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Episode 23 - Australian Outlaws Part 4: Captain Moonlight/Moonlite (1842-1879)

In May 1869, a priest was hauled before the court, accused of robbing a bank. Andrew Scott - Captain Moonlight to his friends-in-arms - denied the accusations, even when a note was waved in front of him. I hereby certify that L.W. Bruun has done everything within his power to withstand this intrusion and the taking of money which was done with firearms. Captain Moonlite, Sworn. Affronted at the inappropriate use of his nickname, Scott pointed the police towards two suspects, including the...


Episode 22 - Australian Outlaws Part 3: The Bathurst Rebellion (1830)

In 1830, a pair of convicts tasked with the driving of some sheep pelts to Sydney stopped off in the November Australian heat to go for a quick dip in a local creek. A few visiting dignitaries saw them, and had them hauled before the governor. Less than 12 months later, six men would hang, including Ralph Entwhistle, one of the bathers on that fateful November day, leaving his bushranger army leaderless... * Since settlement in 1788, the bushrangers of Australia have long been a part of our...


Episode 21 - Australian Outlaws Part 2: The Cannibal Bushrangers (1824-1825)

The Australian bush can house a delightful bounty, if you know where to look. The Aboriginal peoples of the Australian landscape ate well for 40,000 years before white man settled its shores, after all. But when those white man did settle, and found themselves without supplies or farms, some of them found it very hard to cope. A few of them, fleeing authorities and trying out outrun death, turned on each other in the most intimate way... * Since settlement in 1788, the bushrangers of...


Episode 20 - Australian Outlaws Part 1: Black Caesar (1763-1796)

What does Australia's bushranging past have to do with the American War for Independence? What drove men from their homes to take up life in the unforgiving, unfamiliar Australian bush? Who started it all? Caesar. * Since settlement in 1788, the bushrangers of Australia have long been a part of our collective history - dashing young men that rob from the rich to feed both themselves and their families, and who openly defy the law in a larikin kind of way. But there is much more to...


Episode 19 - Ghost Lights of Australia

Aboriginal legend says the min min are spirits come to earth to scare children... European legend says that those who catch the min min light never return to tell the tale... Min min lights are a natural phenomenon that occur all over Australia, most often in the shoulder of the Queensland/South Australia border. Seen on plains, hills, coasts and rivers, in calm weather and stormy, this phenomenon can be seen year-round. They've also multiplied exponentially since the appearance of white man...


Episode 18 - Banjawarn Station and Aum Shinrikyo

In 1995, sarin gas, a nerve agent that causes severe muscle seizures and brain damage, was released on the Tokyo subway lines, killing 13 people and injuring at least a thousand more. A Japanese cult called Aum Shinrikiyo took responsibility for the attack, and attempted similar attacks through 1995. In outback Western Australia, a small group of sheep farmers on one of Australia's biggest stations suddenly left. What investigators of the 1995 attack found when they examined the bodies of...


Episode 17 - The Rum Rebellion

Australians are known around the world for their culture of alcohol, bartering and -- especially recently -- leadership coups. Join Holly and Matthew this week as they examine the only armed coup ever held on Australian soil, the events that drove Australia's bartering culture underground, and the basis for Australia's reputation of putting the Irish to shame when it comes to alcohol consumption.


Episode 16 - The Phantom Cats of Australia

For more than a hundred years, reports of large cats being seen along the east coast of Australia - from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast - have both interested and frustrated zoologists and locals alike. With only a few blurry photos to prove their existence, these Phantom Cats are both myth and reality at the same time... Join Holly and Matthew as they talk about the Phantom Cats and other creatures of the Australia bush, and Matthew relays some local knowledge of his home town.


Episode 15 - Azaria Chamberlain

Join Holly and Matthew as they discuss the disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain, the spate of dingo attacks since, and the unfortunate Lindy Chamberlain saga, 35 years in the making.


