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Oh Behave - Episode 325 New York Times best-selling Author Sarah Albee Goes to the Dogs -- In a Historical and Compelling Way

2018 is The Year of the Dog and it is fitting that one of the most prolific children's author on the planet -- Sarah Albee -- unleashes a must-read book called, "Dog Days of History - The Incredible Story of Our Best Friends." Join Oh Behave show host Arden Moore as she interviews Sarah about some amazing dogs in history and how our canine companions have made this a better planet. Be prepared for some surprises like the special talent Dr. Sigmund Freud's dog Yofi employed on some of his...


Oh Behave - Episode 324 Oh Behave Show Host Arden Moore is Deep In the Heart of Texas at the Texas Pet Sitters Conference!

Join Oh Behave show host Arden Moore, along with her Pet Safety Dog Kona and Pet Safety Cat Casey, as they spotlight "top dogs" in the pet world at the 3rd annual Texas Pet Sitters Conference. Her guests include Kristina Pouliot of FetchFind, Cathe Delaney of NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters), Jason Waggoner of Acutraq, Carmen Rustenbeck and Charlotte Biggs of IBPSA (International Boarding and Pet Services Association plus the conference organizers Cathy Vaughan,...


Oh Behave - Episode 323 Boze Knows Pets and Unleashes Doggone Great Quotes and Quips in His Latest Book, "Life's a Pooch"

Award-winning author Boze Hadleigh returns to the Oh Behave Show to share with host Arden Moore his latest book that contains pawsome quotes from famous people past and present. The book is called, "Life's a Pooch" and it is a "mutts-get" book that will inspire, amuse and make you love your dog even more. He has doggedly researched and collected pet quotes from Marilyn Monroe, Betty White, Mark Twain, Mel Tills, Adele, Brad Pitt, Ellen DeGeneres and dozens more. Tune in now! More...


Oh Behave - Episode 322 Just How Do You Handle the Loss of a Pet? Wendy Van de Poll Is Here to Help

Everyone handles the grief from the death of a beloved pet in their own way, But if you are a pet professional or friend, what's the best way to deal with this situation? What should you never say to a person mourning the loss of a cherished pet? Wendy Van de Poll is a world-renowned pet loss grief coach, best-selling author and in-demand speaker. She shares valuable insights on how to cope with pet loss in this special episode of the Oh Behave Show featuring host Arden Moore. More...


Oh Behave - Episode 321 Former Boston Band Musician Kimberley Dahme Hits the Right Note for Animals in Need

For a decade, she rocked it as the bassist for the legendary rock group, Boston and today, singer-songwriter Kimberley Dahme continues to wow audiences all over the world. And, she also takes center stage as an animal advocate. Tune in as she shares her new song, Lucy Lu, dedicated in memory of her late, great Labrador and unleashes ways you can help your local animal shelter and rescue groups. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Former Boston Band Musician Kimberley Dahme Hits...


Oh Behave - Episode 320 Meet Stacy LeBaron -- A Crusader for Community Cats

Once branded as feral cats, felines who live in colonies outside are being now identified as community cats. And they need our help. Tune in to this special episode of the Oh Behave Show with Host Arden Moore. Her special guest, Stacy LeBaron created the Community Cats Podcast and is the force behind the upcoming 2018 Online Cat Conference. This virtual convention "airs" Jan. 26-28 and we hope you register and learn more from community cats from top experts in this field who will be...


Oh Behave - Episode 319 Make Thanksgiving Worth Barking About By Watching the National Dog Show on NBC

In between the Macy's Parade and football kickoff, you can go to the dogs in a grrr-eat way by catching the National Dog Show on NBC hosted by the dynamic doggy duo of David Frei and John O'Hurley. Oh Behave show host Arden Moore enjoys the banter between David and John as they test one another in a fun canine trivia contest. Tune in and learn how to pronounce the 8-syllable name for the newest AKC-recognized dog breed and how YOU can win $500 or a trip to the 2018 National Dog Show in...


Oh Behave - Episode 318 Author Ramona Marek's New Book May Make You a Cat Genius

How well do you know your cat? Ever wish you could get to the heart of why cats do what they do and how you can better communicate with your feline friend? Tune into this special episode of the Oh Behave Show as award-winning author and cat advocate Ramona Marek reveals some amazing insights from her new book, "Cats for the Genius: Create a Paw-sitive Relationship with Your Cat from the Start!" You will feel smarter after listening to this episode! More details on this episode MP3...


Oh Behave - Episode 317 Katherine Schwarzenegger Motivates a New Generation of Pet Advocates With Her Book, Maverick and Me

Yes, her father IS The Terminator and her mom is a media trailblazer. But when you are the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, you learn to carve out your own career path and purpose, Join us in this special episode of the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio as host Arden Moore interviews Katherine about her new must-get children's book, Maverick and Me. Discover who the real Maverick is and how Katherine is determined to make this a better planet for pets. More details on...


Oh Behave - Episode 316 Jenn Lyon of the CLAWS Cast Nails It As An Actress and Animal Advocate

Multi-talented Broadway, movie and television actress Jenn Lyon does not hesitate when it comes to selecting her No. 1 supporter – her rescued dog named Kona. Tune into this special Oh Behave episode and discover how this daughter of a North Carolina preacher is now showcasing her acting talents on stage, screen and on TV. Jenn portrays Jen Husser on the new hit, Claws, airing on TNT. She is part of a cast starring Niecy Nash and Carrie Preston that centers around the lives of women at a...


