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Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - The Oakville Blobs

In this season finale episode of Creepsville, we close it with a Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction episode where something weird happened in Oakville, Washington in 1994...clear blobs began to fall from the sky. Creepy? Hell yes. Join Connii as she discusses this phenomenon. #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED Social Media: @TheUNmASTERED Become a Creator on Patreon.


Commentary - What Is It

Last week's episode of Creepsville was about a story that was based on a weird dream. Today we dive deeper into Connii's dream and how she came up with the concept... #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED Social Media : @TheUNmASTERED Support us on Patreon by becoming a Creator! Don't Forget to Rate and Comment!


What Is It?

We are back with another original story from the creative minds of The UNmASTERED. Jennifer's mind is talking...but what is it inside her head? #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED Follow us on social media: @TheUNmASTERED Support us on Patreon at Be sure to rate and comment!


Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - Axeman Of New Orleans

If you don't know the story of the Axeman of New Orleans, then you're missing out on one of the most creepy true stories out. Eric tells the story dating back to 1918, when this killer terrorized the streets of New Orleans for more than a year. The murders remain unsolved. #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED @TheUNmASTERED Additional information about this episode, including that infamous letter, can be found at


PSA/Throwback - The Blue Egg

While Connii is out on assignment working on an original creepy story (that is based on true events by the way), we decided to go back to the beginning with our first original story, The Blue Egg. Enjoy! #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED Show your support for what we do...become a Creator on our Patreon page! Be sure to Rate and Comment below!


Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - Dear David

This episode of Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction interesting one. It's interesting because we don't know if it's truth or not. Connii dives into this tale initially found on Twitter. For those who may not know about the Dear David story, we suggest you click on the link below for more info and the actual tweets. Whether you believe it or not, it is definitely one creepy tale. #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED Be sure to check out our Patreon page and become a Creator! Just go to...


Commentary - Look What The Cat Dragged In

This episode touches on the reason behind the creepy story Look What The Cat Dragged In. Listen to Connii as she explains why cats are so damn overprotective and mysterious... #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED Help The Radio UNmASTERED Network become one of the top 5 podcast networks in the nation. Become a Creator on Patreon and join us in the movement. Go to for more details. FB, IG & Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED


Look What The Cat Dragged In

Radio UNmASTERED is back with another episode of Creepsville. This time, we are telling another original story for all the pet lovers. It's been said cats have a connection to energies outside of the physical... #StayCreepy #Stay UNmASTERED Check out our new site for all our podcasts and future content. #Top5 Show your awesome support for Radio UNmASTERED. Go to our to see how to become a Creator.


The Tell-Tale Heart

This episode of Creepsville is paying homage to some of the best creepy stories. This one is an old tale from one of the masters of creepy, Edgar Allen Poe, told by one of our faithful listeners, author Jonathan Thomas Jones. Enjoy. #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED IG, FB & Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED Also email us at for questions and/or contribution to the Radio UNmASTERED Network! Check out some of Jonathan's novels and awesome works of fiction on his website...


Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - Dead Mountain

This episode of Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction by Creepsville centers on the incident that happened back in 1959. Called the Dyatlov Pass Incident, it centers around 9 hikers that died a very gruesome death...and the mystery surrounding it. Eric is telling this true tale this week. Check it out. #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED FB, IG & Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED Email: To learn more about this story, click the wikipedia story...


Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - The Kids Are Alright

The old folks used to say that children are born with a direct connection to heaven, and they get older, they begin to lose that connection. On this episode of Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction, Connii talks about these paranormal abilities... #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED IG, FB & Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED Email us at Be sure to Rate and Comment!


Commentary - A Night To Remember

Join Connii as she discusses the idea behind her creepy cat-and-mouse horror story, A Night To Remember. She also talks about the tradition of prom and other "rites of passage" that make up our society. #StayUNmASTERED #StayCreepy IG, FB & Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED Have a story to tell? Reach out to us at Be sure to Rate and Comment!


A Night To Remember

Here's tonight's episode of Creepsville aptly titled A Night To Remember. So sit back and enjoy an episode centered around a unique ritual that goes on in a small town on Prom Night... #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED FB, IG & Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED Have an idea or story? Email us at Be sure to Rate and Comment!


Prelude - A Night To Remember

While we are finishing up the next story in the Creepsville lineup, Connii is coming to you with a quick update. Listen in and also get a quick snippet of A Night To Remember... #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED Be sure to follow us on IG, FB and Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED Rate and Comment!


Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - Cult Life

This episode of Creepsville's Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction explores some of the cults you may know...and some that are weirder than that. This one is a little touchy so listen at your own risk... Enjoy :-) #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED IG, FB & Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED Have a story you'd like to tell? Email us at Be sure to Rate and Comment!


Commentary - The Tourist Trap

On this commentary episode of Creepsville, Connii breaks down the story and how there are two different types of tourists...she also talks about how you can join Team UNmASTERED and help catapult Creepsville to that number one horror podcast! #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED IG, FB & Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED Email us at Be sure to Rate and Comment!


The Tourist Trap

The UNmASTERED is back again with another episode of Creepsville titled The Tourist Trap. If you have a bad feeling about that restaurant, maybe you should listen to your gut. #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED IG, FB and Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED Have a story to tell? Email us at Be sure to Rate and Comment!


Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - Julia Brown

We welcome another addition to the Creepsville Podcast called Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction. It is a new segment we are implementing where we will discuss stories that seem too unreal to be true. But it is. And that's creepy. This episode centers around the legend of Julia Brown. It is said she placed a curse on the town of Frenier, about 20 miles away from New Orleans, Louisiana. Join Connii as she takes you on a trip to this small city and why it continues to haunt people...


Commentary - How Deep Is Your Love

We are back with our first commentary episode of season 2!! Connii discusses the making of our Valentine's Day story, How Deep Is Your Love. #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED FB & IG: @TheUNmASTERED Have a story to tell? email us at Be sure to rate and comment below as well!


How Deep Is Your Love

We are proud to bring you Season 2 of Creepsville! This is a Valentine's Edition of Creepsville appropriately titled How Deep Is Your Love Just how deep can your love get for someone who others won't understand? #StayCreepy #StayUNmASTERED Email us at with your ideas or to just tell us how we're doing. As always, be sure to Rate and Comment!