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S3:E44-As a precaution, I am going to throw away the mirror…

Welcome back to It’s Haunted What Now, I’m your host, David Ginsburg. I’m hosting this episode for Lanie while she’s out on Maternity leave. I host a weekly podcast called Tales from the Fandom where I talk to a different guest each week about fandoms they love. Find it on all the major streaming sites […]


S3: E43 – I can’t overstate how desolate it was. How alone. How isolating.

Samii – hosting for Lanie while she’s out on maternity leave. I host the It’s Frightful podcast that’s all about (Paranormal experience, much like the ones you hear on It’s haunted. As well as Creepy Encounters with not so nice people, and much much more.) & I’m so excited to be sharing these stories with […]


S3:E42 -I couldn’t stop it. I slumped forward in my chair…

I’ve got a great collection of stories for you today, with quite a few of them from our inbox! I can’t tell you enough how great it is to see you all sending in your stories, and the sense of community it brings. We might all be scattered across the world…but our paranormal encounters are […]


S3-E41: Immediately, the laughter stopped. There were no children outside, or anywhere

The stories that I have for you today may seem like a bit of a grab bag, but at their core, they deal a lot with the idea of dreams, of awareness, and that strange line between sleeping and waking. What’s real, and what isn’t? When do we know that we’re awake, and what do […]


Introducing: Spy Affair

A charismatic Russian woman arrives in the US on a mission to improve relations between the two countries, and she soon makes some powerful friends. But who is Maria Butina? And who is she working for? As Maria gets closer to the rich and connected she also attracts the attention of the FBI. In the […]


S3:E40 – Except there was nothing there, no feet.

We are naturally curious of the paranormal, but equally afraid. What is more terrifying than being tormented by something you can’t see? The ones we DO see, the ones that come with warnings, and the ones who seem to visit many people around the world. These four stories remind us what it is we fear […]


S3:E39 – My life has been very strange ever since I was a kid. I didn’t ask for any of it.

ok, 2021, we’re done with the offer to try it out for the first month free and we’re totally ready to cancel the whole subscription. From now on let’s just tip-toe quietly into the rest of the year and get cozy with a couple of ghost stories. From family members visiting after passing on, to […]


S3:E38: I then apparently walked into the front room, with my hand clasped around something.

I hope everyone celebrated the new year in the best way that they could, and that we’re all collectively looking towards a brighter year ahead. 2021 has the potential to be great, and after the year we just had, I think we all deserve it. Personally, I’m looking forward to filling this year with all […]


S2:E37 – The loud one was different. I’d never physically seen the loud one, but I’ve heard them plenty.

I hope everyone found something to be thankful for and are looking forward to the new year and happy holidays ahead. 2020 has been a difficult year for lots of us, so I’m hoping that these holidays give you the ability to be thankful and find a little joy in an otherwise tumultuous time. Ok, […]


S2:E36 – A hooded figure, a woman it seemed, standing by the shelf

We’ve finally moved past our spooky holidays and are hopping right into our turkey and wintery filled ones. 2020 has been a difficult year for lots of us, so I’m hoping that these holidays give you the ability to be thankful and find a little joy in an otherwise tumultuous time. Ok, ready to get […]


S2: E35 – Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween you spooky story lovers. I hope you’re tucked in nice and safe, because this particular episode is filled to the brim with demons, night terrors, and even the stray dead family member here to check in on you. Stories submitted by: Story 1: Mathewszin Story 2: HiMyNameisHypno Story 3: wolfblackstar Story 4: SoniaStory […]


S2: E34- The knocking increased, we felt our bed shaking sometimes at night.

Want to know what’s really spooky guys? I managed to keep my promise and release this on the 15th, ok the 16th! The spooky spirits are really fueling this episode, and the next, through to fulfillment. Speaking of spooky spirits, have we got a treat for you. Does the idea of demonic laughing directly into […]


S2: E33- My Bed Was Covered w/ Slithering, Hissing Black Snakes.

Well – our spooky season is underway! I know that our celebrations will look a little different this year, so I HOPE you are still going to decorate and find a socially distant way to give candy out to those hooligans trick or treating! Alright, boo bears, ready to get spooked? Story 1 : Breakhard606 […]

S2: E32 – I Can Only See The Outline Of Their Body Which is Under the Covers & Their Hair.

I have spent a lot of time rewatching Buzzfeed unsolved & I have been in the spooky mood here lately and, the stories you’re about to hear might put you in a spooky mood too. I mean, we’ll see. Ok, ready to get spooked? Thank you for submitting your stories:Story 1 : SourestSenpaiStory 2 : OddpomergranateStory […]


S2:E31 – What kind of Scout Camp is THIS?

Sleepovers, Ghost nannies, boy scout camps and haunted airbnb’s are featured in the latest episode. Our assistant Aaliyah has really done a great job of making sure these spooky tales make it to your ear holes – I don’t know about you but, I’m ready to get spooked! Thank you to the following submissions:Lamafly348KairiluramiaVayrox_AypOrangeart33MaleyMatti Thank […]


Bonus: GetVokl- Spooky Friends ft. Hollyweird Paranormal and Scry Podcast

This is the live stream I did with my podfriends from Hollyweird Paranormal & Scry Podcast. Links to their shows are below! & I want to share with you that we are now on Patreon. After several requests to separate IHWN from TCFC, I have finally listened. I know, I know… took me […]


S2:E30- If I Heard the Scream, Then THEY Should Have Really Heard It

Welcome back, I’m your host, Lanie. I have been gathering your stories for this episode and let me tell you – you’re in for a treat. I want to thank you for continuing to submit your stories, please keep sending those in and be sure to subscribe to us on GetVokl and you will get […]


S2:E29 – I Woke Up at 3:33 A.M. & Couldn’t Move.

We are back and ready to get to the spooky tales! Turn off the lights, snuggle up and get ready to be SPOOKED! Thank you to the following listeners for submitting their stories: itizwednesdaymydudes KingAzul Estefania RedRaven20 123—321 Nautical Venom I want to share with you that we are now on Patreon. After several requests […]


A Paranormal Chat w/ Roz Drezfalez from GHOSTED!

Roz Drezfalez put out a call on Instagram to see if anyone wanted her on their show… of course, being a HUGE fan – I reached out and she agreed. We had so much fun chatting [at least I did, I may have scared her w being an over-eager fan girl lol] in any case, […]


S2: E28 – The Footprints Cleaned Off Hundreds of Times Had Returned.

I want to apologize for the delay in the release of this episode, my other show, True Crime Fan Club recently moved to a weekly format and, well – my brain got jumbled. The good news is, I’m here now ready to deliver the spooky tales right to you. So, turn off all the lights, […]