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The Mission is Off

Welcome to Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season Six Episode Eight The Mission is Off Justin Burgwinkel joined the U.S. Army in the summer of 1990 in hopes of making it into the 75th Ranger Regiment – the Army Rangers, an elite force of the Special Operations Command. He scored high on his army tests and immersed himself in language training with a specialty in the Korean language. While stationed in Fort Ord in Monterey, California, he met Iolanda, a computer science student at Santa...


Unsolved Mysteries Triple Play: Poltergeists, Sickle Weasels and a Ghostly Possession

Please remember to visit our show sponsor: What The Riff? Podcast Our journey started when we found we were continually getting in trouble with our wives in Sunday School. It seemed that each week one of us would answer a question with a song lyric from Pink Floyd, The Who, Rush, or some other Rock band. This would spur another of us to pick up the strand, and before long the entire class had been sucked into a rabbit hole of Rock lyrics. Clearly we had a problem. While we could have just...


What Happened to Charles Horvath?

Please remember to visit our show sponsor: https://www.nobodytoldmeshow.com/ When mother-daughter duo Jan Black and Laura Owens first conceptualized their two-generational talk show, nobody told them they’d snag the title of #1 self-help podcast for months on end! But that’s exactly what they’ve done, delving into topics as far-flung as network building, the importance of failure, finding hope after being kidnapped, and how the principles of brain surgery can help us work through everyday...


The Hume Hotel, Nelson, British Columbia

Welcome to Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season Six Episode Five The Hume Hotel, Nelson, British Columbia Sometimes you look for them in dark crypts and abandoned cemeteries. Other times you happen upon them in homes and in old battlefields. And sometimes you are drawn to them and they drawn to you. Here is the true tale of one night at the Historic Hume Hotel in Nelson, British Columbia. The Nelson area has a rich history of exploration and mining. Explorers and adventurers employed...


Polybius, The Mind Controlling Video Game

Please remember to visit our show sponsor: www.experiencethis360.com for travel destination guides and savings on car rentals, hotels and flights! Welcome to Unsolved Mysteries of the World, Season 6 Episode 4, Polybius In the early 1980s, arcades were popular among all age groups and in 1981 a cabinet game was shipped to Portland, Oregon's most popular arcades. The game cabinet was black and the title was unusual. The game featured the usual, 25 cent slot for one life and it was tucked...


Where is Asha Degree?

Welcome to Unsolved Mysteries of the World, Season six episode 3, where is Asha Degree? Nine year old Asha Degree went to be at around 10pm on the evening of February 3rd, 2000. Rain clouds had darkened the neighbourhood in Shelby, North Carolina and the weather report indicated more rain was to come, heavier rain, throughout the evening and into the next day, Valentines Day. At around 2:30 in the morning, Asha's older brother was stirred awake by what he described as Asha either tossing...


The Abduction of Herbert Schirmer

Welcome to Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season 6 Episode 2: The Abduction of Herbert Schirmer It was a cold night on December 3rd, 1967 and it was especially cold at 2:20AM in Ashland Nebraska. Herbert Schirmer was a young, 22 year-old patrolman making the usual rounds. The streets were pretty much empty, the local businesses were all closed. Everyone was tucked in beds covered in blankets. He passed by the only open business this late at night, a gas station on highway 6. There were,...


The Bald Mountain Lysa Hora, Ukraine

Welcome to Unsolved Mysteries of the World, Season 6 Episode 1, The Bald Mountain The territory of modern Ukraine has been inhabited since 32,000 BC. During the Middle Ages, the area was a key centre of East Slavic culture, with the powerful state of Kievan Rus' forming the basis of Ukrainian identity. Following its fragmentation in the 13th century, the territory was contested, ruled and divided by a variety of powers, including Lithuania, Poland, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and...


Brandon Lawson Update

In Season Two Episode Four, we brought you the mystery that surrounded the disappearance of Brandon Lawson. Brandon Lawson went missing shortly after he made one of the most cryptic 9-11 calls ever placed. No one has been able to interpret the 911 call fully and today it remains a mysterious piece of a tragic puzzle. Brandon Lawson has never been seen or heard from since and today his case remains a mystery with many speculating what actually happened that fateful night. But new...


