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We are a hybrid paranormal/science podcast - examining paranormal topics from both the perspective of a believer and a skeptic.

We are a hybrid paranormal/science podcast - examining paranormal topics from both the perspective of a believer and a skeptic.
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We are a hybrid paranormal/science podcast - examining paranormal topics from both the perspective of a believer and a skeptic.






15 - The Curse of Bathsheba Ruggles

Has Kelly been cursed by her murderous ancestor, Bathsheba? And if so did her over the top witch ceremony lift the curse for her and all the Ruggles women? For once we both agree - definitely real! Also, we spill the tea on epigenetics! References: Bathsheba Ruggles Spooner! Noah the creepy drunken grandpa Nepalese royal family curse - seriously WTF!! The Kennedy Family Curse Lore (the TV version) lobotomy episode (Season 1, Episode 2), "Echos" Bruce Lee's Curse Transgenerational...


Luck of the Irish...and that one Croatian dude (ep 14, Minisode 6)

Email us: Do you think you're a lucky person? Apparently, we both think we are! Sarah is clearly lucky because of her commitment to superstitions and lucky charms and Kelly's luck is I guess is just because she's Irish? Stuff we discuss: Irish people and luck: Apparently it comes from the fact that many of the most successful minors during the gold and silver rush were Irish and Irish American. Also apparently the phrase is meant to ridicule Irish folks since...


13 - Riot Girls at Sea

GUYS. This is SO exciting. Mermen, mermaids, dugongs, manatees. This is the topic that started it all people. Join us today as we discuss Sarah's real life Merman sighting, plus all the evidence for or against aquatic humanoids!!! Email us: Little St. Simons Island Merpeople folklore Mermaids & Mermen: Facts & Legends by Benjamin Radford Are Mermaid's Real? By Joseph Castro Myths in the Museum: The Dugong and the Mermaid Marine Mammals FAKE DOCUMENTARY:...


Watch Bray Road Beast with us (ep 12, Minisode 5)

This experimental minisode has us live watching the documentary "The Bray Road Beast". We have a cute dog in attendance and wine on hand, so listen up then go get the dang thing and watch! We'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode (like it, hate it, love it, never do it again?) so email us: Link to the documentary: Lyle Blackburn, kind of a big...


11 - Real Life Incredibles

Email us, This week, we try and recover from the bummer of satanic panic with superpowers! Super smellers, folks who are strong AF, bones that never break, perfect memories and mega-athletes to name a few. We also talk about a whole mess of genetics, get excited people. Stuff we talked about: Melissa McCracken: Songs as PaintingsStrongman Louis Cyr, real life superman Liam Hoekstra and Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophyDaniel Kish, Bat Man!Self-motion...


The Total Absurdity of the Satanic Panic (ep 10, Minisode 4)

Email us, This episode was sort of a bummer, sorry folks. Major take homes: the Satanic Panic was bonkers, go nuts with the heavy metal and DnD, and our memories, for the most part, suck. On this minisode, we talk about the 80s Satanic Panic and how insane and unjust it was. Also, some deeply cool science about memory and the risks of listening to smooth jazz. Stuff we discussed: Vox article on the Satanic Panic Heartbreaking Texas Monthly article on Dan...


9 - Love Spells are a Hard No

Sorry for the technical difficulty, our episode was screwed up, but it's all fixed now -- redownload it if you need to! Email us, Everyone wanted to be a witch in middle school, am I right? Also, who wants to help design a science experiment to measure the global consciousness effects on reality? Come on! You know you want to. This episode Sarah and Kelly discuss magical spells and whether they have any effect on reality. Sarah uses science words to prove...


Don't Buy Haunted Houses, Nic! (ep 8, Minisode 3)

New episodes every sunday! Email us, What do Nicolas Cage and serial killer Delphine LaLaurie have in common? A shared (haunted) residence in New Orleans, of course! On Today's minisode, hear a recap of Sarah's spooky trip, the best of New Orleans paranormal and quality Nic Cage trivia. Stuff we discussed: Nic Cage terrorized by a fudgesicle Nic Cage's weird Letterman interview (please don't dose pets, people, for the love) Great tours in New Orleans!...


7 - Houdini for President

New episodes every Sunday night! Email us! We honestly would love to hear from you guys! Or check out the website: On this week's episode, we talk about something we actually agree on - how awesome Harry Houdini is! Hardcore skeptic and illusionist extraordinaire, listen to hear why we love him so -- with ADORABLE ANIMAL STORIES! Shout out! Adventure zone D&D...


Possession ... it'll make your head spin - (ep 6, Minisode 2)

Email us! we would love to hear from you guys! Or check out the website: Minisode #2 continues the Ouija theme from last week. This week we present: A scary college Ouija tale courtesy of our good friend Manny, plus the terrifying TRUE story that inspired the movie THE EXORCIST! Never fear skeptics, we've got the lowdown on excorcism science as well! Joining us today is a mystery guest Medical Doctor, standing in for Kelly...


5 - Get it together, Spirits!

Should Kelly burn an Ouija board? Should Sarah chill the eff out and let Kelly burn an Ouija board? Sarah's note - no, friends don't let friends become possessed by evil. On this episode, we cover the history of the scariest piece of cardboard in existence -- the OUIJA BOARD! Join us for disturbing tales of people consumed by Ouija board addiction, and stay for the fascinating science! Email us -- -- we would love to hear from you! You can also check out the...


Murder House Hypothesis - (ep 4, Minisode 1)

Email us! seriously would love to hear from you guys! Or check out the website: On today’s first official minisode, Kelly gives us the lowdown on the scientific method. Tune in to learn what a real-life scientist thinks about tiny invisible unicorns, murder houses, and how we would prove a house was haunted. Bill Gates, if you’re listening, we will gladly accept funding for this study. Stuff we talk about: Tiny Invisible Unicorns...


3 - Heal me, Crystals!

Can crystals cure a coma? Does putting porous rocks in your genitals increase your sex drive? Can amber necklaces reduce teething pain? Was Sarah a gem-stealing adolescent? Listen to hear answers to these questions and more! Ruggles Mine: Permanently closed! :( Natural History Museum Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems: Closed for renovation (as of 2/27/19) Crystal Healing study Infused Crystal water (that even Sarah thinks is dumb) Spray with...


2 - Werewolf Community Board

Do werewolves have meetings to discuss how to avoid human detection? When will one go rogue? (Answer: Never, because they’re not real). In this episode, we continue the creepy canine theme with an introduction to the DOGMAN! They are eeeeeeverywhere! Dogman eyewitness drawings (via the North American Dogman Project) Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America by Linda S Godfrey Apparently, a possum will indeed make rude gestures at cameras given the chance: Hosted by: Sarah Cox...


1 - Bring it, Skinwalkers!

Are werewolves just lonely lions? Should Kelly stop instigating skinwalkers? Does mold cause everything paranormal? In this episode, we discuss the history of werewolves and the mysterious details of the Beast of Gevaudan's reign of TERROR! Links, references and, diseases you SHOULD NOT GOOGLE below! Rabies movies: Warning. This is VERY hard to watch. Porphyria...