Episode 14 - Pilliga Forest

In central-north New South Wales, there exists a small patch of land covered in bush and trees, a small but well-travelled road cutting through the middle of it. Living amongst those trees are creatures of the Australian mythos so disturbing that even truckies dare not stop at night. Do you dare listen?


Episode 13 - Pine Gap Listening Post

There's more than just kangaroos and serial killers out there in the Australian outback: there's also a (not-so-) secret base in the hills, where UFOs are regularly sighted and everyone who works there is a gardener... Join Holly and Matt as they explore the myths, truths and stories behind Pine Gap Listening Post, home of the CIA, NSA, ASIO, and probably a whole host of others as well. We're definitely on their lists right now!


Episode 12 - The Kickboxing Kangaroo

A summary of the weird and wonderful of Australia wouldn't be complete without touching on one of this country's most iconic animal species, and its decidedly-strange history alongside humans. Join Holly and Matt as they take a deep-dive into the world behind the Australian Kickboxing Kangaroo flag, and the sport behind it.


Episode 11 - The True Stories of Wolf Creek Part 5: The Truth Behind the Title Cards

30,000 people are reported missing in Australia every year. 90% are found within a month. Some are never seen again. The title cards of the Wolf Creek film are terrifying in their portrayal of missing people in Australia and paint a grim portrait of our country. But is that portrait true? Join Holly and Matthew as they go over the stats of the title cards, and decipher something both scary and true... Join Matthew and Holly as they talk about one of Australia's most famous horror flicks,...


Episode 10 - The True Stories of Wolf Creek Part 4: The Kimberly Killer

In the Top End of Australia, fishing and camping are ideal holiday activities. Along the Victoria River, NT, and Pentecost River, WA, in the dry season of 1987, tourists and locals alike fished, camped and hunted the days away. What they didn't know, however, was that one of the hunters wasn't out there tracking wild pigs... Join Matthew and Holly as they talk about one of Australia's most famous horror flicks, Wolf Creek, and the true crimes that inspired it. Part 4 of 5.


Episode 9 - The True Stories of Wolf Creek Part 3: The Snowtown Murders

When the police entered the vault of a disused bank in the town of Snowtown, SA, in 1999, they didn't expect to find the seven plastic barrels hidden in a corner. They defiantly didn't expect to find what they did when they opened the barrels... Join Matthew and Holly as they talk about one of Australia's most famous horror flicks, Wolf Creek, and the true crimes that inspired it. Part 3 of 5.


Episode 8 - The True Stories of Wolf Creek Part 2: The Falconio Disappearance

Travelling down an long and lonely road in the dark, a pair of British backpackers are pulled over by a man claiming to see sparks coming form their undercarriage. What happened next spread around the world and built on the myth of the Outback Killer... Join Matthew and Holly as they talk about one of Australia's most famous horror flicks, Wolf Creek, and the true crimes that inspired it. Part 2 of 5.


Episode 7 - The True Stories of Wolf Creek Part 1: The Backpacker Murders

When a body was found sitting against a tree in Belangalo State Forest, the police were quick to assure the public that there were no more victims to be found in the forest. Only a year later, the police would again be called to Belangalo State Forest to recover another body... Join Matthew and Holly as they talk about one of Australia's most famous horror flicks, Wolf Creek, and the true crimes that inspired it. Part 1 of 5.


Episode 6 - The Great Emu War

Join Holly and Matthew as they delve into the specifics of the Australian Army's most crushing and humiliating defeat ever, conducted right here on Australian soil: introducing the Great Emu War of 1932...


Episode 5 - Shark (and Crocodile) Attack!

Join Holly and Matthew as they relive some of the most terrifying attacks on humans in the last 200 years, researching the reality of shark and crocodile attacks on Australian soil, and in Australian waters.


Episode 4 - The Somerton Man

Join Holly and Matthew as they search the murky depths of Australia's most interesting Unidentified Body case, dating from 1948. Spies, poison and adultery abound, so strap in and have a listen to... the Somerton Man!