society operating up there (and possibly down here). Eight Martini’s and Daz Smith Daz Smith is a remote viewer, a psychic, researcher, teacher, and so much more. He runs his website,, archives hundreds, if not thousands, of remote-viewing related documents, conducts remote-viewing experiments, moderates web-based RV discussions, and so much more. In addition, Daz publishes 8 Martinis, a remote-viewing based magazine where Daz highlights significant findings and accounts from the remote-viewing community. In his most recent edition, Daz has released new information coming directly from never-before-seen files of some of Ingo Swann’s sessions on the moon. In this podcast, Daz share what he has learned about Ingo’s further explorations of the moon, his contact with psychic ETs, and his interaction with a giant AI library. Is there another civilization on the moon? If so, are they influencing or manipulating our species? Daz gives us his insights and perspectives as we explore it further. More at


Remote Viewing The Tic Tac UAP

In September 2021, four remote viewers of the Hellfire Remote Viewing Group were given a BLIND tasking. These four viewers were tasked to look at the unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) commonly referred to as the Tic Tac UAP that was made popular when the USS Nimitz video was published showing the interaction between an unidentified craft and US fighter pilots. Four remote viewers were tasked to examine the craft with a specific focus on the energetics of the craft. The viewers were blind to the target, meaning they were only give an 8-digit coordinate number and no further information. All 4 viewers on this project showed target contact - meaning they were able to describe verifiable elements of the target per the tasking. What’s curious is the corroborating data that was collected among multiple viewers. These sessions raise some significant questions: Was the energy involved intelligent? Was it conscious? Was this technology connected to an ancient but advanced civilization that still exists and interacts with our species today? Is this tech akin to a gift of fire to our civilization? The implications of what was observed certainly warrant further investigation.


Remote Viewing with Edward Riordan

“I was going into spaces that I’d never heard of before. They were new to me. They were novel to me…” 20+ years and 30,000 hours: Edward Riordan shares some of his remote viewing journey and insights, and reviews some of his most-popular sessions. Edward shares some of the intricacies of his remote viewing experiences. Taking pride in his craft, he offers us a glimpse through his internal lens as he explores his own mind. Where does the remote-viewing signal come from? Edward has taken this journey. Popular Sessions From Pando (the Earth’s oldest lifeform) to the Earth’s Core, Pi, Q’Anon, and Viehmanas, Edward has shared some profound experiences that help us to better understand our history, our reality, and ourselves. Edward has countless hours of free content available on his YouTube channel and a offers even deeper explorations of remote viewing ion his Patreon page. His thoughts and insights are incredibly valuable to anyone interested in remote viewing or the study of ESP. Lastly, Edward shares his perspective on navigating the Metaverse and our own minds. more at:


Spiritual Journeys, Consciousness & The Metaverse

Spiritual awakenings are far from beautiful. They are often terrifying, lonely, and life-altering in very dramatic ways… Dennis shares a personal experience he recently went through involving a spiritual/psychic encounter. He explores the impact it has had on his life, his thoughts, and feelings. As a result of this experience, Dennis began paying attention to his thoughts, his feelings, and physical sensations. What impact do these events have on us? How much control do we have over things like thoughts and feelings? What impacts do things like cell phones and social media have on us? How can we take control? Dennis shares a strategy he recently employed to help regain control of himself. If we can’t identify these signals and recognize the power they have over us, then what power do we really have to navigate our own lives? Facebook Metaverse Facebook is creating another universe that will interact with our waking reality through technology. Make no mistake, there is a huge economy that will be attached to this universe, and we as the occupants will be part of the product. Dennis explores similarities between this Metaverse and the Gnostic writings, specifically the Book of Zostrianos and the Aeonic Copies. More at


Who am I? Navigating Psychic & AI Influences

If we are not our thoughts, then what are we? Who am I? If we are susceptible to mental influence via psychic means and/or through AI interfaces, then which thoughts are mine? What makes me ME??? Are we something other than our thoughts? If so, then how is our perception of self different from what we actually are? DARPA Developments In further exploring this thread, Dennis shares research from DARPA and other organizations with a hope if better understanding where technology is leading us. From a bull placed under remote control in the 1960s to rats with computer chips in their brains to control their movements, humanity is on course to merge with AI. How much control will AI have over our minds? Does it already have a hold on us. Furthermore, is this a bad thing for humanity? If people are generally happier with an AI influence, then is this something worth fighting? Lastly, Dennis ponders the difference between AI influence and Psychic influence.


