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The Steve Dale Pet World Petcast from 720 WGN.


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The Steve Dale Pet World Petcast from 720 WGN.




Steve Dale’s Pet World 12/5/2021 | Trends in howliday gift giving for dogs, some people would rather sleep with their dog than their significant other, and more

Stacie Grissom, director of Content & Communications at BarkBox discusses trends in howliday gift giving for dogs, and special packages available from BarkBox. There’s something for everyone, from more dainty pups to dogs who can chew through everything. BarkBox toys are original to BarkBox, and some offer an enriching and super interesting activity. Wouldn’t you like be […]


Steve Dale Pet World 11/28/2021 | Chicago’s done it again – the rattiest city in America!

Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Theresa DePorter offers guidance on adding a cat into a home with an existing cat or cats in the home. Chicago’s done it again – the rattiest city in America! Dr. Natalie Marks explains this fact is potentially concerning for our dogs as well as for us, as rats are a most common […]


Steve Dale Pet World 11/21/2021 | Keeping your pet safe at Thanksgiving, National Dog Show presented by Purina, and more

Tracy Elliott, president/CEO of Anti Cruelty of Society of Chicago talks about the fact that there are far more dogs and cats available for adoption than usual, perhaps this is because so many adopted during the pandemic. Bottom line: Help find a home for dogs or cats, or you can foster a pet as well. He is […]


Steve Dale Pet World 11/14/2021 | Christmas tree safety, National Dog Show presented by Purina, and more

Tree Time Christmas Creations owner Laurie Kane spreads the joy of Christmas annually. Dean Richards does his annual Treetime show today. No matter what kind of mood you are in, you will smile when you walk into the store, 22102 N Pepper Rd, Lake Barrington, IL. Laurie discusses Christmas tree safety and pets. John O’Hurley, celebrating 20 years […]


Steve Dale Pet World 11/07/2021 | Separation anxiety in dogs, Petapalooza at Treetime, and more

You’ve not likely heard a radio interview so in-depth regarding separation anxiety in dogs. Malena DeMartini-Price, CTC created a certification for dog trainers and behavior consultants to help pet parents with dogs with separation anxiety using science-based methods and she is the author of Separation Anxiety in Dogs: Next Generation Treatment Protocols and Practices. We first off […]


Steve Dale Pet World 10/31/2021 | Keeping your dog safe during Halloween

Chief Veterinary Officer at Rare Breed Veterinary Partners Dr. Heather Loenser notes she sees FAR too many pets at Halloween, and most of these visits may be avoided. What’s more, the ER veterinary clinics are now overcrowded anyway, so if there’s ever a year to be extra careful – this is it. We discuss how chocolate is […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 10/24/2021 | International Human Animal Bond Day, National Veterinary Technician Week, and more

Big Announcement: November 8 is now International Human Animal Bond Day. I talk with Dr. Patrick Flynn, president elect Human Animal Bond Association(HABA) and professional services veterinarian at Zoetis with Dr. Mark Johnson, chairman of trustees Our Special Friends and VP World Small Animal Veterinary Association Foundation explain why this day is so important, even overdo. We obviously have a […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 10/17/2021 | Do you prefer to sleep with your dog or your partner?

There’s good news regarding feline infectious peritonitis in cats, once considered to be fatal. But it’s all so very, very confusing, and Steve tries to clarify the complicated soap opera of a story with Dr. Julie Levy, Fran Marino Professor of Shelter Medicine Education at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. McKenzie Dillon is a […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 10/10/2021 | Tips on photographing pets, getting your pets prepared for Halloween, and more

Jennifer Whaley of fetch portraits had a camera in one hand and a dog in another for a very long time. She offers tips on photographing of pets. If you want a photo with a Halloween backdrop, she has several locations – which are all scary amazing. In Villa Park, IL, Commission Chair Leslie Allison-Seei’s goal was […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 10/3/2021 | Cures4Cats Day, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in dogs, and more

