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EP 49 - Crazy Cryptid Week: The Jba Fofi and The Sabinche Tomatovic Tape

Today we look at the biggest loser of the serial killer world and examine a porn tape starring a woman and a giant spider. John “Eric” Armstrong is a serial killer who claims to have killed over a dozen women. But no one believes him. In the world of serial killers he gets no respect, no respect I tell ya. Let’s look at this (un)lovable loser and laugh! Then we travel back to Africa to meet the Jba Fofi. The Jba Fofi is supposedly a giant spider that hunts beast and man alike. But...


EP 48 - Crazy Cryptid Week: The Grootslang

Today we look directly into the sun! And then journey into the deepest caverns in Africa in search of the Grootslang. Sungazing is the belief that you don’t need to eat. Or drink. All you need is to look at the sun for 45 minutes a day and all other things will become unnecessary. Except for a seeing eye dog. Then we go to Africa to meet the Grootslang! It’s the first day of our Cryptid Week and today we examine the myth, and possible reality, of a monstrous half-elephant/half-snake....


EP 47 - Reptilians Are Stealing Our Kids

Today we talk about Alex Jones getting banned and what that means for the conspiracy community, and visit Antarctica to go to war with reptilian pedophiles. Alex Jones got banned this week for hate speech. Some people consider this digital book burning. Other people are celebrating his delisting from major podcast services. Is this good for the conspiracy community, and even more importantly, how does it impact society at large. Next, we look at Corey Goode, a national hero. He has been...


EP 46 - Are We The First Civilization?

Today we look at the theory that humans were not the first civilization on Earth and visit Circleville, Ohio to do a little light reading. The planet has been around for billions of years. And we have been around for only 100,000 years. So what happened in between? We’re there other races that evolved to a stone using culture? Was there even past societies that rivaled our own? Anything over a million years would be impossible to find proof of. So is it possible that this planet is our...


EP 45 - Purple Rain

Today we read a book that it’s publication history is as fascinating as the stories inside, and try to unravel the mystery behind jelly-like piles found in locations around the world. “The Black Book Of Soviet Jewry” was an investigative account of German atrocities during World War 2. The idea was the Soviet Union wanted to know what had happened in German occupied territory but when the first accounts started being complied, the Soviets decided they didn’t want to publish the book . ....


EP 44 - Ghost To Ghost

Today we say goodbye to a hero, take a physical with boy band BTS, and investigate the “ghost scare” that led to a murder. Art Bell passed away and already the conspiracy theories have started. But lets remember the man and his legacy. I can definitely say without him, this podcast would have never existed. Then, we take a look at Pancreas Denial. What is Pancreas Denial? Well, other than being listed on the Conspiracy Iceberg, we don’t know much. Actually, we do know it has to do with...


EP 43 - Deep Dark Sea

Today we visit Iowa to investigate it’s missing person conspiracy, and then we take a swim in the ocean at night. The big news recently is the missing people epidemic in Iowa. Is there a conspiracy going on there, is this just business as usual for mid-West state, or is it something in between? “The Ocean At Night” is a conspiracy right off of the Iceberg Conspiracy list and one that many people have wondered about. It’s such a vague phrase but everyone can feel the hopelessness of that...


EP 42 - My Baby, She Wrote Me A Letter

Today we summon succubi and mess with love spells! The legends of the succubi and incubi are as old as time itself. Demonic creatures who suck out your life energy while giving you a little tingly touch. But nowadays, some people believe you can summon these demons at will. Anyone down for a little Hex-flix and chill? Then we look at love spells. Do they work? Can you keep a lover from leaving you? And is there a simple spell that will allow you to know if anyone around you is gay?...


EP 41 - Wash Everything

Today we look at a wonder drug that will redefine what it takes to be beautiful and then we will examine a subculture that belives AIDS is a “gift” to be shared with others. “Tren Tanning” is a phrase many have never heard. But it will soon become a common notion. With the steroid Melanotan 2, people can get a healthy tan, lose weight, and increase thier sex drive. The future is only a needle prick away. Then, we investigate the urban legend of “Bugchasing.” Is there really a group of...


EP 40 - Salt Mining

Today we learn that Sugar Babies is more than just a gross candy that ruins your teeth, and women around the world may have given birth to alien babies and not even know it! Sugar Babies are women who are looking for Sugar Daddies: Rich men who will take care of them financially. But sometimes they are tricked by a Salt Daddy. What’s a salt daddy? I can’t give everything away! Next, we travel to the stars to discover that women around the world are being abducted by aliens for carnal...


EP 39 - Or Are You Happy To See Me?

