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Home of UFO Buster Radio, The Tempest Universe, and The Dark Horde podcasts. Paranormal, ufology, and space all in one place. (Explicit)

Home of UFO Buster Radio, The Tempest Universe, and The Dark Horde podcasts. Paranormal, ufology, and space all in one place. (Explicit)


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Home of UFO Buster Radio, The Tempest Universe, and The Dark Horde podcasts. Paranormal, ufology, and space all in one place. (Explicit)






UAP Hearing, Navy Drones, Navy Attempted to Shoot Down UFOs, and Aerial Phenomenon Film Released

Award-winning documentary A TEAR IN THE SKY takes you on an unprecedented journey into the UFO / UAP phenomenon. A team of military personnel, scientists and special guest William Shatner will attempt to re-capture, in real time, the US Navy “TicTac” UFOs and other space anomalies, using state-of-the-art, military-grade equipment and technology. What they find instead are thought-provoking clues into the true nature of the UFO phenomenon and the very fabric of our spacetime reality....


Are You Ready for 5/17/22? Congress Will Go Balls Out About UAPs!

Visit Shop at On today’s podcast: Congress holding UFO hearing Tuesday: Watch it live (and what to expect) Link: ‘A Skull and Bones-type vibe’: Spy agencies grapple with how much to share at UFO hearing Link: 24 Fascinating Facts About UFOs Link:...


Mars Tomb, Greys Have Human DNA, Congressional Hearing on UFOs, and Former Scientist Says Alien Discovery Around The Corner

Visit Shop at On today’s podcast: UFO expert claims to have spotted 'tomb' on Mars similar to Egyptian pyramids Link: Alien 'greys' created using DNA from abducted humans, UFO expert claims Link: 'One of the greatest mysteries of our time':...


Thunderstorm UFO in Texas, Best UFO Picture Ever, USS Ronald Reagan UFO, Lue Says Military Personnel Taken

Visit Shop at On today’s podcast: Texas factory worker snaps UFO falling to ground during storm in 'alien invasion' Link: The 'Best Ever' Photo of a UFO is Released After 50 Years Link: Navy Personnel Describe Bizarre Encounter With UFO...


The REDGATE Film with Patrick Cutler and Don Bromley

REDGATE - Official Movie Trailer | True story film, with real footage of UFOs and Aliens | 2021 - Four people disappeared during the production of this film and authorities are still investigating what happened. The government has admitted there are strange things flying in the sky scientists can’t explain. Montanans have been seeing the same things for years. In fact, Montana ranks in the top five for most UFO sightings per capita. And the area known as Redgate near Deer Lodge is a hotspot....


NASA Sending NUDES, Asgardia SIRIUS Project, Congressional Fallout UAP Update, Dublin UFO Madness, and Matt Le Tissier says we're not alone!

Visit Shop at On today’s podcast: NASA Sending Nude Drawings of Humans to Space in Attempt to Contact Aliens Link: Asgardia - SIRIUS Project Chief Manager Reports to Asgardian Parliament Link: US are powerless to stop UFOs entering airspace as...


Connecticut UFOs, Capital Hill UFO Briefings, Another FAA Delay in Boca Chica, and The Space Hotel

Visit Shop at On today’s podcast: 'Anomalous' Encounters: The Latest Reports Of UFOs Over Connecticut Link: The UFO briefings on Capitol Hill have begun. Lawmakers aren’t impressed. Link: Stuck on the launchpad; FAA again delays decision on...


Scotland Classic UFO, PHD Experiences a UFO, Elon Blocks ET on Twitter, and Bnagcock UFO Madness

Visit Shop at On today’s podcast: Mystery 'UFO with transparent dome' traveling at speed over Scotland stuns fans Link: I’m a PhD astrophysicist, and I once saw a UFO Link: Billionaire Elon Musk could block Twitter-using aliens, expert warns Link:...


Avi Loeb Wants To Retrieve Interstellar Rock, Woman fears Alien Abduction, Early AATIP/AWSAP Reid Meetings

Visit Shop at On today’s podcast: Woman fears she will be abducted by aliens after making nine UFO sightings Link: US astrophysicist claims alien technology may have crashed in the Pacific close to Australia Link:...


Time to Nuke The Moon, Carlson And The 2 Butchers, Illinois UFO, and $100K For Mars Trip

Visit Shop at On today’s podcast: US gov't report proposed nuking the moon, newly released documents reveal Link: Tucker Carlson hosts two butchers who believe aliens landing in UFOs are mutilating cattle: ‘Thank you for the reality check’ Link: 125 Years...


