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Veterinarians, Dr Lewis Kirkham and Dr Robbie Anderton, will give you the inside scoop on the secret lives of your pets and have a light-hearted look at the latest animal news, health tips and other random facts.

Veterinarians, Dr Lewis Kirkham and Dr Robbie Anderton, will give you the inside scoop on the secret lives of your pets and have a light-hearted look at the latest animal news, health tips and other random facts.
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Veterinarians, Dr Lewis Kirkham and Dr Robbie Anderton, will give you the inside scoop on the secret lives of your pets and have a light-hearted look at the latest animal news, health tips and other random facts.




Dog Bites, Placebos, FIV and NEWS NEWS NEWS – Ep 22

Hey there TVTP fans, and welcome to Episode 22 of the Two Vets Talk Pets Podcast. We're back face to face, and loosened up with some of the Mountain Goat Brewery's finest, for some fine afternoon podcasting. Lewis has some tips for people getting bugged by their cats demanding food (using cat feeders with timers, like this one). Robbie has had 2 cases of FIV in the last week, and asks cat owners to check with their vets to see if their cats need protection. Lewis finds an article finding a...


Dr Sam Snelling, Specialist Surgeon; Heart Murmurs; Red Moons and Crazy Pets – Ep 21

Strap in TVTP fans, here is Episode 21 for your listening enjoyment! Join us for our first foray into "Long Distance" Podcasting, as after a busy day Go Karting and Laser Tagging (Lewis) and Fun Running (Robbie), the tyranny of distance is no match for the power of podcasting! Dr Robbie talks about some pet tips for helping to get your pets into bed, Dr Lewis talks about the recent Red Moon we've had in Melbourne, and some "interesting" facts about the effects of the full moon on pets (and...


Eye specialist, Dr Simon Hurn, Home Eye Care & Treatment & Anti-inflammatories – Episode 20

Welcome back TVTP fans to your favourite Vets and Pets podcast - Two Vets Talk Pets! And welcome to our listeners in the Cook Islands! Here is Episode 20 - fresh, and ready for your ears! And we've got a special treat for you - our first road trip! And getting to see the awesome TVTP T-Shirts that Lewis got made up. But first, Lewis laments about Ice Skating, and tells Robbie about a Barn Owl and Possum that came into work. Robbie fell into an internet hole chasing a story about dogs using...


Doggy Dementia, Anal Gland Abscesses, Stressed Pets At The Vets – Episode 19

Welcome listeners to episode 19 of the Two Vets Talk Pets Podcast! We start off with our regular Chitty Chat, Robbie talks about a little dog who had a problem before coming in for her spey, Lewis and Robbie remember some funny plugs and things they have taken out of cats. Lewis talks about diving in the Galapagos Islands, and checking in with our old mate Thomas Hildebrandt who is up to his old tricks again, and Robbie asks Lewis whether it's OK to laugh at YouTube videos with the kids...


Arthritis, Toenail Trimming, Drinking Too Much Water & Toxic Plants – Episode 18

It's been a busy week for our two vets - description to come!


Anaesthetic Free Dentals, Cat Trips to the Vet, Dogs & Human Emotions, Cane Toad Sausages? – Episode 17

Welcome Podcast fans to Episode 17 of the Two Vets Talk Pets podcast, where too much talk of pets is barely enough (this is in humble deference to Roy and HG - doyens of irreverent Australian Entertainment)! What an episode we have for your ear buds this week! Lewis and Robbie get some Chitty Chat Chat going hard and fast with a Study looking at dogs responses to the 6 human emotions, the oldest cat in the UK , Robbie and Lewis's take on Cat Collars, and a sneaky way of trying to stop...


Separation Anxiety & Anaesthesia Free Dentals – Episode 16

Welcome podcast fans to Episode 16 of the Two Vets Talk Pets Podcast! We head back to the spiritual home of the Podcave for some seriously big topics this week. Some chatty time about a dog Robbie saw with acute liver disease, Lewis making a public service announcement for Drunk Kangaroos, Dating with Dogs, and some handy hints on what to look for with making sure your pet food is made safely. Lewis's daughter April shows Robbie how to really do a disclaimer. Lewis then delivers some...


Separation Anxiety, Diabetes Part 2, Puppy & Kitten Vaccinations – Episode 15

Welcome Listeners to Episode 15 of the Two Pets Talk Pets Podcast Phenomenon that is slowly taking over the Pets and Vets Podcasting scene... Listen in for this weeks assortment of stories from the world of Dr Lewis and Dr Robbie - an update on how Olive went with her dental, a record breaking Kelpie, Free Dog's Balls, what type of dogs the guys think they are, and Guinea Pig Obstetric advice for Robbie's Mother-in-law. Into the nitty gritty, Robbie finishes off his topic on Diabetes,...


Food Guarding & Aggression, Diabetes – Part 1, Daytime Podcasting Fun! – Episode 14

With the Podcave basking in the tender glow of the winter afternoon sun, Lewis and Robbie meet up for some sneaky Saturday Podcast Action. With Lewis avoiding having to go shoe shopping after surgery on his washing machine, and Robbie coming in from a busy Saturday morning consulting, we get into some fun times about dogs eating fish hooks, Lewis's Cat Olive getting ready for her teeth to get cleaned, and a new friend of the show, Flowers Across Sydney , has joined the fight with...


Warts! Imaging! Vomiting! – When to Panic! All the news that’s fit to print! – Episode 13

This week our heroes talk about Lewis' bird week, and he has some great stories about Swans in UK and Mourning Magpies, while Robbie has trawled through the news for some tid bits of animal oddities. Into Pod proper, and we talk about warts - common skin lumps in dogs, young ones, old ones, big ones and small ones. Are they bad? Will they go away? Will they take over the world? We talk about some of the testing we can do as vets, using X-Rays, Ultrasound, CT scans, and MRI scans - how they...


