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Where is Ted Conrad?

Its been 50 years and Ted Conrad has yet to be found. In 1969, Ted Conrad was a young, twenty year old man with a fascination with Steve McQueen and the movie The Thomas Crown Affair, one that McQueen starred in and was released that same year. Nothing was extraordinary about Ted Conrad and we wouldn't even be talking about him if not for the fact that he is one of the unsolved mysteries from the FBI vault. This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season 5 Episode 13 Where is Ted...


Strange Tales of WW2

From Foo Fighters to a lost fighter plane that re-emerges a year after Pearl Harbor to a tale of help from the future - these are strange tales of World War Two.


Bigfoot 911

Jerry Cline had parked his home made camper near a corn field in Knox County, Ohio and prepared a campfire to relax with his dog Bug, and have a few beers and enjoy the evening. He put out the fire, returned to his camper and crashed on the bed. Suddenly, his trailer began rocking back and forth so much so that Jerry, alone and afraid in the dark called 9-11. This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season 5 Episode 11 Bigfoot 911. Before we get into Jerry's story, it is noted by...


The Horror in Room 1046

On the 2nd of January 1935, a man walked into the Hotel President, in Kansas City Missouri, and asked for a room that was several floors above the lobby. He carried no luggage and signed in as "Roland T. Owen," Stating he was from Los Angeles, he paid for a one day's stay in small bills. He was described as a tall, "husky" young man with a cauliflower ear and a large scar on the side of his head, perhaps a boxer or a wrestler. He was given the room 1046. Over the course of his stay...


Okiku The Haunted Doll

I used to have a phobia as a child that would enter my dreams at night and create hellish nightmares. I had a phobia that dolls were alive and they had souls, evil souls that were hell bent on murdering me in sadistic ways with their little plastic fingers and pretty mouths with rows of sharp teeth. And I am not the only one that had or has a doll phobia. Pediophobia is the unwarranted, irrational and persistent fear or worry of dolls. It is estimated by psychiatrists that about 40% of...


The Norwood Searchlight UFO

Before we begin this episode we would like to thank our listener Ken Costa for suggesting today's topic. The Jitney Carnival was coming to Norwood, Cincinnati, Ohio to the St. Peter and Paul Church grounds. It was going to be a highlight of the summer's end where families with children and teens looking for fun would be entertained by a sideshow, feast on popcorn and candy apples and ride the multitude of new mechanical amusement thrill rides. The congregation were excited and Reverend...


Bertie Hall, Fort Erie

A striking manor, a prominent family, a secret underground tunnel, the death of a young boy, the hanging of a Fenian Raider, a safe house for the underground railroad. Dolls and dollhouses and now an empty dwelling, the rooms and halls vacant. The only sounds coming from the wind across The Niagara River and the voices and whispers of the ghosts within. This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season 5 Episode 7 Bertie Hall. FREE CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Both Books are available free on Amazon...


What happened to Tamla Horsford?

On November 3th, 2018 Tamla Horsford attended an adult only sleepover party at her friends house in Forsyth County Georgia. The next day, she was discovered on her stomach, face down on the lawn unresponsive. From the initial discovery of her body, the the 911 call, to the investigation there have been many questions surrounding the case even though, according to police, it has been solved and the case closed. This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season Five, Episode 6 What Happened to...


The Manises UFO Incident

It was November 14, 1979 and Flight JK-297 had just taken off from Salzburg in Austria carrying 109 passengers and made a quick stop in Majorca before setting its course toward Las Palmas, one of Spain's Canary Islands just off the coast of northwest Africa. Half way through the flight the pilot made a decision to make an emergency landing in Valencia, having said he believed he was on a collision course with an unknown object, a UFO. This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World, Season Five,...


Free Book Promo Information

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The Redpath Mansion Mystery

Two super wealthy Canadians were found in a bedroom of their Montreal Mansion, each shot at close range. Police were not called until the next day. A coroner's investigation was opened and closed just two hours later. The bodies buried just 48 hours after the gruesome discovery of the incident. The family never discussing the incident both privately or publicly. This is Season Five Episode Four, Redpath Mansion It was 1901 in Montreal and the Redpath Family was one of Canada's elite and...