Balloon Space Flight, Lue Says Injuries Were Real, Will Smith Beats UFO FOIA, and Artemis…Not So Fast!

Visit Shop at On today’s podcast: Peek Inside the Space Balloon Lifting Passengers 100,000 Feet Above Earth’s Surface Link: Injuries following reported UFO sightings likely caused by 'advanced technology': Former Pentagon official Link:...


“Interstellar Object” Crashed in Pacific, Area-51?, DIA Madness, and SpaceX Drama Continues in Texas

Visit Shop at On today’s podcast: Space mystery: Declassified files show high-speed 'interstellar object' crashed in Pacific Link: Area 51: What is it and what goes on there? Link: SEX, LIES, AND UFOS: PENTAGON’S HEAD OF COUNTERINTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY...


Edinburg UFO Conference and 1966 Incident, Gimbal Pilot Speaks, Flaming UFO North Wales, and FOIA 1500 Page Madness

Visit and shop at On today’s podcast: UFO Shoots "Beam Of Fire" At Men And Their Equipment In Edinburg, Texas In 1966 Link: F-18 Pilot Says He Locked On To Infamous UFO, Thought It Was ‘Part Of A Training Exercise’ Link: Mum left stunned after spotting 'two flaming UFOs' zooming through sky...


Getting Close to ET, Uri Attacked By Balls, New 1500 Page UFO Dump, and New SETI Message

Visit and shop at On today’s podcast: Legendary spoon-bender Uri Geller claims he was 'hit by UFO' when he was five-years-old Link: UFOs left 'radiation burns' and 'unaccounted for pregnancies,' new Pentagon report claims Link: ‘We’re closing in on them’: UFO expert on Pentagon...


Edinburg Out of This World, Branson's UFO Prank,Will Smith Scared ET, New Roswell Document…Not!, and Another US Navy UFO Incident

Visit On today’s podcast: The 2022 Edinburg Out of This World UFO Conference & Festival Link: The time Richard Branson's UFO prank in London went badly wrong and the Army were called Link: 'They're Scared' UFO Expert Says Aliens Won't Visit Earth After Will Smith Slap Incident...


Alien First Contact Chaos, Flesh-eating Aliens, Bermuda Triangle UFO, and Abducting Humans Before invasion

Visit On today’s podcast: FROM BEYOND Alien first contact could destroy religion and spark global chaos even if they come in peace, warns ex-MoD investigator Link: UFO researcher says he encountered flesh-eating aliens Link: Greek Merchant Mariner Recalls Bermuda Triangle UFO Sighting Link:...


Redacted Shapes, Twin Experiencers, Alien Methane, End of the Crew Dragon, and Texas Messed Up!

Visit On today’s podcast: Redacted classified UFO report reveals new info on 'shapes,' investigation into 'unexplained' phenomena Link: OUT THERE Twins say they’ve had FOUR UFO encounters – including being ‘abducted by aliens’ and ‘seeing a pyramid-shaped object’ Link: Compelling Sign of Alien Life: Methane Could Be the First...


UBR In memory of Big-O: Secureteam10 and Obama UFO Disclosure May 2016

On This Episode… We welcome this week from Finland Max Vell and his track “Mission Aborted”. If you like his track visit his profile on SoundCloud and let him know Manny and Big O sent you. Max-Vell LINK: In this episode we discuss a video posted by Secureteam10 on that purports that an individual that submitted UFO footage to them was visited by the notorious Men in Black. Was the original video a hoax? Were these people really visited by the MIB?...


UBR In memory of Big-O: Guest Daniel Jones and the Aurora Texas Event March 2016

On This Episode… We are joined by Daniel Jones as he discusses the upcoming event Aurora Alien Encounter which will occur on Saturday April 16th. The discussion on hand is the pre-Roswell UFO crash that occurred in Aurora Texas back on April 17th 1897. The event will also include Jim Marrs, Travis Walton (abductee and subject in the film Fire in the Sky), Nick Redfern, Tui Snider, Stephen Andrasko, Noe Torres, and other special guests. Visit the links for more details. Links:...


UBR In memory of Big-O: Toby from Secret Transmission May 2016

On This Episode… We are joined by Toby from the podcast Secret Transmission and he reports his first UFO sighting in Texas. On May 4th Kristen and Toby were able to take pictures of the UFOs and report it to The incident occurred in between the cities of Gainesville and Denton Texas. Below we have included the links to their podcast and the report they submitted. If you experienced the same phenomena, pleased be sure to let us know or the Secret Transmission...