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029 Dr Terror's House Of Horrors

A couple of firsts for Chris; the first Amicus and (unbelievably) the first time Peter Cushing has appeared on the WTH screen! We take a trip to Dr Terror’s House of Horrors where Neil McCallum encounters a hairy heiress; James Bond’s boss and Fluff Freeman fight a killer plant; Roy Castle and Kenny Lynch chase the Voodoo down; Michael Gough makes a monkey out of Christopher Lee and Donald Sutherland allows an armed maniac to sit in a sleeping child’s room. Along the way we discuss Cobra...


028 Munster Go Home

Staying in Horror/Comedy territory, the gang head down to Shroudshire, where a four-time Dracula is slumming it as a butler at Munster Hall, the local barmaid knows a surprising amount about motor racing and unsuspecting visitors may be bashed on the cranium with something jagged. Along the way #askwelcometohorror prompts recommendations of horror literature, and we discuss AHS, Winchester and the all round God-like genius of Terry-Thomas. Watch (or re-watch) to avoid spoilers, and join us.


027 Carry On Screaming

Frying Tonight! The team get out their double entendres and take a trip to the Bide-A-Wee Rest Home, where a electricity-filled Kenneth Williams is up to something in the basement, the local police have employed two Time Lords and foul feet smell something horrible. The team also watch rather splendid horror comedy short “The Furred Man” from Evil Hypnotist Productions, as well as discussing “Ready Player One”, “A Dark Song” and “You Were Never Really Here”. Watch (or re-watch) to avoid...


026 Pan's Labyrinth

The team (plus new co-host Alexa) polish off their English to Spanish phrase book and take a wander around “Pan’s Labyrinth”, where a small girl turns a frog inside out, some fairies meet a grisly end, and Guillermo del Toro makes us wish a man dead. Along the way they answer more #askwelcometohorror questions and discuss “Santa Clarita Diet”, “Blade Runner 2049”, “Tank 432”, “Annihilation” and the magic of Penn & Teller. Watch (or re-watch) to avoid spoilers, and join us.


025 Prevenge

The team are joined by deeply pregnant woman Claire to watch Alice Lowe’s comedy slasher “Prevenge”, in which we see actual documentary footage of midwifery in the wild, and are given tips on both rock climbing safety and how to fit an 8 months pregnant woman through a dog flap. Along the way we forget which film we’re watching next episode, discuss horrific medical Instagram accounts, Mind Hunter and why Justice League is a load of old crap. Watch (or re-watch) to avoid spoilers, and join us


024 Deathline

It’s Adam’s (somewhat belated) Birthday choice; and he’s picked 1972’s “Death Line” (renamed “Raw Meat” in the US of A). Set on the London Underground, this grimy shocker features Hyacinth Bucket’s husband contemplating cannibalism on the Piccadilly Line, Christopher Lee’s moustache making a bristly cameo, and Donald Pleasence demanding tea! A lot. Along the way we also discuss Altered Carbon, Lords of Salem, Inside No.9, The Prestige, and X-Men movies Vs. The Marvel Cinematic Universe....


023 In The Mouth Of Madness

As requested by Bobby from the fantastic Not For Everyone Podcast; the gang sit down to watch “In The Mouth of Madness” from the maestro: Mr John Carpenter. A film in which Jürgen Prochnow cosplays as Neil Gaiman, the Police unveil interesting new community support strategies and Sam Neil wakes up screaming on the bus home (we’ve all been there). Along the way the discussion takes in our new #askwelcometohorror campaign, Lady Jennifer’s shoes, Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy, “2001: A...


022 Bride Of Frankenstien

Love is in the air for monsters, and the team are joined for this episode by special guest Lady Jennifer (The Bride of Lee’n’stein). We dial back the clock to another true classic of Universal Horror, and cinema in general: “The Bride of Frankenstein”, in which Ernest Thesiger grows his own, Karloff shares a blunt with a blind man, and Una O’Connor gets the fear. A lot. Along the way, Lady Jennifer roasts chestnuts on an open fire, Lee unboxes our Welcome To Horror T-Shirts, and Adam is...


021 The Ritual

In a change to our scheduled film, the Welcome To Horror team are joined by special guests (and genuine actual women) Ladies Jennifer and Sharon to watch Netflix original “The Ritual”. This adaptation of Adam Nevill’s novel, which seems destined to become a modern classic, has several important life lessons, including just hand over your jewellery, and absolutely never, ever, ever go camping. Along the way we discuss Rocky Horror, Altered Carbon, the British sense of humour and endurance...


The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar

The third and final Poe-Cast Bonus Episode we bring you is “The Facts in the Case of M.Valdemar”. The last segment from Episode 19’s “Tales of Terror” - adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe stories starring the great Vincent Price. Performed by SLUD (aka WTH’s Adam) with specially composed soundscapes, we hope you enjoy these little bonus additions. Normal service will resume next Sunday with Episode 20: “Funny Man”...