Today we look at the depths of madness and whether or not porn stars are unwitting psychic sexual vampires. Back in 2010, “Ugly Betty” actor Michael Brea believed his mother was possessed by a demon and was conducting black magic rituals in their shared apartment. His only option? To attack her with a three-feet long ceremonial sword and kill the demon inside of her. Unfortunately, that meant taking her life as well. Then, from the studio films to amateur vids, porn is a billion...


EP 038 - The Brown Eye Of Providence

Today we start our week of sex conspiracies! Is the All-Seeing Eye on the back of US cash really a butthole? And can you commit suicide by crucifying yourself? The Eye of Providence is a religious symbol that dates back to the Renaissance. It represents the Eye of God watching over the whole of humanity. But a new conspiracy has been uncovered: The Eye is actually an anus that was created by the Freemasons to control, degrade, and pervert the world! Then we travel to South Korea where a...


EP 37 - Dogs And Foxes And Donkeys Oh My!

Today we take a look at one of the worst school shootings you’ve never heard of and, to lighten things up, take a trip to the “zoo!” I was researching the “2006 Volleyball Incident” which is a phrase that pops up on various conspiracy theory lists. While debunking that (for now), I came across a very real, very tragic event: The 2006 Platte Canyon Attack. Then, we go from Cairo, Gaza, and China to visit some zoos where the animals are not what they seem. Want to see a lion? You might...


EP 36 - It’s Leningrad, You Fool!

Sorry for the weird “Leningrad” insert. I packed everything up and went to the cool, cool library to edit this when I realized my mistake. No professional mic? No problem. I just said “Leningrad” several times out loud in an otherwise quiet library. And now I’m on a watch list! Today we look at Colgate forts, missing Russian gold, and the dangers of ghost hunting. “Colgate forts” is a phrase you’ve probably never heard. I certainly hadn’t before I started this show. But the rumor is...


EP 35 - Fortress Of Solitude

Today we’re going to the birds to find out why crows have sex with the dead. Then we travel to Pakistan and Paris to unravel two creepy mysteries! Crow funerals have been a thing for scientists to study for awhile. But when one young scientist decides to capture the event on camera, she instead films a bit of bird-on-bird necrophilia! Then we head out to Ranikot Fort in Pakistan. Why is it important? No one knows! Other than being the biggest fort ever built on the planet, in the middle...


EP 34 - Watcher In The Woods

Today we postpone the apocalypse and go to camp! It’s another blood moon so it’s another round of “The Sky Is Falling, The World Is Ending!” But is it really? How many times do we have to read headlines explaining that the end is nigh? And then we dive into the deep end of the pool to examine the racist rantings of one man who wants to end the tyranny of “Jewish Swim Lessons.” Links: APOCALYPSE THEN What’s the blood moon prophecy, what are the end time theories and when did the first...


EP 33 - Eggless Travel, ‘Nuff Said

Today we visit the vacant town of Ong’s Hat to learn what may have happened there when a group of chaos scientists took up residence. They we discuss one of the most requested conspiracies, and biggest mysteries to date: What is Eggless Travel? Ong’s Hat is an empty, unincorporated town in New Jersey. All that seems to remain is rubble and remnants of a town past. But there are rumors that, in the 1980s, a controversial group of scientists bought the town and used it to conduct...


EP 32 - Grand Soy Unified Theory

Today we dance with dead squids, taunt vegans, and finally address the controversial “Grand Unified Soy Theory.” Dancing Squid’ Phenomenon: How Soy Sauce Brings A Dead Creature Back To ‘Life’ (VIDEO) 25 Things You May Have Thought Were Vegan The Only Surviving Quotes of a “Is Soy Sentient” Reddit...


EP 31 - Formerly Chuck’s

Today we look at not-so-magical beans, a big scary dog becoming a bigger scarier monster, and examine the ancient Jewish belief of a time limit on the universe. Sometimes conspiracies are exciting, globe trotting adventures. Sometimes they’re mundane. But for the people involved in them they are always life changing. When a group of black farmers bought soybean seeds from a reputable company they though everything would be fine. A season and a million dollars later, these farmers discover...


EP 30 - The Prince Of Belray

Today we eat some slightly less disgusting cabbage, and explore the empty streets of Belray Estates. Like most modern conspiracies, it all started with a Youtube video. After seeing a lifelike head of cabbage made completly of wax the rumors began to spread that China was shipping out tons of this fake cabbage to neighboring nations. Then we travel to Belray Estates, a small neighborhood in Utah. It was once filled with life and sounds of man and nature echoed through the streets. Then...