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The Veteran

where does the Boy lead us except to certainty? he takes our hand, cold as his might be, and tugs us along no matter how we resist. curse you, the Boy! we wish not discover the tidings he deems necessary. we wish not endure the vision he sets before us, like a rank feast. ohhh the Boy Invocation Psalm: “Garden Boy” Liturgical Reading: “The Veteran” Concluding Prayer well guess I’m done with yun, for now anyhow. stay greasy, uh huh, for a whole ‘nother week, wink wink


An End To Loneliness

the rain is falling on my face and I feel the gusts envelop me, cradle this leakin bod. it's a weatherly hug, uh huh, an embrace for a storyteller true. in another minute I won't be here, and in weeks my name will be forgotten. heh, but there will be more brandons, more brandon than those who came before. what glory! Invocation Psalm: “Standards of Decades Forgotten” Liturgical Reading: “An End to Loneliness” Concluding Prayer you should probably call your grandmother today. but never your...


The Grand Circus

o! how my lawn it disappoints thee. a damn shame. a foul stinking lot of indecency. i caught the local youth upon it again—more every year, names more senseless than the last. brentyn. l'aurent. david. garf'eld. i curse! i slobber with outcry! what peeves i endure! preach us proper, Sister Callista Invocation Psalm: “Cure-All” Liturgical Reading: “The Grand Circus” Concluding Prayer goodness, oh Story, how i wooze, how i dizzy. gonna vom soon, most like. gonna ferment it in a jar till next...


Goop In The Evening

enter, and feast upon the delights we pilfer, the secret tidings we unearth. sniff it down and get gooey right here, right now with me. we find our own meaning, our own reason to exist when all appears as desolation. heh, though, course, some of us have gooier reasons than others. enjoy this story, read by our dear Brother Daniel Tamborelli. Invocation Psalm: “Foul Blossoms” Liturgical Reading: “Goop in the Evening” Concluding Prayer we love you. we caress you. we are you, when we dream....


Mercy and Condemnation

music does not calm every troubled soul, no matter how they might sing, no matter how they might melodicize. the body is a tomb for us, and its desires our chains which constrict and pinch. is a soul troubled by a body truly troubled? use yon bodies to further the glory of The Story, and make sin no more, even if it’s a real raunchy uh oh kind of sin. Invocation Psalm: “Twins in Desire” Liturgical Reading: “Mercy and Condemnation” Concluding Prayer join our service next Tuesday. we’ll...


O! Gestation Unholy: The Father, The Mother

some folk work real hard. some folk just sit there, stew in juices, and turn to greases to stain the chairs and linoleum. course, some folk do both. ain’t exclusive, rot and labor. they shake hands just like the rest of us, cept course those of us with them sick hands, nails stenchin proper. Invocation Psalm: “Show and Tell” / “Turtle Stew” Liturgical Reading: “The Father The Mother” Concluding Prayer grin with you next tuesday, our sweet lil grinners, our eager acolytes


The First Sermon of Cardinal Larson

for this dutiful midnight vigil, the first tuesday of common days, we are graced with the beloved, articulate Cardinal Larson of the Archdiocese of the Church of the Seven Trusted Greases. he shares his many beautiful stories about his travels with us, his healthy, loving flock. Invocation Psalm: “Secret Tators” A Special Sermon from Cardinal Larson Concluding Prayer more frothy truth for the greasy and faithful next tuesday


A Lapse In Nature's Judgement

we are each of us a product of wriggling porcelain tails and elusive siren eggs. we forget how we once were two. no more, nuh uh, mm hmm. today, we remember our gooey beginnins, we cherish our genome, and we mourn the fallen, of which there are incalculable. weep! go on! Invocation Liturgical Reading: “A Lapse in Nature’s Judgment” Concluding Prayer Church Bulletin this here? this here is a treat for you, tasty n fresh. gosh, i love watchin you eat it, seein it dribble down yon chin. juicy!


An Audience With The Queen

today we celebrate the feast day of sain't jo, in whose matronage we engage so ruefully: lewdness, grotesquerie, tragedy. we are blessed with this liturgy frothy n fearful from Sister Callista of the Queasy Madre. sniff it down, yon juicies Invocation Psalm: “O! Honey” Liturgical Reading: “An Audience With The Queen” Concluding Prayer what truths we stink we stink for thee. come back next tuesday n we’ll tell ya a gooey one uh huh


You May Eat Me

civic duty binds us once as citizens, and twice as lovers. we are beckoned by nation to hoist standards, mouth recitations, and adore patriarchs, yet we know the cost. big truths consume the lesser truths, make stool of abandoned precepts. every lie is first a truth defeated; every sin a virtue rejected. oo it gives me a phlegmy goo, right in my chest. Invocation Psalms: “Boy Shakes / Squish Fists” Liturgical Reading: “You May Eat Me” Concluding Prayer we adore the body of government, and...


