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Animal Party Episode 98 New Puppies, Vaccines, Flea Meds and More!

Deb welcomes back Dr. Jory Bocknek to the Animal Party. This week's topics include Deb's brand new Golden Doodle puppies, the various types of flea and tick medications to give your pets, and which vaccines are necessary for pets for the area you live. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - New Puppies, Vaccines, Flea Meds and More on Pet Life Radio.


Animal Party Episode 97 Mindful Gardening For Healthy Plants And Pets

Deb Wolfe interviews the Invisible Gardener, Andy Lopez for the first time and discovers he has a complete philosophy on the whole garden as a natural world that is soil based and full of insects and other participants we usually define as pests. He explains that mineral deficiency is the crux of garden issues and that’s what makes your plants inviting to bugs who then become pests. Plus Andy gives great tips for pets like milk for you’ll never guess what! And earth you’ll never guess...


Animal Party Episode 96 Litterbox Solutions, How To Introduce A New Kitten To A House Full Of Cats, An Expert Natural Flea/Worm Remedy Tip

Dusty Rainbolt and Deborah discuss natural in terms of cat products and the dangers. Then Deborah describes how a new kitten was successfully introduced to a house of cats with various attitudes. Check out Deb Wolfe, Pet Expert on youtube to see Deborah Wolfe’s uploaded dog training and dog game videos including one demonstrating how to diffuse rivalry between two dogs. Dusty explains when natural means nothing in terms of cats but dogs too, and gives a flea and parasite natural remedy that...


Animal Party Episode 95 Cats: Therapy Cats and Flying, Birds vs. Cats and City Rules Regulating Cats

Dusty Rainbolt invites cat lovers to Tune into hear about Jeffy (the rescue cat) reporter’s new Instagram feed with a cat’s eye view of world news. Host Deb Wolfe shares a few animal myths and mistaken facts perpetuated by media recently. And Dusty shares her pet peeve that people often blame a cats issues on naughty behavior when the cause is physical or ageing. Cats vs. Birds and what some big cities in Canada are doing about the debate. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Cats:...


Animal Party Episode 94 Service Dogs Unleashed

Deborah Wolfe welcomes service dog trainer Sharron Cole, and Canine Service Behaviorist Jenn Corcho to the party along with their well behaved mobility, and anxiety service dogs. Listen to this show so you can try the three tests at home with your dogs to see if they could be hospital visitors or working therapy dogs. Jenn explains how pups are selected and trained to help people with a variety of needs; some of these beautiful dogs which look like small golden retrievers, are trained to...


Animal Party Episode 93 Cone Collars

Deb Wolfe tells of the advances in cone collars and together Stacy Mantle and Deb describe the light and see through and more comfortable options and choices now available when your dog or cat must wear a bell or cone collar. Stacy’s recommendation for stinky pet odors leads to Deborah going through a fast summary of everything you need to do to get your cat to use the litter box. Pumpkin and coconut oil and how they can help pets is discussed by these two experienced pet lovers who have...


Animal Party Episode 92 Vaccine Prevention & How To Prevent Divorce With Better Housekeeping

Dr. Jory Bocknek joins Deb Wolfe once again to talk about some cases at his clinic including a double Morkie tick problem mortifying for the owner of these little white fluffy purse dogs. Dr. Jory discusses Lyme and ticks and the issues for humans and pets and his recommendations for vaccinations. His clinic offers rabies and basic booster free because he believes in them so much. Deborah shares some of the amazing skills mama dogs show with their puppies (Golden Doodle, Labradoodle and...


Animal Party Episode 91 Oh No What Did That Dog Swallow!?

Dr. Jory Bocknek joins Deborah Wolfe to talk about some news items including pot and pets and what’s happened at his clinic since pot became legal in Ontario last week. Is pot good for some sick or dying pets? What are the dangers? This leads to a discussion of dogs who have bad habits, in one case a nylon fetish, like Dr. Jory’s poop eater dogs some will swallow balls, nylons, rocks, glasses and sometimes they need surgery. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Oh No What Did That...


Animal Party Episode 90 Pets Weekly Holiday Picks

Do you have pets on your holiday list or pet people with Holistic tastes? Or maybe you are going somewhere with an annoying dog and you want a clever hostess gift to diffuse his bark? Try the silent squeaky toy only dogs can hear made by ‘Go Dog’. CBD products that help dogs cope with pain and are made tasty and edible for your dog. Pets Weekly Magazine tests products for pets and gives honest reviews so you can find the best make and exact match for your pets’ needs before you spend the...


Animal Party Episode 89 Hoarders, Abusers and Dogs Helping Dogs

Should you get a boy dog if you already have a girl dog or does gender matter at all? The answer from both Deborah Wolfe and Dr. Stanley Coren is ‘ that depends’. Listen for the details on how to add to your pet pack and whether you should consider a female or male, a pup or older dog or an ex breeding dog. The two experts discuss the pros and cons of neutering and some differences in dogs by their gender. Deborah asks Dr. Coren if it makes sense that Karla Hamolka be allowed to work with...


