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Julie is the creator and host of “The Dog Talk Show - An Evolved Perspective on Life with Dogs”. She also writes a monthly pet column in ‘Mo Magazine, and is the dog training, behavior and nutrition columnist for

Julie is the creator and host of “The Dog Talk Show - An Evolved Perspective on Life with Dogs”. She also writes a monthly pet column in ‘Mo Magazine, and is the dog training, behavior and nutrition columnist for


Seattle, WA




Julie is the creator and host of “The Dog Talk Show - An Evolved Perspective on Life with Dogs”. She also writes a monthly pet column in ‘Mo Magazine, and is the dog training, behavior and nutrition columnist for




The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #360 - Canine Influenza: How to make your dog's immune system strong with Dr. Donna Kelleher

The Dog Show #360 - January 20, 2016 The seriously brilliant Dr. Donna Kelleher joins us today to talk about Canine Influenza, how to strengthen your dog's immune system, holistically, and so much more! What about the relationship between nutrition and immune function? How about the impact of stress and emotion on health? Can anxious behavior be related to health issues? Julie and Dr. Donna cover all of this ground and more. Also learn about Dr. Donna's *online membership* for information...


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #359 - Dr. Michael Fox - The Truth About Dog and Cat Food

The Dog Show #359 - January 13, 2016 Highlighting an all-time favorite today: Dr. Michael Fox illuminates the unethical relationship between prescription diets companies and veterinary schools, as well as other "nasties" about the pet food industry. Dr. Fox is the co-author of "Not Fit for A Dog: The Truth About Manufactured Dog and Cat Food". This interview is a must-listen for pet owners. Knowledge is power.


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #357 - Dr. Bernie Siegel and his new book: "Love, Animals and Miracles"

The Dog Show #357 - December 30, 2015 Julie Forbes interviews Dr. Bernie Siegel about his newest book "Love, Animals and Miracles - Inspiring True Stories Celebrating the Healing Bond". The stories in this new book offer funny and heart-touching, true-life experiences that convey loving connections, amazing rescues, and healing with (and by) animals — both wild and domestic


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #356 - Service Dogs for Children? Welfare Concerns

The Dog Show #356 - December 23, 2015 First, Julie's 12 year old nephew Aidan shares a special story about his golden retriever, Nova. Then listen to an interview with Jeanne Hampl and Darcie Boltz, two experts in the service dog industry who weigh-in about a story that featured a service dog and a child. This brings up some questions about service dog welfare and an opportunity to educate. We all ask... "WHAT ABOUT THE DOG?"


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #355 - "My Old Dog" book and Old Dog Haven organization

The Dog Show #355 - December 16, 2015 Interview with Laura Coffey, author of "My Old Dog - Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts". "My Old Dog" is a beautiful compilation of inspiring stories and photos about dogs who were adopted later in life who ended up giving as much as they received. In the second half of the show listen to Julie Forbes' interview with Judith Piper, founder of Old Dog Haven, one of the featured organizations in "My Old Dog" that focuses on helping old dogs in...


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #354 - "From Stray Dog to World War I War Hero" - the story of Rags.

The Dog Show #354 - December 9, 2015 Tune in for the unbelievable story of "Rags", a stray dog who befriended some soldiers in Paris and ended up saving lives and making it (illegally and miraculously) back to America with his partner. The story of this dog, his bond with his handler Donovan, and his long life after Donovan's passing is absolutely incredible. We often say that "dogs don't get enough credit"... and the story of Rags is a great example of dogs' awareness and consciousness....


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #352 - "Best Of" Interviews

The Dog Show #352 - November 25, 2014 - Coming Soon! Enjoy this "Best Of" episode from the 300th episode celebration! So much to be thankful for. It has been a pleasure and an honor to talk with all the wonderful people in the dog world over the last several years. We look forward to 350 more! Enjoy this compilation of some of our favorite segments during some of Julie's favorite interviews. You'll hear Dr. Alexandra Horowitz, Dr. Patricia McConnell, Dr. Michael Fox, Dr. Marc Bekoff, and...


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #351 - What makes a good vet tick?

The Dog Show #351 – November 18, 2015 Host Julie Forbes starts the show with some announcements and updates, including an art event coming up hosted by AHELP Project for people who are grieving a lost pet. Then, what to expect from your vet. Julie talks with Dr. Erica Anderson of Jet City Animal Clinic about their practice and the importance of your veterinarian being open-minded and including you in the decision-making process. What makes a good vet "tick"?


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #350 - Genetic differences between dog breeds and how that impacts behavior.

