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Home of UFO Buster Radio, The Tempest Universe, and The Dark Horde podcasts. Paranormal, ufology, and space all in one place. (Explicit)

Home of UFO Buster Radio, The Tempest Universe, and The Dark Horde podcasts. Paranormal, ufology, and space all in one place. (Explicit)


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Home of UFO Buster Radio, The Tempest Universe, and The Dark Horde podcasts. Paranormal, ufology, and space all in one place. (Explicit)






Burchett on TMZ, House Briefing on UAPs, J.J Abrams On Showtime, and Lue on the Attack

Today’s News Rep. Burchett says ‘something’s going on that we can’t handle’ when asked about UFOs Link: Audio Clip Courtesy TMZ: Navy and FBI giving U.S. House committee classified UFO briefing Wednesday Link: J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot to Explore...


Pentagon UFO Report, Aliens Danger to Humans, Truth Embargo Coming to an End, and The Bezos Bailout Bill

Today’s News Experts Weigh In on Pentagon UFO Report Link: Alien contact could ‘end life on Earth,’ scientists warn Link: 'Truth embargo': UFOs are suddenly all the talk in Washington Link: The Senate just...


Special Guest Chrissy Newton from Alt.Pop.Repeat and Possibly Ronny Dawson from The UFO Megacon

Today’s News Chrissy Newton the co-host of the popular podcast Alt.Pop.Repeat joins Manny to talk about the Congressional UFO report. Website: Twitter: Instagram: iTunes: Spotify: In addition, live from the UFO Megacon in Laughlin Nevada, Ronny...


UAPs Unknown Origin, NASA Chief Maybe Aliens, Montana UFO Hotpot, and China UFO AI

Today’s News Audio Clip: Lue Elizondo on Fox. Link: ‘There is stuff’: Enduring mysteries trail US report on UFOs Link: New NASA chief doesn't think UFOs are an optical illusion, according to interview Link: UFOs in Montana: Redgate...


Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby, Australia’s Own UFO Cover-Up, Ex-Official Accuses Pentagon of 'Disinformation', and Alien Hunter Found

Today’s News Audio Clip: Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby Holds a Press Briefing on June 1, 2021 and received a couple of UAP report question. Transcript: Australia’s own UFO cover-up exposed in 7NEWS Spotlight investigation Link: Ex-official who...


Canadian Astronaut Notes UFO Foolishness, 1941 UFO Crash, Bob Lazar, and Barack Thoughts on UFOs

Today’s News Astronaut Chris Hadfield Calls Talk of UFOs 'the Height of Foolishness' in Interview Link: Looking back at alleged UFO crash of 1941 near Cape Girardeau Link: UFOs, the Pentagon, and the enigma of Bob Lazar Link: Obama...


UFOs Real What Now, Marco Rubio’s Inquisition, Catholics Ready For UFOs, and UFO Photo Auctioned

Today’s News Chris Reed: The government says UFOs are real. What’s next? Link: Marco Rubio wants you to know what the military knows about UFOs Link: Alien life looks more and more likely. Catholics are ready. Link:...


Senator Says UFO Not All Earthly, Curiosity Is Salty, UFOPac, and UFOs Joke To Serious News

Today’s News Potential organic salt detection from Curiosity yields further evidence for past organics on Mars Link: Aliens: US Senator 'can't imagine' sighted UFOs came from Earth Link: PAC Launched To Press Feds To Release More Info On UFOs Link:...


Barack Talks UFO, Blue Origin Space Seat Bid, Tardigrades In Space, and More Famous People Spot UFOs

Today’s News 60-Minutes Clip Link: Link: Scientists Fired Tardigrades Out of a Gun to See if They Can Survive Space Impacts Link: Blue Origin reveals highest bid for a seat on its first human spaceflight, currently at $2M Link:...


Shrooms on Mars, Zhurong Ready to Roll, and Man’s Abduction Witnessed by Girlfriend

Today’s News China's newly landed Mars rover Zhurong likely to roll into action this weekend Link: Man 'abducted by aliens' claims girlfriend saw him 'levitated on return to Earth' Link: Starborn Support - ‘There is life on Mars' Bizarre study claims alien mushrooms are growing on the Red Planet Link:...