Animal Party Episode 88 PTSD Pets, Family Pets and Autistic Kids, & Dog Stories

Host Deb Wolfe talks with Dr. Stanley Coren about PTSD animals and how they benefit us physically in measurable scientific ways and also where the line should be drawn with plane travel after a peacock and a squirrel were stopped from flying as assistance animals. Deborah asks a listener’s question about helping dogs to bond with an autistic child and Dr. Coren discusses breed differences and makes suggestions for involving the autistic child customizing the advice for the breed. Dr. Coren...

Duration:00:25:43 - Animal Party Episode 87 Good New Pet Products

Stacy Mantle, author and pet product reviewer joins us from Arizona with the latest update on pets weekly magazine and the outstanding pet products she’s discovered lately. First off is the claw board designed to protect doors and windows and their screens from paws and claws. Next is liver flavored ‘Probonix’ …yum! Deborah Wolfe talks about yogurt and how you can use the best pet food labels as a guide to what ‘people’ food you can give your pet. Ideal ingredients like Yogurt,...

Duration:00:31:26 - Animal Party Episode 86 Spring & Summertime For Cats & Dogs

‘Why is my cat picking and scratching itself bald on only half its body?’ A listener emailed pictures and we discuss the many possibilities from fleas to reacting to a pregnant human friend. What you need to do to prepare your dogs and cats to be the lucky ones in a rescue if Mother Nature hits your town with a flood, fire hurricane or tornado. Are dogs and cats able to read our thoughts? Deb Wolfe’s experiences tell her they receive mental pictures and special guest, Dusty Rainbolt has a...

Duration:00:36:18 - Animal Party Episode 85 Vet Detective Mysteries

Dr. Jory Bocknek from Abbotsford Animal Hospital in Toronto joins Deborah Wolfe to talk about the worst dogs to face in an exam room, why breeds matter and don’t matter when accessing risks and how to deal with many common horrible skin and health issues faced by dogs and cats. Plus Dr. Jory tells us about the pets he’s been seeing lately and their emergencies and the outcomes. Sick pets getting well always makes us pet owners feel good but listening to the stories lets you inside the...

Duration:00:45:01 - Animal Party Episode 84 Chat with Toronto Vet Dr. Jory Bocknek

Dr. Jory Bocknek joins us from Toronto where his Clinic, Abbotsford Animal Hospital, treats family pets with kindness, common sense and up to date knowledge. Deb Wolfe talks with her old friend, Jory Bocknek DVM, about his Vet practice and a tiny puppy who arrived so sick from a plane trip and was saved by blood infusions and care. What was the cause of that near puppy death? Surprisingly the pup got sick from salmonella from raw food! Deborah reports on local news of a pit bull attack on a...

Duration:00:37:20 - Animal Party Episode 83 Cat Scene Investigator

Dusty Rainbolt, author of ‘Cat Wrangling Made Easy’ (& many others) discusses her new book ‘Cat Scene Investigator: Solve Your Cat’s Litterbox Mysteries’ and takes questions from host Deborah Wolfe about various cat behavior topics. Dusty gives practical solutions to bullying, and cats who seem to hate being touched sometimes not at first but soon after purring they are lashing out. If you think your cat likes to be hugged or likes rough affection you are probably mistaken. Discussing...

Duration:00:48:05 - Animal Party Episode 82 K-9 Guard Protective Dog Jackets

K-9 Guard Protective Dog Jackets are made waterproof, washable and with Kevlar bite and stab proof inserts to keep your dog safe from dog or wildlife attacks. Deborah interviews Allison Arnould about the Dog jackets and gives examples of real life attack situations the dog jackets would prevent. Do you take your dog to the dog park? Walk through new places? Take your dog walking by aggressive dogs? Are there coyotes or eagles or any other wildlife threats in your part of the world? Is...

Duration:00:35:36 - Animal Party Episode 81 Dog Psychology Compared to Human Children

Deborah asks Dr. Stanley Coren to explain how dogs are equal to a 2-3 year old child and challenges him with examples that seem to show advanced abilities like the puppy who saved a building from fire and the golden retriever who kept his owner safe and warm in the cold last week in the news. Empathy and altruism are part of the dog and 2-3 year old makeup explains the Professor. We know that dogs work better for rewards when given intermittently but why does rewarding dogs (and humans) only...

Duration:00:49:43 - Animal Party Episode 80 Pitbulls & Dangerous Dog Breed Bans & Safety Part 2

Three brutal attacks on elderly couples near Vancouver by pit bulls sparks breed ban demands while in Montreal the SPCA got an injunction to stop a breed ban and the Province of Ontario has one in place. Many American cities and entire European countries have passed breed bans against pit bulls and sometimes other breeds too like Rottweilers, but do they work? Are pit bulls that different from other dogs? They are over represented in fatal bite statistics but is that stat relevant to the...

Duration:00:23:50 - Animal Party Episode 79 Pitbulls & Dangerous Dog Breed Bans & Safety Part 1

Three brutal attacks on elderly couples near Vancouver by pit bulls sparks breed ban demands while in Montreal the SPCA got an injunction to stop a breed ban and the Province of Ontario has one in place. Many American cities and entire European countries have passed breed bans against pit bulls and sometimes other breeds too like Rottweilers, but do they work? Are pit bulls that different from other dogs? They are over represented in fatal bite statistics but is that stat relevant to the...