Roswell Tech & The Hybrid Integration Evolutionary Takeover

Dennis shares his thoughts, opinions, reactions, and analysis to the Remote Viewing sessions of the Roswell Technology. Is there a connection between AI, abductees, Roswell, and the reports of Hybrids? more at


Preparing for the Announcement of ETs & AI

We are seeing an increase in stories covering the possible existence of Extraterrestrial Life within our solar system, the existence of ET craft in our skies, and the potential developments of an AI integrated into our society. What does that mean for us and how do we process that information? One doesn’t have to look far to find a story talking about Aliens, UFOs, or the government’s knowledge of them anymore. We now have scientists from major universities, main stream media representatives, and government officials acknowledging and speculating on the possibility of extraterrestrial (alien) life not just in our solar system, but also on our planet. Are they here? If so, what do they want? What does it mean for us as a society? It's a Matter of Perspective It appears that we are being gradually prepared for the big announcement of their existence. What started as science fiction novels led to popularized movies, to History Channel explorations, to internet deep dive YouTube videos to finally government acknowledgement that has unleased several Netflix and Amazon worthy documentaries and media coverage. The announcement is coming, but are we prepared for it? What impact will it have on us? It is easy to get lost in fear and the fantasy of worst-case scenario. Bu does that serve us? Every change we face as a society can be scary - but it can also bring a wealth of potential. What impact would it have on us if we finally not only had acknowledgment, but also proof that we weren’t alone? Moving past those scary feelings, the spiritual growth it would foster, the expansion of consciousness, and the potential for growth could be tremendous. Whether such a presence was friend or foe, we can’t argue there is much to be learned: not just about them, but also about ourselves. It will force us to reconsider our position on this planet, in the universe, and in creation itself. Such thoughts are very difficult to wrestle with, but can be enlightening and eye-opening for us.


The New Age of Aquarius

This past December 21, 2020, the day of the Winter Solstice, was the day of a Grand Conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn. This marks the beginning of a new age. The Age of Aquarius. On December 21st, we witnessed the rebirth of the Light. The days are now getting longer and we are moving towards warmer and brighter days - a welcome shift from the darkness this year has brought us with the Coronavirus, civil unrest, and political instability. But what does it all mean? In this Podcast, Dennis reviews some astrological information revealing the significance of the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter. According to Astrologists, we have not seen this alignment since the early 1400s - the birth of the Renaissance Period. The New Age - a New Renaissance? What will the future bring? Some are predicting innovation, humanitarianism, and independence. We are potentially moving into an age of equality. Will we find ways to live in balance on this planet? Will we master the harmony of technology in a symbiotic relationship? There is a new sense of hope as we enter this age. What will we make of it? The Great Reset For us to enter the new age, we first most shed ourselves of the old age - and the energies attached to it. This is the great reset. We are, and may continue to witness the destruction - or restructuring of our trusted institutions: governments, religions, social organizations, etc… Things will fall apart so they can be rebuilt - or replaced. This can leave us feeling helpless - like the victims of such violent change. However, we can focus on the end goal and turn hardship into opportunity. What will you become in the new age? How will you grow? We have the potential to build something beautiful. Let’s make the most of it!


Extraterrestrials Confirmed by Israeli Space Chief - From Roswell to Mars, What's coming Next?

An Israeli military leader has confirmed the existence of Extraterrestrials. Furthermore, he claims they are working jointly on underground MARTIAN bases with American astronauts. What about the Galactic Federation? A 1997 Remote Viewing book may shed some light on this subject - and give us a clue as to where this is all going… What’s exciting about this announcement is that it is being covered by multiple mainstream news organizations. The official has stated that Aliens are real, have been conducting experiments on Earth, an are working with Americans on a secret base on Mars. He also acknowledged the existence of a Galactic Federation. Are we moving into a new era? Or are we being set up for a giant false flag? Follow the Clues In this podcast, Dennis reviews the recent disclosure-related stories that have been cropping up over the years. He notes that these stories have gradually increased in frequency, detail, credibility and coverage. Is this an intentional campaign to get the world population used to the idea that we are not alone? He also reviews a recent article with new information related to the 1947 Roswell Crash. Today, December 12th, a new 3-part series is being launched by the History Channel where they are revealing, for the first time ever, the details of Intelligence Office Jesse Marcel’s personal journal. Marcel was the first on the scene for Roswell and the one who claimed a flying saucer had crashed that was not made by human hands. This story is one example among many that is being given new life - and credibility - during this exciting time of disclosure. This podcast is packed full of information that gives the appearance to be building towards something big! Where is this Leading? Bill Cooper warned us of Operation Blue Beam - holographic technology that can be employed to deceive the people of an alien invasion. Dennis proposes that BlueBeam may actually be connected to AI, nanotechnology, and implantable tech. Are we being set up for a mass deception? What if the Israeli official is telling the truth? Are we in the brink of disclosure? First Contact (at least publicly)? We must review the reports coming from contactees and abductees over the previous decades. They warned of earth changes and political upheaval. They also spoke of hybrids - a cross between alien and human species. Are they the new race that will inhabit the earth? In 1997, Dr. Courtney Brown, the director and remote viewer with the Farsight Institute, released a book titled Cosmic Voyage: A scientific discovery of extraterrestrials visiting Earth. In this book, Dr. Brown identified a Martian civilization living below the surface of Mars and he contacted what he called The Galactic Federation. It’s possible the Israeli official read Dr. Brown’s book. However, what if he’s telling the truth and Dr. Brown pulled back accurate data? Where is this leading? Dennis explores Dr. Brown’s data along with these recent reports and gives clues as to what may be coming next.


