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Working Like Dogs - Episode 166 Tails of Valor

Emmy Award-nominated Kel Mitchell, host of the CBS Dream Team’s Tail of Valor stops by to visit with Marcie and Lovey about Tails of Valor. Kel talks about his experiences on the show with working dogs and working animals. He also discusses some of the many projects he has in the works such as his starring role as Double G on Nickelodeon’s series Game Shakers and voice work as T-Bone in Clifford the Big Red Dog. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Tails of Valor with Marcie Davis


Working Like Dogs - Episode 165 Making the World a Safer Place

Paul Hammond has worked all over the world combatting domestic and international terrorism and training K9s to serve alongside their military and private security handlers as indispensable assets in that fight Paul talks with Marcie and Lovey about the principled training these dogs and their handlers receive, the K9s acute olfactory abilities and how they are used to detect body-worn explosives on a moving target. These multi-disciplined K9 teams are trained to be deployed in settings...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 164 The Dog in the Dentist Chair!

Author, Peggy Frezon drops by Working Like Dogs to visit with Marcie and Lovey about her newest book, The Dog in the Dentist Chair: And Other True Stories of Animals Who Help, Comfort, and Love Kids. Peggy talks about the incredible dogs, miniature horses, cats, doves, guinea pigs, and other loving critters that she highlights in this book. She also talks about the work she and her husband do to rescue senior Golden Retrievers and the rewarding therapy work they are now doing with these...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 163 Here Comes the Judge!

Marcie and Lovey welcome the Honorable Chief Judge Kim McGinnis and her Courthouse Facility Dog, Kiki, from the Pueblo of Pojoaque Tribal Court located north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Judge McGinnis is the first and only judge in a tribal court to utilize a Courthouse Facility Dog. Kiki is a yellow lab trained by Assistance Dogs of the West dogs to work in criminal justice settings by helping to foster a safer and more comfortable environment for children and adults. Judge McGinnis talks...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 161 Physical Therapists’ Guide Dog Research

Ground-breaking researchers, Dr. Teresa Conner-Kerr and Dr. Sue Ann Kalish from the University of North Georgia College of Health Sciences and Professions visit with Marcie and Lovey about the work they are doing to study guide dogs and their human partners with visual impairments. Listen in as they talk about some of their major research findings, how you can participate in their study and their plans for future work. Their research findings will be a game changer in the guide dog world,...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 160 Dogs, the Netflix Documentary

Academy award-winning producer, Glen Zipper stops by to talk with Marcie and Lovey about the global Netflix documentary sensation Dogs. Glen shares his personal story of how his adopted dog, Anthony, changed his life from being a prosecuting attorney to an Oscar winning producer. Glen gives us some personal and behind the scene insights into this documentary that beautifully captures the bond between dogs and humans. He talks about the different challenges, the different characters and the...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 159 Electronic Detection Dogs

Did you know there are dogs that can detect electronic devices? Anthony Maes, Special Agent in Charge with the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office and Commander of the New Mexico Internet Crimes Against Children and Human Trafficking Task Forces, visits with Marcie and Lovey about their new canine staff member, Joey. Joey is a uniquely trained Labrador Retriever who can sniff out electronic storage devices making him a tremendous asset when a suspect may have hid child pornography or...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 158 Therapy Dogs and Therapy Animals

Have you ever thought your dog or other beloved animal would be an amazing therapy animal? Ann Howie, leading expert in animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted interactions, stops by to talk with Marcie and Lovey about how we can determine if our dogs or other animals would succeed at therapy work. She explains the differences between animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted interactions. She also provides valuable tips and helpful information from her book, Teaming With Your...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 157 Canine Stress

Dr. James Ha renowned animal behaviorist and researcher, visits with Marcie and Lovey about his research and new book Dog Behavior: Modern Science and Our Canine Behaviors. Dr. Ha talks candidly about canine stress in working dogs and how to identify it and prevent it. He discusses the physiology of stress, positive vs. negative stress, and common causes and indicators. Every dog handler needs to hear this valuable and innovative information! More details on this episode MP3 Podcast -...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 156 SearchDog The Movie

Mary Healey Jamiel, Director of the award-winning documentary, SEARCHDOG drops in to talk with Marcie and Lovey about this exciting new film that highlights humans and canines working together to accomplish heroic acts. Mary gives us a behind-the-scenes look into the canine talent and intelligence that she chronicled. She also talks about the movie’s renowned search and rescue specialist, Matthew Zarrella, and how she obtained footage during real-time missing person K9 searches. We...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 154 Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses

