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We do more than paranormal stories.

We do more than paranormal stories.
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We do more than paranormal stories.








14: CopyCat Webkins and Madical Tilberries

In episode 14 we get down and weird with these stories. Reina tells us about the copy cat Tylenol murders that happened only a few years after the original incident. Jackie tells us of some weird Icelandic magic that involves blood sucking slugs and skin tight pants.


13: Deadly Medicine and A Savy Simulation

Haha, its not episode 12, its episode 13! However this episode is still full of weird turns. Reina tells a somewhat short story of the historic Chicago Tylenol Murders and the horror that leads to the reason for todays packaging on most over the counter medicines. Jackie tells us the wild conspiracy about the world being a simulation, and also touches a strange Mandela effect and it gets even weirder.


12: Cult Princess' and A Blog Full Of Water Babies

In episode twelve Reina and Jackie get right into the weirdness. Reina tells us the weird and strange story of the Blackburn Cult and how the founder was arrested for not the awful things within the cult, but actually something much less sinister. Jackie tells us the urban legends of some native American stories surrounding water babies- a phrase way too fun to say.


11: Katy Boiii and a Glow In The Dark Twitch WBC S2E11

In this weeks episode you get a double wammy(?) of murders! Reina also starts off with some big and fun news! This week you get to hear Reina get angry over someones name, but also tell us about the murderous wife from New York who got tired of being a slave to her husband. Jackie also tells us about the copy cat dexter killer and his idiotic tendencies that got him caught!


10: Bonus Episode! Death By Telepathy and the Walking Dead

It's a bonus episode because Jackie and Reina are still human garbage! In this short episode Reina tells us the strange case of the Gibbons twins and the strange death of one of the sisters. Jackie tells us a (super) short scary story of a surgeon in a hospital full of dead people!


9: Angry Dolls and Leaky Papers

It's a take two! After some technical difficulties on the first try Jackie and Reina are back at it again, and yes, they're still a mess. In this weeks episode Reina tells us the story about the Florida resident Robert the Doll; and his creepy habits of changing facial expressions and extreme attitude. Jackie tells us about the wildness behind the Panama papers and how they lead to an investigative journalists death; showing us that it's not only America thats incredibly corrupt (yay!).


8: Staff Meetings and Shape-Shifting Otters WBC S2E8

Bonus episode! This week you get a two for one to make up for us being literal garbage! In this episode Reina gets right into it and tells us the strange disappearance and murder of Dorothy Jane Scott and some of the strange details within it. Jackie tells us of a weird ( and maybe adorable? ) urban legend form her home town in Alaska that involves otters and their creepy magic tricks.


7: Ben Dover and The Angel of Death WBC S2E7

We're back! After two weeks of radio silence were back with some weird and wild stories! In this weeks episode, Reina compiled a series of weird Florida man stories, and some of them quite literally hit too close to home for us. Jackie tells us the infamous story of Vickie Dawn Jackson AKA the Angel of Death, and how she took the lives of several innocent and helpless people.


5: Forty Shades of Grey and Lizards In Suits WBC S2E5

*Trigger warning: Rape, Sexual assault/abuse, physical abuse* In episode five, Reina tells us the insane ups and downs of the most insane murder couple to come out of England, Fred and Rosemary west. Jackie gets into the stories that build the conspiracy of the real life men in black.


4: A Posse of Possums and Sherif Corn WBC S2 E4

In episode 4 Reina tells us the conspiracies and stories in connection to Plum Island, a mysterious government run island off the coast of New York. Jackie tells us the horrifying torture endured by Sherif Corwin and the haunting in Jonathan Corwin's old home.


3: Bloody Baby and Burke Finds Himself a Hare WBC S2E3

It's season 2 episode 3! Listen as Reina tells us about the age old urban legend game of blue baby blue and the connection between this and another possible urban legend. Jackie gets into the life of Burke and Hare from one of her favorite books 'Stitcher' and how they decided to make a living back in the 1800's!


2: A Historic Hotel and Build-A-Bear-Psycho WBC s2e2

In season two, episode two Reina tells us the history and hauntings of the Andrew Jackson Hotel that resides in the heart of the french quarter in New Orleans! Jackie tells us the story of Elizabeth Bathory and her horrific hobbies and lonely death.


1: ARG Does Not Mean A Real-life Game, Ash Vlogs Collab. WBCS2E1

*Some Audio is really creepy, and one is kind of gross* We're fucking back y'all. The first episode of season two holds a whole new surprise, a brand new co-host- fresh from the factory! Listen as Reina and Jackie talk about the latest ARG (alternate reality game) that is taking the internet by storm right now. Jackie and Reina go deep into discussion giving you real audio and clues from the game. Reina even goes far enough to join the fucking discord. We hope you enjoy and we are so fucking...


35: Wetterling Mystery and ZoZo out the Wazoo WBC Season 1 Finale!

It's the season one finale! In this episode Reina tells us about the mind bending mystery of the disappearance of Jacob Wetterling. Iva tells us the origin story and some fun facts about Zozo the demon and some of his wild antics. We sincerely hope you enjoyed this first seasons and we can't WAIT for season two!


34: An Invite To "Hang" and Throwing It Down For Satan WBC ep 34

In episode 34 Reina tells us about the brutal history and current haunting of Moundsvile Penitentiary, and Iva tells us about the also very brutal history and currently brutal haunting of Bobby Mackey's Music World.


33: Other Worldly Torment and Two Girls, One UFO

In episode 33 Reina tells us about the horrifying and manipulative ritual, The Three Kings Ritual. As well as one reddit users account within the game. Also included is an unplanned story of The One Man Hide and Seek. Iva tells us about the true encounters with The Men In Black and what/who they really might be.


32: Misremembering pretty patties and Bad JooJoo Dolls WBC ep 32

In this episode Reina tells us the truth behind the Mandela effect and gives examples of some popular ones talked about since its emergence. Iva tells us about the creepy ass Island of Dolls in Mexico thats straight from her own nightmares.


31: Charles Manson and Manson family mashup New Year ep! WBC ep 31

Happy new year! This week Iva and Reina start the year off to a bit of a cozy start. In this episode Iva and Reina talk about the wildness behind Charles Manson and the formation, murders, and apprehension of the Manson family. Listen to Ivas sniffles and Reinas giggles to start your year off right!


30: Canada with an accent and Christmas Killin WBC ep 30

It's Christmas! (we ran into issues and couldn't upload before Christmas) But Iva and Reina get into some wild christmas eve murders and exchange gifts!