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Oh Behave - Episode 334 Philanthropist Karin Taylor Taps Into The Teaching Powers of Horses, Chickens, Goats and More

Former international model-turned-compassionate philanthropist Karin Taylor operates a magical healing place called Weisberg Stables in Jupiter Farms, Florida. Tune in to this special Oh Behave show episode and discover how Taylor has positively impacted the lives of at-risk kids, military veterans and others. She harnesses the therapeutic and teaching powers of her critters at this farm. And, yes, she even talks about the wonderful pair of wallabies named Bennett and Boomer. Think all...


Oh Behave - Episode 333 Meet Dogs' Best Friend - National Dog Trainer of the Year Laura Christiansen

She knows dogs. Really knows how dogs think, act and react. Join us for this special Oh Behave show episode at Laura Christiansen brings her 30-plus years knowledge as a professional dog trainer to benefit you. The founder of Canine Learning Centers in Carlsbad, CA, Laura addresses what's going on in fearful dogs and how to best handle them as well as shares what motivated her to enter this profession. Learn more about Laura -- and your dog -- by visiting her extensive video library on her...


Oh Behave - Episode 332 Life in the Doghouse -- A Must-See Movie for Animal Lovers

Mark your calendars down for Sept. 12 to see the must-see movie, Life in the Doghouse. It stars Ron Danta and Danny Robertshaw, a pair of animal rescuers who have rescued and found homes for more than 11,000 dogs from shelters, abusive homes and puppy mills. Where do these dogs live until they are adopted? Why inside this couple's 4,400-square-foot home in South Carolina on a horse farm. Inspired by their dedication to saving dogs, producer Ron Davis has crafted this movie with net proceeds...


Oh Behave - Episode 331 Animal Humane Society is Upping Adoptions By Design

There is no rule that says all animal shelters must be designed one way for dogs looking to be adopted. Join us on this special episode of the Oh Behave Show as key people from the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota share their revolutionary designs in the dog area that is reducing stress and boosting adoptions. Our special guests are Dr. Graham Brayshaw and behaviorist Liv Hagen. Both share some tips and tricks to enrich the lives of dogs, cats and other companion animals. Tune in...


Oh Behave - Episode 330 The Good Doctor -- Dr. Shawn Benzinger -- Is On the Air to Discuss Probiotics for Your Pets

For more than three decades, Indianapolis-based Dr. Shawn Benzinger has been on a mission to keep people -- and now pets -- at their healthy best. Join us on this special episode of the Oh Behave Show as he discusses the six truths about probiotics and how the right ones can help with a host of health issues facing cats and dogs. Dr. Benzinger also shares details on the clinically-tested Probonix products produced by Humarian. Tune in now! More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Tune...


Oh Behave - Episode 329 Tune in to Dr. Nicholas Dodman and DogTV on the Oh Behave Show

Widely embraced as one of the world's leading veterinarians and animal behaviorists, the charming Dr. Nicholas Dodman discusses all things d-o-g with Oh Behave Show host Arden Moore. Tune in and discover how DogTV -- a channel for stay-at-home dogs -- is helping canines cope with separation anxiety, boredom and stress. This best-selling author and founder of the Animal Behavior Clinic at Tufts University also unleashes some insights into the world of canines that will be sure to captivate...


Oh Behave - Episode 328 Oh Behave Show Host Arden Moore Spotlights Pawsome People in Lincoln, Nebraska

In this special episode of the Oh Behave Show, host Arden Moore heads to Lincoln, Nebraska with her talented four-legged teaching team of Pet Safety Dog Kona and Pet Safety Cat Casey. Tune in as she interviews some pet champions from this city. Special paws up to KFOR Radio show host Cathy Blythe, Sadie Dog Fund Pam Hoffman, Residence Inn Marriott's Ty Wright and can-do twins Colleen Kadavny and Collette Schwindt for being our hosts. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Oh Behave...


Oh Behave - Episode 327 He's Back! Dr. Marty Becker, ‘America's Veterinarian,’ Returns As Our Pawsome Guest on the Oh Behave Show!

When the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio debut a decade ago with host Arden Moore, she didn't hesitate in her choice for her very first guest: the remarkable Dr. Marty Becker. The two have been colleagues and friends in the pet industry ever since. In this special episode, Dr. Becker returns to unleash a game-changer dog book. It is called From Fearfrul to Free Free: A Positive Program to Free Your Dog from Anxiety, Fears and Phobias. It is co-authored by Dr. Lisa Radosta, Dr. Wailani Sung...


Oh Behave - Episode 326 Christian Savalas, son of Telly, Unleashes the Wild Wiener Mobile Game in Honor of His Squirrel-Chasing Dachshund, Lucy

Musician/app creator Christian Savalas guests on the Oh Behave Show to share his must-get new mobile app game called Wild Wiener just released by Fandomodo. It features his Dachshund named Lucy in pursuit of trying to out-canine wily squirrels up a tree. The game is wildly addictive and fun to play. Christian also shares what life was like going up in a large Greek family with his late dad, actor/musician Telly Savalas, who starred on the hit show, Kojak. Who loves ya baby? Your dog -- so be...


Oh Behave - Episode 325 New York Times best-selling Author Sarah Albee Goes to the Dogs -- In a Historical and Compelling Way

2018 is The Year of the Dog and it is fitting that one of the most prolific children's author on the planet -- Sarah Albee -- unleashes a must-read book called, "Dog Days of History - The Incredible Story of Our Best Friends." Join Oh Behave show host Arden Moore as she interviews Sarah about some amazing dogs in history and how our canine companions have made this a better planet. Be prepared for some surprises like the special talent Dr. Sigmund Freud's dog Yofi employed on some of his...