Virus Safety vs Freedom?

Are we making the right decisions in allowing our privacy to be infringed in order to track “the infected?” Are we making the right decision in policing travel via watchlists and checkpoints? Is an infected person any different than a terrorist? Airlines are working together to finalize their plans to verify vaccination status. NY is holding virus-searching checkpoints. Apps are utilized to track and trace the infected. Is this in our best interest? Does COVID19 warrant these measures? Or is this pandemic being utilized to usher in a new way of life connected to the digital-economy, digital ID, social credit, and mass surveillance of every-single-person on this planet? In this podcast, Dennis reviews several news articles detailing these plans and he explores the above questions. Is this in our best interest? Or are we simply being manipulated for nefarious purposes? What is the media telling us? Whether you believe the media or view it as #FakeNews, one thing is clear: they are telling us what is coming next. Based on current stories, the media is telling us hospitals may be overrun. Death tolls will rise. People are going to get sick. Often, these stories seem like a fear-based approach to gather likes, but fake or real, society is being driven in a particular direction. Are you prepared? Human Brains & the Universe Dennis reviews an article covering a recent study comparing the human brain to the universe. Our we nodes within a much larger brain that we call the universe? If so, what is our purpose? What does this suggest about our universe? If this holds true, what does this suggest about our own internal universe? Dennis also shares some information he received during a meditation that may lend some insight into these possibilities…


AI, The Great Reset, & Bill Cooper

AI, COVID 19, and the Great Reset - how are they connected? Where is this all going? And what does Bill Cooper’s prediction about arrests of Patriots on a Thanksgiving holiday have to do with all of this? Is there a connection between the development of AI, plans to merge human consciousness with AI, and the spread of COVID 19? In this podcast, Dennis poses the question exploring a possible connection between an increase in mental disorders, to include hallucinations, and the possible integration of nanotechnology introduced to the human body. Could tech account for blood clots and hallucinations? Where is this Leading? The late William Cooper, author of “Behold a Pale Horse,” researcher, self-proclaimed patriot, and host of “The Hour of the Time” radio broadcast, made some incredible claims in his book. With accounts of an alien presence and secret government conspiracies, Cooper paints a dark picture of a secret agenda against the American people and world population. Some of his analytical predictions, however, have come true. (To include 9/11 and school shootings). In his book, Cooper warns that there will come a time when FEMA (who is a part of the secret government) will make mass arrests of patriots in the United States. The question one has to ask during this time is this: are American’s being told to stay home during the Thanksgiving holiday (due to COVID) connected to Cooper’s warning? Looking Beyond the Great Reset The World Economic Forum met in Davos, Switzerland in January 2020. They have recently released a video where they inform us that by the year 2030 we will own nothing, and be happy about it. It paints a picture of an AI driven infrastructure that is integrated with, and in servitude to, our society, and ownership is a thing of the past. Everything is rented, carbon emissions are down, and everyone is happy. How will they achieve this goal? How will humanity find this peaceful happiness? And where is it leading? If we look to the work of the late Bob Monroe, we may have a glimpse of the future of humanity. In his book, Far Journey’s, Monroe gives an account of a glimpse into the future somewhere around the year 3,000. His experience suggests a society that survived a major hardship which fostered an evolution and understanding of our reality. Humans can knowingly and willingly experience life-spans of other lifeforms spanning vast time periods, and they do so willingly in order to produce Loosh. Monroe stated during this future time-period, humans are happy to produce Loosh because they have a better understanding of why they are doing it. Are we currently in such a state of ignorance that we fear our own destiny? Are we resisting a change that may ultimately benefit our society? Or are we taking the last stand against the takeover of human consciousness from an all-consuming AI? This podcast is packed full of difficult questions and possibilities, but it is up to the listener to decide what it means… More at