Haunted Napier Prison, New Zealand

If walls could talk what would they say? In Napier, New Zealand there is a stone building that seems to speak volumes. From the disembodied voices of orphaned children, to those of the wildly insane to famous serial killers Napier, New Zealand is home to one of the most haunted spots in New Zealand. This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World, Season 5 Episode 3, Haunted Napier Prison, New Zealand. Napier Prison was constructed in 1862 upon a large hill overlooking the town of Napier on the...


Jane Doe Rainbow Falls, Colorado

On June 15th, 1993 a young woman's body was found in a campground just northwest of Colorado Springs, Colorado. She was found half naked, only wearing a Harley Davidson T-shirt, and some jewellery. She had no other belongings or identification on or near her body. Investigators determined she had a head injury, which mostly likely was her cause of death. The case has been one of the most frustrating of all cold cases in Colorado. Investigators have re-opened the case numerous times...


The UFO Patrol Car

It was 2AM on August 27, 1979 when Val Johnson, a deputy sheriff of Val County Minnisota experienced one of the most unusual events in modern times. His vehicle collided with a UFO. This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World, Season 5 Episode One, The UFO Patrol Car. Val Johnson was on night patrol and it was a slow night on the rural backgrounds of Val County. He gave a warning to one speeding motorist and watched as the hours and minutes ticked away. It was going to be just another...


Starved Rock, Illinois

Voted as the #1 Tourist Spot in the state of Illinois, Starved Rock is a world apart from the windy city of Chicago and of the flat farmland that covers much of the state. Starved Rock State Park is characterized by its large canyons, tall trees, and 2600 acres of wilderness. It is also known for an native American legend, where Indians were starved to-death upon a huge rock outcrop after being besieged by a rival tribe. It is also famous for the horrific rape and murder of three women...


The Bothell Hell House - Demons in Seattle

The Bothell Hell House – Demons in Seattle? This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World, Season four, Episode 14, The Bothell Hell House, Demons in Seattle. The seemingly nondescript, modern family home in Bothell, Washington State gained instant notoriety when it was featured on the popular Ghost Adventures show. It was popular on two fronts, one from those who believed that home was manifesting extreme demonic activity and haunting the occupants for the past several years and from those...


The Phantom Stalker - The Cindy James Mystery

On June 8th, 1989 police on route to a scene where a body had been found near an abandoned house in Richmond, British Columbia, already suspected who it may be. As they arrived on scene, their police instincts were correct. The body was that of 44 year old Nurse Cindy James, who had been reported missing since May 25th, 1989. The same day she had gone missing, police located her automobile in a neighborhood parking lot a short distance from where she had lived. There were groceries in the...


The Grafton Monster, Grafton West Virginia

Grafton, West Virginia is a unique town that showcases its railroad boomtown years and wealthy mining history through extraordinary architecture, landscaped parks and pop-up mansions. The small city center is surrounded by small farms and extremely dense forests. Its big city living in rural America. The humble populace is quick to point out two claims to fame for the town. The invention of Mother's Day there in 1908 and well...the other claim to fame...the thing that prowls on the outskirts...


Flight 191

As a child I remember my dad having described vivid dreams of airplane crashes that he would later find out were prophetic as the airplane disasters he was witness to in his dreams came to fruition on the next days nightly news cast. My dad was an airplane enthusiast, sometimes going to the airport, just to watch airplanes land and take off was an enjoyable pastime. He knew how to fly Cessna's and I believe his life long goal was to become an airplane pilot, but that was not to be. He was...


The Unsolved Disappearance of Terry Pettit and Ron Yakimchuk

Before we begin we would like to thank a few people for giving us a five star review. Providing reviews on itunes and other podcast directories as well as facebook helps us get the podcast out to more listeners. If you enjoy this podcast please post up a review, it really helps. Now here is a shout out to our fabulous listeners who gave 5 star reviews. We will eventually get to all of you, so hang in there! Special thanks goes out to Socrates Monsour, Kaylin Klaneski, and Lisa Sabo Your...