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Home of UFO Buster Radio, The Tempest Universe, and The Dark Horde podcasts. Paranormal, ufology, and space all in one place. (Explicit)

Home of UFO Buster Radio, The Tempest Universe, and The Dark Horde podcasts. Paranormal, ufology, and space all in one place. (Explicit)


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Home of UFO Buster Radio, The Tempest Universe, and The Dark Horde podcasts. Paranormal, ufology, and space all in one place. (Explicit)






New Pentagon UAP Group, DART Launch, Minnesota Bigfoot Madness

On today’s podcast: Pentagon Announces New Group to Counter UFO Threat Link: DART spacecraft to kick an asteroid off course Link: Bigfoot Sighting Reported By Trucker North of Brainerd, Minnesota Link:...


2024 NASA Moon Kaboom, Another NDAA UAP Amendment, French Black Alien, and SETI Should Look For Near Earth Alien Probes

On today’s podcast: NASA Plans to Put a Nuclear Reactor on the Moon Within a Decade Link: SKYWATCH: Sen. Gillibrand Introduces UFO Transparency Amendment to NDAA Link: French ‘black alien’ reportedly gets fingers sliced off to create claw Link:...


80s Alien Planet, Bezos E.T. Friendly, Another Navy Pilot Incident, and Alpha Centauri or Bust

On today’s podcast: A 1980s Space Telescope May Have Seen Planet Nine Link: Jeff Bezos opens up about extraterrestrials, Star Trek, Captain Kirk and space, the final frontier Link: Internal Navy...


FAA Bullies SpaceX, France Tic-Tac, Switzerland Donut UFO, and Alien UFOs Says Director of National Intelligence

On today’s podcast: U.S. FAA aims to complete SpaceX Starship review by Dec 31 Link: Glowing Tic Tac 'UFO' footage in France branded either 'best-ever hoax or the real deal' Link: 'Doughnut UFO' over Switzerland defies explanation Link: UFOs...


Female Bigfoot Gives Chase, Astrophysicist Says Stop Searching, More From Elizondo, and More on Malstrom AFB UFO & Nukes

On today’s podcast: ASTROPHYSICIST SAYS SCIENTISTS NEED TO STOP SEARCHING FOR ALIEN CIVILIZATIONS Link: TIC TAC WOE Fighter pilots who intercept UFOs may suffer radiation burns & experience warped time, Pentagon insider fears Link: STRANGE ENCOUNTER Secret CIA files claim UFOs were intercepted by fighter jets...


Virgin Galactic Selling Tickets, Crew Dragon Diapers, Bezos Loses Again, and Mars Pandemic

On today’s podcast: Virgin Galactic sells 100 more space tickets Link: No Toilet for Returning SpaceX Crew Link: Judge rules against Blue Origin in standoff with SpaceX, NASA Link: Bringing rock samples from Mars could generate another pandemic for...


Reproducing Alien Probes, Alien Life Sensationalism, Organics on Mars, and James Webb Space Telescope Could Fail...At Launch

On today’s podcast: Swarms of Reproducing Alien Probes Could Be Spotted by Huge Radio Telescope Link: NASA Doesn't Want Discovery Of Alien Life To Be Sensationalized Link: Alien Life Could Be Found on Mars Thanks to NASA Curiosity Rover's New Trick Link:...


Australia Says NO To UAPs, FedEx UFO Madness, Would China or Russia Stop US Probings, and Halloween Crew Dragon Postponed

On today’s podcast: Defence won't follow Pentagon to launch an investigation into UFO sightings or Unexplained Aerial Phenomena Link: FedEx Pilots Film ‘Pulsating’ UFO Following Their Plane, Expert Calls It ‘A Threat To Safe Aviation’ Link: NARCAP YouTube Video Link:...


Bill is Out The UAP Closet, Val Johnson Minnesota Incident, The Bad Signal BLC1, and Orbital Reef by Blue Origin

On today’s podcast: The head of NASA says life probably exists outside Earth Link: What happened to Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson’s squad car in 1979? Link: Promising radio signal isn’t aliens, just human-generated interference Link:...


