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Simply Pets Radio - Episode 42 Aziz Kadmiri - My Pooch Face

This has got to be one of the most rewarding shows that Host of Simply Pets Radio Lisa Smith Putnam {LSP} says she has done to date. Why? Mr. Aziz Kadmiri who Lisa welcomes to the show is such a gentle spirit and a fantastic artist! During this delightful interview you really get to know Aziz and you will understand why his passion for what it is that he does has made him one of the most celebrated artists! The portraits that he does are absolutely phenomenal! The one-of-a-kind whimsical...


Simply Pets Radio - Episode 41 The Pet Safety Crusader!

Simply Pets Radio and Host Lisa Smith Putnam {LSP} is thrilled to welcome Denise Fleck of the Pet Safety Crusader’s to the show. Denise is truly one of our heroes as she has made it her mission to make sure that all people know how to save the life of an animal. Why do we love Denise so much? She is Pet Parent Dog Mom to eleven and Cat Mom to one over the years. In the Spring of 2017, she will embark on a first-of-its-kind 10,000-mile Pet Safety Tour through the Southern U.S. We hope she...


Simply Pets Radio - Episode 40 3 Snaps for John Lund!

Come with us to a world of pure imagination! Yes, we are borrowing a line from the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Why? Because today Simply Pets Radio show welcomes Mr. John Lund! When our host Lisa Smith Putnam first saw Mr. John Lund’s work she fell in love! John creates wonderful masterpieces with the camera and with his creative artistry on his computer. To see John’s work is truly the opportunity to see a work of art! John has found a wonderful way to blend his love...


Simply Pets Radio - Episode 39 Dr. Joel

Simply Pets Radio welcomes Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig to the show today. We are pleased that Dr. Joel took time out of his busy schedule to speak with us today. He is a man of extraordinary knowledge about the world of Veterinary medicine and shares one of the latest products on the market that he feels is a "game changer" for so many of our wonderful PetKids and animals. The world of veterinarian medicine is changing and more and more treatments/ technology is available to help our PetKids...


Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 38 Monsters & Miracles

Every now and then you stumble across a person with such fantastic story that you wonder why you have never heard of them. We are pleased to share with you today an interview with Mr. Gary Kaskel here on Simply Pets Radio (formerly Your Pets My Dogs) with our host Lisa Smith Putnam. Today Lisa speaks to Gary about his latest project Monsters & Miracles. Monster & Miracles is superb read and sheds a tremendous amount of knowledge and love about Mr. Henry Bergh. After several years of...


Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 37 Legal Beagles!

What makes for a great show? Well, take a listen as we believe that a great show is where you can be entertained and walk away with some important information about the subject at hand or in this case, the subject at 'paw'. Today we welcome attorney Jeremy Cohen to the Your Pets My Dogs radio show! Attorney Jeremy Cohen is dedicated to representing dogs and their owners! And we mean dedicated! He has refused several high paying cases from clients asking him to help sentence a dog to death....


Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 36 You Don't Know Djak

Our Host Lisa Smith Putnam for the Your Pets My Dogs radio show speaks with Jovana Djak this week. Jovana Djak is a 31 year old who seems to have the world by the tail. She is focused on meeting strangers on Facebook (ok, so they're not total strangers because as she says, we all have the dogs in common- in this case French bulldogs). Jovana concentrates on our need to connect to people, and how these people are less strangers that even those we know in real life, because for years we have...


Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 35 The Pet Protection Legal Care Plan

Americans love their pets, and our precious companions need to be protected, safe, and secure. The Pet Protection Legal Care Plan™ book, which includes the Pet Protection Customized Care Agreement™, offers a simple, easy-to-follow process to help pet owners create a pet estate plan. Our Host Lisa Smith Putnam and Your Pets My Dogs is all about protecting our pet kids if heaven for bid something should happen to us. Our guest Mary G. Anderson is the founder of Pet Protection Legal Care and...


Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 34 Paws Up! It's Arden Moore!

Your Pets My Dogs with our host Lisa Smith Putnam is pleased to welcome Arden Moore to our radio show. Arden is a fellow radio host here on Pet Life Radio and you will enjoy this show as Lisa and Arden 'ham it up' on air! Yes, they talk about our wonderful pets and yes, Arden shares with Lisa some really interesting and fun facts about animals especially cats. Did you know that you can actually identify the demeanor (lap sitter or avid hunter or a curious cat by the shape of their face,...


Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 33 Diane Rose-Solomon and JJ: Teaching Children About Compassion

Today on Your Pets My Dogs our host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes award winning author of children’s book Diane Rose-Solomon. Lisa and Diane immediately bond and have a delightful conversation as Diane speaks about helping pet loving families teach their children compassion, patience, consistency, kindness, responsibility and unconditional love through her wonderful books- JJ The American Street Dog and JJ Goes To Puppy Class. In JJ The American Street Dog, we enjoy watching six-year-old Maya...

Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 32 Talking with Dogs & Cats

Have you ever wanted to be like Doctor Doolittle? You know that fabulous animal doctor/communicator that enjoyed being able to speak to the animals? Right... if you love animals, who hasn’t dreamed of this being a reality? Well, look no further, our host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes the awesome Tim Link animal communicator to the show. Not only does Tim share with you about what he does and how he does it, he shares with YOU- yes YOU, how you too can communicate and understand your pet kid....

Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 31 Mermaid Melissa

Your Pets My Dogs with hostLisa Smith-Putnam welcomes Mermaid Melissa to this weeks show! This is a "WOW" show! We know, we know, we tell you every week how great of a show we have in store for you, but this week words can not even describe what you are about to hear. This week we are very excited to share with you our interview with Mermaid Melissa. She is truly one of Lisa’s favorite guests. Mermaid Melissa is such a delight! We love how passionate she is regarding her love of planet and...

Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 30 A Whale of a Show!

Your Pets My Dogs is ALL about whales today as we welcome Mr. DJ Schubert from the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) to the show! That’s right we are talking about whales! Everything you have always wanted to know about these mammals will probably be answered here today on our show. Ok, maybe not everything, but this show is one of our favorites because our host, loveable Lisa Smith-Putnam has fun discussing and asking Mr. DJ Shubert about the lives of these magnificent creatures. Questions...

Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 29 MAX

Host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes to the Your Pets My Dogs show for the first time Writer/Director and Executive producer of a wonderful family action film called "Max" (released by Warner Bros.) Mr. Boaz Yakin. These days there are not many movies where you can take the whole family and have it be entertaining for all. Well, we think that our guest today got it right! Boaz Yakin has a fun filled conversation with our host about how special that and wonderful the human /animal bond can be...

Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 28 The Wolf

Your Pets My Dogs discusses one of our favorite wild life animals on the show today! We discuss The Wolf! Your Pets My Dogs with our host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes to the show this week, wolf expert Nancy Gibson. Ms. Gibson is the Co-Founder of the International Wolf Center. More information about Ms. Gibson and the International Wolf Center can be found at Enjoy the show!. Questions or Comments? Send them to: More details on this episode MP3...

Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 27 It's Positively Victoria Stilwell!

The new season of the Your Pets My Dogs radio show! We are excited to welcome you back! We appreciate you and our wonderful host Lisa Smith-Putnamwho makes what wedo so much fun! Thank you to everyone for tuning in and allowing us to come into your lives on a weekly basis. We LOVE what we do and we hope that it makes a difference in your life to the positive! Speaking of positive our first show is the wonderful, talented, and beautiful inside and out Ms. Victoria Stilwell! Ms. Stilwell is...

Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 26 Happy Holidays!

We here at Your Pets My Dogs want to say THANK YOU to all of our listeners.Our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam hopes you enjoy this very special Christmas show that we created especially for you. Be safe this holiday season and give love to all. We give special thanks to Bill Guy our engineer, our support staff, You our wonderful listener and to Pet Life Radio for a fantastic 2014 year!Life is what you make it and we feel pretty darn great and fortunate to be able to do the things we love to do! We...

Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 25 A Show of Thanksgiving

We here at Your Pets My Dogs are THANKFUL for you our listening audience. YOU wonderful pet/animal lovers make the world a better place! If you have enjoyed listening to the Your Pets My Dog Radio Show certainly you will find this show of Thanksgiving among one of your favorites. Our lovable host Lisa Smith-Putnam in this Thanksgiving special chats it up with some of her favorite people as they share stories about their pets and why they love them so! Questions or Comments? Send them to:...

Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 24 Libby Speaks

Hello everyone! We are excited to present this latest and greatest program to you on the Your Pets My Dogs radio show! Our loveable host Lisa Smith-Putnam interviews author John Sheirer and it is truly one of our favorite interviews to date. This is a must listen for any lover of life and surely that of animals. We all know that dogs have a special wisdom that makes them among the most beloved creatures on earth. Libby Speaks by John Sheirer provides a rare look into one miraculous canine...

Your Pets My Dogs - Episode 23 Through Frankie's Eyes

You talk about one passionate lady and a lady who loves life and animals? Then you must be talking about Ms. Barbara Techel! We here at Your Pets My Dogs must say we love when we here from YOU our listeners and you share with us a person that you think would make for a marvelous interview! Our loveable host Lisa Smith-Putnam really enjoys this interview with Barbara Techel- please take a listen and find out why. Questions or Comments? Send them to: More details on...