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Animals Today tackles the important issues concerning all animals, how they are treated by people, and their place in society. The show promotes greater respect for and kindness toward all living creatures, from wild animals to pets to livestock animals.


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Animals Today tackles the important issues concerning all animals, how they are treated by people, and their place in society. The show promotes greater respect for and kindness toward all living creatures, from wild animals to pets to livestock animals.




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Animals Today March 26, 2023. Law breaking in animal activism: The Direct Action Everywhere and Smithfield Foods episode. Frog conservation. Pet safety and pesticides.

Lori begins the show with the story of the five activists who, in 2017, entered Circle Four Farms in Utah, intent on documenting animal abuse at Smithfield Foods huge pig facility housed there. But not only was extremely graphic video obtained, but the men also rescued 2 nearly dead piglets, which was not part of […]


Animals Today January 15, 2023. History of the animal rights movement. Pet care coverage in case of emergency at home. Please don’t adopt or buy a wolfdog. The Beatles had many songs about animals. Vertebral disc disease with a veterinary neurologist.

Lori begins with something any animal advocate ought to know about: the history of the animal rights and welfare movements. From the practices of ancient spiritual teachers of India, to the ideas of modern philosophers, Lori hopes this condensed history will inspire you to continue learning on your own. Next, do you have a plan […]


Animals Today December 4, 2022. NYC Squirrel alert! Hitchcock’s birds. Toxoplasmosis update. Hazards of pet foods. Koalas rock!

Lori begins the show with news about some aggressive urban squirrels in Queens, NYC, who are reportedly jumping onto people and attacking them. Authorities advise against hand feeding, which probably contributed to the bold behaviors these animals are displaying. Fortunately squirrels rarely harbor rabies, and no documented case of transmission of rabies to humans has […]


Animals Today November 11, 2022. Helping Orangutans and the problems with palm oil. Good company: Paul and Cindy Rodgers’ impressive work as animal advocates. What’s a zoologist, anyway?

In recognition of International Orangutan Day, Lori and Peter kick off discussing some of the fascinating facts about these great apes. These gentle creatures are the largest tree-dwelling animals on earth. Indeed they even sleep in the trees, fashioning leafy nests each evening for that purpose. Orangutans are native to only 2 island on earth, […]


Animals Today – October 15, 2022: Green energy is killing eagles. Is the term “crazy cat lady” fair? The working dogs of WW I. Keeping track of people convicted of animal cruelty.

Lori begins with a monologue about the state of the contemporary wind turbine industry, and their negative effects on animals. There is a lot of evidence that eagles are killed by wind turbines despite efforts of the companies to avoid being transparent. Lori favors efforts to move toward green energy but argues that animal protection […]


Animals Today September 27, 2022. Ethical and practical considerations of breeding dogs. This AP level animal quiz has teachers crying.

Lori begins with a detailed exploration into the ethics of dog breeding. The purebred dog industry not only creates innumerable animals with genetic defects, causing dogs to have a lifetime of medical problems and diseases, but also interferes with the adoption of healthy dogs confined in shelters by enticing people to buy from breeders instead […]


Animals Today August 25, 2022. It’s a tough road for owners in possible veterinary malpractice cases. Are you afraid of sharks quiz?

If you believe your pet was harmed by the actions of your veterinarian, what are your legal options for recourse? In this episode, Lori explores many aspects of veterinary malpractice with attorney Bob Ferber, former Los Angeles animal cruelty prosecutor. Although there are some parallels between the law as it relates to medical malpractice issues […]


Animals Today August 3, 2022. How to rescue a pet trapped in a hot car. Risks of blue-green algae. Rhinoceros protection and facts.

During the summer heat, you may come across a situation where an animal, typically a dog, has been left alone in a car that is too warm for comfort or safety. Even though it’s no secret that leaving dogs in hot cars is dangerous and often illegal, it continues to happen too frequently. So, we […]


Animals Today June 26, 2022. Update on breed specific legislation. More animal news stories. Wabbits.

Lori begins the show by taking on the still controversial topic of laws and regulations aimed at specific dog breeds, generally referred to as breed specific legislation. There are hundreds of such laws and regulations on the books across the US, which regulate or ban certain dog breeds. Breed specific legislation (BSL) typically targets pit bull […]


Animals Today June 12, 2022. Hot news with Peter. Frogs in decline. High velocity animal quiz. Pesticides around the house.

