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Dr. Kat Gone to the Dogs - Episode 12 Dog Lovers: There is Something That You Should Know

There is a company who mission is to help dogs and the people who love them and guess what? It works! They are successful and responsible. It can be done. We talk to Marshall Morris, COO of iheartdogs, about how he got where he is and why he and his entire company are driven by a philanthropic mission. You are going to buy dog gear and gifts. Why not do it in a way that is socially responsible and gives back? Find out what led the creation of the mission, what initiatives the company...


Dr. Kat Gone to the Dogs - Episode 11 Bone Up on your Dog’s Orthopedic Health

Dogs depend on their skeletons to carry them through their days and their lives. Being able to move, free from pain, is critical to a good quality of life. In this show, we talk with Dr. David Dycus, DVM, MS, CCRP, DACVS. Dr. Dycus is a small animal orthopedic surgeon and an expert in bones and joints for our pets. What is most common cause of limping in a dog? How do you know when to seek veterinary help? Is there anything you can do? Dr. Dycus shares his own experience in treating dogs...


Dr. Kat Gone to the Dogs - Episode 10 Animal Emergency 911!!

How do you know when your dog has a true emergency? How can you know which signs can wait for your regular vet to be open or need to be seen at 3 am at the animal ER? Every dog owner needs to listen to this podcast. It might be the difference between life and death and could save you hundreds of dollars too! Join me with Dr. Chris Byers, critical care DVM, as we discuss the most common presentations he sees in his ER and what signs the pet parent might see to help them decide when to seek...


Dr. Kat Gone to the Dogs - Episode 9 Who Are the People in your Vet Hospital?

When we think of an animal hospital, we think of the animals being cared for there, but have you given much thought to the people there. Who are they? What is their role? Do they have any special training or credentials? Are there tasks they cannot legally perform? We talk with Liz Hughston, MEd,CVT, RVT,VTS about what you need to know about your dog’s healthcare team and how you can be an active part of it to give your friend the best care possible. More details on this episode MP3...


Dr. Kat Gone to the Dogs - Episode 8 Ever Feel Like You Need a Guidebook to Dog Ownership?

Well, that’s because you do! There is so much to know and infectious diseases are so important. You need to know what is out there and what you can do to protect your dog. Now you can and for FREE! The Pet Parents Guide to Infectious Disease is a free download. There are things that can kill your dog and even things that can kill you both. The Pet Parents Guide is a crash course of high quality info that ALL dog lovers need. I had the honor of co-authoring it with Dr. Courtney Campbell...


Dr. Kat Gone to the Dogs - Episode 7 A MUST HAVE for Dog Lovers!

Did you know that the things you expose your dog to (or fail to) can damage her brain? We have been blissfully unaware of the emotional well-being of dogs and how we can set them up for a happier and longer life. From Fearful to Fear Free is your handbook to help you insure your dog is well adjusted, whether puppy or adult. There are many guide books for making sure dogs are physically healthy, but this one is unique in how it gives tips and advice for helping and healing the WHOLE dog....


Dr. Kat Gone to the Dogs - Episode 6 The Eyes Have It!

Most dogs have eyes and as pet lovers, we want to keep them healthy. We talk with a veterinary ophthalmologist, Dr. Bill Miller, and find out what every dog lover needs to watch for as warning signs that your dog needs help. Find out the common ocular problems for pets and what we can do to help. From watery eyes to red eyes, we talk about what you need to know to save your dog's vision and keep him/her happy and comfortable. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - The Eyes Have It on...


Dr. Kat Gone to the Dogs - Episode 5 POT-entially a Break Thru for Dogs!

Can CDB be the answer for common issues for our dogs? You have heard the rumors and want to know the facts. Does CBD get pets “high”? We talk to experts, Liz Hughston, LVT and Stephen Cital, LVT to learn more. Find out what CDB can be used for. Find out about safety and efficacy and how to pick the right products. Get the facts! Listen for free. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - POT-entially a Break Thru for Dogs on Pet Life Radio


Dr. Kat Gone to the Dogs - Episode 4 Vaccination: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly- Facts and Myths About Canine Vaccination

You read the internet, right? Vaccines are not all they are cracked up to be, right? What do vaccines really do and how do they work? What adverse effects can they cause and how common are they? How do you decide which vaccines are best for your dog? We are going to find out what is really the truth, straight from the expert’s mouth and you might be surprised what he thinks. Join us as we talk with Dr. Jason Stull who is a veterinarian, epidemiologist and professor (and pet owner). We...


Dr. Kat Gone to the Dogs - Episode 3 Myths About Getting and Raising Happy Healthy Puppies

Is 6 weeks of age the ideal time for adopting? When is it safe to introduce a puppy to other dogs? Can you head off behavior issues with how you handle a puppy? Can you create behavior issues inadvertently? What do you really need to have and do to get ready for your puppy? What should you expose your puppy to (or not expose your puppy to)? Are there big “no-no”s for puppy care? Having a new fur-friend is a big responsibility but also a TON of fun. Find out how to “do it right” and much...


Dr. Kat Gone to the Dogs - Episode 2 You Are What You Eat and Your Dog is Too!

Nutrition is a HOT topic and everyone seems to have an opinion, but our guest, Dr. Joe Bartges, a double board certified veterinary nutritionist and internist, shares with us the REAL SCOOP on pet nutrition. What do pet food labels mean? What is the deal with raw diets? Is kibble diet ok for pets? Should dogs be on probiotics? What can animal lovers do to make sure that their beloved pets eat right? Do dogs really need to eat like wolves? Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and...


Dr. Kat Gone to the Dogs - Episode 1 Hospice for Dogs - They Just Don’t Live Long Enough!

Every dog owner knows that one day they will have to say goodbye to their beloved friend, but the most important part is knowing when there are still things that can be done to make life good for them. Pet hospice is palliative care for the dying and is fairly new on the scene. It can make a difference for pets and their families. Dr. Cherie Buisson from Helping Hands Pet Hospice is our guest and she shares with us tips to help you know when your pet needs care. She talks about what to...