China’s ET Search Is On, The Prince Hates Space Tourism, Nuke UFO Map, and The Senate Did It Again

On today’s podcast: Senate directs NASA to choose another company to build a lunar lander: report Link: SCARIER 51 Secret US nuclear missile bases ‘targeted by UFOs’ revealed in new map as Pentagon told to ‘come clean’ Link: Prince William slams space tourism and says billionaires should focus on saving Earth Link:...


Aliens Created The Universe, NJ UFOs, Aliens & Nukes, and Knapp Book

On today’s podcast: Our Universe Was Made In a Lab by Aliens: Harvard Professor Link: Mysterious ‘flying white circles’ over NJ spark conspiracy Link: US Air Force captain 'saw giant UFO disable 10 live nukes at top-secret base' Link:...


Lovato Said What?, Aliens Hate Nuclear Power, UAPx, and SaveRGV Give Me Break

On today’s podcast: Demi Lovato Says Calling Extraterrestrials ‘Aliens’ Is Offensive Link: Aliens ‘tampered with nuclear weapons’ and could spark WW3, warns ex-US military chief Link: UAP Expeditions Organization (UAPx) Announces Promotion of Dr. Kevin Knuth to Vice President Link:...


Dark Cubes in the Sky, Horry County UFOs, Sick Inspiration4 Astronaut, and New Zealand UFO Sighting

On today’s podcast: 'Dark cube' UFOs spotted hovering over the US are 'warning to the military' Link: 8 firsthand accounts of UFO sightings in Horry County Link: SpaceX astronaut says she was sick for the first 2 days of Inspiration4's mission and thought the spaceflight wasn't long enough, a report says Link:...


Got Insectoid? (YouTube)

*Note - Some weird clicks happen during Roberts story....beside my This week Robert joins us to share his recent experience with Insectoids! YouTube Link: Join Manny in exploring UFOs, aliens, conspiracy, and weird news from around the world. Facebook: The Dark Horde - Facebook: The Tempest Universe - Discord Group -...


Shatner Ready & Scared, More Balloon Rides to Space $50k, Mars Fossilized, and LAX Jet Pack Man?

William Shatner says he's 'terrified' days ahead of flight with Blue Origin Link: Another company is offering edge-of-space balloon trips, but at just $50,000 Link: Ancient Mars lake could be hiding fossilized signs of alien life Link: ‘Right...


Shatner…Check, Big Ass Rock Coming Back, UFO Visits La Palma Volcano, and deGrasse VS. Lovato

On today’s podcast: Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is launching William Shatner on October tourist spaceflight Link: After 3.5 million-year hiatus, the largest comet ever discovered is headed our way Link: UFO caught investigating volcano as it erupts according to conspiracy theorists Link:...


Space Force Money, Blue Origin Gamble Fail, Musk Top Money Bags, and Abduction in Worcestershire UK

On today’s podcast: US Space Force awards $87.5M to Rocket Lab, SpaceX, Blue Origin, ULA for next-gen rocket testing Link: BLUE ORIGIN ‘GAMBLED’ WITH ITS MOON LANDER PRICING, NASA SAYS IN LEGAL DOCUMENTS Link: Elon Musk says he's sending Jeff Bezos a silver medal and a...


Shatner in Space, Lovato Encounter, NDAA UAP Office, and Space Toilet Problems

On today’s podcast: William Shatner releases new album, may reach space with Blue Origin Link: House NDAA Includes Permanent UFO-Studying Office Within Pentagon Link: Demi Lovato Opens Up About Having ‘Beautiful and Incredible’ Encounter With Aliens at Joshua Tree Link:...


YouTube Episode - Got UFO? Share your UFO or Paranormal Story

On today’s Vodcast: Correction - William Shatner is actually 90 Years old. YouTube Episode: Podcast Stuff Facebook: The Dark Horde - The Tempest Universe - Manny’s Page - Twitter: The Tempest Universe - The Dark Horde - Discord Group -


Chris Rutkowski Canadian UFO POI, FAA Releases Draft Environmental Review, James Webb Space Telescope, and Sleepy Joe Missed the SpaceX Insp

On today’s podcast: Canada’s ‘Point Man’ for Military UFO Reports Is This Civilian in Winnipeg Link: FAA releases draft environmental review of SpaceX's Starship Link: Elon Musk mocks Biden after SpaceX completes first all-civilian flight Link: The...