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Weird Norfolk is a cabinet of curiosities containing forgotten folklore, spooky stories and interesting and odd places to visit in the beautiful county of Norfolk. Hosted by Siofra Connor, Stacia Briggs and Richard Fair.

Weird Norfolk is a cabinet of curiosities containing forgotten folklore, spooky stories and interesting and odd places to visit in the beautiful county of Norfolk. Hosted by Siofra Connor, Stacia Briggs and Richard Fair.


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Weird Norfolk is a cabinet of curiosities containing forgotten folklore, spooky stories and interesting and odd places to visit in the beautiful county of Norfolk. Hosted by Siofra Connor, Stacia Briggs and Richard Fair.




56: Weird NorfolK: The wicked nuns of Marham

This week Stacia and Siofra explore the tale of the wicked nuns of Marham. They discuss why the spirits of nuns might be one of the most common types of encounters and Stacia realises she has a completely false memory about The Sister’s of Mercy. Here's a link to our original story


55: Weird Norfolk: A possible poltergeist at Shelfanger

This is the last of our podcasts recorded at The Assembly House in Norwich before lockdown. Stacia and Siofra have an actual, serious conversation about the haunted cottage at Shelfanger. They ask why objects become haunted and discuss why moving objects may prompt a spirit to become active. This is also the episode where Siofra forgot to press record on the recording device. Luckily she knew she’d do that so also recorded the conversation on her phone.


54: Weird Norfolk: The haunted carpet of Hunstanton Hall

In this episode Stacia and Siofra tell the tale of Dame Armine's haunted carpet. They mull over the concept of haunted objects and learn about a cursed cat carpet in Florida. This episode was recorded on location at The Assembly House, Norwich before social distancing measures were in place. Please excuse the clinking tea cups!


53: Weird Norfolk: A UFO over Dereham

This week Stacia and Siofra discuss UFOs over Dereham. In particular a sighting while on the way to collect a Chinese takeaway in 1977. **NB: This was recorded before social distancing was put into place


52: Weird Norfolk: Kitty witches Row

This week the weirdos have a chat about Kitty Witches Row in Great Yarmouth. We look at the various reasons, some weird, some not, for the interesting name of this Yarmouth Row. Was it witches? was it morris dancers? was it crabs?


51: Weird Norfolk: The cursed stone of Stockton

This week we are talking about one of Stacia’s favourite topics, stones. In particular, the cursed stone of Stockton and the Merton stone.


50: Weird Norfolk: The witch of East Somerton - revisited!

It's our 50th episode and we wanted to do something special, so we decided to head out to our favourite place. East Somerton was where we started this podcast adventure and we head out to the beautiful ruins for a look around.


49: Weird Norfolk: The Devil's Footprint in King's Lynn

This week the weirdos discuss Devil’s Alley in King’s Lynn and Stacia and Siofra profess their love for the town. We look at other examples of Devil’s footprints across the world and Siofra has a theory as to who actually left the footprint in the alley (spoiler - it was Bigfoot). We also have a catch up on some "Weird" events we've been to during our break, including Winter Solstice at Arminghall Henge and Norwich Pagan Moot.


48: Weird Norfolk: The Hethersett Faines

The Weirdos are back after an unscheduled break. This week we discuss the Hethersett Faines. Are they a distant relative of Black Shuck? Are they dogs or cows? Do they ride bikes? We ask all these questions and more. Also, Stacia teaches us some Norfolk dialect and we learn about some other interesting characters in Hethersett.


47: Weird Norfolk: Ghost stories at The Merchant's House

We share a whole range of ghost stories from across Norfolk, including haunted paintings, half-body apparitions and paranormal pints.


46: Weird Norfolk: An evening of strange tales at Biddy’s Tearoom

We team up with the Seagull Rep again for an evening of spooky tales hosted by biddy’s Tearoom in Norwich. We hear wonderful tales of UFO sightings, the Norfolk Puma, haunted houses, poltergeist activity and possibly the creepiest story we’ve heard yet...


45: Weird Norfolk: An interview with Ivan Bunn

The team are hosted by the Seagull Theatre in Lowestoft where we have a chat with Ivan Bunn. Ivan was a member of our favourite paranormal investigation team, the Borderline Science Investigation Group.


44: Weird Norfolk: Bridget Bishop's life in Salem

This week Siofra adventures across the pond to Salem, Massachusetts. She has a chat about Bridget Bishop and her life in Salem with Rachel Christ, Director of Education at the Salem Witch Museum and Jill Christiansen, Assistant Director of Education at Salem Witch Museum.


43: Weird Norfolk: From Norwich to Salem - the journey of Bridget Bishop and Mary Oliver

This week the team take a walk around Norwich to discover the city's ties with Salem and its infamous witch trials.


42: Weird Norfolk: The haunted caravan

This week the the team discuss caravan number B77 at Seashore Holiday Park. Was it haunted or was there a simple explanation for the strange things that happened there?


41: Weird Norfolk: The lost Arminghall Henge

We are going on about Arminghall Henge again. If you missed our feature for the EDP follow the link below. Siofra might make Stacia and Richard record another episode about this as she now has a conspiracy theory...


40: Weird Norfolk: White Shuck

In a village whose name suggests restful sleep, something terrifying yet oddly familiar prowled the streets: White Shuck of Great Snoring. This week the weirdos discuss white shuck, Siofra picks her afterlife job and the lovely Aylenne from Liverpool shares a spooky story from her childhood.


39: Weird Norfolk: Sarah Hare

This week is all about the wonderful Sarah Hare, wax effigies and blood poisoning.


38: Weird Norfolk: The haunting of Felbrigg Hall and the Victorian’s obsession with the afterlife

This week we celebrate Queen Victoria’s 200th birthday with an audience and the Shadowcaster at Arboretum in Norwich. We share tales of the hauntings of Felbrigg Hall and discuss the Victorians obsession with the afterlife.


37: Weird Norfolk: The Norfolk Puma

This week is all about the legendary Norfolk Puma. Siofra has a theory...