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Save A Pooch - Episode 35 Myth Buster: Shelter Dogs Are Broken

Are Shelter/rescue dogs broken? This stigma has plagued so many dogs that are in need of homes. In today's episode, executive director of the Agape Rescue, Tanya Willis, will discuss why 'being broken' is not the case. In fact, with the help of more foster care through rescue organizations, rescue dogs can have that chance to live as much a normal life as any other dogs who's had one positive home all their life. Our second guest in today's episode, Jim Scano, founder of Dog Rescue Shirt...


Save A Pooch - Episode 34 From Shelter Dog To Superdog

Service Dogs Inc celebrates their 30th anniversary not only helping rescue dogs but also individuals in need of service dogs. In fact, this organization puts rescue dogs into training to become service dogs! How is that possible? Founder and president of Service Dogs Inc. Sheri Sholtes shares her journey in this episode. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - From Shelter Dog To Superdog on Pet Life Radio


Save A Pooch - Episode 33 Peace of Mind Dog Rescue: Helping Senior Dogs and Senior People

With senior individuals being a vulnerable and under-served population, senior rescue dogs are even more vulnerable. On one hand, senior dogs in shelters are more likely to be euthanized, on another, dogs owned by senior people are more likely to be left behind because they are no longer able to be taken care of. The organization called Peace of Mind Dog Rescue has taken the initiative to not only advocate for senior rescue dogs in shelters but to also provide dog services to senior...


Save A Pooch - Episode 32 The Benefits of CBD Oil in Helping Rescue Dogs

With many tragic lives that stray dogs endure abroad, it's understandable we feel helpless and powerless to address the situations. Founder of Odessa's Essential Health For Pets and has experienced extraordinary dog rescues from China and has helped them recover from their pain and reduce their anxiety. In this episode, Odessa Gunn will talk to us about how she does it. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - The Benefits of CBD Oil in Helping Rescue Dogs on Pet Life Radio


Save A Pooch - Episode 31 Rescue Dogs Turned Into Therapy Dogs

Can rescue dogs become therapy dogs? Rescue dogs being given another chance at a forever home is one thing, training them to become therapy dogs is another. Vancouver ecoVillage's Therapy Dog program contributes to both causes of helping dogs in need as well as humans in need. This will be discussed in today's show with Paula and Quille sharing their stories and and bringing awareness to both causes that is greatly needed. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Rescue Dogs Turned...


Save A Pooch - Episode 30 Why Dogs Go Missing and What Pet Owners Can Do

As some pet owners may know, having their dog go missing is a gut wrenching feeling that causes panic. Luckily, some are found in a reasonable amount of time. Others, unfortunately, are not. This show will highlight what pet owners can do to prevent their dog from going missing and the best tactics to find their dog should they go missing. These lessons are also beneficial to avoid owned dogs having to go to a shelter or pound. Our guest today is Amy Mall, she has worked in government and...


Save A Pooch - Episode 29 How Rescue Dogs Can Rescue Us

The bond between canine and veterans or soldiers can really only be understood between the pair. That relationship can really make or break the spirit of those serving abroad. This demonstrates that rescue dogs really can play a role in rescuing humans as well. Nowzad Charity and Pets For Vets New Brunswick are two organizations that help make that possible. From rescuing dogs, to reuniting them with veterans, to transforming them into service dogs, the end result are happier canines that...


Save A Pooch - Episode 28 Special Needs Canines

Dogs who need extra care and attention compared to other canines are deemed having special needs. Whether it be a condition from birth or a condition developed later in the dog's life, sadly, it comes with a stigma that they are too broken to keep. For this reason, in many shelters, dogs with special needs are sometimes last to find new homes. We have two amazing guests with us to share their knowledge and stories on the topic of dogs with special needs. Elaine Reiter is with the...


Save A Pooch - Episode 27 Justice For Rescue Dogs

The role that justice plays for rescue dogs can be touchy subject for many animal lovers. For some, there just isn't enough of it to make a difference to dogs in need. For others, justice is the saving grace to making an impact on their lives. Of course, there are several factors involved to determine whether justice is, in fact, even playing a role. Today's episode we have our special guests to discuss how laws can help or not help rescue dogs. Our first guest Patti Lawson, is an award...


Save A Pooch - Episode 26 One Initiative At A Time

This show is dedicated to 2 new initiatives to help rescue shelters and rescue dogs. The first guest is Judi Cogen, author of Puppy Conversations as well as the daily blog DearKidLoveMom. The second guest is Anthony DiPaolo, president and founder of Modern Puppies. Their recent launches particularly have a focus in helping rescue shelters with funding plus more. It's great to see Judi and Anthony pay it forward to our fellow canines in need. Questions or Comments? Email Beverly at...