Oh Demi Lovato, Human Microbes on Mars, Space Force Contracts, and Space War

Today’s News Demi Lovato to Host Unscripted UFO Investigation Series at Peacock Link: Could humans have contaminated Mars with life? Link: Space Force seeks bids for rocket engine testing and space transportation technologies Link:...


China Aims To End Maldives, Military Encounters with Monsters, Abducted 52 Times, and Skinwalker Ranch

Today’s News 10 MILITARY ENCOUNTERS WITH MONSTERS THAT MAKE YOU WONDER “WHAT THE HELL?” Link: Skinwalker Ranch: Dark Mysteries of America's Major UFO Sighting Hotspot Revealed Link: Woman Claims She Has Been Kidnapped by Aliens 52 Times in a UFO, Says Marks on Her Body...


Ronny Dawson and the 2021 UFO Megacon in Laughlin Nevada

Today’s News Ronny will be speaking Friday June 11th 10:30am until Noon Ronnie will be presenting the “Inside the Alien Agenda”. UFO MEGACON - Podcast Stuff Facebook: The Dark Horde - Facebook: The Tempest Universe - Facebook: Manny’s Page - Twitter: The Tempest Universe - Twitter: The Dark...


60 Mil Stars But No ET, Pentagon Audit, Harry Reid & Lockheed, and SpaceX SN15 WTH?

Today’s News Elon Musk, SpaceX aim to launch SN15 Mars rocket prototype Wednesday Link: Former Senator Harry Reid: Lockheed has crashed UFO debris but the Pentagon wouldn't let him see Link: Government watchdog set to examine Pentagon's handling of UFOs Link: 60 Million Stars and...


Roswell is Back, Baker Mayfield UFO Vindication, NUFORC Stories, and Proxima Centauri Probing

Today’s News Baker Mayfield sticks to UFO claims after Navy's confirmed photos: 'It's real, I saw it' Link: 11 Strange Stories From the National UFO Reporting Center Link: Proxima Centauri shoots out humongous flare, with big implications for alien life Link:...


Grimsby Earth Day UFO, Corbell vs West, SpaceX Crew Demo 2 UFO, and Cumbernauld UFO Submitted to MUFON

Today’s News 'Nothing on this Earth could have gone that fast' - Man videos 'UFO' floating in sky above Grimsby Link: Space X craft’s near-miss with ‘UFO’ Link: Three Scots report UFO sightings in towns just 18 miles apart Link: UFO expert...


Crew-2, Canadian UFO Database, SN15 Ready for Takeoff?, and New Mexico Space House

Today’s News Commercial Airline Pilots Keep Reporting UFOs Over Canada Link: SPACEX CREW-2 DRAGON ‘GO’ FOR LAUNCH APRIL 22 Link: Elon Musk and SpaceX aim to launch an upgraded Starship prototype soon Link:...


Rudnyk, Humans are Ready, Senators on Recent NAVY Reports, ET Contact Bad, and Ingenuity…and What?

Today’s News UFO philosopher: Humans not ready to make contact with aliens Link: Senators questioned about photos, video of UFOs above Navy warships Link: SETI DIRECTOR WARNS: THOSE ALIENS COULD BE MALEVOLENT Link:...


Navy Plot Thickens, Kaku Says Stay Frosty on ET, and New Jersey UFO Detector

Today’s News Mystery Objects Remain Unidentified Link: ‘UFO Detector’ found inside New Jersey park Link: Expert Issues UFO Warning: Aliens May Be Friendly, But Don't Gamble on It Link: Podcast Stuff Facebook: The Dark Horde -...


In memory of Big-O, It’s Show Time!

On 3/29/21 Big-O passed away two weeks after rolling his tanker truck in North Dakota. I wanted to share a typical episde of UFO Buster Radio with Big-O. Orlando you will never be forgotten,