Fleas, flea products, Dr Katrina Warren’s Mr Fox, lungworm, new behaviour medication (Zylkene), nail problems – Episode 12

Lewis has been ice skating with his kids and is struggling every time he moves because of sore muscles while Robbie hasn't stopped running except to eat ice-creams in the surf. On a serious note, the guys pass on their condolences to Dr Katrina Warren and her daughter, Charlotte on the passing of their beloved cat, Mr Fox. These are difficult times when a member of the family passes away and Lewis gives his advice for how to help to cope when there are children involved in the grieving...


Love your vet, vet fees, older pets, licking feet, Dr Sally FeelGood Cockburn & dog bites

Robbie has had a rough week at work and talks seriously about trusting your vet. Vets are under a lot of pressure at times to provide a diagnosis and fix an pets problem, often when owners do not have a lot of money for tests - so take it easy on your vet. Robbie and Lewis realise they come from different sides of the track when they are confused about the childish words on an upside down calculator. Dr Feelgood AKA Sally Cockburn collapsed from blood clot in lungs and was miraculously...


Why vaccinate? Vaccine reactions & titre tests, Colour blindness, Mother’s Day & Lewis swaps his rubber gloves for leather – Episode 10

With Mother's Day just passed on the weekend Lewis has an encounter with a room full of ladies who had enjoyed a Long Mother's Day Lunch. Robbie discusses colour blindness in dogs and cats and realises that his research may have come up short when he can't quite answer how Guide Dogs know when the little green man at the traffic lights say it is safe to cross. Lewis gets upset with some random Facebook post about dog's getting Autism from vaccines and the guys then discuss in detail the...


Robbie’s date with Charlie Pickering, lumps & bumps, Part 3 of weeing cats and a pregnant woman rescues a dog from the sea – Episode 9

It's late at night in the podcave and the two Supervets are still struggling to get their heads around the new microphones and have been giggling like school boys try not to make each other echo when they talk. Lewis talks about his regularly 'boys steak night' with some heavy-hitters of the veterinary industry and Robbie ponders how Lewis managed to get an invite... Lewis' highlight of the week is a dog that was rescued by a pregnant lady who swam 200 metres off shore to stop him from...


Advance Dermocare food update, animals at war, Royal Corgis, cat wee (spraying/marking) part 2, essential oils and pets – Episode 8

Buoyed by listeners feedback on how tinny Lewis and Robbie's voices sound compared to the rich tones of voice-over artist, Adam Zwar, the guys have invested in some new microphones. Please be patient with them as they get used to this new technology that is not a stethoscope or rectal thermometer. An update is given on the recall of the ADVANCE Dermocare dry food and the possible link to 74 dogs acquiring megaoesophagus. If you have been feeding your dog this food then stop feeding it and...


Shark attacks, dogs & pancakes, Part I of cat urine problems (or FUS Pus) and ear infections – Episode 7

Lewis kicks off discussing the recent spate of shark attacks and the latest research on how to prevent surfers being attacked. Many options have been tried (and failed) in the past and Lewis and Robbie give you the current options, including Adam West Batman Shark Repellent Spray (patent pending). We are introduced to the term 'Wettie Warmers' in a feeble attempt by the guys not to revert to further toilet humour. Robbie opens up his new segment entitled 'Community Service Announcement'...


Lewis’ new job, live export of sheep, birds attacking dogs & jealousy in dogs – Episode 6

The Commonwealth Games are done and dusted and Lewis commences a new vet job. He shares the joys of consultations with young children present and looking like a fool in an unfamiliar clinic. Robbie gives his tips on discussing core strength in awkward situations. Following the airing of the disturbing TV segment about the live export of sheep on 60 Minutes, the guys delve deeply into the topic. It is a sensitive issue but Lewis and Robbie don't shy away from pulling the punches and calling...


Gold medals, dogs at school, cruciate injuries & pooing outside the litter tray – Episode 5

School holidays are in full swing on the East Coast of Australia, as are the Commonwealth Games and somehow the guys link Australia's haul of Gold Medals to their recent podcast rankings. Lewis then discusses taking your dog to school for pick ups and drop-offs. How can you tell if your dog truly enjoys this? What are the risks associated with this? Robbie kicks off a chat on knee (cruciate) injuries in dogs and which joint he considers to a be 'non-stupid'. How does it occur? What are the...


Rhinos on Tinder, noise phobias, milking platypus, pineapple & coprophagia – Episode 4

Thankfully, some professionalism is added to the podcast with an introduction from award-winning Australian actor, voice artist, and writer, Adam Zwar - well known for TV shows such as Wilfred, Agony Aunts and Agony Uncles and recently Squinters (which is still available on ABC iView and is hilarious). The guys then discuss the recent passing of the last male Northern White Rhinoceros, Sudan, with every indication that the species will soon be extinct. Lewis has some theories as to how...


Camera stealing gorillas, megaoesophagus in Police dogs, chocolate toxicity & feeding the (Easter) Bunny – Episode 3

With Easter just around the corner our two vet heroes delve deeply into the life and (singing) career of the shows comedic anchor, Dr Robbie. Topics then get serious with the guys discussing the recent outbreak of megaoesophagus in the Victorian Police and South Australian Correctional Service dogs and the precautionary recall of the Advance Dermocare dry dog food. If you are concerned your dog has been affected then contact your vet or the Mars Hotline on 1800 640 111. With the abundance...