Save A Pooch - Episode 25 Grieving Our Canine Friends

This show is dedicated to those who have experienced the loss of their canine pets, particularly those who have cared for and taken rescue dogs under their wing. It is a topic that can be difficult to come face to face with; unfortunately, all pet parents do have to face it at some point. Today's guests are Wendy Van De Poll, founder of Center For Pet Loss Grief, she holds numerous credentials in the healing arts, coaching, author, animal communications to name a few. Our other guest is...


Save A Pooch - Episode 24 Heaven on Earth For Rescue Dogs

Caring for and housing rescue dogs is a world in itself; but once rescue dogs get adopted, improving or maintaining their behavior is a whole other world. Today's guests cover both arenas to make sure rescue dogs are not only as happy as they can be but as polished as they can be once adopted. Our first guest Lya, who owns and runs the non profit organization in Costa Rica called Territorio De Zaguates, also known as Land of the Strays. Our second guest, Jeff Reid, has been rehabilitating...


Save A Pooch - Episode 23 Cannabis For Pets

With medical marijuana making headway into North America's medical system, the research into pet benefits is also coming into full spectrum. This show features the work of Drs. Sarah Brandon and Greg Copas who are considered leaders in the research and product effectiveness for animal cannabis science. Their latest formulation Canna Companion is the world's premier site for cannabis/hemp education and products for the pet world. We will go over not only how it can benefit issues common to...


Save A Pooch - Episode 22 Paying It Forward For Our Pets

With more organizations paying it forward, more corporations have been tag teaming with charities. One particular duo, Bayer Animal Health and, shines a deacon of light for rescue shelters with their campaign called Share For Shelters. This initiative encourages pet owners to upload photos, with each photo leading to a product donation that goes to rescue shelters. With Bayer's mission to keep your pets healthy and's mission to help find rescue dogs homes,...


Save A Pooch - Episode 21 Rescue Dogs Become An Ambassador For Canine Rescues

The myth that rescue dogs are broken or second hand quality is exactly that. A myth. Truth is, rescue dogs can be one of the most loyal companions given the patience and understanding. This episode will feature 3 special rescue dogs and their stories of getting out of the shelter and becoming an ambassador for canine rescues. Our guests today are Joey, the proud forever parent of Mervin the Chihuahua, who's gained quite a following on social media; Courtney who adopted the social media...

Save A Pooch - Episode 20 and Celebrate Their Mission In Helping Rescue Dogs

This show is dedicated to 2 organizations that recently launched their mission in helping rescue dogs. It's great to see more groups coming together for this purpose. There are several ways organizations can address the issue of animals in need, whether it be directly rescuing them from inhumane conditions to providing support to the groups that do, or just as importantly, raising awareness to the public. Our first guest is Jeff Davidoff, Chief Marketing Officer of Donut. Donut has partnered...


Save A Pooch - Episode 19 Money and Pets: How Deep Does Your Wallet Really Have To Be?

This episode we'll be talking about the realities of having a pet, particularly the costs and expenses involved in owning a dog. As rescues organizations take on more surrendered dogs, it's worthwhile to discuss one of the main reasons why dogs are given up. From unexpected vet bills, to unforeseen family circumstances that makes it difficult for owners to continue the costs. Our guests today will talk to us about this topic in detail and help us better understand whats involved. Our first...

Save A Pooch - Episode 18 First Aid for Pets

Ever thought CPR can work for your pets? Knowing First Aid for humans is almost a necessity as it can save lives in the most unexpected events. But for those households with pets, not knowing first aid techniques on them can mean a hefty vet bill or possibly even worse. This show will explore the topic of First Aid for pets and how we can use some practical tools should you come across an unexpected incident. Our guests today will be Lisa Wagner, owner of Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid and Dr....

Save A Pooch - Episode 17 Disaster Relief Dogs To The Rescue

Many people around the world wish they can save more dogs in need. But do we realize to what extent some dogs actually rescue us? This episode will uncover the one job that service dogs do that can make or break human lives. Disaster-relief dogs. Our guests today will be Wilma Melville, founder of Search Dog Foundation and Ann Wichmann, founding member of Search and Rescue Dog of the United States (SARDUS), also a FEMA handler. Both Wilma and Ann have done tremendous work training and...


Save A Pooch - Episode 16 The Science Behind Canine Behavior And How It Can Help Rescue Dogs

This show will focus on the scientific approach of canine behavior and the work of renowned veterinarian Dr Nicholas Dodman. He authors many scientific journals & best selling books; a professor at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University; a specialist in pharmacologic control in animal behavior and chief scientific officer at the Center for Canine Behavior Studies. He is also a regular expert on radio and television for his work, including 20/20, Oprah, The Today Show,...