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Home of UFO Buster Radio, The Tempest Universe, and The Dark Horde podcasts. Paranormal, ufology, and space all in one place. (Explicit)

Home of UFO Buster Radio, The Tempest Universe, and The Dark Horde podcasts. Paranormal, ufology, and space all in one place. (Explicit)


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Home of UFO Buster Radio, The Tempest Universe, and The Dark Horde podcasts. Paranormal, ufology, and space all in one place. (Explicit)






Prisoners Attacked by UFO, Glowing Orange UFOs in Formation, Elizondo Book Deal, Resurrecting The Woolly, and Inspiration4

On today’s podcast: UFO ‘hovered over prison and left inmates with red rash’ Link: SHOCK AND ORB Glowing orange UFOs ‘flying in formation’ spark deluge of identical sightings over major US city Link: Former Pentagon UFO Official Luis Elizondo to Reveal “Shocking Details” in New Book Link:...


Fatal UFO Shooting in Kentucky, Hycean Exoplanet, Fife at the International UFO Conference, Percy Has Cornered Ancient Life on Mars

On today’s podcast: A shootout, a fatal chase and alien abductions: 5 times Kentuckians say they saw a UFO Link: Alien life could thrive on big 'Hycean' exoplanets Link: Former Arizona Governor to speak at UFO conference Link:...


Russian Lake Baikil, Australian Eumemmering Abduction, Planet-9 Possible Again, and Alien Viruses From Other Planets

On today’s podcast: 'Holy grail' or epic hoax? Australian Kelly Cahill's UFO abduction story still stirs passions Link: Russian Navy Divers Encountered Aquatic Aliens: The Lake Baikal Humanoids Link: Astronomers are still looking for the elusive ‘Planet 9’ Link:...


$125k Balloon Ride, More Kaku on Aliens, Inspiration4 Countdown, and DOJ Page Numbering Nightmare

On today’s podcast: This Luxury Space Balloon Lets You Glide 100,000 Feet Above the Earth With a Cocktail in Hand Link: Scientists Must "Keep An Open Mind" About UFOs, Says Michio Kaku Link: SpaceX's Inspiration4 private all-civilian orbital mission: Live updates Link:...


Unexplainable UFOs, Billionaire Space Battles and, UFOs, Wuhan Flu, and

On today’s podcast: Modern-Day UFO Sightings No One Can Explain Link: The parallels between UFOs and covid-19 continue Link: Amazon asked FCC to reject Starlink plan because it can’t compete, SpaceX says Link:...


UNCW Professor on UFO Documentary, Aliens vs Religion, New UFO Database, and 80s Alien Probing

On today’s podcast: UNCW professor doing trailblazing UFO research featured on documentary Link: UFOs in the news: Are aliens a threat to traditional religion? Link: This Website Lets You Search Decades Of UFO Sightings In Your Area Link:...


Tucker Carlson UFO Revelations, Intelligence Authorization Act, More Believers in the USA, and PA Governor UFO Connection

On today’s podcast: ‘Tucker Carlson Originals’ discovers shocking revelations about UFO activity on Fox Nation Senators Look to Continue Government-Led Research into Strange UFO Sightings Larger Minority in U.S. Says Some UFOs Are Alien Spacecraft...


Zoo Banned Woman From Seeing Chimp, SpaceX Moon Shot 2024, Get to the Saturn Choppa, Blue Origin Cloning SpaceX Tech and The Curse of Bezos

On today’s podcast: Zoo Bans Woman Having 'Affair' With Chimpanzee From Seeing Him Link: Elon Musk says SpaceX could launch a Starship to the moon 'probably sooner' than 2024: report Link: This flying space probe will look for life around Saturn Link: NASA HEAD CONFIRMS BLUE...


Emerging UAP Tech, Blue Origin Exodus, Ingenuity Flies Again, and Space Collisions

On today’s podcast: Emerging Tech Key to Unraveling UFO/UAP Mysteries, Officials Say Link: BLUE ORIGIN LEAD LUNAR LANDER ENGINEER JUMPS SHIP, JOINS SPACEX Link: Mars helicopter Ingenuity soars through challenging 12th flight on Red Planet Link: SpaceX Starlink satellites...