Oh Behave - Episode 315 Shelter to Soldier on a Mission to Save Two Lives at a Time

Oh Behave Show host Arden Moore hits the road and travels to San Diego County for this special episode that features Graham Bloem, co-founder of Shelter to Soldier, and John Van Zante, spokesperson for the Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas. This non-profit group selects dogs from animal shelters and trains them to become service dogs for military veterans dealing with PTSD and other issues. Arden took on a dual role as founder of Pet First Aid 4U as she conducted a pet first...


Oh Behave - Episode 314 Chat Session with Actor/Animal Advocate Michael McGrady -- a Genuine Renaissance Man

Veteran actor Michael McGrady is currently starring on two television shows: Showtime's Ray Donovan and Freefrom's Beyond. Yet, as he shares with Oh Behave Show host Arden Moore, he finds time to hang glide, play gigs in LA with his band called Michael McGrady's Sonic Groove, earn black belts in two forms of karate and have his artwork on exhibit in fine art galleries. What's the secret to his success -- or at least his upbeat attitude on life? Possibly, his cat named Kitty and his...


Oh Behave - Episode 313 Behind the Scenes with Samantha Martin and The Amazing Acrocats

Tune in to this special episode of the Oh Behave show on Pet Life Radio as host Arden Moore gives you a rare look behind the scenes of the Amazing Acrocats and world renowned animal trainer Samantha Martin. The troupe travels all over the country to entertain audiences and prove you can get former homeless and shelter cats to perform on stage… with the right motivation. Questions or Comments? Send them to: arden@petliferadio.com. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Behind the...


Oh Behave - Episode 312 Top Animal Trainer Travis Brorsen Unleashes Tips and Tricks for Pet-Loving Kids and Will Soon Host ‘My Fat Pet’ on Animal Planet

In 2008, Travis Brorsen and his young boxer named Presley were contestants on the show, Greatest American Dog. Even though the pair was far less experienced in dog training than the other contestants, their bond of love and trust propelled them on to win this title and the $250,000 prize. Today, this actor turned dog trainer and animal expert is now the creator of a character education curriculum aimed at elementary and middle-school aged children and will host a show aimed at combating...


Oh Behave - Episode 311 Young Stars of Max 2: White House Hero Talk About Dogs, Acting and Favorite School Subjects

Zane Austin got the acting bug at age 8. Francesca Capaldi was ‘discovered’ by a Hollywood agent as an adorable toddler. Today, these 12-year-olds are rising stars in Hollywood. They teamed up on the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio to chat with host Arden Moore about starring in the new Warner Brothers movie, Max 2: White House Hero. The movie centers on a secret service dog named Max (played by four talented Belgian Malinois) who protects Austin who portrays TJ, the first son in the...


Oh Behave - Episode 310 Alison Eastwood – Yes, Clint’s Daughter – Is Making the Day and Lives Happier for Rescued Pets

Actress, director and animal advocate Alison Eastwood stars in this special Oh Behave Show episode. In addition to founding the successful Eastwood Ranch Foundation back in 2012 for animals in need, she tells show host Arden Moore that she is expanding her mission with a national online rescue effort called, Foster Fur Kids. And, yes, she talks about growing up with THE Clint Eastwood, whom she affectionately calls “Big Daddy” and how the entire Eastwood clan have been lifelong animal...


Oh Behave - Episode 309 Pro Pet Hero's Cara Armour Is On A Life-Saving Mission for Your Dog and Cat

If your dog started choking and then collapsed -- or your cat got stung by a bee and had trouble breathing -- would you know what to do? Knowing pet first aid and CPR could be the difference in saving the life of an injured or ill pet. In celebration of April being Pet First Aid Awareness Month, Oh Behave Show host Arden Moore welcomes Cara Armour, a master pet first aid/CPR instructor and product manager for Pro Pet Hero, an online pet first aid/CPR course program. Tune in as Armour...


Oh Behave - Episode 308 World’s Top Illusionist Rob Lake Shares His Magic Bond With a Rescue Dog Named Roger

World-famous master magician and illusionist Rob Lake has named an armored truck containing $1 million disappear in seconds. He has “cut” his beautiful assistant into several pieces on stage in cubed boxes. He has levitated people in a tank of water. But for him, his biggest magical act was finding and rescuing a small Yorkie mix named Roger who is now part of his act. Tune in and discover the life of a magician and his doggone lucky dog who together, work to pull off the ultimate act:...


Oh Behave - Episode 307 Got a Feline Foodie? Or a Finicky Eater? Consider Going Bowl-Free at Meal Time

Dr. Elizabeth Bales is a veterinarian on a feline crusade. Combining her vast veterinary knowledge with her inventor spirit, she has created a revolutionary product that is truly the cat’s meow. Called the NoBowl Feeding System, this invention taps the inner hunter residing in indoor cats everywhere and makes meal time far more engaging and enriching. Discover why cats may have fewer health and behavior issues when they skip the bowl and “stalk” their kibble. Got cat? You will better “get”...


Oh Behave - Episode 306 Laugh and Learn with House call Veterinarian Dr. Lisa Lippman and Standup Comedian Richie Redding

Combining their talents in the fields of veterinary medicine and onstage humor, Dr. Lisa Lippman and Richie Redding happily co-host Pets N Punch line, a new weekly podcast. Tune into the Oh Behave Show and discover what it is like to be a house call veterinarian in New York City, how to make a living as a standup comic, how a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Chloe because a canine cupid and how much the very large Samson, a Maine Coon cat weighs. All this and more will be revealed in this...


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