Ancient Egyptians in Australia

In the early 1900s, a discovery was made in Australia that would ignite much controversy. Etched in rocks in Queensland were a multitude of hieroglyphs that resembled those found in ancient Egypt. For years the glyph's were a center of controversy – to those witnessing the glyphs first hand, it was proof that ancient Egyptians had visited Australia. To Egyptologists, the glyphs were deemed some sort of forgery and the general archaeological consensus is that they were simply carvings done...


Where is Ted Conrad?

Its been 50 years and Ted Conrad has yet to be found. In 1969, Ted Conrad was a young, twenty year old man with a fascination with Steve McQueen and the movie The Thomas Crown Affair, one that McQueen starred in and was released that same year. Nothing was extraordinary about Ted Conrad and we wouldn't even be talking about him if not for the fact that he is one of the unsolved mysteries from the FBI vault. This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season 5 Episode 13 Where is Ted...


Strange Tales of WW2

From Foo Fighters to a lost fighter plane that re-emerges a year after Pearl Harbor to a tale of help from the future - these are strange tales of World War Two.


Bigfoot 911

Jerry Cline had parked his home made camper near a corn field in Knox County, Ohio and prepared a campfire to relax with his dog Bug, and have a few beers and enjoy the evening. He put out the fire, returned to his camper and crashed on the bed. Suddenly, his trailer began rocking back and forth so much so that Jerry, alone and afraid in the dark called 9-11. This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season 5 Episode 11 Bigfoot 911. Before we get into Jerry's story, it is noted by...


The Horror in Room 1046

On the 2nd of January 1935, a man walked into the Hotel President, in Kansas City Missouri, and asked for a room that was several floors above the lobby. He carried no luggage and signed in as "Roland T. Owen," Stating he was from Los Angeles, he paid for a one day's stay in small bills. He was described as a tall, "husky" young man with a cauliflower ear and a large scar on the side of his head, perhaps a boxer or a wrestler. He was given the room 1046. Over the course of his stay...


Okiku The Haunted Doll

I used to have a phobia as a child that would enter my dreams at night and create hellish nightmares. I had a phobia that dolls were alive and they had souls, evil souls that were hell bent on murdering me in sadistic ways with their little plastic fingers and pretty mouths with rows of sharp teeth. And I am not the only one that had or has a doll phobia. Pediophobia is the unwarranted, irrational and persistent fear or worry of dolls. It is estimated by psychiatrists that about 40% of...


The Norwood Searchlight UFO

Before we begin this episode we would like to thank our listener Ken Costa for suggesting today's topic. The Jitney Carnival was coming to Norwood, Cincinnati, Ohio to the St. Peter and Paul Church grounds. It was going to be a highlight of the summer's end where families with children and teens looking for fun would be entertained by a sideshow, feast on popcorn and candy apples and ride the multitude of new mechanical amusement thrill rides. The congregation were excited and Reverend...


Bertie Hall, Fort Erie

A striking manor, a prominent family, a secret underground tunnel, the death of a young boy, the hanging of a Fenian Raider, a safe house for the underground railroad. Dolls and dollhouses and now an empty dwelling, the rooms and halls vacant. The only sounds coming from the wind across The Niagara River and the voices and whispers of the ghosts within. This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season 5 Episode 7 Bertie Hall. FREE CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Both Books are available free on Amazon...


What happened to Tamla Horsford?

On November 3th, 2018 Tamla Horsford attended an adult only sleepover party at her friends house in Forsyth County Georgia. The next day, she was discovered on her stomach, face down on the lawn unresponsive. From the initial discovery of her body, the the 911 call, to the investigation there have been many questions surrounding the case even though, according to police, it has been solved and the case closed. This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season Five, Episode 6 What Happened to...


The Manises UFO Incident

It was November 14, 1979 and Flight JK-297 had just taken off from Salzburg in Austria carrying 109 passengers and made a quick stop in Majorca before setting its course toward Las Palmas, one of Spain's Canary Islands just off the coast of northwest Africa. Half way through the flight the pilot made a decision to make an emergency landing in Valencia, having said he believed he was on a collision course with an unknown object, a UFO. This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World, Season Five,...


Free Book Promo Information

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