Oh Behave - Episode 324 Oh Behave Show Host Arden Moore is Deep In the Heart of Texas at the Texas Pet Sitters Conference!

Join Oh Behave show host Arden Moore, along with her Pet Safety Dog Kona and Pet Safety Cat Casey, as they spotlight "top dogs" in the pet world at the 3rd annual Texas Pet Sitters Conference. Her guests include Kristina Pouliot of FetchFind, Cathe Delaney of NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters), Jason Waggoner of Acutraq, Carmen Rustenbeck and Charlotte Biggs of IBPSA (International Boarding and Pet Services Association plus the conference organizers Cathy Vaughan,...


Oh Behave - Episode 323 Boze Knows Pets and Unleashes Doggone Great Quotes and Quips in His Latest Book, "Life's a Pooch"

Award-winning author Boze Hadleigh returns to the Oh Behave Show to share with host Arden Moore his latest book that contains pawsome quotes from famous people past and present. The book is called, "Life's a Pooch" and it is a "mutts-get" book that will inspire, amuse and make you love your dog even more. He has doggedly researched and collected pet quotes from Marilyn Monroe, Betty White, Mark Twain, Mel Tills, Adele, Brad Pitt, Ellen DeGeneres and dozens more. Tune in now! More details...


Oh Behave - Episode 322 Just How Do You Handle the Loss of a Pet? Wendy Van de Poll Is Here to Help

Everyone handles the grief from the death of a beloved pet in their own way, But if you are a pet professional or friend, what's the best way to deal with this situation? What should you never say to a person mourning the loss of a cherished pet? Wendy Van de Poll is a world-renowned pet loss grief coach, best-selling author and in-demand speaker. She shares valuable insights on how to cope with pet loss in this special episode of the Oh Behave Show featuring host Arden Moore. More...


Oh Behave - Episode 321 Former Boston Band Musician Kimberley Dahme Hits the Right Note for Animals in Need

For a decade, she rocked it as the bassist for the legendary rock group, Boston and today, singer-songwriter Kimberley Dahme continues to wow audiences all over the world. And, she also takes center stage as an animal advocate. Tune in as she shares her new song, Lucy Lu, dedicated in memory of her late, great Labrador and unleashes ways you can help your local animal shelter and rescue groups. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Former Boston Band Musician Kimberley Dahme Hits...


Oh Behave - Episode 320 Meet Stacy LeBaron -- A Crusader for Community Cats

Once branded as feral cats, felines who live in colonies outside are being now identified as community cats. And they need our help. Tune in to this special episode of the Oh Behave Show with Host Arden Moore. Her special guest, Stacy LeBaron created the Community Cats Podcast and is the force behind the upcoming 2018 Online Cat Conference. This virtual convention "airs" Jan. 26-28 and we hope you register and learn more from community cats from top experts in this field who will be...


Oh Behave - Episode 319 Make Thanksgiving Worth Barking About By Watching the National Dog Show on NBC

In between the Macy's Parade and football kickoff, you can go to the dogs in a grrr-eat way by catching the National Dog Show on NBC hosted by the dynamic doggy duo of David Frei and John O'Hurley. Oh Behave show host Arden Moore enjoys the banter between David and John as they test one another in a fun canine trivia contest. Tune in and learn how to pronounce the 8-syllable name for the newest AKC-recognized dog breed and how YOU can win $500 or a trip to the 2018 National Dog Show in...


Oh Behave - Episode 318 Author Ramona Marek's New Book May Make You a Cat Genius

How well do you know your cat? Ever wish you could get to the heart of why cats do what they do and how you can better communicate with your feline friend? Tune into this special episode of the Oh Behave Show as award-winning author and cat advocate Ramona Marek reveals some amazing insights from her new book, "Cats for the Genius: Create a Paw-sitive Relationship with Your Cat from the Start!" You will feel smarter after listening to this episode! More details on this episode MP3...


Oh Behave - Episode 317 Katherine Schwarzenegger Motivates a New Generation of Pet Advocates With Her Book, Maverick and Me

Yes, her father IS The Terminator and her mom is a media trailblazer. But when you are the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, you learn to carve out your own career path and purpose, Join us in this special episode of the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio as host Arden Moore interviews Katherine about her new must-get children's book, Maverick and Me. Discover who the real Maverick is and how Katherine is determined to make this a better planet for pets. More details on...


Oh Behave - Episode 316 Jenn Lyon of the CLAWS Cast Nails It As An Actress and Animal Advocate

Multi-talented Broadway, movie and television actress Jenn Lyon does not hesitate when it comes to selecting her No. 1 supporter – her rescued dog named Kona. Tune into this special Oh Behave episode and discover how this daughter of a North Carolina preacher is now showcasing her acting talents on stage, screen and on TV. Jenn portrays Jen Husser on the new hit, Claws, airing on TNT. She is part of a cast starring Niecy Nash and Carrie Preston that centers around the lives of women at a...


Oh Behave - Episode 315 Shelter to Soldier on a Mission to Save Two Lives at a Time

Oh Behave Show host Arden Moore hits the road and travels to San Diego County for this special episode that features Graham Bloem, co-founder of Shelter to Soldier, and John Van Zante, spokesperson for the Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas. This non-profit group selects dogs from animal shelters and trains them to become service dogs for military veterans dealing with PTSD and other issues. Arden took on a dual role as founder of Pet First Aid 4U as she conducted a pet first aid/CPR...