The Dog Show #350 – November 11, 2015 Dr. Jim Ha, one of this year’s SPARCS presenters! Julie Forbes and Dr. Ha talk about the genetic differences between dog breeds and how this impacts not only their behavior, but also how dogs of different breeds communicate with each other. Soooo interesting! Go to for more information on how you can watch/listen to the live stream of this fantastic conference – FREE!


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #348 - Working with Fearful Dogs

The Dog Show #348 - October 28, 2015 Julie Forbes invites a listener in the booth with her today for a live private dog training and behavior lesson for her fearful miniature Australian shepherd. This show has lots of great dog training and behavior tips for fearful dogs and their humans. Enjoy!


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #349 - New Dog Trainer Asks the Expert Questions

The Dog Show #348 - November 4, 2015 Host, Julie Forbes talks with a new trainer and gives her guidance on how to work with dogs. Julie and Shawna discuss all sorts of dog training and behavior topics such as different training tools for leash walking, praise and correction, the different "certifications" that are available for dog training and whether they actually prepare people to work with dogs, and much more! Important information for dog owners about dog training, from and...


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #347 - Reactive Dog Aggression

The Dog Show #347 - October 21, 2015 A listener in Utah wrote in to and asked dog training and behavior expert Julie Forbes for help with her elderly mother's dogs who have a peculiar behavior that causes them to fight. Julie invited the listener to come on the show to talk for guidance. Enjoy this jam-packed episode and learn a ton about how to work with reactive dogs...using these two girls as an example.


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #346- Disaster Preparedness for Your Dog

The Dog Show #346 - October 14, 2015 Are you prepared with your pets in mind if a natural disaster hits your home? Julie talks live with Tim Perciful, Firefighter and Pet First Aid Instructor about how to best prepare for disaster to set you and your family up for success - with a focus on four legged family members, of course! Lots of great info on today's show.


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #345 - Dr. Michael Fox

The Dog Show #345 - October 7, 2015 Julie Forbes welcomes Dr. Michael Fox back on to show today. Dr. Fox has authored over 40 books and is the former VP of the Humane Society of the United States and the Humane Society International. One of Dr. Fox's books "Not Fit for a Dog - The truth about manufactured dog and cat food" illuminates many aspects of the pet food industry that are important for pet owners to know about. One of those aspects is the relationship between veterinary schools...


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #343 - Reading with Rover and then Seattle Animal Shelter

The Dog Show #343 - September 23, 2015 Dogs help kids learn to read and much more with Reading with Rover, a local non-profit that pairs great four-legged listeners with children struggling to learn to read. Julie talks with Becky Bishop all about this wonderful organization and how you can get involved! Next, Director of the Seattle Animal Shelter, Don Jordan, joins us for a discussion on what to do if you witness animal abuse. The short version? CONTACT THE AUTHORITIES. Take photos or...


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #342 - Courthouse Dogs

The Dog Show #342 - September 16, 2015 Courthouse Dogs founder Ellen O'Neill-Stephens joins Julie today to talk about the amazing work they do with "facility dogs" in courthouses across the country and spreading to other countries! Specially selected and trained dogs, provided by assistance dog organizations provide emotional support to victims of crimes while they testify and also during forensic interviews. Imagine you are a child who has been sexually assaulted and a strange detective is...


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #341 - Maggi McClure - herding trials

The Dog Show #341 - September 9, 2015 Time, again, for the Vashon Sheepdog Trials! Listen to Julie's conversation with Maggi McClure, the coordinator of the event. Then Julie and Eric play dog and cat trivia. See you at the trials!


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #339 - Dr. Jean Dodds, "Canine Nutrigenomics"

The Dog Show #339 - August 26, 2015 Dr. Jean Dodds joins Julie Forbes for a conversation about her newest book "Canine Nutrigenomics - The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health". Today you'll learn about the "genome" and "epigenome" and what they have to do with food! Can food impact the expression of your dog's genes? The answer is a big "YES" and you'll learn today how.


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #337 - Dr Marc Bekoff, "The Emotional Lives of Animals"

The Dog Show #337 - August 12, 2015 Marc Bekoff, Ph.D., author of "The Emotional Lives of Animals". Julie and Dr. Bekoff discuss the world of animals and emotions. Dr. Bekoff is a leading researcher in the field of animals and emotions. Fascinating topic and man!


The Dog Show w/ Julie Forbes #336 - Good Dog, Happy Baby

The Dog Show #336 - August 5, 2015 "Good Dog, Happy Baby" author, Michael Wombacher talks with host, Julie Forbes about preparing your dog for the arrival of your baby. Then Julie talks with C.O.L.A. (Citizens for Off-Leash Areas) about the future of Seattle dog parks and the survey for Seattle dog owners to take.