We begin with Peter reporting on a new article which provides more details on the amazing color changing abilities of octopuses. Their tiny color altering organs are highly specialized and under the exquisite, fine control of the animals’ nervous system. The abilities of octopuses to control their displays improve as they mature. Peter continues discussing […]


Animals Today Radio May 21, 2022. Chickens are very smart and have individual personalities: Celebrating a special day for chickens. Animal knowledge challenge.

Animals Today Radio May 8, 2022. Chickens are very smart and have individual personalities: Celebrating a special day for chickens. Animal knowledge challenge. The question about the chicken and the egg has puzzled people since antiquity and has served as a metaphor for many circumstances in our world. Lori begins the show offering up some […]


Animals Today April 30, 2022. Do rats deserve their own special day? Is sleeping with pets disruptive or helpful? Avoiding rabies.

In recognition of World Rat Day, Lori kicks off the show by going deep on these ubiquitous mammals. Rats are very social, affectionate, and intelligent. They get lonely and anxious when isolated. But when in their family group (referred to as a mischief) they will care for the injured and sick. Rats can be trained […]


Animals Today April 23, 2022. Latest difficult news from Ukraine. Dog Bite Prevention Week.

Lori begins speaking about the disaster for animals in Ukraine with Chris DeRose and Cindy Beal DeRose from Last Chance for Animals (LCA). The situation on the ground for animals continues to be bleak and deadly. Terrified abandoned dogs are starving and do not know where to go. Dogs, cats and other animals are enduring […]


Animals Today April 2, 2022: Ukraine war update from Paws of War. The cruelty continues at Alaska’s infamous sled dog race. More animal adaptations.

Lori begins with an update on the situation in Ukraine and the war region with Robert Misseri, founder and President of Paws of War. The situation Robert describes is very fraught, with starving and terrified animals roaming and hiding, worsened by severe hindrances to relief efforts due to the ever-present danger. Sometimes, dumping bags of […]


Animals Today March 26, 2022. Toxin and poison hazards for pets. Delight in zebras

What toxins and poisons would you guess are most commonly ingested by our dogs and cats? Well, the data on this question actually exists, thanks to the ASPCA, which recently published a list of the most common exposure and ingestion incidents from the ASPCA Poison Control Center (APCC). Lori explores this list, adding our personal […]


Animals Today March 12, 2022. The captive orca Lolita at the Miami Seaquarium is “retiring”. Ukraine animal report. Dogfighting goes on. Bunnies and rabbits in popular culture: a quiz.

Lori begins with big news from Florida where the captive Orca named Lolita (also known as Tokitae) has finally been permitted to “retire.” Lori recounts the life of this poor, lonely creature, ripped from her mother at age four for a life in captivity at the Miami Seaquarium. Lolita has been performing for 52 years! […]


Animals Today Feb 20, 2022. Support the FDA Modernization Act! What can and should shelters disclose about the history of their adoptable dogs?

We begin speaking with Wayne Pacelle about pending legislation in both the House and Senate, the FDA Modernization Act, which would eliminate the animal testing mandate for development and approval of new pharmaceutical drugs for human use. Mr. Pacelle, as President of Center for a Humane Economy, Founder of Animal Wellness Action, and CEO of […]


Animals Today Feb 13, 2022. Honoring Cecil, the gentle giant. Oral health in pets. Trivia quiz.

Lori begins this show honoring the iconic Lion, Cecil, who was killed in 2015. Some of our younger listeners may not remember this tragic event, but its reporting broke through to the popular press and social media, raising awareness about the horrors of sport hunting and trophy hunting. Cecil was a large, black-maned male Lion […]


Animals Today February 5, 2022. First pig to human heart transplant spells trouble. Truck carrying 100 macaques crashes, releasing animals onto the frigid highway. Hot news. Dementia in dogs. Famous dogs of Hollywood.

We begin with the very big story of the first transplant of a heart from a pig to a human. Xenotransplantation, organ transplant between species, has been a medical goal for decades. The main hinderances to “progress” in this field have been related to organ rejection owing to the brisk immune response to foreign tissues. […]


Animals Today January 15, 2022. Leaving animal testing behind. Should you worry about rabies? MRI scans on dogs? Is sleeping with your pet disruptive? Saving the Saola. Hot news.

Lori begins the show with a discussion of the myriad problems with testing of consumer products like cosmetics on animals. Despite rapid advances in technology that is capable of replacing animal testing, antiquated and cruel methods still are often employed in the US and Canada. Notably, the FDA does not require animal testing and 40 […]