In Part 2 in our series on Miniature Horses, listen in as Debbie Garcia-Bengochea talks about how the all-volunteer, charity Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses that serves over 25,000 adults and children annually. Teams of tiny horses visit libraries, hospitals and hospice programs to work with individuals, families, veterans and first responders. These specially trained pint-sized equines have responded to countless traumatic events including Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Pulse...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 153 Honey – the Miniature Horse Service Animal

In Part 1 in our series on Miniature Horses, Jessica Wellman and her miniature horse service animal, Honey join Marcie and Lovey to talk about their human/equine working relationship. Jessica talks candidly about how Honey is trained to assist her in living more independently with her disability. She also discusses the unique differences between a canine and a miniature horse and what you need to think about if you’re considering a miniature horse as your service animal. More details on...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 152 Pick of the Litter

Emmy award-winning filmmaker, Don Hardy, stops by to talk with Marcie and Lovey about his and Dana Nachman’s new film, Pick of the Litter The film follows a litter of Guide Dogs for the Blind puppies on a two-year odyssey that spans from the moment they’re born until they begin their careers as guide dogs. Finally, the mysterious and magical true story of how a puppy becomes an assistance dog has been captured on film. Lovey and I can’t wait to see this movie! More details on this...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 151 FBI Crisis Response Canines

Did you know that the FBI has Crisis Response Canines, Wally and Giovanni as part of their Victim Services Division? They, along with their human handlers, have responded to the mass terrorist shooting in San Bernardino, California and the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Listen in as Wally’s handler, Staci Beers, talks about the work she and Wally are doing and the impact Wally is having on the victims the FBI serves. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - FBI Crisis Response...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 150 Who Knew Game Wardens Have Police K-9s?

Game Warden Lance Hockett with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism and his police K-9, Kodak, visit with Marcie and Lovey about their incredible daily work. Game Warden Hockett talks about how he and Kodak were trained to track humans, animals, fowl, and fish, as well as to find inanimate objects like guns, casings, gun powder and residue, cell phones and a whole lot more. Kodak was trained to perform evidence recovery and wildlife detection, and Game Warden Hockett shares...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 149 The Critters and Me

Laura Moore’s mission is to educate animal lovers on ways to enrich and prolong their animals’ lives. She shares her valuable knowledge about nutrition, homeopathic and alternative treatments and expertise with Marcie and Lovey. She also provides helpful tips so that you can do everything you can to maintain good physical health for your working dog. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - The Critters and Me with Marcie Davis


Working Like Dogs - Episode 148 Divine Dog Wisdom

Barbara (Barb) Horn and Randy Crutcher creators of the Divine Dog Wisdom cards and guidebook, stop by to visit with Marcie and Lovey. Listen in as they talk about how they were inspired to create the 62-card deck of dog wisdom and how you can use these cards to have a laugh, or to go a little deeper into seeing, valuing, and appreciating the lessons life puts before you. Barb and Randy explain how using divination cards taps into an ancient, time-honored way to connect with our spirit...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 147 U.S. Military Dogs with a Mission

Kennel Master Roberto Garcia talks with Marcie and Lovey about the military working dogs housed at Pensacola Naval Air Station. It is one of the busiest Navy kennels in the country and is located at the first permanent naval air station, established in 1914 on the Florida Gulf Coast. Kennel Master Garcia talks about the types of prestigious working dogs the Navy deploys and the advanced training these dogs receive to prepare them for their dangerous missions. He also shares with us what...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 146 Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

Richard Lanni, Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero Director, Writer and Executive Producer, visits with Marcie and Lovey about his new intergenerational film about canine courage and the human animal bond. Stubby is a homeless mutt who embarks on an adventure with his new found friend, Robert Conroy, to become America’s most decorated dog. Set during World War I, this animated feature is based on the true story of a mutt that wandered off the streets of New Haven, Connecticut, and into the care of...


Working Like Dogs - Episode 145 Canine Fitness - FitPAWS!

Did you know that working dogs often have the risks associated with highly competitive canine athletes and you can reduce their risks of injuries by having a consistent physical training program? Canine conditioning and fitness experts, Maureen Stephens and Stefanie Walter stop by to talk with Marcie and Lovey about canine fitness, conditioning, and rehabilitation. Listen in to hear how you can maintain your dog’s core strength for increased performance and injury prevention. FitPAWs can be...