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Home of UFO Buster Radio, The Tempest Universe, and The Dark Horde podcasts. Paranormal, ufology, and space all in one place. (Explicit)

Home of UFO Buster Radio, The Tempest Universe, and The Dark Horde podcasts. Paranormal, ufology, and space all in one place. (Explicit)


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Home of UFO Buster Radio, The Tempest Universe, and The Dark Horde podcasts. Paranormal, ufology, and space all in one place. (Explicit)






Pentagon UFO Series, Leeds UFO Madness, Webb In Final Stretch, and Lake Superior Glowing Balls

On today’s podcast: Earth Observatory: Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha‘apai Erupts ‘Shocking Truth’ Behind Newly-Revealed Pentagon UFO Files Explored In New Series Link: "Dark craft with nine lights in a V shape": UFO spotted over skies of Leeds as enthusiast reveals sightings Link:...


JetBlue UFO Sighting, Utah UFO Madness, Japan’s UFO Mountain, and Sighting in Scotland

On today’s podcast: Utah's most infamous UFO sightings will have you believing in the unexplained Link: Residents Of Japanese Town Say A Mountain Has Been A Hotspot For UFOs Since The 1970s Link: I filmed a UFO while climbing a Scottish mountain – it’s totally changed my life Link:...


ET Phone Back, ORBs Over Nuclear Weapons, SpaceX UFO Video, and Wuhan Flu Wart Cure

On today’s podcast: Scientists Say Alien Encounter Could Be Like A Long-Distance Relationship Link: I guarded nuclear weapons and saw yellow orb-like UFOs flying over top-secret US Air Force base Link: SpaceX live-stream abruptly cuts when mysterious UFO spotted near rocket - viewers baffled Link:...


James Webb vs Space Junk, Abduction Stories with Military Connections, 2 UFOs Spotted From Airplanes, and Navy’s Drone Swarm

On today’s podcast: 10 Stories of Alien Abduction That Could Lead to the Military Link: Two Separate UFOs Filmed By Passengers On Commercial Airplanes Leave People Flummoxed Link: UFOs, the Channel Islands and the Navy's 'drone swarm' mystery Link:...


Professor Claims Abductions Are Real, Alien in Montana Photographed, Obama Manipulated by Aliens in 2012, and Lifetime of Abductions

On today’s podcast: Op-Ed: Rebuffing former Temple professor's alien abduction claims Link: I photographed a ‘bulbous-headed naked alien’ as the creature ran past my hunting camera in a notorious UFO hotspot Link: Conspiracy theorist claims 'alien agent manipulated Obama' in 2012...


Don't Forget Bigfoot, RIP Harry Reid, Canadian Oval UFO,and FAA Delays Starship Again

On today’s podcast: 1st orbital test flight of SpaceX's Starship Mars rocket pushed to March at the earliest Link: UFO Enthusiasts Lose Long-Time Champion Harry Reid Link: A suspicious oval UFO’moving slowly’ across the sky frightened a dog walker. Link:


Tube-shaped UFO, Dulce Locals, Theologians & NASA, and China-Starlink Space Disaster

Tube-shaped UFO, Dulce Locals, Theologians & NASA, and China-Starlink Space Disaster On today’s podcast: Brothers spot bizarre tube-shaped UFO hovering over their back garden We live in the shadow of top secret US mountain base – we see UFOs all the time & aliens take our cattle NASA hired 24 theologians to...


More Water on Mars, Pentagon No Likey Transparency, Musk To Mars in 5 Years, and Webb Delayed Again

On today’s podcast: 'Significant amounts of water' found in Mars' massive version of the Grand Canyon Link: New Pentagon Office Criticized as Effort to Control UFO Investigations, End Transparency Link: Elon Musk: ‘I’ll be surprised if we’re not landing on Mars...


Are You Smarter Than A Rocket Scientist?, URI Geller Predicts Alien Contact, Kelvin Temps For Webb Telescope, and UK Aliens Take The Train A

On today’s podcast: Uri Geller Claims Aliens Are Preparing To Make Contact With Earth Link: NASA’s Webb Telescope Will Have the Coolest Camera in Space Link: Rocket scientists and brain surgeons not necessarily smarter than public Link:...