If you have a cat, if you know a cat, if you have ever seen a cat, all those cats – every cat – has benefited for over 50 years from cat health and behavior studies funded by the EveryCat Health Foundation (formerly Winn Feline Foundation). Executive Director Jackie Ott Jaakola joins Steve to discuss the Foundation’s […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 9/26/2021 | Pet Nation: The Inside Story of How Companion Animals are Transforming Our HOMES, CULTURE and ECONOMY

A VERY lively discussion with Mark Cushing, author Pet Nation: The Inside Story of How Companion Animals are Transforming Our HOMES, CULTURE and ECONOMY. Cushing doesn’t necessarily agree with the ban on pet store sales, and offers concerns about importing dogs from other countries. I actually agree with some of what he says but disagree regarding pet stores […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 9/19/2021 | Illinois becomes the 5th state to ban retail sales of dogs and cats at pet stores

Marc Ayers, Illinois Director of the Humane Society of the United States, says he’s “smiling ear to ear” about the law Governor J.B. Pritzker just signed to ban retail sales of dogs and cats at pet stores, as Illinois becomes the fifth state to do so. Ayers explains why this new law to cut the Illinois […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 9/12/2021 | Dog flu, ordinary dogs turned therapy dogs, and more

Steve shares how he and Bob Collins interviewed a search and rescue dog handler at Ground Zero, one of the first interviews with anyone actually working on the scene. Mindy Dutka, chief storyteller of Dogs I Meet Pet Photography describes the significant difference between family dynamics of the dogs she met to take their pictures […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 9/5/2021 | How to tell if your pet is anxious, separation anxiety, and more

Kids are back to school, you may be going back to the office – so are your pets stressed out? Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Chris Pachel talks about how a change of routine can be disarming for many pets. Sometimes it’s hard to even tell that the pet is anxious, and Dr. Pachel offers lots of […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 8/29/2021 | Humane Dog Training, Pepper spraying, and more

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) has a new position statement on Humane Dog Training (and it’s free). Steve talks about humane dog training Dr. Fiia Jokela, AVSAB immediate past president and a resident with the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. Dr. Jokela says, “We’re fighting a lot of what’s out there is the popular media.” She’s referring to […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 8/22/2021 | Contrafreeloading, the good and the bad of FIP, and more

Dr. Mikel Delgado, certified applied animal behaviorist and certified cat behavior consultant discusses a phenomenon I am fascinated by, called contrafreeloading. The notion, proven true in some lab animals and zoo animals, is that the subject would rather work for food than to eat freely from a bowl – the easy way. Dr. Delgado sought […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 8/15/2021 | Re-adjusting our pets’ schedules and knowing if our pets have separation anxiety

Dr. RuthAnn Lobos, lead veterinarian at Merrick Pet Care and frequent guest on my WGN Radio Petcast talks about re-adjusting our pets’ schedules when we readjust our own lives, going back to the workplace and kids going back to school. She explains the secret is understanding the “three P’s” and talks about what those “P’s” are. She also explains […]


State Senator Linda Holmes on her continued efforts to make Illinois one of the most humane states

Steve Dale speaks with Sen. Linda Holmes, 42nd district, about two newly passed bills aimed at improving the welfare of animals throughout Illinois. Senator Holmes discusses both bills in detail as one deals with insurance companies and how they try to increase their rates dependent upon the breed of your pet; and the other handles […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 8/8/2021 | Zoonosis, why bats are beneficial, how to tell if your cat is in pain, and more

Dr. Douglas Kratt, immediate past president American Veterinary Medical Association talks about zoonosis (illness we can get from animals) when visiting state fairs or other events. And emergency response and your pets; Dr. Kratt offers tips on disaster preparation. And we discuss dogs who may get sick from mushrooms or algae blooms in ponds or streams. Going batty […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 8/1/2021 | Heat stroke in dogs, animals dealing with thunderstorms, and more

Baby it’s been hot out, and veterinarians are reporting too many cases of heat stroke in dogs, which can be fatal. Dr. Kathleen Heneghan is one of the many Chicago veterinarians who has dealt with the issue. She talks about how heat stroke in dogs can mostly be avoided, and describes what the signs of heat […]