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Pioneering the way to ((We The People)).

Pioneering the way to ((We The People)).


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Pioneering the way to ((We The People)).




Ep. 8 ~ A Perfect ((Unum)): The Still Missing ((Logos Code))

Unless and until we as a People "zoom out" sufficiently to become Aware of our colonized mental processing and get in real touch with our Foundational ((Logos Source)) we will continue to remain /colonized people/ lodged in fragmentation and ideology wars. Our USA pop culture is dysfunctional and our very survival is at stake. We conclude this Episode on a note of ((high hopes)) and optimism since we are ((LogoSapiens)) and we have this Cultural ((DNA)) within us.


Bonus Episode ~ ((Vote Up)): Take Back ((America)) 2

When all is opinion. When relativism rules. There is only one way to go: /Reality/ on /my terms/... or /Our terms/. Narrative supremacy. A mixture of a budding ((Democracy)) and a pseudo-democracy(tyranny of the majority) is what we've seen since the advent of the USA. It takes ((Rational Intelligence)) to sift through the /latter/ to preserve the ((former)). And it's not just THAT we vote... but WHO is ((/Voting/)).


Bonus Episode ~ ((Vote Up)): Take Back ((America)) 1

You are disenchanted. Discouraged. Even depressed. As though this is a one way street to things getting worse indefinitely. You feel your vote doesn't matter anyway. That USA has become almost synonymous with hypocrisy and corruption. And still I'm asking you to ((Vote)). But the choice is not to vote left or right. But rather, to ((Vote Up)).


Ep. 7 ~ /Opinion/-Nation: The Chronic Roots of Tribalism and Cultism

The still dominant "mind operating process" in our USA culture (and, of course, around the Globe) remains alienated and dys-connected from our Primal Logos, The Global LIght of Reason. This is a call to all Rational Beings (LogoSapiens) across our Sacred Planet. Until we in our USA Holy Experiment zoom out sufficiently to face the deeply embedded malware in our culture we shall continue to face grave dangers of radical cultural implosion. This is our UnFinished American R-Evolution.


Ep. 6 ~ The /Mono-Archy/

In 1776, with our Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary war our forefathers and foremothers courageously took on their oppressors of the time... the Monarchy of Great Britain. This was based on such a profound principle that it cannot belong to just one nation or people. It belongs to ALL ((Rational)) beings in the Universe. And the monarchy is just one way in which the underlying disease of despotism manifests. You can, for example, have 3 equal branches of government, all...


Ep. 5 ~ ((Rational Intelligence)) and ((Lensitivity))

We all take "reason" for granted. In general, it is because the KIND of "rational" capability which we ARE granted seems at first appearance...well... good enough, so we fail to see how disastrous it actually is to not get ((Rationally Woke)). In other words, if we don't even understand that we have a Lens that shapes the reality that we experience, then we are inept as Humans to be the ((Dialogue)) beings that we must become in order to reach the ((Promised Land)) of ((We The People)). And...


Ep. 4 ~ ((E Furious Unum)): Welcome to the ((Golden Rage))

Anger has gotten a bad rap, and for good reason. It's so often misunderstood, and therefore mishandled and misdirected. But what if this raw energy is born of our innate sense of ((Justice))... Built into our very DNA seems to be the inalienable right to Happiness and Liberty. So when that's being messed with, watch out for ((E Furious Unum))!


Ep. 2 ~ ((The Promised Land)) ~ Pt. 2

The ((Holy Experiment)) is the Call of the ((Infinite)) to all Humans. We "Humans" are ((LogoSapiens)), not /ego-sapiens/. And the Call of ((Logos)) is our Evolutionary Journey to the ((Land of the Free)) to the ((Sacred Polis)) where we Flourish together in ((Deep Dialogue)). This is the Civic Space of true ((Democracy)). Only ((Free Persons)) may enter this ((Free Land)). Have we "discovered" ((America)) yet?


Ep. 1 ~ ((The Promised Land)) ~ Pt. 1

The welcome/opener to a brand new, ((high-energy)), ((Journey)) designed for all Citizens of the ((Free World))... anywhere in the ((World))! Welcome To the ((Promised Land)). It is not a physical location. It is a ((State Of Being)) that each person must ((Mature)) to as ((Humans)). We must realize that we are already in the ((Promised Land))... We always were! But we have been largely alienated from it because of our inherited consciousness practices. Ashok and Näthan Gangadean will help...