Investigator Boot Camp, Gov’t UFO Problem, UAPx Data Dump, and Clown Invades Nevada Airport

On today’s podcast: I Learned How to Track Aliens at a UFO Investigator Boot Camp Link: The government's real problem with UFOs Link: Scientists Will Release 3 Terabytes of New UFO Data in 2022 Link: Clown drives limo past...


Russians On Crew Dragon, Pacific UFO Video, UAP Sighting Spike, Woman Laser Beamed By UAP

On today’s podcast: Video: Pilot flying over Pacific Ocean spots ‘fleet of UFOs flying in a weird formation’ Link: Spike in UFO Sightings Across the Nation Link: Woman claims she spotted UFOs that flew down and pointed laser beams at her Link:...


Icy Lake Alien Base, Mystery Moon Cube, DOD On The Defense, and Moon Base Dreams

On today’s podcast: The premiere of the 12 Days of Christmas with the Assguardians DOD Fires Back at UFO Criticism: Claims of Dodging Oversight a ‘Misperception’ Link: Mystery Cube Found on The Far Side of The Moon Is Probably Not an 'Alien Hut' Link:


Topless For Aliens, More Pentagon UFO Backlash, Harris Calls Out Russia, and SpaceX Bankruptcy Looms

On today’s podcast: Ex-officials voice deep concerns over new Pentagon UFO unit Link: Harris calls for new international rules for space after Russia blows up satellite Link: UFO devotee who thinks aliens created humans fined for refusing to cover breasts Link:...


Preacher Alien Sex, Wigan UFO, Corbell on New Pentagon Group, and Canadian Government Avoids UFO Reports

On today’s podcast: Could this be aliens looking down on a Wigan man from their UFO? Link: Pentagon announces plans to investigate UFOs Link: Credible UFO Reports Are Being Ignored, Declassified Canadian Government Documents Reveal Link:...


New Pentagon UAP Group, DART Launch, Minnesota Bigfoot Madness

On today’s podcast: Pentagon Announces New Group to Counter UFO Threat Link: DART spacecraft to kick an asteroid off course Link: Bigfoot Sighting Reported By Trucker North of Brainerd, Minnesota Link:...


2024 NASA Moon Kaboom, Another NDAA UAP Amendment, French Black Alien, and SETI Should Look For Near Earth Alien Probes

On today’s podcast: NASA Plans to Put a Nuclear Reactor on the Moon Within a Decade Link: SKYWATCH: Sen. Gillibrand Introduces UFO Transparency Amendment to NDAA Link: French ‘black alien’ reportedly gets fingers sliced off to create claw Link:...


80s Alien Planet, Bezos E.T. Friendly, Another Navy Pilot Incident, and Alpha Centauri or Bust

On today’s podcast: A 1980s Space Telescope May Have Seen Planet Nine Link: Jeff Bezos opens up about extraterrestrials, Star Trek, Captain Kirk and space, the final frontier Link: Internal Navy...


FAA Bullies SpaceX, France Tic-Tac, Switzerland Donut UFO, and Alien UFOs Says Director of National Intelligence

On today’s podcast: U.S. FAA aims to complete SpaceX Starship review by Dec 31 Link: Glowing Tic Tac 'UFO' footage in France branded either 'best-ever hoax or the real deal' Link: 'Doughnut UFO' over Switzerland defies explanation Link: UFOs...


Female Bigfoot Gives Chase, Astrophysicist Says Stop Searching, More From Elizondo, and More on Malstrom AFB UFO & Nukes

On today’s podcast: ASTROPHYSICIST SAYS SCIENTISTS NEED TO STOP SEARCHING FOR ALIEN CIVILIZATIONS Link: TIC TAC WOE Fighter pilots who intercept UFOs may suffer radiation burns & experience warped time, Pentagon insider fears Link: STRANGE ENCOUNTER Secret CIA files claim UFOs were intercepted by fighter jets...


Virgin Galactic Selling Tickets, Crew Dragon Diapers, Bezos Loses Again, and Mars Pandemic

On today’s podcast: Virgin Galactic sells 100 more space tickets Link: No Toilet for Returning SpaceX Crew Link: Judge rules against Blue Origin in standoff with SpaceX, NASA Link: Bringing rock samples from Mars could generate another pandemic for...