Wretched Trinity: Super Value Menu

yes uh huh some of us enjoy the salty treats of food which is fast, and others of us depend upon yon morsels, teeth decrepit from substance and poverty. how fates intertwine, how doom swells and rains its pregnant waters over us all, the greasy and the not-so-greasy. reflect! renounce! repent! Invocation Psalm: “The Fish, the Filth” Liturgical Reading: “Super Value Menu” yup yup we’ll be back next week and the week after that and the week after that and we’ll never die


Chunky Burps of Reverence: The Stink War

Everyone bow yur heads for what im about to preach, uh huh: it’s time for juicy business. Get them lips a-smackin, because we got a special guest preacher, Preacher Jackie Zebrowski, spreadin a gospel of right on healthy goo. Sup thee gentle. Introductory Prayer Psalm: “Daniel’s Greasy Feast” Liturgical Reading: “The Stink War” Church Bulletin Get on out of here. Go on. We ain’t got nothin more for yun until next week. Tuesday ther’alikes, I’ll be honest with yun. TSMBT is a podcast by...


Yon Steamy Exaltation: A Cowboy's Story

Wipe your hands on your pleats, then clean your nails with yon sopping lips: the Story has been birthed unto us eager acolytes. Oh! how it stews there, such promise and squelching. Ee! how it inspires, gets these hips swayin and tongues drippin. Touch it twice! Quick! Stories like this ain't gonna love you much sweeter. Introductory Prayer Psalm: Spark A Holy Fire/Horse Testes Liturgical Reading: “A Cowboy’s Story” Concluding Invocation Church Bulletin Rejoice with us again next week, uh...


Thy First Greasy Conception: A Man For The Woman

In the name of the grease, the pleas, and the holy crease: we welcome you to Season 2 of The Story Must Be Told. Our congregation is humble, and our drips polite. Please please bow down with us in penitence. Give that kneeler a sniff. Smells like gasoline, don’t it? Ha! Go ‘head and ignore that. Introductory Prayer Psalm: "The Horns of the Beast" Liturgical Reading: “A Man For The Woman” Concluding Invocation Church Bulletin A new Mass awaits ye next Tuesday. And the Tuesday after that....


The Christmas Spectac-U-lar

Do you hear them bells ringin? Do you smell that sweet ham smokin? Why, it's the day for which all the broys and grirls delight: the Story Must Be Told Christmas Spectac-U-lar. Get greasy for one of the more fucked up episodes in recent history, containing: 1. The Wisest of Them All: surprises are in store for yon gentle Star Child 2. He’s Coming to Town: a sweet taste of Yuletide history, the way it SHOULD have happened Comin up later in January, season 2 will begin. Gosh, it's gonna...


November's Delight: Skin Rips & Yuck Yucks

What delights we spread and cheeks we kiss in this healthy November treat. Get them mouths agape, for tidings shall fill thee with MERRIMENT. Stories shared so kindly: 1. More, More Important Stories from Purkley Katzman: ooh, yum yum, so many lil stories, everyone can pick a favorite 2. Yuck Yuck in My Mouth for a Dollar: a man doesn’t like jokes, or DOES he? We have sacrificed this second “monthly” episode at your feet as we prepare a proper season 2. We got one more treat for Christ’s...


October’s Truth: The Feast of All Grins

Enjoy, on this day of spook and froth, a special monthly episode. Be unsettled by our poetry, be merry at our delights, be told of the story. 1. The Man the Sun Forgot: a healthy spooky tale for spooky healthy tots 2. The Auction: Ascension: uh oh, looks like another greasy short about a certain fresh young man heh heh We are huffing and straining to birth a second season for your diligent ears, but in the meantime we shall please you duly with these monthly truths. Look out for the next...


The Season's Penultimate Episode: Small, Homely Men

Here's a lil truth for your sweet truth-ears: gosh, it's stories! What kindness and gentle caresses. Featured: "The Unruly Teen’s Display" "The Council" Oooooooh gosh oh goo. Season finale out May 16. TSMBT is a podcast by Post Everything Productions. Music and Recording: Carl Schroeder. Stories and narration: gentle hearts with gooey drawers. Instagram and Twitter: @TSMBTpod


A Seventh Episode for You: Phantasmagoria of Truth and Yearning

What glory and what delights are here, waiting for you like a sweet lover. Oh yes, mmmmff, a few short glories of such sweetness as: 1. "Important Short Stories by Purkley Katzman" 2. "Unclean Before the Praetorium" 3. "The Auction" Hot goddamn fuck. Next episode out April 18. TSMBT is a podcast by Post Everything Productions. Music and Recording: Carl Schroeder. Stories and narration: a bowel of literary sweetness. Instagram and Twitter: @TSMBTpod


The First Episode: A Boy, A Boy & BIRDS

Contained in this first, fresh, eager episode of The Story Must Be Told: 1. "An Important Story about Marriage, Feat: The Boy" 2. "Justin and Insignificance" 3. "BIRDS" TSMBT is a podcast by Post Everything Productions. Music and Recording: Carl Schroeder. Stories and narration: a modest collective of the humble. Next episode out Jan 24.


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