Canada UFO Encounter, SpaceX Mechazilla, Bezos Tantrum, and UFO Report Not About UAPs

On today’s podcast: Two planes report 'bright green UFO' swooping through the clouds over Canada Link: N.S. expert says American UFO report could be about something else entirely Link: SPACEX MECHAZILLA: STARSHIP'S GIANT ORBITAL GRABBING ARM EXPLAINED Link:...


Ghost Hunt Near Death, Elevator Game, Blood Forrest, and Violet Crown Cinema’s Haunting

Join the Episode after party on Discord! Link: Articles on this Episode Ghost hunter plunges 20ft searching for paranormal activity in abandoned NY substation Link: What's the Elevator Game? Here's the Creepy Ritual Linked to the Elisa Lam Case Link: Blood Town Forest - Lancaster MA Real Haunt Link:...


TTSA Memory Lane, GAO Drops The Hammer, TIKTOK Underwater Alien Base, and Space Force UFO Squad

On today’s podcast: SpaceX remains the sole winner of NASA astronaut moon lander contract, GAO affirms Link: 'They want people to take them seriously': Space Force wary of taking over UFO mission Link: A TIKTOK conspiracy theorist has wildly claimed he has found an “underwater alien base” after seeing a body washed up on a beach that he...


The World Wonders If We Are Alone, UFOs & UAPs Are Lasers, Perseverance Lost Evidence, and Asgardia’s Ark AR App

On today’s podcast: The U.S. Is Not Alone in Wondering If We Are Alone Link: Investigative Reporter Explains Why UFOs Could Be Top-Secret Laser Tech Designed to Confuse Our Military Link: NASA SAMPLE...


UFO Science, Reid Wants More, Billionaire Brat Bezos Targets SpaceX, and Environmental Reviews in Boca Chica

On today’s podcast: Reaction to FindingUFO's Mexico UFO Link: UFOs and the Boundaries of Science Link: Harry Reid urges Congress to press for more public disclosure of UFO sightings after landmark report Link: Bezos’ Blue Origin calls Musk’s...


Hidden Alien Messages, UFO Experiencer Vindicated, Michigan UFOs, and Super Heavy On The Move

On today’s podcast: Reaction to FindingUFO's Mexico UFO Link: "Perhaps They Are Everywhere?": Physicist Claims Alien Messages Could Be Hidden In The Stars Link: UFO report is ‘vindication’ for man who tracked 1994 sightings on radar Link: Patty’s...


NASA Briefed UAP Task Force, Religious Americans Say We Are Alone, Letter To The Editor, and UFO Experts Warns Will Bust Us Like A Nut

On today’s podcast: NASA Had a UFO Briefing With a Dept. of Defense Task Force. No One Knows Why Link: Religious Americans less likely to believe intelligent life exists on other planets Link: Letter to the editor: Is government hiding truth about UFOs? Link:...


Japan Drop The UFO Bombshell, Galileo Project, Bezos The Reptilian Fact Check, and Space Wings Not For Lazy Billionaires

On today’s podcast: Time for Japan to get real on UFO intelligence sharing Link: Galileo Project to search cosmos for alien life and UFOs Link: Fact check: False claims that Jeff Bezos is an alien, reptile draw on conspiracy theories Link:...


Russians Create Mental Alien Abductions, Space Dicks, Skinwalker UFO, and Lue Elizondo Reveals Existence of 23 Minute UFO Video

On today’s podcast: BLUE ORIGIN: THE SCIENTIFIC REASON ROCKETS LOOK LIKE DICKS Link: Wally Funk becomes oldest person to fly to space 60 years after she was denied the opportunity Link: Alleged UFO sighting at Skinwalker Ranch – Brandon Fugal’s Eyewitness account on Jessop’s Journal Link:...


The Unintelligent 17, Bezos’ Turn To Fly, Scientist Calculates Tic-Tac Velocity, and More Boca Chica Madness

On today’s podcast: Full classified version of Pentagon's hyped-up UFO report is just 17 pages long Link: Jeff Bezos to blast into space aboard New Shepard rocket ship Link: 'Advanced technology' Scientist calculates how fast UFOs filmed by US Navy really are Link:...


Water Witches, Haunted Alton, and Scary St. Ignatius

Join the Episode after party on Discord! Link: Articles on this Episode What makes Alton such a haunted location? Link: 'Scared me to the point of numbness': 'Haunted' abandoned hospital in Colfax featured on popular YouTube channel Link:...