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SoulPup: Tips & Tricks for Dog Lovers


SoulPup makes every dog’s house a forever home by offering expert advice on food, training and gear.

SoulPup makes every dog’s house a forever home by offering expert advice on food, training and gear.


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SoulPup makes every dog’s house a forever home by offering expert advice on food, training and gear.






Ready to Open Your Home to a Foster Dog? – SoulPup E6

SoulPup Episode 6: Why Fostering a Dog Can Save Lives Have you toyed with the idea of opening your home to a dog — but don’t know if you or your family are ready for the commitment? Do you already HAVE a dog or cat and wonder whether they will accept a furry new addition? Well, this is the show for you. SoulPup offers a judgment free zone where you can hear what it takes to raise happy, healthy dogs. In this episode, we talk to Diane Stapley, a busy executive who regularly opens her heart...


People Food Dogs Should AVOID – SPE5

E5 - People Foods Dogs Should Avoid There's a rite of passage for every dog owner. It's that moment when you have to pry your dog's mouth open and fish out something that it shouldn’t have. In fact, it happened to me just the other day when I had to pull an M&M out of my dog's mouth. Yes, there is that moment when you debate whether to dive in or just let them what they found. Since it started with me catching him chewing, I wasnt sure what he had and and wanted to play it safe. That’s...


Why Daily Dog Walks are So Important – SoulPup E3

SoulPup Episode 3 - Why Dog Walks are So Important Want a well-behaved dog? Take time to fit in at least two dog daily walks around your neighborhood. Dog pro Benetta Green of Gone to the Dogs Pet Care shares the benefits of daily dog walks and shares tips to find a reputable dog walker. A walk is more than using the bathroom. Daily walks stimulate the dog’s mind, it offers time to stop and smell the world, and it burns energy, to keep them out of mischief if they don’t get proper exercise....


How to Take Perfect Pet Pics – SoulPup E4

SoulPup Episode 4 - How to Take Perfect Pet Pics I'm awful at taking pictures of Louie. Fortunately, Atlanta pet photographer Leesia Teh offered tips to take stellar portraits. Your dog may just become the next Instagram star! Look to the light. If you catch your pet doing something cute, try to capture the action near an open window. That’s the most flattering light, and you reduce the chance for blurry photos, particularly with black dogs. Black dogs require additional lighting magic. Teh...


Training Tips Revealed – SoulPup E2

Episode 2: Training Tips Trainer Rachael Maso with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (, offers tips to tackle common training issues. Before you bring the dog home: Prepare your home for the new arrival. Young dogs explore the world with their mouths. Remove the temptation objects that may be dangerous -- or valuable -- by getting down on all fours and viewing your home at a dog’s eye level. This may give you a new perspective on loose cords, trash cans...


Veterinary Tips to Protect Your Dog’s Health – SoulPup E1

SoulPup Episode 1: Tips to Protect Your Dog’s Health When you bring home a dog, veterinary care is one of the most important components to raising a happy, healthy dog. Avoid sticker shock with veterinary visits with tips from Dr. Annie Price of Ormewood Animal Hospital in metro Atlanta. BEFORE you schedule a veterinary appointment. Whether it’s a puppy or an older rescue dog, schedule that initial vet visit within the first week or two of bringing your dog home. Bring any vaccination...