The Cask of Amontillado

As promised on Episode 19 “Tales of Terror”; we’re bringing you 3 Bonus Episodes of the original Edgar Allan Poe stories that were adapted for the Roger Corman classic. These are the tales that inspired so many amazing films (and a few crap ones too), we hope you enjoy hearing the originals. Performed by SLUD (aka Adam) with specially composed soundscapes. Episode 1 is available now, Episode 3 coming tomorrow...


The Black Cat

We hope you enjoyed Episode 19 “Tales of Terror” - as promised; we’re bringing you 3 Bonus Episodes of the original Edgar Allan Poe Stories that were adapted for the film. Performed by SLUD (aka our very own Adam) we hope these will chill, entertain and give a greater insight into “Tales of Terror” itself. Keep your eyes peeled over the weekend for the next two.


019 Tales Of Terror

It’s a full hit of classic Horror on this bumper episode of Welcome To Horror. With his eyes clamped open à la A Clockwork Orange, Chris is exposed to a series of firsts: His first Poe adaptation, his first film directed by Roger Corman, and his first with icons Basil Rathbone, Peter Lorre and Vincent Price. With 3 stories in one film, will this be all too much for him? Listen in and find out. Watch (or re-watch) to avoid spoilers, and join us.


Xmas Bonus 3 View From The Hill

In the final of our Christmas Bonus Episodes, we turn to the BBC’s 2005 adaptation of M.R. James’ “A View From A Hill”. As well as the film, the convoluted conversation mentions nuclear thriller “Threads”, while Lee tells us in no uncertain terms why he doesn’t watch Torture Porn. Full disclosure: the gang are pretty wasted at this point, they’ve been drinking since noon; a heady mixture including Port, Craft Beers and Lee’s homemade “Krampus” cider, so this may be a little “relaxed”. But...


Xmas Bonus 2 Whistle And Ill Come To You

Welcome To Horror Christmas Bonus Episode 2 “Whistle And I’ll Come To You” is available now on the Podcast App/iTunes Store, Soundcloud and at welcometohorror.com It’s the second of our Bonus Christmas Episodes, and we take the Horrormobile to the coast for some light archeology/grave robbing in Jonathan Miller’s 1968 adaption of M.R. James’ “Whistle And I’ll Come To You”. The booze is flowing, and Chris’s memory of Whitley Strieber is severely affected. Fortunately he can remember...


Xmas Bonus 1 Crooked House

In the first of our Christmas Bonus Episodes, the gang take the Horrormobile to Geap Manor for an anthology from the mind of Mr Mark Gatiss, 2008’s BBC Ghost Story for Christmas “Crooked House”. The gang discuss Gatiss’ career, from “Doctor Who” to “Sherlock” by way of “The League of Gentleman” and “A History of Horror” with an almost sickening level of obsession. The drinks are flowing already on this episode, so grab a glass, watch (or re-watch) to avoid spoilers, and join us.


0017 Rare Exports

It’s the 2nd in our season of 5 Christmas Episodes, and this time we’re watching Jalmari Helander’s “Rare Exports”. Having opened their traditional Halloween crackers, the gang take the Horrormobile over to Finland’s Korvatunturi mountains for their first foreign language film. Staying in Krampus territory, the guys ponder the finer points of explosion radiuses and just how much old man cock is too much old man cock, particularly for a Christmas film? Along the way they report on what...


015 Thankskilling

In honour of the Thanksgiving celebrations, the gang take the Horrormobile to the little town of Crawberg and experience their lowest budget so far! They settle down to dinner with a suspiciously short and feathery man with a moustache and glasses, and discuss the true comic insanity of “ThanksKilling”, without doubt the finest Killer Turkey/revenge/slasher film that we have ever seen! Around the dinner table, the conversation is lively, as Chris admits to his brush with the law, and the...


014 Critters

To combat accusations of nepotism when Chris’ sister/Lee’s wife; Lady Jennifer, was our special guest last episode, this time we’re joined by Lee’s brother; Dr Dean - Pit Pony and founder of the Lin Shay Appreciation Society. The Horrormobile takes the gang to 1986, in the small American town of Bender’s Grove. They had hoped to get their original pressing 7” single of “Power of the Night” signed by angular pop hunk Johnny Steele, but instead have become overwhelmed by cute furry...


013 Ghostwatch

Lee, Chris and Adam are joined by special guest Lady Jennifer as they conclude their 3 episode Halloween season for October. The gang sit down and relive that Halloween Night 25 years ago, when the BBC decided to scare the absolute living shit out of viewers across the UK. They mourn the passing of Mike Smith, address accusations of on-air farting, and definitely don’t laugh about the phrase “Glory Hole”. Watch (or re-watch) to avoid spoilers, and join us